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The Week Ahead – July 3-9

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This week, after last week’s Mercury/Mars oppositions, the Sun now edges  towards opposing Pluto (July 10), pressing tensely upon our need to shield ourselves from the subconscious forces of darkness, oppression and control. Pluto pushes for deep, transformative change, acting in ways which are not easy to identify because they exist on such subversive realms that unless one has x-ray vision, their influence is invisible. Even those who see, often struggle to deal with this still very secretive force.

Here are this week’s significant transits:
♀ ∗ Ch Mon Jul 03 11:14 pm GMT Venus 28°♉52′ Sextile Chiron 28°♓52’℞
♀ Sqq ♃ Tue Jul 04 04:29 am GMT Venus 29°♉06′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 14°♎06′
♀ enters ♊ Wed Jul 05 00:12 am GMT Venus 00°♊00′ Conjunction Mercury
☿ □ ♅ Wed Jul 05 00:52 am GMT Mercury 28°♋11′ Square Uranus 28°♈11′
♃ ⊼ ♆ Wed Jul 05 04:17 am GMT Jupiter 14°♎10′ Quincunx Neptune 14°♓10’℞
☿ △ Ch Wed Jul 05 09:32 am GMT Mercury 28°♋51′ Trine Chiron 28°♓51’℞
☿ Sqq ♆ Wed Jul 05 01:33 pm GMT Mercury 29°♋10′ Sesquiquadrate Neptune 14°♓10’℞
☿ enters ♌ Thu Jul 06 00:20 am GMT Mercury 00°♌00′ Conjunction Mars
☉ △ ♆ Thu Jul 06 00:47 am GMT Sun 14°♋10′ Trine Neptune 14°♓10’℞
☉ □ ♃ Thu Jul 06 02:45 am GMT Sun 14°♋14′ Square Jupiter 14°♎14′
☊ ☌ Vs Thu Jul 06 12:33 pm GMT Node 24°♌52’℞ Conjunction Vesta 24°♌52′
☿ ∗ ♀ Fri Jul 07 01:19 pm GMT Mercury 02°♌48′ Sextile Venus 02°♊48′
♀ Sqq ♇ Fri Jul 07 09:35 pm GMT Venus 03°♊11′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 18°♑11’℞
☽ ☍ ☉ Sun Jul 09 04:07 am GMT Moon 17°♑09′ Opposition Sun 17°♋09′
  ⊼ ♄ Sun Jul 09 10:10 am GMT Mars 22°♋49′ Quincunx Saturn 22°♐49’℞
☉ ☍ ♇ Mon Jul 10 04:31 am GMT Sun 18°♋07′ Opposition Pluto 18°♑07’℞

As the instinctive Cancer Sun ticks closer to next Sunday’s Full Moon, it means that our most expressive, authoritative sense of self seeks to embody and exemplify the energies that are strongly influential this week. We will see these come out in through the key individuals in our lives.

Who is the adult in your life?
Who shines brightest?

The Sun creates a square to Jupiter and trines Neptune (Thu), two planets having a hard time reading one another in their closing quincunx this week (Wed) – an aspect that has been hovering around since mid-May. It means that our beliefs and dreams are just not aligning, which brings a maudlin state of confusion and despair because it’s hard to know just who or what to trust. It is obvious that we are failing to see things in ways that can bring us any clarity or cohesiveness, and as the Sun activates these points it is as if to say that the liberal, decadent, optimistically judgmental but pathetically ineffectual system of law/religion/philosophy (♃) is not serving us. Instead we look toward spirit (♆) or other alternatives for answers.

In anticipation of the Full Moon, let’s look at Sun/Pluto, and really learn all as much as we can about this dynamic this week. In fitting form, we can study this one a bit more intensely (leave comments below):

Sun/Pluto types are very interesting. They almost always come across as intriguingly charismatic, yet the underlying agenda is one of manipulation. They quickly need to get themselves into a position where they are above the others, from which they can exercise control. Those with the softer aspects (sextile, trine) apply this much easier than their hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) cousins.

It is undeniable that until this dynamic is neutralised (brought to balance through much inner processing, or ‘shadow work’)  that there is a constant thirst for power and triumph over others. Though easier concealed and managed constructively in the ‘soft’ types, it is undeniably evident in the ‘hard’ types as it manifests evidently as power struggles and, intermittently, through build-up into deeply traumatic incidents. Sun/Pluto types fail to see that others are not like them at all. They are oblivious to the notion that not everyone is seeking power/change and evolutionary leaps.

So why are these people always seeking power? Why does everything always need to be only on their terms, and if they are not, prone to explode into very extreme behaviour that even they cannot control? What is the underlying reason why they are constantly craving absolute rulership over others?

Fundamentally they are wounded souls.

Deeply scarred.

