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The Week Ahead: June 5-11

Hey tribe,

As many of us are feeling, JUNE brings us into a very intense period which is very difficult to understand from a straightforward, linear perspective. We have been doing some groundwork here on the ‘bus’, in terms of learning to stay objective. Again, you are reminded to keep your ‘non-jump-to-conclusions’ glasses on when dealing with the times directly ahead of us, and i am mindful to keep it as simple as possible in order to keep it all in perspective.

Above all, it is important to note that nothing of what appears out there, on our joy-filled stellar journey is actually what it seems. Much is being revealed to our higher selves but only through our quiet, reflective contemplation (meditation). Let us practice this, whilst we are practicing staying seated and mindfully aware of all the energies acting upon us on this amazing bus ride:

Here are the main transits for this week….

Mon Jun 05 10:52 am GMT Mercury 27°20′ Square Node 27°20′
Mon Jun 05 12:33 pm GMT Venus 29°14′ Semisquare Neptune 14°14′
Sqq Mon Jun 05 11:01 pm GMT Mercury 28°14′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 13°14′
Ce Tue Jun 06 00:16 am GMT Sun 15°30′ Conjunction Ceres 15°30′
Ch Tue Jun 06 03:41 am GMT Mercury 28°35′ Sextile Chiron 28°35′
enters Tue Jun 06 07:27 am GMT Venus 00°00′
Tue Jun 06 01:56 pm GMT Uranus 27°14′ Trine Node 27°14′
enters Tue Jun 06 10:16 pm GMT Mercury 00°00′
Sqq Thu Jun 08 11:20 pm GMT Mercury 03°51′ Sesquiquadrate Pluto 18°51′
Fri Jun 09 11:53 am GMT Sun 18°50′ Quincunx Pluto 18°50′
Fri Jun 09 01:11 pm GMT Moon 18°53′ Opposition Sun 18°53′
SD Fri Jun 09 01:40 pm GMT Jupiter 13°13′ SD
Fri Jun 09 03:41 pm GMT Venus 03°18′ Sextile Mars 03°18′

This week kicks us off on a weak foot, with the Gemini Sun squaring Neptune, exhausting our vital energies to the point where, with Venus now at their midpoint, we may feel so easily mislead by false promises of good fortune that there is question whether we have been misled into relationships with unsavory characters. Yet all is not what it appears to be. Whilst most of us know not to take candy from strangers, it’s also wise not not let confusion and uncertainty cripple our soul’s access kindness and compassion.

The Sun’s conjunction to asteroid Ceres highlights themes for the next 12 months around who is the natural nurturer, nourisher, supportive and caring parent among us. This is not only to be taken literally, but also laterally. How do we care for our garden, our forests, our earth? Are we being genuine or are we just paying lip service (Gemini) in how we care for those who need us? Are we prepared to talk things through; listen; comprehend deeply how issues of separation and attachment – most prevalent in our own relationship as children and with our children?

Or are we blissfully living in some fantasy bubble which still pitches ‘reality’ as some version of a billboard in the mid 1950’s (remember when America was great again?). Anyway, in case you missed it, the world has been enduring some ‘storms’.

There is much pain in the world, surfacing now as confused action and withdrawal of our duty to care. It is time to delve a little deeper into where this stems from. The Sun’s quincunx to Pluto sees that we cut through the cover story and get to the essence of things. Until we can cut through with adequate, truthful discussion – and we may find ourselves in quite a vulnerable position at times – we will continue to carry and harbour considerable psychological triggers, especially tied to our paternal disconnection and abandonment issues. These triggers are possibly at the source of any continued self-sabotaging behaviours.

Many of the above themes are being heavily accentuated in Friday’s Full Moon (conjunction Saturn in Sagittarius), whose heavy impact will be felt quite deeply leading into this lunation and in prelude to August’s Eclipse Season. **I will expand deeper into this influence during the week in running discussions on the ‘Cosmic Bus’.

Also in our discussions this week is the mighty Grand Kite formation (peaks on June 14), an evolutionary transition point whose ♄△ ♅△☊/☋ energies are critical in the growing restlessness and irritation among communities. Answers are necessary to solve the growing problem of what seems to be spiritual fragmentation of our communities. Are these social networks actually helping humanity in or out of its evolutionary progress? Follow the discussion here…. [the Cosmic Bus]

Mercury’s sextile to Chiron facilitates the discussion nicely as it seeks to understand and communicate spiritual realities and experiences that occur outside of linear time, as well as pose holistic healing concepts that are innovative to the point of causing tremendous shifts.



Before Mercury shifts into its domicile, it forms a tri-octile with both Jupiter and Pluto (currently squaring). Here, more channels of deep, deep probing are opening up for us to try to figure out a way to change things fundamentally and profoundly for all of society. After all the recent, intensely grotesque events in the world and rising extremism, there is a serious call for moderation and balance. Mercury’s sesquisquare to Jupiter in Libra calls us to reflect on the past, review previous actions, weigh the checks and balances, and meditate on expected goals, before taking any action. The sesquisquare to Pluto asks that we understand that when there are difficulties, the way out is not to accept bribes or loans, which can of course lead to complex legal problems. It’s important to remember that discretion is the better part of wisdom. Those with true self-confidence will act with poise and composure, whilst insecurity comes out as blustering boasts which impress no one. Sarcastic or provocative comments make enemies not friends.


After an extended stay in Aries (and Pisces) due to her retrogrades, Venus finally enters her domicile Taurus, where her first date will be a sextile to Mars – also just entered Cancer. Here, these two need to talk, before they can dance and schmooze. There’s been much tension between the masculine and feminine lately, and Mars has been absolutely wild ever since his conjunction to Uranus in Aries, back in late February. Venus has finally caught up with Uranus herself, she sees all his restlessness and nervous pain and even gets his need to break free. But he also needs to learn to tame it down a little and not gets so easily defensive. The relationship between them now is mild, and Venus can be so soothing and tactile with a Mars so touchy and emotional.

Jupiter’s station to go direct really means that after much inner searching, it’s time to start negotiations on how to broker some sort of peace and restore balance back into a very dramatic world. Many intellectual leaders will start to step up now – their quest to find solutions to our planet’s most challenging problems will open consultative doors for all possible meetings where contributions could come forward. Politicians, lawmakers, prefects, priests and academics, learned scholars and wise counsellors will all put in their ten cents. But Jupiter is headed for his third and final opposition to Uranus (Sep 29) before he leaves Libra to finally enter Scorpio (Oct 12).

Will public discourse and debate be enough – have we run out of politically sound, correct and righteous rhetoric or do we need some extra help?

Let us ‘feel our way’ to that one…

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

 © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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  1. Nice Ang. I feel this tension as well in my own life and almost find it worthless to try to find solutions to different problems. So, I just fell like sitting back and do nothing, let the waves ride out the solutions. Although, a lot of people would say that you have to do something about things, and don,t give up , find some solution , I personally don,t feel that I give up, But I have just learned that sometimes it is just better do nothing , sit back and enjoy the ride as much as I can. (try not to get nauseated too much). It is like I feel I am just an insignificant dot in the vast ocean , so “resistance is futile”. I sit back and the problems gonna sort themselves out…hence no weight is on my back to carry any more…. Have a great week….

  2. Thank you so much for the Taurus New Moon Intentions. I have copied them out for myself. They bring my the steady guidance and insight I really need.

    Jamie Beatty

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