Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15°25′ Aquarius – Monday August 7, 06:11 UTC

It’s eclipse season again!

Eclipses are significant events, helping to clear the way for something phenomenal and new to come into our lives by highlighting what is blocking us or getting in the way of our natural expression. Sometimes the realisation of what that is (often a part of our own behaviour) could be painful, especially if events conspire to force us to release the old and adopt the new.

Whether they make significant contact to points in our chart, or they indirectly affect us through impacting the world around us, eclipses shift our lives in ways which are often irrevocable. Should an eclipse affect us directly (see your chart), it generally leaves permanent a marker in the timeline of our life development. Eclipses, which usually come in pairs (solar/lunar) have the intensity to infiltrate our usual comfort zone, force us to face how our conscious/unconscious behaviours are often the architects of our own reality.

It is interesting to note that eclipse series tend to repeat every 19 years. This current run of Leo/Aquarius eclipses last ran between 1998-2000, with both the lunar (15°♒25′) & solar (28°♌53′) eclipses in exactly the same degrees back in August 1998. Do you remember how that year impacted you?

These August lunations, currently in the Sun sign of Leo, have much to teach us about individual will and natural, confident expression of the self and of course the shadow sides to all this. By helping to expose the shadier, more suppressed sides of our behaviour, they create intense attention upon our personal issues so these may be dealt with in ways where it may formerly gone unnoticed or unspoken.

This third eclipse of 2017 (Aug 7) is the Lunar at 15°25′. Being a penumbral, it means the Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow. As such, it will appear to the naked eye much like any ordinary Full Moon. However, unlike a Full Moon, its effects will be felt much more intensely due to its alignment with the Nodal axis. The transiting Leo North Node calls for our spirit to strengthen our individuality, to step up to the task and take a risk with following what our heart has always yearned for us to be, to get more enthusiastic about living, be more daring, not take it all so seriously, to just enjoy the experience and have fun with it, regardless whether we win or lose, or whether there’s any money in it. The Aquarian South Node reminds us of the perils of relying on crowd support, overcome any uncertainties and insecurities about fitting with the peer group and take the courage to go our own unique way.

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Just as ordinary Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses also augur endings or culminations. Something must end so that something new can come through. Due to their alignment to the Nodes, the ‘fates’ or ‘destinies’ of others are interwoven with those of our own. This could mean that those passing out of our lives now are unlikely to return or allow us the option to go back. Similarly, enterprises or schemes that we have been involved with may have reached their point of culmination, somehow either ushering us to give them up or we come to decide that it is best to let them go. In any case, these endings are no longer open for negotiation, and there are seldom any provisions to turn back, at least not in the immediate future. With several outer planets currently in retrograde, much soul-searching may ensue as we try to better understand the psycho-spiritual dynamics behind our apparent crises.

Lunar Eclipses act upon our more dormant unconscious side, stirring up emotional patterns that trace all the way back to incidents in our infantile and formative development. Seemingly random events, or people from our past are likely to pop back up in our lives, triggering hidden, forgotten or unresolved issues. We may feel unusually sentimental, or conjure up memories that takes us back to our fractured youth. We may revisit past issues which we had not properly digested or emotionally processed at the time. Current or recent events – even subtle, indirect ones, may take us back to past episodes where we may have become disconnected or have dissociated from our spirit or heart centre.

Our dreams may be full of evocative messages, emerging from deep in our unconscious. We may not remember these dreams, or even know what to make of them even if we do, yet their impact upon our emotions may be powerful enough to subtly affect the way we function during our waking day, and we may behave differently without knowing why. Our inner child may now pine for an earlier time when things were safer, more supportive and secure. The rising force of this Lunar Eclipse is here to jolt us into re-membering and then letting go of unresolved experiences, where we sought to be loved and supported but instead our efforts were rejected or humiliated. Seeing this in a more objective light will allow us to take strength and courage back into ourselves, allowing us to finally start dealing with the present using a brand new, heart-centred confidence.

Lunar Eclipses in Aquarius are particularly lacking in warmth and tender-loving care. Events or people that accompany them have a cold, resistant aloofness about them. Their radical unpredictability and their detached attitude may be contrived to try to cool us off emotionally. Here will be the real test of your own capacity to dare to express yourself anyway. Here you may also find that if you are seeking their kind assurance and acceptance to succeed, you may sense a cold and unfeeling instinctual reaction; even a wry, cynical sense of humour that almost insults your whole effort to be you.

Paired with the Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21, the Aquarian Lunar Eclipse prompts us to dispense with using the ‘safety net’ of depending on the crowd, drum up the courage to walk that risky tightrope of going on our own strength, build up the poise and courage, and step by step, walk gallantly until we get to the other side. This is a total act of courage, one that comes only from a heart decision, and not from being conspicuous of what others may think of us. The true, self-driven Leo does not consider applause or tributes from others to be what his heart is screaming for him to be.

In this sense, the Aquarian Lunar Eclipse acts more as a leveller, exposing any shadow elements of Leo – the pretender, the one who bluffs us with bombastic, yet empty and cowardly, narcissistic grabs for attention. Watch out for bullies or show-0ffs who attempt to forcibly show you that they are there to make your life safer or more comfortable, yet deliver nothing of substance.

Eclipses generally have a great way of bringing all this hidden stuff up to the light, but this pair (lunar and solar) seem to be particularly critical, in a year where things seem supernaturally difficult to follow.

