ASTROLOGY OF NOW: Thursday, July 20

Thursday, July 20

on∠ ♅ ∠♆……., ☉/□ ♅△Ch….., ☿☌ ☊
Accepting personal responsibility for our choices, decisions and actions is the only way to create a firm basis from which we can address the more complex sphere of emotions which we seem to feel bombarded with through our heightened sensitivities lately. Whilst it may take time and effort to clarify what is going on, gaining clarity creates the point of resolution for the majority of conflicts in our lives, and so becomes the key to creating a meaningful and satisfying experience.
Neptune is perhaps the most nebulous force of them all. Stressed by Uranus (semi-square July-Sep) means that dramatic insights are blasting into our collective unconscious to help re-invent and re-integrate the Neptune energy into our lives so that it ceases to display its more elusive, irresolute manifestations. As a species, we are evolving out of a state of mass-hypnosis and delusion from exterior influences to a higher, clearer more personal perception in both our lucid, waking state and in our dreams and collective visions.
Our attitude towards this world; towards others through our relationships are becoming redefined. The 3D world of fear, separation and paranoia is being dropped, as well as any tendencies toward exploitation both of others and against yourselves.
Turning within through meditation, contemplation or any form of self-therapy becomes the ideal path to take during this period so that we start to witness, unlock and release old patterns. By sitting with ourselves, we discover a new centre. Here we can begin the work of releasing the baggage, cleaning out old illusions, and see through new eyes.
Meditation or prayer are unique deconditioning tools. They assist to sequentially loosen and free up our psychic aura through practice, redirecting the energy flow of our mind inwards instead of outwards, so that the energy acts as a penetrating diffuser of restrictive psychological patterns.
Through this practice we slowly strengthen self-discipline and refine our sense of discernment, which, as energy is released through the clear resolution of inner tensions and frictions, unlocking those pathways of blocked creativity, enabling us to take control and direction of life back into our own hands.
Practice standing free and independent. Sometimes, taking space from your relationships is preferable, at least as an initial cleansing process. Don’t think of it as dissociation from others; more like a reassociation with the self, and hence a reconnection to your present reality.
Dealing with reality, free of the confusion and drama, means seeing things clearly. This helps to restore balance and brings us back to a place of neutrality. This divine Uranus/Neptune period is here to turn experience into wisdom and insight – an essential step in our evolution. Gradually and with practiced mindfulness, we are turning our perception of our own basic nature and of others into a higher, clearer, reconstructed notion of our true collective vision is about here, on this beautiful planet.

Wednesday, July 19

☉/ □ ♅, MARS @29°

Sometimes it’s hard to stick to life’s stupid-old daily routines, to carry on acting responsibly, showing the full commitment. Especially when it’s not even your own operation…
You would do things so different… much better than all this… right?
It won’t take much to totally flip it these days.
Blow those fixers who make you tow their narrow line; play by their cagey, cooped-up rules.
Yeah, THEIR rules.
Rules that refuse to listen to YOUR input;
rules that only limit your FREEDOM;
Asphyxiate your inner genius;
rob you of your CHOICES;
deny you from being YOU.
Regardless of the consequences and costs, the tendency these days may be to refuse to listen to anyone. Irrespective of how well-meaning their advice, you might just suddenly decide to take a hard left or right turn. Sure, they might call you “crazy”, “radical”, ‘misfit”, “upstart”, downright “difficult”… to you it doesn’t matter. When you’re fed up, you’re fed up, and when you’re fed up, you simply cannot stomach any more…
As if possessed by the spirit of Che Guevara himself, an obstinate force to go your own way and a bristling need for self-assertion can lead you to fight against (and possibly suffer from) those very experiences and problems that you were being warned against.
Tread cautiously.
If you find yourself railing against the status quo; ‘shaking things up’ as it were, then you are probably acting under the auspices of a much higher power – a force which is here to disrupt and to cause upset no matter what. Yes, it will change things – possibly forever, but much awareness is necessary to keep yourself under control and to constructively manage and maintain a healthy balance. Otherwise, you may end up irrevocably ruining the works.
If you must sell the farm, just know – there’s no coming back.
There’s a fine line between absurdity and sheer genius.
Stay in your S☉lar centre.
Decide consciously, knowing there are consequences to any drastic changes.
Be purposeful in your actions.

Tuesday, July 18

MARS 28°25′ square URANUS 28°25′
[art: alicia savage]
If you’re feeling an inner tension and uncertainty now, know that it is because you are holding back the possibility of leaping whole-heartedly into this moment.
It is a fear of commitment & taking risks, preferring to stay safely in the harbour, when you know you could be sailing daringly ’round the seven seas.
Holding back when you feel that it is time to act is not only causing you great stress, it undermines your unique purpose. Perhaps you have become too identified with your possessions, your comforts, your sentimental haunts. Yes Mars is grounding – it protects you from the great unknown, but the problem here is if you get all ‘too protective’ your best intentions may sail away into your dreams, never to become realised.
The voyage of ten thousand miles requires you to cut the cord that moors you to that homebay. Don’t wait around for what will soon become your certain redundancy. Besides, nature has a way of helping you release that pent up potential, which if not done voluntarily could be unleashed upon you in some abrupt, unexpected and potentially violent way.
Come, cut yourself loose from any restrictions of your current situation. You are not chained here. It’s time to cast off into life’s myriad of insecurities and perils. Deep down only you knows how much you needs this.

Monday, July 17

SACRED  MOMENT:  (♀∠♂∠  ∠♆) 

Ok, ready yourself to either know or to learn:

KNOW, with complete and undivided certainty that at the core of your being you are now ready; free to openly give and receive the highest qualities of romantic and exalted love with your beloved; in tune with your unique ability to intuit exactly how to best love someone and to show this, without fear or concern of loss or letting go…


LEARN, in an instant flash of insight, that you still have much to learn about unconditional surrender to love; that you are still attached to your egoic notions and needs; absorbed in some private romantic fantasy; a selfish love-addiction that has you mistake an important life-lesson for a ‘soulmate’.

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Understanding the Sacred Union

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