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The Week Ahead: July 17-23

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What else can one say other than we are certainly in it? This driving urge of ours to delve into cosmic realities, to see and to know what is beyond this physical reality is also leaving our society extremely impacted by the energies of the super-consciousness. By the end of this year it will reach such a critical mass that subtle forces, beings from other dimensions, and all sorts of other hidden energies will start to intrude upon our current reality. The more we fight and resist these, the more insistent they become. Eventually, we may need to completely give in to the process of liberating our own inner vision by channeling higher intelligence onto this earth. But for the time being, a personal struggle lies ahead:

Here are the transits for this week:

♀ ∠ ♅ Mon Jul 17 01:38 am GMT Venus 13°♊24′ Semisquare Uranus 28°♈24′
♀ □ ♆ Mon Jul 17 02:34 pm GMT Venus 14°♊01′ Square Neptune 14°♓01’℞
Vs enters ♍ Mon Jul 17 11:14 pm GMT Vesta 00°♍00′
  □ ♅ Tue Jul 18 01:37 am GMT Mars 28°♋25′ Square Uranus 28°♈25′
  △ Ch Tue Jul 18 01:22 pm GMT Mars 28°♋44′ Trine Chiron 28°♓44’℞
♀ △ ♃ Tue Jul 18 08:09 pm GMT Venus 15°♊24′ Trine Jupiter 15°♎24′
  Sqq ♆ Tue Jul 18 10:51 pm GMT Mars 28°♋59′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 13°♓59’℞
☿ △ ♄ Wed Jul 19 07:17 pm GMT Mercury 22°♌13′ Trine Saturn 22°♐13’℞
  enters ♌ Thu Jul 20 12:20 pm GMT Mars 00°♌00′
♀ ⊼ ♇ Fri Jul 21 00:13 am GMT Venus 17°♊52′ Quincunx Pluto 17°♑52’℞
☉ □ ♅ Fri Jul 21 00:26 am GMT Sun 28°♋27′ Square Uranus 28°♈27′
☉ △ Ch Fri Jul 21 06:24 am GMT Sun 28°♋42′ Trine Chiron 28°♓42’℞
☿ ☌ ☊ Fri Jul 21 10:13 am GMT Mercury 24°♌24′ Conjunction Node 24°♌24′
☉ Sqq ♆ Fri Jul 21 12:50 pm GMT Sun 28°♋57′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 13°♓57’℞
☉ enters ♌ Sat Jul 22 03:16 pm GMT Sun 00°♌00′
☽ ☌ ☉ Sun Jul 23 09:47 am GMT Moon 00°♌44′ Conjunction Sun 00°♌44′

In 1993, extraterrestrial gas giants Uranus and Neptune became conjunct for the first time in 172 years. Their convergence occurred around 18-19°Capricorn, near where Pluto is is currently transiting. These two rather nebulous forces are now forming their first hard aspect, a semi-square (45°) which will make several exact hits over the next 3 years.

The usual effect of this transit is to possess humanity with visions of a collective utopia, a state that could somehow fulfill our needs for inner development and individuality through an ideal outer world. This social idealism is likely to be so strong, encouraged by the irrepressible hope that our society may somehow support all its individuals to better themselves through cooperation, unconditional love and acceptance by being in sync with what the universe desires for all its creations. It is the type of idealism founded on the belief that humans can liberate themselves from material aggrandisement, avarice and greed by working together for a common cause and overcoming their differences. It calls for us to open ourselves intuitively to universal visions and ideals, to rely on our inner voice and listen to the answers it might provide to our questions.

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

What a load of hippie, tripped-out, commie balderdash… right?

Well, the visions are all there, and on some level you probably have some version of this utopia running through your operating system too.  ♅/♆ start to tighten in this first semi-square, intensely sustained over the next 3 months. It is quite possible that a significant proportion of our population will take off onto another dimension, posing a severe challenge to maintaining our collective grip on ‘reality’.

Whilst the transits this week suggest that there may be considerable conflict among us over the way we plan to manifest our seemingly unrealistic and exorbitant ideals, there is also the notion that “hope springs eternal” and any assertion by anyone otherwise is just a really huge bummer of a buzzkill… man…

We might be confronted by those who try to convince us that we are in the grip of some total delusion (♀- ♅/♆), arguing with them that it is actually they who are stuck in some counter-delusion, failing to see the most real thing ever possible, as we see it. Like a good dose of psychedelics, this transit serves to dissolve opinion structures and culturally preset models of behaviour and information processing.

Of course, it is possible that we may be taking everything way too personally ♂♋, and our reaction to anyone challenging our preferred version of an ‘other reality’ may be to get upset, physically weakened or made to feel that our efforts to defend this dream are insignificant(♂- ♅/♆). It hurts and offends that those we care about fail to see things the way that we see them.

[pic: aziz acharki]
In fact, such is the undermining and disruptive force of this (and several more to come) week’s transits, that those who can stand back and observe what’s going on more objectively will start to realise what the universe’s plan is: That any new idea or philosophy that comes through right now (often subtly, through our dreams and fantasies) has the capacity to slowly eliminate our lucid, waking consciousness, invade our senses and logic and take complete control over all the practical aspects of our world. Of course, the point is that whatever information seeps through gradually opens us up to the possibility that everything we were ever told to believe is wrong.


Slowly but surely, the ♅/♆ design is to send society into a discordant state of chaos, disturbing and eroding all straggling semblances of (someone else’s) structure to the point where the only path that makes any sense for us to follow is guided by the little voice within…

Which makes perfect sense why, by the end of the week, it’s all about Leo. But that’s another story. I’ll be back through the week to tell you more about this.

For now, try not to get too touchy and react. Yes, the appearance of things is no longer definitive but limitless, and this wonderfully higher-dimensional awareness frees you from a reality external to yourself. You don’t need to prove this or argue the point with anyone to feel connected. Nor do you need to doubt it. Just live it, with integrity and pride.

And have an amazing week…

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    Thanks Ang, you have that way of spinning things that make me smile. Patiently contemplating, but not sure what to expect. Keeping my arms in, but thourghly enjoying the cosmic bus. Peace.

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