PLANETARY ASPECTS & MIDPOINTS (influences from outsiders)

Still carrying over from the Leo New Moon is the Sun’s separating conjunction to Mars. Mars (our feisty little warrior, has learned that unwarranted desire to dominate others using puffed-up might and bluster is unnecessary when you’re with the king (Sun). Any cavalier efforts by the machiavellian Mars to prove anything to the Napoleonic Sun has left him drained, beaten up and humiliated. Mars (who represents our lower, survival self) learns that if your intention is all about making a flash, you may just get drowned out in the glare of the real deal against the Aquarian Moon (the discontented public).

Jupiter in Libra weighs in with a trine/sextile to this moon/sun opposition here. The jovial-minded, socially informed, politically correct, libertine and dilettante adds a kind of officious, judicious, litigious input here in an attempt to promote balance and smooth out any differences in the disparate relationship between  the regal Leo Sun and the increasingly resistant Aquarius Moon. Jupiter here tries to reinforce the importance of taking the plunge and following our heart, but with respect to maintaining some degree of order and harmony in our actions. This means showing some responsibility for those insecure belligerents who in their egotism still fail to display the necessary respect and accountability for their aggression. This respectfulness is demanded by the prevailing group mentality, which in Aquarius has all but lost its patience. The conscious, aware Leo will dare to be themselves out of love, not of contempt for others.

However, since both rulers of Aquarius (Saturn  and Uranus ♅, in a fire trine in this year) currently creating a critical midpoint to the Nodes, we will see a swell of very spirited disruption from many groups in society (or mobs). Those who share common views about bringing much needed changes or reforms into effect, a mass-rallying to enforce unprecedented measures to either overturn the status quo, or to rid their world of divisive radicals who try to usurp control.

Much of this ‘mob mentality’ happens in a frenzied, almost unfeeling kind of way. The hysteria takes hold of the collective nervous system and assails upon the most negative side of the Leo egotist – the authoritarian, the elitist, the narcissist, the coward, the immature grandstander, the spoilt brat. So cold and hard is the attack on these that one would hardly believe that there was any sense of humaneness or kindness in the way some factions of society are reacting. Still, this is the type of instinctive motive that innervates the group mind. Mass revolt, uprisings and dissent, swells of outrage in crowds which seek to forcefully dethrone those who seem to be taking a dictatorial or authoritarian line and seemingly ignoring groups needs.

Of course the proud, autocratic Leo Sun will take offense. Currently flanked by Mars, it can be said the the Sun is currently militarising his stance and mounting a counter-offensive against any potential insurgency or radical activity from the discontented ‘people’ in his world.

In a Lunar eclipse where there is a diametric polarisation between the conscious and unconscious, or the masculine and feminine sides, the shadow elements from both Leo and Aquarius start to play out upon one another. Where Mars is involved in the picture, a lower-body, survival-minded anger is likely become easily inflamed. As such, both sides are ready to act out here should the existence of either side feel threatened, hard done by or betrayed.

Be wary that the slightest offense or provocation could quickly escalate into a scenario that resembles a revolutionary battlezone. Again, it must be noted that lunar eclipses tend to bring out wild, stormy, emotionally uncontrollable climaxes in personal or political affairs that may have been brewing for months. If taken personally, these can be so emotionally upsetting that they cause permanent rifts between two parties.

Another significant stellar phenomenon on this eclipse is the unique yod formation along the Sun/Moon axis from the Neptune/Pluto midpoint. Here, an idealism that goes beyond the material, as well as unstoppable probing into the secretive or corrupt practices of those in authority creates an extremely stressful pressure point, and an inexplicable, almost supernatural force engulfs the masses to vent all their ills and discontentments upon those who try to deceive and manipulate any situation for their own personal enrichment or empowerment.

Needless to say, these energies are not only evident in some of the very tense activity in many societies across the world. As the applying Uranus/Neptune semisquare, now almost precisely exact, works upon disrupting and dissolving the old structure, we get a sense that phenomenal, extraterrestrial forces are taking over the earth to precipitate a jolting shift to our waking consciousness.

These are not mere ordinary times. This Aquarius Lunar eclipse now provides an important platform from which to gain some reflection into Leo’s shadow-nature. Those who unconsciously operate from a sense of inadequacy might have to account for the neediness and the nastiness, the poutingness and the pettiness, the vanity and vulgarity, the anger and the aggression that seems to somehow get off on the demeaning and the humiliation of others. Those whose personality seems inhabited by a deep violence, to which self-control is a complete stranger may very well get their due comeuppance during these eclipses.

Leo, in its purest, most enlightened sense, is about generating pure light and warmth for all and sundry.

We now stand to be witness how the universe conspires to deploy its grand intervention. Any behaviour which serves only to feed individual self-aggrandisement at the expense of belittling others must be brought to check. Those who seek to remain sensitive to nature, true to themselves and foster kindness towards all others deserve to express themselves without being ‘eclipsed’ by the the bombastic, overbearing masculine.

He who is simply intoxicated by the stench of his own bravura and false pride, may soon discover that to confound masculinity with machismo is not so cool. The walls he’s built around him, meant to protect his abject insecurities, seem to be closing in on his turbulent, chaotic, boastful, cowardly and violent behaviour. Pretty soon our most luminous gods (sun & moon) are going to cast their auspicious shadow here upon our earth too. During that moment, even the birds will stop their singing and will get to hear a deafening silence, see a blinding darkness….

But that’s another story, for another time.

….for now, blessings to you, and have a safe Lunar Eclipse xx

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