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Ok, so we’re seriously in Leo county now. After last week’s New Moon in the early degrees of Leo, we will soon be whacked by the mysterious powers of Lunar eclipse (Aug 7), and then, on August 21, the big one… the Leo Solar eclipse.

Key transits in August:

  S Thu Aug 03 02:55 am GMT Uranus 28°32′ Retrograde
Mon Aug 07 06:11 pm GMT Penumbral LUNAR ECLIPSE at 15°♒25′
Fri Aug 11 10:05 pm GMT Uranus 28°30′ Semisquare Neptune 13°30′
  S Sun Aug 13 00:56 am GMT Mercury 11°38′ Retrograde
Wed Aug 16 10:30 pm GMT Sun 24°14′ Conjunction Node 24°14′
Mon Aug 21 06:31 pm GMT TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 28°53′
enters Tue Aug 22 10:21 pm GMT Sun 00°00′ Enters Virgo
SD Fri Aug 25 10:41 am GMT Saturn 21°11′ Goes Direct
enters Sat Aug 26 04:30 am GMT Venus 00°00′ Enters Leo
Sun Aug 27 12:18 pm GMT Jupiter 21°11′ Sextile Saturn 21°11′
enters Thu Aug 31 03:28 pm GMT Mercury 00°00′ Re- Enters Leo

Ok, so we’re seriously in Leo county now. After last week’s New Moon in the early degrees of Leo, we will soon be whacked by the mysterious powers of Lunar eclipse (Aug 7), and then, on August 21, the big one… the Leo Solar eclipse.

In Leo, we learn all about integrity. Integrity and honour. And pride… The Sun’s passage through this majestic constellation asks us to bring out our biggest, brassiest balls and polish them up until they shine with glistening glow for all to notice. If these are made of the right stuff, they will be cherished and admired by others for possessing a certain indescribable quality of ‘authenticity’. This admiration then fills us with a special inner warmth which we naturally exude (as pride) and thus becomes its own, self-generating inspiration to keep shining. However, if there’s any phoniness strutting about, those puffed-up chests who try to impress that they’re best better confess before it all turns into one great humongous mess.

Studying at the current planetary transits – and it is an exceptional year for Leo – chances are it could go either way. This could either be the most defining moment for any of us with Leo prominent in our horoscope (any Leo point/planet in your chart could be your brassy ball), or it can be the prick that bursts our  bubble… All depends upon our level of consciousness about how true we are to our integrity and then, how much we feel we need to struggle just to prove ourselves.

In this sense, it’s also not our role to judge whose balls are gleaming with brassy integrity and whose are steeped in corrupt intentions, bombast, trickery and scripted spin. It’s probably wise just to stand back a little, mind our own brass. Here, from a non-judgmental place of pure observation, we can watch the spectacular drama and fireworks display being rolled out among the ballsy big cats.

If you do choose to get involved in the show, strut your stuff, you won’t be disappointed for someone to meet you for a showdown. Leo loves the sport devouring any contender for the limelight. Having all gone through childhood, it is likely that we can all relate to the schoolyard-type shenanigans being acted out in the various arenas around us, both public and private. One can choose whether to step up and actively engage with it, or simply be entertained by the parade, merely as an amused audience member. Remember, it’s all a big drama out there. Be mindful not to judge it as real. Learn to discern only the lesson; the moral of the fable; the essence of what is going on around us and allow it to move on. We are not looking to display our pride. We are purely seeking to stand in our integrity.

It’s easy to see who is true and who is full of might and bluster here. Leo is a dead giveaway when he feels even a little insecure and uncertain of his prowess. On the surface ‘he’ becomes overtly theatrical, obnoxiously overbearing, verging upon being damned demanding that he be respected. When things don’t look like they’re going to go his way, Leo feigns to be mortally offended, and turns the whole show into a blast of indignation. The hysteria that follows can be scary. Those ferocious lions, tigers and bears who are resonating on the lower 3D axis of fear, domination and control are liable to tear you, or each other to shreds, just trying to prove who has the biggest, shiniest, brassiest balls.

Let them.
You cannot outstubborn a Leo.
Ultimately, nothing can be Leo-ier than a true Leo.
A true Leo doesn’t feel he needs to do anything other than to shine in his natural majesty.
Shine in your own right, your own sovereignty. Keep on shining, and don’t ever fear – just love anyone who stands to admire, imitate or tease. If you take offense, then check in with your own integrity.

