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The Week Ahead: June 26 – July 2

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With Mercury, ruler of communications and mental processes now pacing at his swiftest through the mid-degrees of instinctive Cancer, about to oppose Pluto (Friday), we get the feeling that the detonating fuse is being lit for what promises to be an explosive week of intense discussion ahead of us. This is especially so since Mercury is about to make some critical transits, including the conjunction to Mars (Wednesday), in the lead-up. The complex and tense combination of planets forming this week raises the intrigue that is occurring among us now around our deepest issues. It sets off a delicate, yet very intense process of emotional transformation that culminates in about two weeks when all this energy finds its way into our personal relationships via the Capricorn Full Moon (July 9).

Here is a list of the main transits this week:

☿ ∠ ☊ Mon Jun 26 03:35 am GMT Mercury 10°♋17′ Semisquare Node 25°♌17′
  △ ♆ Mon Jun 26 06:19 am GMT Mars 14°♋14′ Trine Neptune 14°♓14’℞
☿ ☍ Jn Tue Jun 27 00:22 am GMT Mercury 12°♋07′ Opposition Juno 12°♑07’℞
Pa enters ♉ Tue Jun 27 02:38 am GMT Pallas 00°♉00′
☿ □ ♃ Tue Jun 27 06:21 pm GMT Mercury 13°♋42′ Square Jupiter 13°♎42′
☿ △ ♆ Wed Jun 28 00:23 am GMT Mercury 14°♋14′ Trine Neptune 14°♓14’℞
☿ ☌ ♂ Wed Jun 28 07:51 pm GMT Mercury 15°♋55′ Conjunction Mars 15°♋55′
♀ ⊼ ♄ Thu Jun 29 01:08 am GMT Venus 23°♉31′ Quincunx Saturn 23°♐31’℞
☿ ☍ ♇ Fri Jun 30 00:34 am GMT Mercury 18°♋22′ Opposition Pluto 18°♑22’℞
♀ □ ☊ Fri Jun 30 03:43 pm GMT Venus 25°♉15′ Square Node 25°♌15′
☽ □ ☉ Sat Jul 01 00:53 am GMT Moon 09°♎24′ Square Sun 09°♋24′
Ch  S℞ Sat Jul 01 05:42 am GMT Chiron 28°♓52’℞ S℞
☉ ∠ ☊ Sat Jul 01 10:21 pm GMT Sun 10°♋15′ Semisquare Node 25°♌15′
☿ ⊼ ♄ Sun Jul 02 11:30 am GMT Mercury 23°♋17′ Quincunx Saturn 23°♐17’℞
  ☍ ♇ Sun Jul 02 11:56 am GMT Mars 18°♋19′ Opposition Pluto 18°♑19’℞
☉ ☍ Jn Sun Jul 02 01:12 pm GMT Sun 10°♋51′ Opposition Juno 10°♑51’℞


Firstly, let us talk a little about Cancer, the sign most associated with our inner sense of security – our instinct for nurturance and protection. Cancer is a water sign, and most related to our emotional well-being.


Why is trusting your gut instinct so powerful? Because your gut has been collecting, digesting, processing, cataloging a whole bunch of very personal, very relevant information to you for as long as you’ve been alive. Often it is doing this unconsciously, as in your metabolic and other biological  processes tied to your stomach. (Cancer rules the chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal). We trust this area of ourselves very early in life, because it is so important to the body’s sustenance.

A young baby will often regurgitate anything ingested that does not agree with its stomach. The reaction is instinctive. As we get older, we learn to listen to this more and more.

When we trust our gut instinct, we are trusting an entire plethora of our subconscious experiences, drawing upon a vast network of heuristic experiences in our lives. We come to instinctively remember what agreed and what disagreed with the pit of our stomach. It is this conscious/unconscious databank of learned-experiences that we’re drawing upon, the one holding insights that are not immediately available to our conscious mind, but they’re all things that we have learned and felt throughout our lives.

In saying this, many of us may not be readily able to access specific bits of information. Our gut has it at the ready when it is time to inform our spirit centre of how best it must decide, yet these are not often easy to articulate, let alone become credible facts. Those of us who are most tuned into our emotions like water sign people (Cancerians, Scorpios, Pisceans) operate strongest from this information centre.

Decisions made from this deep, inner place, draw from sensations that we may only access in present-tense experience. This can save a lot of time and mental energy, since not having to overthink our next move, or trusting that little voice that informs us from within, means that we never have to be overly prepared. Nor do we need to learn the intellectual aspects of everything. Our second nature tells us what agrees with us and what must be rejected. Acting from this information is never regretful. Nor do we enter situations where we may come to resent our actions.

