Thursday, August 3


[art: dmitriy leonovich, “at-the-end-of-the-world”]
The Sun is now in its most distant proximity to all outer planets beyond Jupiter. From here on earth, ♄, ♅, ♆, ♇ (including Chiron and Eris) all appear to be moving in retrograde. These are the gods of karma, healing, disruption, spiritualisation and transformation, all working to take us back into the recent events of our lives for some ‘inner workshop activity’.Essentially, these energies will focus on areas in our lives where we have had to make phenomenal shifts in our awareness.

We have no option but to do the necessary work on our inner landscape now. We must go bravely look within and carefully review, reappraise, release, reconstruct and rebirth the previously unfathomable aspects of our psyche. As uncomfortable and often painful as this process is, we have no option but to revisit recent critical events, sit with them until we understand the nature of their crises upon our lives, and hopefully, as each planet turns direct over the next 6 months, make the peace and walk away with a sense of closure.

Uranus now joins the ℞ fold (until January ’18), forcing us to look at where we have felt most constrained and claustrophobic and how we have tended to abruptly bust out of our perceived cage. Was it necessary to smash everything and run, or could we have perhaps executed our break for freedom in ways that made more sense, especially for those who did not see any bizarre behaviour coming.

As Uranus℞ holds a tight semisquare to Neptune℞ (Aug-Sep) there can be some confusion or deception about why it is that our activity has been so disruptive and unsettling during the first half of this year. It may not be entirely obvious for months, perhaps years, but we are subliminally sabotaging our reality – defiantly undermining it so that it doesn’t ever hope to confine or constrict our spirit from going to places that are genuinely soothing and liberating to our soul.

Caution to stay grounded in our backtracking through this very murky, seemingly inexplicable passage of recent events. There are no shortcuts or bypasses to doing the real spirit work.

Tuesday, August 1

Lead your holy crusades, roam about far and wide,
prance all over the mountaintops, ‘cross the divide.
Sing your song with the heart of a child as you dance
let ’em know you’re just here for the wine and romance
Though your spirit is friendly, courageous and true,
you seem always in time for some hullabaloo
and you won’t be restrained to divulge us your mind,
preach as if it’s your mission to save humankind
…but here’s something important that you oughta know,
there’s a time and a place where your trumpet should blow
if you’re ever in doubt, you might save us some face…
be discrete with your honesty, spare us all from disgrace
Now, we know you’re excitable, yes indeed buttercup
but it’s preferable sometimes to shut the f**k up ?
Best Policy – next couple of days:
(in no particular order)
1. Honesty (if you can be humble with it)
2. Silence (all other times)

Friday, July 28


[image: ronald ong]
If you come to the realisation that your usual 3D world is progressively letting you down,
wearing you down,
dragging you down, 
yet refusing to cut you any slack;
If you feel more and more insulted and affronted
by not having your demands met as anticipated…

…then time to smarten up a little.

Putting up with crap conditions,
doing a shitty job
for ever-diminishing returns
is a POOR way to rebel at society.
Allowing your fundamental freedoms to be gradually taken away from you
is a POOR way of resisting
against being forced to fit into the mould.
Criticising authority figures on social media
is a POOR way to take any action.

When the Sun/Mars & Saturn meet,
we feel like we’re at the end of our tether.
Time to draw the line.
See who is trying to manipulate others
purely out of selfish motives for power.
Frustration, separation and fear abounds.
And once again, you have to decide whether you’re with them or agin?

See? See what they force you to do?
Where does all this separation end?
When do we stop taking sides and come back to our centre?

We’re nearly at the melting point here. These eclipses are nearly upon us. A massive intervention is necessary. Lighten up. Have the wisdom and strength to abandon any futile struggle before it completely tears you apart.

Thursday, 27 July – SUN/MARS conjunction at 04°13 (combust)

Last week, URANUS(♅) received squares from both MARS() and the SUN(☉) The eccentric lord of disruption charged our masculine (assertive expression☉) with a fiery dose of revolutionary fervour. The ☉/ are now about to form a conjunction at 04°13′.
Squares usually signify that something is forced upon us against our will. ♅ brings an abrupt, uncontrollable impulse to break away from restriction. The force becomes too much to resist. Fear of consequence or regret is non existent. All that is important is the breaking away from anything confining.
Whilst this may have already created nervous tension and dramatic scenes of rebelliousness, it is possible that nothing at all changed on the inside. If anything it has only made the masculine ego more resilient against change, seeking to fight and blame others. As the ☉/ moves into the early degrees of fixed Leo this week, it has only made the ego more determined to stay the same; to defiantly hold its integrity and poise against all threats of dissent or revolt against him.
This defiance against forced change is itself as a revolutionary stance.
This obstinate stance has been building for some time among those who resonate strongly in the fixed quadruplicity (). It is only now that we see the application of this fixed (rigid) quality coming to purposeful assertiveness.
Most of all, URANUS has raised sudden awareness (☉), increased vigilance and readiness to resist (), to fight with a sense of certainty to stay true to our individual selves & maintain a sense of sovereignty (). Still, the more we stand alone in our defiance the more we anger the crowd. And the crowd too (as an entity) feels more rebelliously assertive against change.
Both want to force change on one another, and both are determined to stay the same.
This dynamic sets up a hyper-electrical (electronic?) charge into nervous systems, one that has the power to thrust both individual and collective awareness forward at quantum levels. This charge forms the basis for all reform. The rebelliousness we feel brewing, both within and from without, is simply a natural force which seeks to disrupt rigid structures, stubborn ways and inflexible egos. Since these do not easily bend, they must break from time to time to make way for the new. Like hard crystal, they may smash into a billion little fragments.
The state of revolution – the push to change society’s structures; to overturn governments; challenge the bureaucracy; repeal its laws & political systems; impeach leaders, etc. seems only to result through application of a new, progressive structure. And just like feudalism, communism, socialism, fascism, capitalism, they will eventually come to collapse because intrinsically, the individual spirit wishes defiantly to remain the same. Why? Because it is humiliating to the ego; it is insulting to have to change, to grow, to fold to the exterior pressures of change.
It takes extreme effort to become more conscious, more loving, forgiving and compassionate, to be more joyful, more creative, more silent within. In order to create the beautiful world you want to see around you, great change must occur on the inside. A true revolutionary act requires you to shift your own individual consciousness, create more meditative energy in your world, generate more lovingness and understanding around you. This has to be one of the most difficult things for the ego to accept.
Yet this is what these Leo lunations (New Moon (□ ♅), and Solar Eclipse (△ ♅) are here to teach us.
Time to disintegrate our rigid old way, destroy its ugliness, its idiotic ideologies, its distasteful discriminations, its stupid superstitions.

