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The Week Ahead – June 19-25

‘Flaming June’ by Sir Frederic Leighton, 1895

From the start of this week, as Venus approaches her sextile to Neptune (Tuesday) things look really quite dreamy and surreal. Both planets are cosily in their domicile signs, each happy to indulge in their own version of lushness and ease. Any worries about work, diet or exercise can be put to ease with just a little chocolate cake and a lie down for now. Also, as if this decadence needed any further encouragement, a yod to these two planets by Jupiter in Libra only adds more creamy sauce to the negligence. Forget any thoughts about making an executive move now, right?

Well, actually, it’s ok to get a little indulgent and sit with our inner peace now and again. If one cannot experience this now, then perhaps they never will. However, it’s important not to confuse inner peace with some sense of ignorance, insensibility or sheer abandonment of moral duty – especially if something should feel ‘wrong’. Jupiter in a double quincunx to this ♀ ∗ ♆ could create a very righteous and moralistic dilemma here. As much as he may relates to the pleasures and liberties of life through Libra – Jupiter, the lawmaker, simply doesn’t agree with the way others should be enjoying these. Seems a bit hypocritical to judge, but such is the arrogance of this obtuse finger-pointing dynamic now.

In such case, those seeking ‘inner peace’ at the deference of some pressing moral imperative are only issuing a permit for their own destruction: With this yod, it seems the liberal, the carefree, the escapist, the unyielding optimist may pretend that the forest is not burning – either because he is too lazy, too self-important or too afraid to get up and go put out the fire. And this is where the heat rises to meltdown levels.

Here are the main transits for this week….

♀ ⊼ ♃ Mon Jun 19 11:50 am GMT Venus 13°♉22′ Quincunx Jupiter 13°♎22′
☿ ∗ ☊ Mon Jun 19 02:15 pm GMT Mercury 26°♊00′ Sextile Node 26°♌00′
♅ ☌ Pa Mon Jun 19 04:22 pm GMT Uranus 27°♈44′ Conjunction Pallas 27°♈44′
♀ ∠ ☉ Mon Jun 19 06:09 pm GMT Venus 13°♉38′ Semisquare Sun 28°♊38′
♀ ∠ Ch Mon Jun 19 10:03 pm GMT Venus 13°♉48′ Semisquare Chiron 28°♓48′
☉ □ Ch Mon Jun 19 10:25 pm GMT Sun 28°♊48′ Square Chiron 28°♓48′
♀ ∗ ♆ Tue Jun 20 08:26 am GMT Venus 14°♉16′ Sextile Neptune 14°♓16’℞
☿ ∗ ♅ Tue Jun 20 09:31 am GMT Mercury 27°♊46′ Sextile Uranus 27°♈46′
☿ □ Ch Tue Jun 20 09:02 pm GMT Mercury 28°♊49′ Square Chiron 28°♓49′
  ∠ ☊ Wed Jun 21 04:19 am GMT Mars 10°♋54′ Semisquare Node 25°♌54′
☉ enters ♋ Wed Jun 21 04:25 am GMT Sun 00°♋00′
☿ enters ♋ Wed Jun 21 09:58 am GMT Mercury 00°♋00′
☿ ☌ ☉ Wed Jun 21 02:15 pm GMT Mercury 00°♋23′ Conjunction Sun 00°♋23′
☿ ∠ ♀ Wed Jun 21 05:56 pm GMT Mercury 00°♋44′ Semisquare Venus 15°♉44′
  ☍ Jn Sat Jun 24 01:17 am GMT Mars 12°♋47′ Opposition Juno 12°♑47’℞
☽ ☌ ☉ Sat Jun 24 02:32 am GMT Moon 02°♋47′ Conjunction Sun 02°♋47′
♀ △ ♇ Sat Jun 24 08:56 am GMT Venus 18°♉30′ Trine Pluto 18°♑30’℞
  □ ♃ Sun Jun 25 06:08 am GMT Mars 13°♋35′ Square Jupiter 13°♎35′
♄ ☍ Ce Sun Jun 25 03:08 pm GMT Saturn 23°♐46’℞ Opposition Ceres 23°♊46′


Uranus conjuncts asteroid Pallas Athena this week (Monday), hereby inaugurating a 5-year cycle, where the militant goddess of strategy becomes impulsed with revolutionary new ideas. This independent thinking accelerates her idealism to form progressive strategies to attain freedom and equality for all. Generally, Athena goes into fight for any social causes that support her beliefs. She will stand up as the patron saint to all those who need encouragement, seeing that their creative efforts are funded and supported by the state. Here, and again at the end of the year (Dec) when she (nearly) conjuncts Uranus again we see an inspired, original and combative push to formulate and roll out a space-age vision that offers hope to the disenfranchised or disadvantaged members of society.

Unprecedented flashes of insight, inspiration and sudden breakthroughs in awareness bring to the fore new leaders, whose natural affinity to understand how things work and how to improve them creates a new movement, both in art and political circles. These then give impetus to employing great new advances in electronic science, technology, law and warcraft.

With the Sun, now in his last days in Gemini, squaring Chiron in Pisces it seems the world is becoming increasingly more weary and intolerant of philosophies or healing concepts that feign to be alternative or spiritual but are just not delivering any true results.

