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ASTROLOGY OF NOW – Week 34 (Aug 21-27)


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There is something dangerous about the raw masculine that is also quite sexy. Martial force is direct, single-pointed and seems relentlessly competitive. Mean, moody and magnificent, its urge is to propound one basic purpose – the preservation of its kind. Whilst this force can be threatening, menacing, even destructively deadly, it is no less appealing and irresistible to the feminine.
The process of natural selection has it that only the ‘fittest’ shall survive the race. Whilst the qualities of adaptability and aptitude for this may vary greatly through the ages, cultures and trends, martial force is essentially aggressive, rude, conniving. It commonly acts as if it has nothing to lose.
CAUTION FOR NEXT 48 HOURS: (Peak ~ Monday 9amUT)
Triggered by the Scorpio Moon, the / ☊ – ♄/ ♅ picture creates an ominous potential for the most extraordinarily violent/passionate release of pent-up tension and stress.
Whilst this force can be consciously channelled and controlled, it may not necessarily be manageable in its most primal expression. At its core is a raw, yet complex assertive power which, when pressed to fit into the confines of a community could erupt to suddenly resist, even destroy any threat of suppression.
Highest on the alert are always those whose holy premise is to make his world a better place.
#CosmicTribe: There is no good or evil here. To the victor go the spoils.


Retrograde Mercury, currently in Virgo will soon pass in front of the Sun (orbital inclination of 7°). The winged messenger’s orbit sees him pass between the Sun and Earth in an inferior conjunction (03°48’℞′), marking the end of Mercury’s brief apparition in the evening sky. In his transition to become a morning object, Mercury will slip back into the bombastic Leo constellation, remaining invisible to us as he becomes lost in the Sun’s morning glare until the end of the month. Then, as he slows to go direct (Sep 05), he will become stationed in a sustained, week-long near-conjunction to Mars (28°44’℞) upon the exact same degree as last week’s Solar Eclipse – activating all forms of proudly defensive rhetoric, boastfully unsettling puffery and bravado. This will only serve to stir us out of any submission and into urgent sense of indignation.
As Mercury stations there, Mars stomps out of Leo (Sep 5) into fussy & punctilious Virgo. The two will eventually meet again on Sep 16 (07°14′), and whilst there seems to be a lot of fastidious activity to fact-check, analyse and verify, the bigger picture at the moment – ♃ ∗ ♄ △ ♅ Sqq ♆ seems to be allowing all variations and permutations of accepted law & order to present itself…


VENUS at the last degree of Cancer
Time to let go of trying to find security through love. Your basic needs for shelter, warmth, protection, care and nurturance do not exist in any other. Time to let go of all your clinging needs and become ready to discover your fullest potential.
Sure, you have been caught between spells of mawkish sentiment and glimpses of being sincere; Sure there’s been moments when you just felt silly wasting time on people or things which simply did not interest you. And sure, there’s been those touchy times when you’ve aroused antagonism among those whom you felt were merely being rude, and shut them out and shut yourself away…
Are you ready for something wild now?


VENUS square ♅ ∠ ♆
In a moment of extraordinary pressure to comply, commit or come together closely on a deal (♇ -☉/☽), there is also great resistance ( □ ♅). You may experience an impulsive, instinctive pushing away for sake of maintaining emotional freedom from the clinging, needy and dependant nature of anyone familiar and their conventional demands.
See, if something is not in alignment with the higher vision that the universe is shuttling down upon us it will be spontaneously rejected now. Most active is the mind-altering energetic shift that is not only here to seriously disrupt the old but to reintegrate us into a new, more holistic vision (♅ ∠ ♆). The resistance/repulsion towards anything customary seems trite, and reaction could be so great that it may even leave us feeling nauseous.
Instead, the tendency is to open our eyes and explore novel, new ways, new people, exciting new interests. This opening up creates opportunities for us to partake in forward-thinking or state-of-the-art orientated groups and ventures. Observe how ready you are to flippantly dismiss the value of mainstream options, even renouncing them as something to be avoided at all costs.
Of course, in order to preserve some peace, you may choose not to disrupt those who insist that you play by the old traditions. But then, for how long…? Such is the iconoclastic force of this transit that you may be inclined to rashly burn down the old farmhouse, just to make way for the free-love festival.


VENUS 27°42′ trine CHIRON 27°42’℞

Goddess help us…

Bless the feminine for holding a soothing, healing space, one which allows the masculine forces to settle and restore their balance here. 
Bless you for your faith.
Bless you for your appreciation and support.
Bless you for your forgiveness and kindness.
Bless you for the love….

Venus/Chiron – Healing of the Wounded Feminine


SUN in VIRGO (Aug 23 – Sep 22)

