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The Week Ahead: June 12-18

[art: daliah L. ammar]
Nothing smarts more than a heavy whack from Saturn’s reality stick. Since the awful ‘release’ activation of last Friday’s ♄eavy duty Full Moon in Sagittarius, the Gemini Sun’s opposition to Saturn (Thursday) takes our current state of ambiguity – that messy, greasy, mixed-up, confused, and awful situation we’re currently living through (☿□♆) and asks how we’re going to deal with it. Sure faith is important (♃), it keeps us going, but a sense of doubt will keep us from going off the deep end (♄).

Here are the main transits for this week….

☿ ∠ ♅ Tue Jun 13 07:18 am GMT Mercury 12°♊31′ Semisquare Uranus 27°♈31′
☿ △ ♃ Tue Jun 13 03:45 pm GMT Mercury 13°♊14′ Trine Jupiter 13°♎14′
☿ □ ♆ Wed Jun 14 03:30 am GMT Mercury 14°♊16′ Square Neptune 14°♓16′
☉ ☍ ♄ Thu Jun 15 10:19 am GMT Sun 24°♊30′ Opposition Saturn 24°♐30’℞
♀ Sqq ♄ Thu Jun 15 06:03 pm GMT Venus 09°♉29′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 24°♐29’℞
☿ ⊼ ♇ Fri Jun 16 05:34 am GMT Mercury 18°♊42′ Quincunx Pluto 18°♑42’℞
  S℞ Fri Jun 16 07:10 am GMT Neptune 14°♓16’℞
☿ ☌ Ce Fri Jun 16 08:56 pm GMT Mercury 20°♊04′ Conjunction Ceres 20°♊04′
☉ ∗ ☊ Sat Jun 17 00:57 am GMT Sun 26°♊03′ Sextile Node 26°♌03′
☽ □ ☉ Sat Jun 17 11:33 am GMT Moon 26°♓28′ Square Sun 26°♊28′
☉ ∗ ♅ Sun Jun 18 06:47 pm GMT Sun 27°♊42′ Sextile Uranus 27°♈42′
☿ ☍ ♄ Sun Jun 18 07:08 pm GMT Mercury 24°♊15′ Opposition Saturn 24°♐15’℞

The Gemini Sun sees that if we want to keep playing society’s game; if we want to function (not thrive) in Saturn’s 3D ‘reality’ prism we must decide whether we want to involve ourselves in the fictions that established society accepts about time.

‘Time’ is Saturn’s conditional application of ‘reality’. It’s full of expectations and firm, tough, completely confining rules and standards that we must upkeep.

Time does not allow us to veer off into abstract ideas about freedom or resistance (☿∠♅), to show any doubts and ambiguities, not to probe too deeply (☿⊼ ♇). It expects that we stay wise to the whole gig (☿ △♃) – that we play along life’s limited chess puzzle like a good little pawn/knight/etc. Saturn wants you to fit into the prescribed roles and stick to the moves available to you. He certainly doesn’t want you to poking around, questioning the rules or doubting the whole purpose of the game.

Saturnian wisdom is about demonstrating your ability to understand the incredible extent to which you bullshit yourself every-single-moment-of-every-day just to play along. (How are you dealing with that btw?)

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With Uranus △ North Node △ Saturn forming a Grand Fire Trine, the opposing Gemini Sun creates an intense inquiry (or grand inquisition) into the whole ‘reality’ charade. It is a most frustrating transit, an energetic where nothing seems like it’s capable enough to meet up to expectations. Scrutiny, judgement, disdain, condemnation, derision and punishment are the order of the week. Every day, we are seeing evocative scenes of dismay and disappointment within the old, established order of things. Everyday we feel let down.

As the dynamic forms into a Grand Kite (see chart), we come to see that the only thing we can believe with absolute certainty exists in the present. By the end of this week, the collective capability for us to question the veracity of linear time replaces all objects of belief with one single thing: the notion of true reality itself. True reality is the state of things as they actually exist: not what we think they are, and certainly not what we’ve been lead to believe.

We believe only in this universe. We cease to believe in stories of karma and the afterlife. We cease to believe in the sovereignty of nations. We cease to believe in money/power/glory. We cease to believe in heroes/villains, leaders and followers. We cease to believe in our precious positions and our prized possessions. We cease to believe that we can be insulted, or that the honour to our good name or that of our family, our nation or our faith can in any way be offended. We cease to believe in Jesus, or Buddha or the Republic or Democracy or the Union. We cease to believe in any thing that is only a concept in our minds.

We just believe in one reality – that which is present here and now in nature. As soon as we align with this extraordinary truth, the pain and desolation that usually accompanies our unconscious feeling of being stuck, playing a limited role in a fixed game gives way to a glimpse into enlightenment itself.

It just takes enormous guts to let go of our woundstory. Easier said than done, and Saturn and Chiron are not done with their square-dance yet, but this week’s Third Quarter Moon (Saturday) is going to set us off again, like salt on the sores, pushing up hurtful stuff that needs to play out again, just to make it obvious what we have to forgive and to forget about our past. To do this we need to feel so lonely that all we have left is to be honest with ourselves…

It’s a frightening thing to be truly honest with yourself. It means you have no one left to turn to anymore, no-one to blame, and no one to look to for salvation. You have to give up any possibility that there will ever be any salvation or refuge for you. You have to accept the reality that you are truly and finally left on your own. In this, the best thing you can hope for in life is to meet a teacher – some wise storyteller who will smash all of your dreams, dash all of your hopes, tear your fluffy, cuddly, teddy-bear beliefs out of your arms and chuck them into a bottomless pit, once and for all.

