July 4-16

Saturday, July 15

THIRD QUARTER MOON at 24°26′ (Sunday, 07:27 UTC)

So… it’s the last, mad dash to tie off any unresolved emotional hang-ups before we shift into a whole new level of excitement next month. This weekend could mean a rough trot on this home stretch, before we start afresh again with next Sunday’s Leo New Moon.

Misunderstandings and let downs can occur, particularly when others fail to place us on our old, familiar pedestal. Any signs where we don’t adequately accept ourselves may start to seep through the cracks, and if we continue to react defensively to these they may result in arguments or incidents of ill health **[make special note of this].

Crossed wires, especially with the opposite sex, may start an upset when an aggressive, assertive Aries Moon clashes against the sensitive, over-careful Cancer Sun. Depression and moodiness are likely byproducts of residual slouching, or clinging behaviours that we refuse to let go of in our relationships, mainly out of habit. If you haven’t already, it’s time now to accept that romancing about a past way that can never, ever return is only ever going to drag your spirits down. There’s no going back. The best you can do is repair and move on.

With the ever-increasing pitch of those ‘standard-frequency-saboteurs’ ♅/♆ bizarrely distorting our ‘reality’ airwaves, be prepared to allow yet another layer of ‘the old world’ fall away, never to return.

In fact, whatever fancies you may reminisce become yet another mawkish patch of ‘personal history’. If you want to preserve it, write it down somewhere for the family album…

Let’s not allow a nostalgia that wasn’t actually all that ‘nice’ for everyone get in the way of simple logic. That past (your version of it) is gone forever. False feelings and toxic sentiments for a time gone by will only start to clog up your ability to cherish the ‘now’, just like raw honey seeping into the tiny wheels of a classic timepiece.

Seems like to have a sentimental heart these days can be a most distressing affliction to have.

Self-acceptance in the ‘now’ is the key.

Friday, July 13

SUN quincunx SATURN
[pic: babak fatholahi]
It mortifies me just how many people confuse being popular with being significant. Seems that if they don’t get noticed, they suffer from a vague sense of inferiority, or become haunted by anxiety or depression.
Is this the world we’ve become now?
Are we really so socially needy?
It’s not about getting noticed or feeling received all the time; sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do without the possibility of ever receiving any credit. And when you do, you will always feel more worthy; more capable than anyone (even you) could ever realise.
Doubt yourself; your capabilities; the integral part you’re playing in the grand universal scheme (however small), and you risk never doing anything of significance. Besides, popularity is merely vanity’s struggle against fleeting indifference.

Thursday, July 13

YOD (+0°01′) – ☽/♆ (14°04′) ⊼ ☿∗ ♃
Our collective unconscious is the repository of all our historical and prehistorical experiences. It is the complete databank of our ancestral and cultural memory, holding all ingrained patterns that motivate human behaviour. It is the keeper of the entire genetic code of our human evolution.
As the PISCES MOON dips into the Neptunian haze (18:28 UTC), our waking state becomes engulfed by a sea of fluctuating feelings, changing moods, and swirling emotions. It is an all-pervading, inarticulate energy which can vaguely express what it needs. On some level it yearns to tap into centuries of flagellation, persecution and collective suffering. On another it is trying to forgive and forget.
In our lucid awakeness, we sense a widespread inability to accept certain realities about our world. We find ourselves becoming more and more perplexed, confused, dragged into opinions and judgements that are unkind, distracted by personalities whose style we find unorthodox or obnoxious. We ignore their overall effectiveness in bringing about the massive disruption needed to shift humanity’s thinking out of its old, worn-out groove.
In our dreams too, we observe ourselves engaging more and more actively, able to recollect our visions/feelings much more vividly in our return to a wakened state.
For too long now we suspect we may have placed our faith in thoughts and notions that are not only incomplete or incoherent, but just impossible to explain.
A new dream is unfolding, inside and out.
It is not personal.
It is a collective dream.
It is the dream the universe holds in her heart for us all.

Tuesday, July 11

✦ FULL MOON debrief ✦
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The Moon is the celestial body most closest to earth. Because of her orbital ties to this planet, on a spiritual level it is she who receives us here, shows us our mother, links us to our human instincts, our tribal and ancestral rhythms, ingrains us with patterns of behaviour that run several lifetimes deep.