At some point during their early development there has undeniably been either one sharp, identifiably jaring psychological incident, or otherwise an ongoing series of abuses, where they have experienced a sense of worthlessness or felt undervalued by those they looked up to, usually the father figure. It seems that if this parent did not get things on their own, unyielding, inflexible terms that they would threaten all sorts of violations – abuse, coercion, manipulation, outright abandonment. This then develops into relationship patterns where validation and approval is not a basic need – it becomes a life/death psychological terror.

The Sun/Pluto type will seek to act out this wound throughout life, drawing this dynamic out of anyone in their world, but most specifically it is from the more empathetic, gentle or healing types that they will suck most of this ‘feel good’ energy from. These kind, sensitive, caring souls (Neptunian types) have little perception of their own boundaries and hence even less defence for the licentious abuse and domination of the Sun/Pluto type.

[image: tyler shields]

Energy vampires, control freaks, manipulators, conniving puppet-masters, call them what you will, but the dynamic experienced by and around these people is like a dark force and it sucks pure honest-to-goodness kindness out of the equation, leaving those in their wake feeling physically, emotionally, spiritually debilitated and drained.

This is when the Sun/Pluto starts to really go to work. They will make those run-down types feel like they are inadequate or incapable of satisfying, helping or healing them, making them suffer whilst they are down, and as they struggle to give more, there is a strange victim/tyrant energetic that develops and perpetuates into a corrupt enslavement dynamic.

A bitter war develops. Neither wins.

The empathetic type blames themselves for the apparent abuse. The controlling Sun/Pluto is relentless in screwing things tighter. Eventually, as expected there is a complete energetic breakdown. Something has to die in order to be released.

The only way to solve the problem is for the sensitive victim type to escape the Sun/Plutonian’s clutches, either through illness, drugs, or through circumstance (seeking refuge and/or martyrdom elsewhere). This usually does not solve their problem, since they are only giving prey to another depraved energy satyr.

Meanwhile, the Sun/Pluto will try every trick possible to regain the endless caring. Taunts, torture, spiteful acts, sweet baiting until they have their victim back in their depraved clutches. Bitchiness and drama, vexation and curses, threats and vengeful acts, tyrannical overtures and reprisal, imprisonment, heavy taxation of your goodies, increased abusive acts… anything goes here to claw back the bottomless pit of your giving, caring resources. Because essentially they are there to take, take, take… Not pretty.

Their argument is that they are there to change you, to make you a better person or give you a better quality of life. But it is still always on their own terms – their love is not unconditional, which somehow enslaves you into feeling disempowered and owing them something when deferring your fundamental freedoms.

And the more they get from you, the more they need. It’s a madness, a power-craving addiction. The appetite of the ‘monkey on their back’ is voracious and it stops at nothing. It may be sexy, but the cost is grave.

How to help these? Well, it’s not easy. It’s nearly impossible to communicate to them because such is their over-estimation of themselves and a complete disrespect for anyone that they refuse listen. They are hard wired not to listen. Just to demand. And always more, more, more…

Can they change? Of course. But not by force. You can’t fight these and expect to win. They would sooner destroy themselves than give in to another power. nor can you plead or bargain your way towards changing them. In fact, the more you try to appeal to their incapacity to open up their heart and express their ‘feelings’, the more you fuel their wanton mania to crush you (and everyone). In effect, the wound of their trauma has scarred their heart so much it has made it callous. It’s best just to leave them cold and let them asphyxiate in their own toxic bile.

Consider them to be the addict and you are their drug. The only way to even begin to assist them with their habit is to simply cut off their supply. This is really hard to do, given that these are such toxic persons. FOr some reason we keep going back. So why would we keep going back then? Because on some level, to exclude any uneasiness, pain, depression, or oppression from our lives when we don’t know what work this is accomplishing within us means that we ourselves are seeking to discover how to reclaim and hold our own power. We need to learn to do this ourselves.

Only when we are able to consciously hold ourselves from playing into the power vortex of others, might we see how damaging the contract of entering the subversive world of pain and trauma exchange between others. We are getting stronger. We are learning to loosen the magnetic hold that exists between ourselves and our not-selves.This is where the miracle healing is happening. Loosening the bind to those who hold power over us is the great metamorphosis going on right now. THIS is where the transformation occurs. This is the true alchemy.

We are learning to see this complex more clearly. We are improving massively, and the coming lunations in Leo/Aquarius will only highlight further how much we project or transfuse our personal power. Whether consciously or not, we readily extend our inner strength to people/organisations/bodies that purport to rule over us, intent to dominate, enslave and exploit us in the name of protection or love. And we let them because we feel we don’t have a choice.

This week we see the reticence to play into this vortex, from all walks.
Enough with the drama. You DO have a choice. Exercise it.
Walk back to the centre and regain your balance.
Cease to partake in the drama of control and manipulation.
Reclaim your power.

