June 6 – 21

☽ /Ce (23°46′) ☍ ♄

[pic: peter lindbergh]
On the eve of this Cancer New Moon, SATURN’S opposition to asteroid CERES now highlights the rift being created between nurturing needs (Ce) and stiff expectations (♄), especially where family matters and children’s care is a concern.

This mutable polarity presents an either/or situation; an ultimatum where loving kindness and validation may be withheld if certain strict conditions or demands are not being met.

Harsh punishment, utter coldness, spiteful acts of frustration, cruel abandonment, meanness & neglect are common themes here, especially around parenting. Often work/career duties are cited as an excuse to hold out on childcare .

At the root of any difficulties now is not love, but the awful obligations met around caring. These stem from deeper, karmic stories. The overwhelming sense of duty shrouds over any instance where heart tenderness in necessary. Someone is trying to teach someone a lesson – the hard way.

These two archetypes are not happy fellows and what suffers most in this dynamic is the children, who find it difficult to understand the unreasonable coldness or the parent or grandparent.

Being kind comes from the heart. Try to at least be kind to yourself, in spite of the unfeelingness that’s out there.
[pass this on to a kid]

NEW MOON at 02°47′ CANCER – Saturday, June 24, 02:32 UTC

SOLSTICE – ☉ enters – 04:25 am UTC

The long and short of it, as days turn into nights
as seasons come and go, in rhythm and in flow
without the contrast of the dark against the blessed light,
without the biting cold and and bleakish agonies of winter
to drag its claws against the sunny radiance of spring
without the bitter taste of hardship and adversity,
prosperity would never feel so welcome or as sweet.


VENUS/SUN on the CHIRON (made simple)

Can’t solve the problem using blame/shame.

Step outside the box and see..☿□ Çh □ ♄△♅

SITUATION: Someone you loved, respected, or desperately needed hurt, rejected or abandoned you.

REACTION: You took it hard, made this about you not being lovable. Triggered. Shamed. Now take a hard look at how you interpreted what happened; what you internalised about who you are.

REALISATION: Although someone rejected you, the Spirit Light never does. The rejection was part of the universe’s grand plan to expose you (through the trials of separation and grief) to the true light – that you are part of something greater – a force much bigger than any individual need or desire you may hold.

REMEDY: Rather than shutting out the light and wallowing in misery and darkness, open up and receive it.

….read the full story on this divine transit cycle [click link]

Venus/Chiron – Healing of the Wounded Feminine

Monday, June 19

VENUS 13°22′ quincunx JUPITER 13°22′

Between the desire to indulge in the plushness of life’s lushness, and the goal to stay seated, right on the fence – not make any decisions or commit to either meh or neh, nothing gets done today…

That’s ok. Take a day off, I say…
What else do you have to lose?



[art: ‘flaming june’, frederick leighton, 1895]

MERCURY 24°15′ opposition SATURN 24°15’℞

Having problems reconciling what you are hearing from others with what rings true?

Or are you the one not being received in what you have to say?
Are others being a being a tad harsh, or outright rejecting your really cool thoughts and ideas? This is not necessarily a blight on your intelligence at all. It’s just that from time to time we come face to face with those who are not afraid to give it to us straight – that what we’re saying doesn’t seem to make any coherent sense to them, or that its structure lacks any basis in truth.

This transit is the typical side-effect to MERCURY’s recent square to NEPTUNE (June 14). The sugar rush has now come a cropper.

And so it goes, in the wake of last year’s ♄ □ ♆ campaigns. If you observe closely, you will notice how often you come across those in life who (on the surface) perennially love to laugh and smile, always say the nicest things, always wear the most glammed up image to your face. These are battalions of the forcefully optimistic. There are entire communities of them, especially in the ‘spiritual’ world.

“Keep your thinking positive!” “Always look on the brighter side!” “Don’t let a frown get you down, clown!” “Be a glass half full!” are some of their usual slo-gos.

In fact they’re full of clichéd mottos – like their entire philosophy is dra

wn from the ubiquitous morass of indiscriminate memes that we see circulating on our social media platforms. In fact, the really clever ones generate their own meme-like communication. It’s not hard – facebook even provides us with those easy-to-fill solid-coloured backgrounds now. A few have made quite name for themselves in this field. These are the champions of the quirky, everready, always optimistic pick-me-ups.

Yet, if you look closer at these opti-masters of the 4D twitterverse, they are actually using this method of faux cheerfulness as a way of avoiding the more sombre and troublesome realities of the 3D life. In truth, their lives on the ground are really quite miserable and empty. This peddling in the opti-matrix is just another form of spiritual bypass, a side product of anger-phobia, or the inability to deal with harsh truths or negative emotions.

All this is coming to a crashing end now, as the planet comes to grips with the core problems of why its exterior structures are failing. No amount of sugar can sweeten the bitter vetch of cold hard facts.

Yes, it’s terrifying to expose ourselves to the most profoundly vulnerable parts of our inner being – to face our shadow and begin the long process of purification. It seemed so much easier to sugar-coat life with a frequent little hit of sweet illusion and sacrificial falsity.

But hey, isn’t it ‘time’ you slowed down, looked a little deeper and saw a much clearer, more connected, much more deeply satisfying and indescribably authentic sense of joy?