The Jupiter/Neptune Quincunx – May 17- July 5

With this aspect, it may seem like there is really very little congruity between our highest visions & dreams and the usual career options towards achieving success, as traditionally defined by society.

Our great expectations and high hopes to make a big splash in the ocean of life seem to not only leave us dissatisfied – deep down, many are feeling a little jaded and disillusioned.

“This is not my beautiful life!”

This sustained alignment creates a strange period of re-adjustment and reorientation, where we are somehow having to come to terms with those areas where we may have taken off into abstractions, deceptions, delusions, misplaced trusts, false hopes and placing faith in hypocrites, charlatans and scoundrels.

In our impressionability, we are all somewhat complicit in this conspiracy to confuse reality a little bit. Because JUPITER (SD 13° ♎13′) and NEPTUNE (S℞14° ♓16′) are both stationing right now, this time also produces profound new experiences which impact humanity’s evolution quite deeply. Our more mystical nature becomes stimulated and highly aroused by strange waves of light activity, still hard to fathom and difficult to grasp by conventional standards. Yet it seems to be seriously messing with our notions of reality.

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This ego-dissolving period is helping to prepare this planet for a unique intervention by spirit over the egoic mind. It is making individuals seem more and more insignificant every day. The way it plays out on the greater scheme of things is phenomenal, unprecedented and very hard to describe in plain terms.

It is still not possible for many to assimilate this new, enhanced notion of reality into our traditional beliefs. We do not quite have skills, not the language to comprehensively interpret the richness of its symbols to make enough sense, even if we can see clearly. What is provided to us – if we can stay present enough, and not descend into elements of seduction, inebriation, psychedelia and perfunctory spiritual practices is a wonderful opportunity to disbelieve.

To blow the whistle on the horseshit.

Dissolve all ‘faith’ that seems to be tooting out of some self-exulting, trumpet-blowing horse’s arse. (lol)
Just looking at our social media lately – since Jupiter spent four months opposing Uranus (Jan-Apr), it all seems to have deteriorated into one giant technicoloured yawn. Seems like everyone is hacking away at creating new content, meanwhile so little of it has any journalistic credibility, scientific veracity, artistic taste or any true depth of meaning. Very soon, it will all look like horsehit and we just won’t know who to believe and what to trust.

Time to connect back to the Source for some brand new ‘dope’.

Might have to adjust our heightening senses of perception to integrate a whole new paradigm of understanding.

[**URANUS semisquare NEPTUNE is coming, and its phenomenal influence in eliminating the waking consciousness will begin to take effect from July to November (phase 1), continuing over the next 2-3 years.]

[art: “FINAL ENCORE”, johann kopf]
It must be said that there is lot of hysteria going on the world right now, especially in America over the legitimacy of their elected president. It is another clue that democracy and freedom as ‘prescribed’ by the nation state are in deep decline. After decades of waging costly wars, placing heavy investment into the vacuous bubble of Wall Street (and losing it, as in 2008), the ruling classes of the United States elite has all but abandoned its people and has left the country’s infrastructure battered and torn in relation to the foreign economies like China and Russia. Of course, those same elite are the ones most paranoid that countries who spend less on war and speculation may get the upper hand. They will do anything to force the hand of those most pliant and committed to upholding the rules of the old game.

November’s election result of a shock-cartoonish figure like Trump shows the extent of the rage and discontent of at least half the (voting) masses in the US – those who have chosen fire to fight fire, lies to fight lies, corruption to beat corruption, abuse to beat abuse. In a way, their president is the homeopathic remedy to all the ills and hubris created by capitalism.

Of course the United States is not the only country where its past rulers have neglected to develop their country’s basic infrastructure, instead focusing only on enriching their plutocratic arsenal. Power, money, status, connections, the promise of eternal glory and fame in the history books can all seem like very sexy qualities to aspire to in any leader whose ego finds it hard to resist a little dance with these devils.

However, it becomes apparent in this age of omnipotent and omniscient technological influence that public trust, if mishandled and mistakenly abused by any individual has the power to come down swiftly and instantly destroy any narcissist, despot or self-aggrandising fool. We see it in every field; every country; but particularly in the ‘free-speech’ west. In the coming months will see it absume many egos, perhaps even world ‘leadership’ in general.

All the synthetic hype and shock media reports over collusions to pervert democratic justice, and the fanatic determination to bring down presidents in disgrace is not new. One thing is for certain though. That this moment in ‘time’ is completely unprecedented. And nothing is like nothing ever before. To assume that we can predict outcomes based purely on mathematical or historical principles is leaving even the experts with equations filled with unknown variables. A new force of nature is with us here on this planet, and we can either leave ourselves wide open for more surprise losses and disruptions, or leave ourselves wide open for more surprise losses and disruptions…

How will you choose?

…Stay present, calm and centered, and have an amazing week ahead. Blessings xx

 © All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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  1. You are my teacher and storytelling UK King !!!
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