As we have been observing now for the past week or so, the Mars (action) passage behind the Sun (authority) makes us sensitive to those trying to put light on the way we do things, how we act. In an attempt to assert ourselves, we go too far – makes us look stupid or try-hard.

The Sun’s glare overpowers Mars, and it will be weeks before we will see him in his own right again. This is the furthest Mars gets from earth, and as the Sun blinds his efforts, he also purifies his angry fire to a place of humility…. Due to the relatively high speed of Mars this ☉/ conjunction, which was a strong feature of the New Moon will also be featured in both the Lunar/Solar eclipses.

Relax. Nothing to prove…

Time to create a whole new human being, with fresh eyes and new values. A discontinuity with the past is imperative now – that is the true meaning of rebelliousness. From the agitated state of revolution, eventually spawn an evolution. For this to truly occur, it must happen from within.
Either humanity will wipe itself out due to its obstinate inability to change, or a new human being whose vision is aligned with the universal dream will appear on the earth. That new human being must be a true rebel warrior.
© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

How does it all affect your sign?

Tuesday, 25 July


Don’t be a fool. Nothing anybody ever says has anything to do with you at all. It’s all about themselves, really. What they won’t stand for, and what they will not tolerate, and what they hate… that’s just a dead giveaway about who they are and what they are not ready to accept about themselves. God bless this Trump-era for exposing humanity for all its shaky, self-conscious indignation and hypocrisy.

How quick you are to listen to others’ opinions; how likely you are to take these on board to be about you, tells us everything about how flimsy your ego complex is: Ready to buy into what others are saying about you and eager to react in vexation and offense…

When you get all puffy and react – especially angrily, you are only giving others the very satisfaction they desire. Arguing or getting all defensive, becoming outraged or angrily refusing to modify your behaviour shows how feeble your inner sense of self really is.

Instead of getting all worked up over what others are saying about you, check in with yourself. Are you in touch with your in-OK-ness? If so, let others think whatever they like. Let them have their opinions; their judgments. They don’t know you. In truth, they barely even know themselves. If they find you so repugnant or threatening, let them work on that, either through some fair play against you (i call it dancing), or if they must, let them go away and practice on their own a little.

Those who know themselves are not there to fight with you. They are there to let you be you; to enjoy you and to love you being you. Those who know themselves are ready to know you; to co-operate and to co-create with you.

Let them.

Quit being so self-conscious.
Be conscious of your Self.

 ☉/ = ♄/♆, 

It’s wise to act with subtle caution this week, if at all.
With the LEO SUN approaching MARS, egos may flare up easily. Sure, you might feel there’s much to defend by way of honour, integrity and pride, but the lower you – that angry little troll who quickly takes over to assert your boundaries can tend to mess things up for the mature, level-headed you.
Important to stay super-deliberate in our actions. No such thing as a mistake or an accident. It’s all you, calling it in.
No need to uphold shabby practices or try to back up mediocre conduct. You’re not impressing anyone with that gig. If you’re feeling a bit deflated or depressed, not quite sure why you can’t fully express yourself the way you want to, then it’s time to pull up and look a little deeper into this.
Are you expecting a bit too much of yourself? Assuming to have greater powers than you naturally possess, being too grandiose or idealistic about the potential outcome of what you’re doing? Or are others just not paying you enough dues?
There’s a lot of subtle weirdass energy about. Sudden twists and turns in events are causing much confusion. If you invest too much of your lower self into it, misunderstandings can easily turn into despair.
Take yourself aside somewhere for a day or two.
Create sacred space.
Meditate your way.
Wait… don’t rush things.
Allow any discordant or gunky psychic energy to dissipate. Intuitions will suddenly come to your higher self. Not only will you be guided on the best course of action to take, the course of your life will take a quick turn.
[don’t forget to keep hands inside #CosmicBus]

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