The Moon becomes the arbiter of our emotional antenna, governor of our personal feelers, operating in unconscious, immediate ways to inform our systems of energetic fluctuations in our environment. These emotional responses can either be too much (overwhelming), not enough (intercepted by the brain), too hot (dominated or driven by emotion), too cold (stunted, cut off). Feelings matter a lot – they tell us whether we’re hungry or fed up, exuberant or depleted, welcome or not, etc. & we respond to these with immediacy even if we do not necessarily honour these feelings with immediate and appropriate action.
This powerful Moon/Pluto lunation – opposite the Moon-ruled Cancer Sun – has helped to highlight the important role our feelings play in our lives and the karmic residue that we each carry through our instinctive responses. It echoes atavistic influences from our ancestral past, highlighting ingrained memories of our most primitive roots, connections to ancient strands of wisdom and mysterious patterns of behaviour that, if used unconsciously can be quite destructive in our current relationships and can affect the course of future generations.
Used consciously, we can unlock these innate, seemingly involuntary patterns by reconnecting to powerful healing and regenerative forces. These help to transform our old ways, to evolve out of the instinctual darkness of our Lunar selves and grow towards the intuitive light consciousness of our Solar selves.
At some point, and only with much inner reflection, we become aware that the old has to die away. We come to be aware that our period of inactivity or spiritual hibernation must end, and we must enter the springing into new life. The unconscious, unaware Moon energies – that compulsive pull, back into the past must die away to make fertile the ground for the consciously expressed solar energies that will attune us with the creative forces of the Sun.
In all of life, sooner or later we must come to a point when we must become aware that we have been unaware. We must leave the blinding pull of the family nest, say goodbye to the clutches of our mother’s nurturance and care, and step out into our own, independent beingness.
The next lunations:
✦ NEW MOON @ 00°44′ (Jul 23),
✦ LUNAR ECLIPSE @ 15°25′ (Aug 7) and
✦ SOLAR ECLIPSE @ 28°53′ (Aug 21)
are instrumental in our shifting away from our instinctive ties to a toxic past age and into a epoch of entirely new paradigms of consciousness.
The work i have been doing with clients lately has been phenomenally transformative. This is being supported with my intensive work through my ‘Cosmic Tribe’ fortnightly messages and special articles. I do hope you are following.  .….you may subscribe to the ‘tribe’ via this link

Saturday, July 8

MARS quincunx SATURN

Tension is rising high on the 3D plane. We are tackling the big issues now. As usual, things revolve around ‘security’.

Big action must be taken now, but here’s where it gets tricky: Once we commit to a particular course of action, it might be almost impossible to stop from going overboard; do more than is absolutely necessary. There’s also a compulsion to engage where we are not welcome, or go too far, even if we are. In any case, excessive measures could prove destructive.

Given the darkness, dimness, compulsiveness driving much of the action, destruction becomes the only outcome possible.

Perspective is everything in navigating through this tense time.

For those tuned into the NOW (present tense), a tremendous thrust to continue doing the deep, inner work is afforded. Maintaining a positive attitude produces constructive results.

Negative attitudes only lead to taking action with gritted teeth. An internal dilemma ensues, which others may fail to see. As result, efforts go unsupported.

Great breakthroughs and transformations leading to a higher state of consciousness are possible. When one believes in miracles, miracles begin to happen. When one is sure their thoughts can change their life, life begins to change. When one becomes certain they will find love, love appears.

Thursday, July 6

Thu Jul 06 00:47 am GMT Sun 14°10′ Trine Neptune 14°10′
Thu Jul 06 02:45 am GMT Sun 14°14′ Square Jupiter 14°14′
[pic: alex kuzmin]
You may feel challenged now by the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of your land, laws and beliefs that seem to go against your own higher purpose. You see, those things expected of you as ‘proper’, or ‘politically correct’ may feel unnatural; misaligned with your intent and where you want to go. It’s not unlikely then that you should feel challenged by authorities, be troubled by their laws (☉ □ ♃).
Try not to react with stubbornness or arrogantly.
It’s OK.
Use your instinctive nature.
Trust in what you inner guidance system is telling you and see how compassionately you can tune into the psychological, spiritual and visionary aspects to what is conflicting with you. Use your higher instincts to inform what’s true, not just for you but for all.
By extending your empathy, come to understand this universe using the full scope of your instinct nature and imagination. Be someone who sources their knowing from the realms of symbolism, dreams and mysticism. Understand that over all this squabbling over laws and beliefs there is a force that holds and relates all things of meaning and truth to one another, for all eternity (☉ △ ♆).
Love and understand someone who disagrees with you today.

Wednesday, July 5

[pic: nicolas bruno]
MERCURY on ♅ /♆

Being disillusioned is no excuse to go around trying to pull it over on others. Nor is sensing that you’re on the sad and slippery downslide to misery any reason to drag everyone down with you. (☿ Sqq ♆) If you insist on turning facts into whimsical fantasies, why not check out and write us a fairy tale?

The tripperzoid mind could easily take his joculating delusionalness into a flaming belligerent combatzone.

Unhesitant and unremitting to being the most totally contrary prick in the madhouse, his whole sense of amusement comes from alienating himself from everyone because it’s already decided he has nothing much left to lose, and everything to gain by saying goodbye to all that bears any semblance to the world formerly known as ‘normality’.

So guess this is goodbye then…

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Tuesday, July 4

A little patience and discretion now to cut our way through all the hypocrisy and insincerity being passed off to folks as ‘helpfulness’ and ‘charity’. (Sqq ♃)

Don’t buy it. It’s all a ruse. (♃ ⊼ ♆)
Be your own help.
Make generous and charitable gifts to yourself.
Keep your self-respect and dignity intact in order to avoid bitterness and resentment later.

With both MERCURY (26°00′) and VENUS (28°30′) about to enter critical degrees (next 48 hours), another huge electromagnetic (mind/heart) shift is due.

Look to communicate love (manifestation) using subtle, intuitive and heartfelt means.

Turn your thoughts into matter. Tangible. Meaningful.

Take all the storms and raging furies in your world 
and spin them into splendid forms of art and beauty
– forms that will soothe, uplift and pacify all ills. 
Use your connection with the intent 
to channel spirit love into a physical form
via the peaceful harmony of higher attunement. (/Ch/☿)

Venus/Chiron – Healing of the Wounded Feminine

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