THE QUARTER MOON @09°♎24′ : Sat Jul 01, 00:53 am UTC

It is the quarter moon that becomes the first point of crisis in this current lunar month. In fact, there is a sense of outrage that we may have been played by someone more cunning, more socially or politically manipulative.

In the lead-up,  instinct-minded ♋Mercury conjuncts the fervid Mars at 15°♋55′ (Wednesday), building a burning urge to assertively say what we think, yet not necessarily know how to articulate it. This forthright need to speak our mind is coming from the pits of our inner cauldron of misshaped treatment, much of it stemming back to childhood insecurities and personal boundary violations. We refuse to feel threatened now, and can obstinately defend anything that “doesn’t sit well” with us now with some extremely heated emotional arguments.

Both ♋planets are borrowing much from their watery trine to Neptune, where sixth-sense and reflex action can fend us from either a highly refined inspiration, or a rather vague chivalrous mission to fight some impossible crusade (see Don Quixote). The fussy Virgo Moon’s earthing attempt to process some of this delicately personal, most sophisticated matter could leave us with a bad case of indigestion. Let’s just say our ‘feelers’ are strongly tuned into being matters that may not necessarily agree us.

As the Moon edges toward ♎Jupiter (Saturday) she forms her first Quarter to the Cancer Sun, creating the first big crisis for us this lunar month. Here is the big test: Are we so concerned about the moral, legal, politically correct duties that we are prepared to compromise going with how we truly feel? Much will ride upon our scruples, and we may see many examples of behaviour that will not be pushed against its personal limits, for no reason other than something no longer agrees with them instinctively.

As ☿/♂ forms a heated little T-square to the midpoint of current Jupiter/Pluto square, much is set to unravel which goes deeper than what meets the eye. In the past, our instinctive response to personal insults, atrocities and violations has been to try to push them down into the pit of our stomachs, banish them from our consciousness. Certain violations, stemming back to our earliest experiences have been either too terrible, or we have been too ill-equipped to utter them out loud (☿ ☍ ♇): this is the meaning of the word ‘unspeakable’. We just could not talk about it.

These violations however, refuse to be buried. Equally as powerful as our desire to suppress atrocities is the uncomfortable conviction that denial does not work.

[pic: steven klein]
As Chiron turns retrograde, we start to review our wound stories. We see that our folk wisdom is filled with ghosts who refuse to rest in their graves until their stories are told. Murder, rape, incest, conniving ploys to dominate and conquer against our will starts to pour out. Remembering and telling the truth about terrible events become prerequisites both for the restoration of social order and for the healing of individual victims.

The conflict that builds up to this Hades Full Moon at 17°♑09′ (conjunct Pluto @18°♑11’℞) will be between the will to deny dreadful events and the will to forcibly proclaim them out loud (☿/♂♋ ☍♇) becomes the central dialectic of psychological trauma. Anyone who has survived atrocities will struggle to tell their stories in a highly emotional, contradictory, and fragmented manner. The square to Jupiter will only try to undermine their credibility and thereby serve the twin imperatives of truth-telling and secrecy. Only when the truth is finally recognised, can the survivors of any atrocity begin their recovery. As we have seen throughout the course of humanity’s history, far too often secrecy prevails, and the story of the traumatic event surfaces not as a verbal narrative but as a emotional symptom.

[pic: steven klein]
In order to gain healing (or freedom from our wound stories), survivors may have to give up almost everything. We see it in the case where battered or abused women losing their homes, their friends, and their livelihood. We see it where survivors of child-abuse lose their identities and families. We see it with political refugees losing their homes and their homeland. Rarely are the dimensions of this sacrifice fully recognised, let alone the causes looked into. Rarely do we see the rising discontent in the world as stemming from those atrocities that did not, and refuse to ever sit well in the pits of our stomach until they are healed.

The deeply buried psychological distress symptoms of traumatised people now begin to reach a critical mass in the underbelly of humanity’s ills. They call attention to the existence of an unspeakable little secret and yet, simultaneously they deflect attention from it when it becomes too close to being revealed. Observe the way traumatised people alternate between feeling numb and reliving the event through their acting out.

Watch closely this week as the dialogue around trauma (☿ ☍ ♇) begins to give rise to complex, sometimes supernatural alterations of consciousness. At times, we may witness a painful, even violent sense of dissociation, which continue to lash out between us in erratic, dramatic, often bizarre symptoms of hysteria which are nothing more than disguised communications about sexual abuse in childhood (♂ ☍ ♇). The temptation to force the situation will be great now. Won’t take much to erupt into a fight. Tread with caution. Act mindfully and with total self-control.

Until these infantile reactions, which continue to instinctively resurface whenever our inner child feels triggered become addressed, they will continue to create discord and atrocity among us. Let us have the courage to see ourselves through this very critical process of transformation and alchemy by engaging in mild, non-judgmental, non-violent discussions with those we trust and love.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx 

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