Here’s the key transits this week:
☉ △ ♅ Mon Aug 21 06:22 am GMT Sun 28°♌24′ Trine Uranus 28°♈24’℞
♇ ☍ Ce Mon Aug 21 09:52 am GMT Pluto 17°♑12’℞ Opposition Ceres 17°♋12′
☽ ☌ ☉ Mon Aug 21 06:31 pm GMT Moon 28°♌53′ Conjunction Sun 28°♌53′
  △ ♄ Tue Aug 22 01:22 pm GMT Mars 21°♌11′ Trine Saturn 21°♐11’℞
☉ enters ♍ Tue Aug 22 10:21 pm GMT Sun 00°♍00′
♀ △ Ch Thu Aug 24 06:00 am GMT Venus 27°♋42′ Trine Chiron 27°♓42’℞
♀ Sqq ♆ Thu Aug 24 03:33 pm GMT Venus 28°♋10′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 13°♓10’℞
☿ ∠ ♃ Thu Aug 24 06:06 pm GMT Mercury 05°♍42’℞ Semisquare Jupiter 20°♎42′
♀ □ ♅ Thu Aug 24 07:02 pm GMT Venus 28°♋20′ Square Uranus 28°♈20’℞
☉ Sqq ♇ Fri Aug 25 03:28 am GMT Sun 02°♍08′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 17°♑08’℞
♄ SD Fri Aug 25 10:41 am GMT Saturn 21°♐11′
♀ enters ♌ Sat Aug 26 04:30 am GMT Venus 00°♌00′
☿ ☌ ☉ Sat Aug 26 08:43 pm GMT Mercury 03°♍48’℞ Conjunction Sun 03°♍48′
  ☌ ☊ Sun Aug 27 02:22 am GMT Mars 24°♌05′ Conjunction Node 24°♌05′
♃ ∗ ♄ Sun Aug 27 12:18 pm GMT Jupiter 21°♎11′ Sextile Saturn 21°♐11′


  Tue Aug 22 01:22 pm GMT Mars 21°11′ Trine Saturn 21°11′
Did you enjoy your eclipse?
Quite a build-up for a two-minute spectacle, huh? Still… for those who managed to witness it first-hand, I’m certain that it will be something never to forget. (I witnessed one as a child, growing up in Melbourne AU in 1976. Though the media was adamant that we would go blind, and my mother locked us inside, I remember looking out the window, experiencing with reverential awe).
Anyway, life goes on, right?
If you’re feeling a bit of a ratty hangover – slung down, shagged out, bitch-slapped and a bit overdone from all the Leo fanfare of the last month; if you’re a bit snuffed out from all the loud-mouthed pomposity and hyper-audaciousness, the impossible princess tantrums and the olympic-level tiara slinging, then hey…. some reprieve is here this week.
Much of the drama was accentuated and trumped-up by the incidence of Mars, also in Leo – that angry little tyke who wants to outdo and and outplay everyone, yet doesn’t have the patience to be creative, just to be mighty competitive. Yet rubbing shoulders with the Leo Sun for the past 3 weeks has been humbling, if not humiliating. The Leo Sun will not be outshone, even by his own jostling lieutenants. As the Moon also entered the Leo fray, leading up to the New Moon/Eclipse (last 24-48 hours), the drama just went overboard. Again it was up to the Sun (the adult in the room) to stay composed and pull it back to centre.
Today, as the Sun prepares to leave Leo, the reprobate Mars approaches a sobering trine to Saturn in Sadge. It’s time to calm the heck down, respect that we are still living under some ‘social’ scriptures and start reading the sermon straight from the teleprompter for a bit. At least for the sake of restoring a little discipline back after our runaway public exuberances.
The Sun enters earthy, business-minded Virgo in a few hours. A whole new journey lies ahead for the month ahead. Though slightly chastised, Mars in Leo still has a few fireworks up his sleeve, which we’ll no doubt see blow around Sep 2-3 when he trines Uranus. By this time Mercury℞ will meet him to station on the final degree of Leo. For eclipse watchers, and close followers of my work here… we know that 29° will be a sensitive point for a while to come yet, re-activating current themes until the message is driven through to the heart.
So yes, whilst the spectacle of the eclipse may have only lasted just two minutes, the legacy of this day and the events surrounding it will leave a lasting impact that is sure to ℞evolutionise our lives, perhaps for ever…

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 28°51′ LEO, Monday, August 21, 06:31 UTC


Final notes on enjoying this Eclipse

[pic: felix bosse]
This Solar Eclipse charges up the last degree of Leo, making it like a really sensitive sore point. Firstly, if in aspect with any of your radical planets (+/- 3°) it produces its usual lunation effect during this current month. Secondly, it produces similar effects during the following months of the next year when aspects of the same nature are formed with the degree of the eclipse.

For instance, if the eclipse fell in your twelfth house in Leo, square to your Mars in Scorpio, in your third house, then it would stir up natural enmity between brothers and sisters, or neighbours during the height of this eclipse around 21st of August.

Then, when Mars hits this point on Sep 3 and Mercury becomes stationary from Sep 3-9, it will inflame matters further. Then, on November 21 the lunation in Scorpio will add more fuel to the fire when it squares the eclipse point. More heat around Jan 25 with Mars in Scorpio and again, with the matter coming to a head on Feb 18 when the Sun/Mercury comes into opposition with this eclipse, rousing more trouble from the same source. Also disturbances recur on May 20 when the last square occurs.

Conversely, if the initial aspect of this eclipse is harmonious and easy, more benefit will be experienced during the months when sextiles and trines are formed, such as that from Jupiter (Oct 5), and from the Sun (Oct 22, Dec 21) and the mother of all send-offs, the Merc/Saturn/Mars sextile (Dec 5).

If this eclipse hits off any planets off any radical planets in your chart, mark these dates down in your calendar and watch how the above transits keep ringing bells in your current issues over the next 6-12 months….

Blessings, and have a safe, enjoyable and satisfying Solar Eclipse, and if you missed our recent Eclipse Webcasts, the links are all here…….. https://angstoic.com/2017/08/eclipse-webinars-august-2017/

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