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Venus in Taurus (June 6 – July 5)

VENUS in TAURUS (June 6 – July 5)

After an extended stay in Aries (and Pisces) due to her retrogrades, VENUS finally checks into her domicile TAURUS.

Here, abundant beauty, luscious loving and elegant tastes bring our desire nature down to earth – something we can physically enjoy.

VENUS’ substantial powers of attraction affect us all on a very personal level. For a wee bit at least, we are magnetically drawn to what looks, feels, tastes finest; what provides physical comfort; which qualities resonate most in offering reliability and stability in our relationships; where to best invest our emotional energy.

VENUS in TAURUS is a tangible application of feminine force – her values are sound, her tastes exquisite, she prefers luxuries and pearls, fine art & music, dancing, dining with vintage wining. Most of all, she appreciates smooth touch and tender-loving, heart-penetrating romance.

Her first date through TAURUS will be her sextile to MARS (Friday), who himself has just entered CANCER. Here, these two will need to patiently sit and talk things through till they both feel comfortable, preferably over a nice home-cooked meal, before any dancing and schmoozing can happen.

There’s been much tension between the masculine and feminine lately, and Mars has been absolutely wild ever since his conjunction to URANUS in ARIES, back in late February. Venus has only just caught up with Uranus herself, so she sees (and finally acknowledges) all this restlessness and nervous tension first-hand. She even understands this inner need to ‘break free’. But these two need to tame it all down a little now – literally come back down to earth & learn how to keep their boundaries without getting so easily offended or defensive. A relationship between them can become a little more mild, and Venus can be so soothing and receptive to a Mars so touchy and emotional.

With MERCURY soon entering GEMINI sitting at their midpoint, the lines of communication will be all clear for Friday. So get on that phone, and make that date….


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