Last week’s Sol opposition to Saturn, now followed by Mercury means that the marketplace is almost saturated and exhausted by the fickle and shallow trajectory of the now omnipresent media demagogue, spouting their perfunctory wisdoms and one-line sophistries upon the mind-numbed zombie-feeding public of the twittersphere. Seems wherever egos are involved with healing, guru-teaching and transformational therapy there is also a rich cluster of self-promoting, social-media savvy operators scrambling for a share of the retweet action. Not surprising.

Certainly with this month’s Jupiter’s quincunx to Neptune, and with the next 3 months of Uranus/Neptune semisquare soon approaching, the world is in great danger of slipping into many strange forms of spiritual bypassing – an intoxication or infatuation with abstractions around spirituality and conspiracies that is greatly ungrounded and leads to some chaotic consequences.

It is true and pretty much universally acknowledged now – disruptions to Saturnian structure and establishment are becoming ever so frequent that expectations for ‘normality’ has all but gone out the window.

This is neither a good not bad thing.

This is just a thing.

However, the transition into a new, non-conditional reality also creates interim complexities in the matrix.

We still need someone to blame; someone to hold responsible; someone to tell us that they will make everything ok again, no? I mean, why else are we paying all those taxes??

In truth, many people’s sliding grasp of earthy reality also dissociates them from the traditional fear element too. This leaves them ever more vulnerable to becoming distracted and ensnared by strange or lofty concepts that in practice simply do not serve them (or anyone). In the past, they would have never gone there out of fear. However, in today’s social decline, fear and terror are losing their grip as steadily as the 3D world loses its shit.

Meantime, as people tune out of the collective they are respectively thrust into a sweet state of ‘whatever’… More and more people are turning to apathy and anarchy as a last ditch sign of exasperation with expectations for ‘normality’.

Many of us are lacking the true guidance to think and decide for ourselves, and as we start to undermine the very fabric of our pre-existing sense of reality we are also prone to generally being mislead into adopting belief systems which, at worst send us into a state of chaos and at best leave us feeling like dysfunctional hypocrites.

In our growing sensitivity under these divine ♅/♆ transits, we may choose to identify with the ’empath’ drama; or to clutch to some ‘victim’ story; cling to an inflated sense of optimism; align to heroic self-aggrandizement and narcissism; act under dubious guidance from angels and spirit-guides; express blind faith in gurus and and incessant quoting from bibles; put up vehement defenses for habitual drug-intakes as ‘sacred medicine’ – even become ‘doctors’ who administer these; pass judgment upon others for not being nearly as enlightened as ourselves, etc…

All these practices are in danger of running rife in our ‘spiritual communities’. Often they are evidence of the personality’s dissociation with spirit/nature/god.

In truth, it becomes a massive political ego-clutching attempt to take shortcuts to some ‘ascension’. All these dramas are common fare among those travelling along today’s evolutionary superhighway. Yet any such maneuver is in effect dangerously setting us up for a massive come-down somewhere further along the supposed ‘road-less-travelled’ over these next few months.

And it isn’t just your Chopra-esque gurus whose ‘life-transforming’ weekend workshops are ever-pitching you to join in. Astrology too, like many other languages, has its fair share of these neat little self-deceptions & aphorisms introduced to you by its rising crop of overnight ‘rock-stars’. I see the sad evidence of this in my session work all the time. In fact, astrology is probably one of the most tragic fields for the disillusioned in that it is so fascinatingly appealing to the narcissist in all of us (who doesn’t love to hear magically inspiring stuff about themselves?). Yet, astrology can be so perplexingly complex to make any practical use of unless you have a practical, disciplined mind, which often is not the state that most people are in when they discover the stars. One’s scattered mind can literally astrologise themselves out of existence.

In any case, any system (or guru practitioner) that serves to get you only part of the way can only create confusion and disorientation. And from what I see in my practice, day after day, it can be absolutely terrifying for some to become personally exposed to their most profoundly vulnerable parts of their being to the process of purification. Yet, when done well, by a trained professional, it can bring the greatest feeling of release and freedom from those things that tie us back. Doing the deep, methodical work, slowly and carefully setting aflame all illusions and falsities, we actually see that life is capable of presenting us with a much clearer, more connected, deeply satisfying and indescribable joy with our selves.

To cap off this week, Mercury, now shuttling at maximum speed of about 2º15’ a day is about to form a superior conjunction to the far side of the Sun. This transit symbolises a fusion between the spirit and the mind, which at 00°23′ sets the operating platform that blends the principles of subjective feelings, issues of personal security and protection to our family, our kind, and to our tribe. Here will begin to see a significant shift in our affairs, attitudes, and understanding about those things closest to our heart – our emotions. We become deeply immersed into ourselves and reach out to connect to those things that really mean most to us.

The superior conjunction marks the beginning of Mercury’s waning hemicycle, and this little planet now starts to set in the early evening after the Sun. By the first week of July, Mercury’s daily motion will match that of the Sun, then gradually slowing considerably when it enters Virgo (Jul 25) to turn retrograde at 11°♍38′ on August 13. Again, for the third retrograde in a row (since last December) retrogrades in earth signs means that we bring our thinking down to earth and gear up for a more hands-on approach to how we process our increasingly very abstract new thoughts and ideas.

The weekend brings us a potent New Moon in Cancer. I will have much to update you with on that so stay tuned here, or follow my updates and links on facebook.

In closing, let us just be clear:  if we are not making some practical use of what we are thinking, hearing or saying, then it is simply just another indulgence into a fancy form of escapism.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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