It takes extreme strength to take back our power. A great deal of light is needed to shine onto our shadow, be aware of how it dances in our lives, and how easily we let it dance into the lives of others. The recovery of our power can only happen with full-lighted consciousness that we are not obliged or indebted to anyone to restore and experience our innate well-being.

(If you are a Sun/Pluto person, particularly the hard aspect kind, then perhaps this is you or someone very close to you. Depending on your chart, you may struggle with issues of craving outright control and interpersonal power struggles, punctuated with occasional outbursts of horrendous levels of abusiveness. This can be at any level, physical, emotional, even spiritual. Thanks to the secretive or outright denial element of this combination, you may refuse to accept see this as a problem at all. In fact, in today’s power hungry society this might even be a trait that is rewarded, even celebrated in your world. Please know, that this level of energy transfer is ultimately very dangerous, and must be held in check. If you suspect you may suffer from being overwhelmed with issues of control, possession and power, seek an expert opinion immediately.

If you have fallen victim, or prey to such a type and feel under any threat, then just know that you have the power to save your self. Exit the relationship immediately – it’s the only effective way to save yourself from ultimate abuse and to help/heal them).

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx.

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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NEW MOON at 02°47′ CANCER – June 24, 02:32 UTC

 CAPRICORN FULL MOON at 17°09′ – Sunday July 09, 04:07 UTC   

NORTH NODE LEO/SOUTH NODE AQUARIUS – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

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  1. Who are sun-pluto people? Cancers?

    • Sun/Pluto people is anyone whose Sun (in whichever sign) happens to form an aspect to Pluto. We are primarily talking about the hard aspects here Sonya. Your specific horoscope will reveal more. Yes, Cancer Suns may have a square to Pluto if they were born during the period when Pluto was in Libra (July 30, 1972 – November 5, 1983), The orb (degrees) i usually allow is around 5-6.

    • Well I have my natal Sun square Pluto. My father was a very difficult and frighting Scorpio…my Mother is one of the kindest, selfless, nurturing type of person I have ever known. She is a Pisces…fitting right!

      I am deeply wounded, I hurt but I don’t want anyone to see me that way. I try to hide it and handle it on my own…my own rising is in Pisces and my moon in Virgo… I’m sensitive, I have a lot of pride, hate people feeling sorry for me…cannot stand it…and not good at accepting help. Lately the last two months have been very tough….on the work front, the home front and, wow, not without surprise the health front.

      Thank you for this….Healing is calling to me right now….and I don’t want to feel this way any more..

  2. debbyb@mcn.org

    WoW! All the Sun/Pluto I know are over givers. Over pleaser. Hard working to please. This is like putting all Sun/Pluto into a box. It’s as if all Autism is the same. I only know pure lovers.

    • It’s just one aspect of the personality, and it’s not a judgement of condemnation against anyone who either has this natally, or is going through transit/progression. It is important to note that the Pluto element here keeps the individual’s expression under cover, so a lot of the energy is not visible. In the more self-ware individual, this energy is transduced into empowering those around them or keeping them at distance from one’s own affairs (very secretive in nature and intent). It takes a special pair of eyes to see the process going on, but these individuals are often produce phenomenal change which happens in the subtlest of ways, yet is lasting.

  3. I had 2 long term relationships with sun/plutos, one right after the other. There’s a reason i will stay single the rest of my days now. The damage is done.

    • All damage can be healed, and whilst you may need a period of reflection to process the pain, recovery can only occur within the context of relationships; it cannot occur in isolation. Rest and try again, this time with more mindfulness of your boundaries and thresholds of tolerance to what you call disrespect.

  4. Hi Ang. What does it mean if someone is born with no Sun/Pluto aspects?

    • It’s very likely that this is the case, there’s not necessarily a meaning around it , other than there is a likelihood that this person may not experience issues with will for power and control. However Sun in Scorpio.Sun in the eighth house have similar effect, as well as certain aspects to the Sun, Pluto in the fifth/Pluto in Leo will produce similar effects. Individual charts reveal how the condition described is also emulated. Hope this helps.

  5. If my sun and pluto are both in Leo do I have this aspect? I know my last relationship turned out to be with a narcissist. I was clueless and it took me several years to figure it out. Since then I am very happy to be single and giving myself the love I need and deserve instead of expecting it from outside sources. I am open to outside love and have my own family of animals(dog and cats) I live with. But I am too busy to look for significant other. Maybe after my dog is gone I will be more interested.

    • The Sun rules Leo, so to have Pluto in Leo means that the entire generation (known as “baby boomers”) carry this trait of wanting to express themselves by use of power and control. Naturally there are some acute cases where Pluto is prominent, also sharing a sign generally means there is a good chance of conjunction, and the Sun activating this aspect by transit or progression early in life may mean an early trauma or abuse that sets off a life-long dynamic. The Solar element in many women’s charts is often exemplified by the men/authorities in their life, so attracting this kind of character is a huge propensity of being a Sun/Pluto type. Much depends on the chart.

  6. Thanks Ang.

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