Anyway, all that’s important here is that you are true to yourself during this month. Stay in integrity to your own centre. Avoid the high drama of that lot over in the West End, Broadway, Tinseltown, Head Office, Wall Street or Capital Hill. Their hijinx antics and special effects performances are hellbent on ensuring that we, as easily dazzled, paying pundits get the most spectacular show on earth. This show is mostly a diversion to the growing emptiness that lies behind the big facade – an apparent cover up for the lack of substance or true power that comes only from knowing that what you have to offer; what you are here to present, is coming from a place of certainty, presence and indisputable authority over one’s domain.

In all the drama, what we are seeing are the instrumental players of the universe’s cosmic forces, setting out now to dismantle our reality structure, once and for all. This is how destiny works. In order for something to change, events must get dire and extreme. Before the new can take over, the old must die off. The old king will not go down without a fight. Before he makes way for his successor, he throws everything that stand beside him into the fray. As we have seen before throughout all history, when things are going down for the king, rather than surrender, there is a desperate, all-out dash to go out fighting. Even if this means the certain destruction of the kingdom. In this, he stands either to bring the whole kingdom down, or there must be an intervention to what is conceived as ruthless, unstoppable might.

Look at the big egos fighting it out. They refuse to yield. They will try everything to credit themselves and discredit anyone who challenges them. They will puff up their importance and diminish and deride. They will find weaknesses in others and pounce… This is the lower, 3D-attached way of the Leo. These eclipses will highlight the shadow sides of this sign. There is much to learn about our own sense of maturity when we witness what comes out of acting with outrage and indignation. In the end, nobody wins when we engage in this relentless display of one-upmanship. Just more tyranny…

In all of what unfolds, when observing from a non-engaging, objective neutrality (just watching wisely, engaging only with our presence), it is important not to become distracted by the style or manner of how things are being played out. Focus only on the effect that is being created. What is the overall outcome of all this chaotic drama? What is it here to teach us about ourselves?

All that will matter at the end of the story is the truthful outcome. What will become the essential truth that we wish to take away? Let us not get too wrapped up in the personalities that come along and change the course of history, otherwise we stand to miss the lesson here. Let’s not get too obsessed with trying to make heroes or villains out of those who are actively engaged in nature’s ultimate struggle to disrupt the old order and make way for the new. Let us be observant that whatever structure was formerly in place was somehow unfair and uneven. It may have served some of the people for some of the time. But, like all structures, it failed to serve the whole. Eventually, it threw the entire planet into a state of imbalance. It messed with natural law. It destroyed the environment. It gradually became destructive to the equilibrium of its own kind by applying arbitrary judgements and values that were increasingly exclusive and unkind upon the whole.

By placing a higher value only on certain things and diminishing or demeaning the value of all others, the world of humans has created a structure that is unkind to its feminine and destructive towards its masculine. Things we are born into, that we cannot easily change, such as our colour, gender, socioeconomic status, nationality, sexuality or creed have been used to marginalise us from ‘society’, to diminish our natural shine and individual integrity. These are the constraints of a fast-fading 3D kingdom, one that celebrates the clichéd personality over substance and truth.

A new alchemy is now being weaved through into our collective, exposing to us what is true gold and what is merely the fleeting glimmer of a manufactured celebrity, a formulaic copycat of something that might have once seemed fine in the old order of things, but is has now only grown unnecessary, tiresome and too heavy to keep carrying on. The whole human ‘celebrity’ system of kings & queens, pop stars & popes, prefects and presidents has run its course.

Time to let go of the phony facade of who’s more special or important out there and get to what’s real within.

There is no joy in feeding into any system that celebrates only a few individuals as ‘worthy’ and ‘powerful’ whilst disempowering the many who, apparently, have arrived on this planet as simply “not worthy enough”. We have nothing to prove but that we are beautiful within ourselves. No need to become defensive or hysterical if this is challenged. Just radiate pure integrity, and it will bring you the respect and dignity that you deserve from others.

WORD FOR THIS MONTH:  With every shaky step you take forward, bits are falling apart. There’s no going back now. Just your progress alone is enough to dislodge any rickety bits that strangely still remained in place. All you can do is proceed in your own integrity, and do not worry about what you are leaving behind. It was flimsy and weak at its best. As you are realising, the magic veil of this delusion has served its time. And be sure, if you don’t like what you see ahead, just know that by pressing on, you will always have the option to make changes. As for the past… well, that’s beyond repair now. It has to die. Don’t get sentimental – it will not weep for you either…

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Blessings, and have an amazing month xx

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