June 24 – June 30

Friday, June 30

MERCURY 18°22′ opposition PLUTO 18°22’℞

It’s hard to discern who in this engagement is trying to coerce or indoctrinate the other into changing their habitual thinking. Chances are that it’s happening on both ends. If the ego is wrapped up in its survival complexes, then there could be some anxiety around change…
The instinctive mind is wary. It has been bitten before. It remembers these things somewhere, in the pit of its stomach.
The pressure you are now feeling may be a bit much. It can be intoxicating as it is a little disturbing.
Don’t fret. Nor is defiance going to help the process that needs to occur here.
Strange stuff, building for many, many years… decades… centuries… entombed into the very foundations of our prevailing social order – our ‘status quo’ – are now coming to a head. We are seeing that many of those strange things, ghastly and unkind as they may have been, are no longer tolerable. We only came to accept and suffer them as individual survival mechanisms; behaviours the ego found useful and necessary in order to keep itself preserved.
We are now shifting into a higher octave (or two or three…)
We are moving into higher multiples of our base resonant
[images: steven meisel]
Of course this is going to feel disturbing and exciting.
Of course your gut will feel a little apprehensive and unsure.
Of course you may try to resist in order to keep ‘you’ safe.
But just know – this is not necessarily just about you alone.
This reaches much higher than you.
Change is necessary now.
This is really happening.
Observe the stuff that comes to the table for discussion today.
Make some notes, especially if probing into the root cause of anything that makes you feel unwell, not safe… not OK.
Note those things down. These discoveries are important.
Your notes will be necessary and useful in about a week, when the moon becomes full.

Blessings x

Thursday, June 29

PLUTO (18°22’℞) is often the introduction of third party involvement/interference, designed to bring about (or force) a seemingly impossible objective – especially where something needs to terminate or totally transform.

Whether we’re consciously aware of this or not, we are now calling in the heavy hitters:

[images: steven meisel]
These ‘special agents’ are commonly drawn in by way of outside counselling, incendiary envoys, diabolical decoys, allures for means of temptation; rousers of jealousy; contemptuous ‘hitmen’ for the purposes of extracting revenge; public set-ups that will push the situation beyond the threshold of its limits, causing a full-scale structural collapse of reputation, honour and prestige.

Intriguing stuff…

Via the employment of outsider influences: be they of intellectual or psychological fascination; promising power, sex, status, wealth or threatening violence, abandonment or abuse – the catalysts for breakdown, revenge, manipulation or control are now being played.

Something has to give. The situation, as it stands, seems untenable. Whatever it takes to make or break something to it core will rise to the surface.

It may not look pretty. In fact it may be quite grotesque…
Whatever it takes… it will do the job.

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☿ ☍ ♇ Fri Jun 30
☍ ♇ Sun Jul 02
Sqq ♇ Fri Jul 07
☽/♇ ☍ ☉ Sun Jul 09 [Full Moon] ☉ ☍ ♇ Mon Jul 10

Wednesday, June 28

MERCURY conjunct MARS at 15°55′

An urge to assertively express what we think, yet not necessarily know how to articulate it. This forthright need to speak our mind is coming from the pits of our inner cauldron. Any contaminants of pain; the shards of broken hearts and shattered promises; of misshaped treatment stemming back to childhood traumas and of personal boundary violations can just get out.

Refuse to feel threatened now,
obstinately defend anything that “doesn’t sit well” with you,
avoid those pissy, heated emotional arguments over agendas that just don’t go where your soul want you to go.

Get up,
get on the bus,
and get the f #out.

Tuesday, June 27

[image: steven meisel]
☿/ □ ♃ ☍ ♇

Big difference between what we’re being lead to believe and what our instincts are screaming. Being asked to buy into something that just doesn’t feel right for you, or is unwanted makes you nervous. Your hunch is to run, yet there’s a force to stay and fight.
It doesn’t help that in all this, it feels like there is a force much bigger than us s lurking about, threatening to take over the situation.
What is the truth?
By the end of this week, the voice from within to resist only gets louder. Meanwhile, the mind-control and all the insidious spin, coercing us to believe a certain way gets so relentless and intense that it threatens to seriously violate our constitution.
Triggers to past traumas and violations send alarm bells ringing everywhere.
Pressure is building out there, and something has to give…
Either things could get worse – more violent, or they officially set us off onto the path of recovery.
Just know, there’s always a perpetrator and a victim in all this.
And then, there is the bystander. It’s very tempting to take the side of the perpetrator. All the perpetrator asks is that the bystander do nothing.
He appeals to that common human instinct to stay out of the trouble – to do nothing, stay silent.
On the other hand, the victim implores the bystander to invest in the situation; share the burden of pain. The victim demands action, involvement, retrospection, justice.
Observe what is going on in your world right now. Be mindful of the circumstances. If you do become engaged, how will you choose act?

Monday, June 26

Said it before,
and have to keep reminding myself,
at least for this entire week (at least):

I am either going to be the maker,
or lest become the ‘made’, here.
Cannot allow ‘fate’ be the wild determiner of my experience.
No way that i will let the outer ‘forces’ take control
over how i choose to think, or act
or be unto my world.

I cannot blame another soul for whatsoever comes to me,
nor will succumb to pressure from society and all its ills
to make me play along with how i think that i should be
can’t bow to shame nor scrape to envy from the clan
succumb to no-one’s god or some religious guilt trip,
let moral obligation eat away inside of me
nor find excuses to act like a spoilt old prat
no… can’t have that.

‘Accountable’ means
holding off all of the lies
and the illusion or delusion
that i did not choose all this
to be exactly how it’s actually playing out
for you & me, I hold the key
in full control of all the love and happiness
and all the magic that I see.

<<{{(( ))}}>>

…..which week?..

The Week Ahead: June 26 – July 2

Sunday, June 25

△♆, □ ♃

[image: steven meisel]
You really want to do this.
Not only because you are driven by a gut instinct
to go back there where it’s warm and fuzzy,
but inspired by a sublime sense of wishfulness,
elevating whatever it isn’t
to a god-like version
of what it cannot ever be.

Or can it?
Or CAN it???
Why can’t it be, damn it?

You might be fixing to give it a shot,
no matter how implausible,
how stupid and unwise,
willing to suspend all sense and logic
and just go with this anyway…

But just a word in advance…
(for what it’s worth)
If you go back, do it with some degree of knowingness:
This is either going to change you for the better,
or destroy you for good.

[stay tuned for the mother of all full moons]

Saturday, June 24

NEW MOON intention for CANCER

In these highly unsettling times, come to observe how you have quietly been formulating your feelings into thoughts – especially centered on matters concerning home, family ties, domestic securities and comforts, and generally on how best to nurture and restore your own emotional well-being.

As we transition away from our dependance to find any surety in these themes from our exterior world, our universe too has been helping us along in this process of ‘loosening our ties’.

Observe how that strong magnetic pull towards things that once provided much comfort and support is gradually losing much of its grip. Observe too how loyalties and ties to customs, beliefs, nations, brands, flags, etc. is slowly letting you down, becoming less and less meaningful to who you are.

Most of all, observe how your only real intention
is to pledge faith and allegiance to one thing:
Only one truth has always served
to reassure you every time:
It is the truth that always lies within you…
the little voice, which in your meditation tells you that,
whatever happens…
whatever comes…
that you have got this,
that you are ok
in just being you.

Be kind to that.
Be kind to yourself.

Blessings and much love to you on this New Moon xx

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