…..try this on@https://angstoic.com/2017/04/special-messages-saturn-retrograde-apr-6-aug-25/

Sunday, June 18

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

To blazes with the practice of becoming enamoured with the eloquence of catchy little words, ideas or phrases – those increasingly empty ‘Chopraisms’ that aim to resonate with a sense of spiritual or emotional profundity. This random generator is particularly telling….. http://www.wisdomofchopra.com/

In our search for meaning, we can become intoxicated, distracted and ensnared by such buzzwords as “manifesting abundance”, “living in integrity”, “walking my truth”, “keeping the flow positive”, which to some degree are useful to describe a certain part of the process, but are fast becoming the trapping for the hashtag-handbag brigade who pays lip service to healing and evolution but merely covering up for the pain that lies within them. (☉ ∗ ♅/Pa)

Spiritual mottos are clever and a cool part of the lexicon of both the ‘gurus’ who are deft at bandying them about, and of their followers who are keen to regurgitate them but are often emotionally crippled inside. Personalities of the new age are being conditioned to use all sorts of ways to bypass the connection to the true source of their pain, which in turn will help them process the difficult behaviours tied to their past wounding. (☉ – ♄/Ch)

People identifying with the ’empath’ drama or ‘victim’ story; inflated optimism; self-aggrandizement and narcissism; dubious ‘talkings’ to angels and spirit-guides; incessant quoting of gurus and bibles lines; vehement defensiveness of habitual drug-intake as ‘sacred medicine’; judging others for not being nearly as enlightened, etc., is common fare among those travelling along today’s evolutionary superhighway.

Astrology too, like many other languages, has its fair share of these neat little self-deceptions & aphorisms. One can literally astrologise themselves out of existence. I see the sad evidence of this in my session work all the time.

I see too the literal explosion of online ‘astrologers’, now spouting banal textbook astrologisms, trying to get some attention for themselves. It’s ok, and nice to see that this medium provides a free place to play in this respect, but it can also be dangerously misleading to the minds of those who are generally vulnerable and in need of some grounded guidance.

Whatever is being communicated here must also be useful. Just like the spread of ‘corporatese’ in the business world our language, it is useless unless it serves our understanding of what on earth is going on in our lives. The intricacy of the shifting energies must be put into terms that help us to apply them practically and meaningfully into our lives. ☉/☿ ☍ ♄

Like everything being raised as rhetoric here in this ‘news media’, it has become beyond comical in its incredulousness. It is a serious epidemic that must be observed and either integrated or eradicated, especially if we are somehow engaging in proliferating it with our ‘shares’. (♃ ⊼ ♆)

During this year’s series of MERCURY RETROGRADES in EARTH SIGNS we are working to bring the ‘word’ or ‘logos’ down to earth a little. Note, that if we are not making some practical use of what we are saying, then it is simply a fancy form of escapism.


[art: “FINAL ENCORE”, johann kopf]

Saturday, June 17

This was the first classical CD i ever owned. I bought it with my pocket money whilst still in high school – years before I could afford to have my own CD player. The technology was new and rare then, and I would take it over to my Latvian sweetheart’s place to listen. Her father was an immense audiophile whose exquisite hifi equipment and extensive record collection provided huge inspiration to my later wanting to study music and sound-recording at uni.

I fondly remember how this flawless recording would immediately drop me into a state infiniteness with time, opening my virginally pure senses to travel directly into the heart of anything my innermind’s eye would fix upon. Oh, the joy and well-being that I would get from that.

The rich, swirling clarinet lead, accompanied by the galant strings and those faithful old horns have always made this masterpiece a surefire remedy for me whenever needed some relief from the harshness of this world. Completed only a couple of weeks before Mozart checked out (at 35), I kind of sense how much comfort this man’s creativity must have brought him, given that he was really quite ill there, toward the end.

To this day, this recording still sends me into blissful joys and cascading raptures, managing to lift my spirits every single time…

….here is the link too, if you’re interested.

Saturday, June 17

[art: catrin welz-stein]
It is important that we come to some awareness of the spiritual (or ‘karmic’) reasons for why all of the limitations around us are present, and what we have to learn from them.Yes, there is such a thing as the ‘spirit of limitation’ and until this spirit is dealt with and conquered, we remain limited in every sphere of life – academically, maritally, socially, politically, spiritually, financially and even in business. To suffer limitation in life is to have our level of joy, success and achievement crimped and shaped by other people, especially those we see as adversaries or foes. (☉ – ♄/Ch)

It is important that we feel able to connect with other people in a free and open manner. Any relationships that we perceive as limiting and restricting can become a problem for us now and as such, any possible means may be employed to extricate ourselves from these. Sometimes situations can become so stiflingly untenable that the force applied to break free can be seriously upsetting, disruptive, even violent. (☉ – ♅/☊)

A psychic sense of what is the right course of action – an energetic reading of what is going on around us can help determine the best road ahead. Tune in now. Observe what you are feeling to do. Generally, those situations or people who leave you drained, weakened, deflated, broke, ill – those are the ones signalling you to avoid them. Those so called ‘experts’, who’ll tell you what cannot be done and why – those are the ones trying to tell you something. Let those become the source and inspiration of why you go ahead and do things any way. (☉- /♆)

MORAL: Never surrender your aspirations and dreams to the ‘karmic’ limitations others have placed upon their own lives…


Here is a real test to your intelligence: Are you able to hold two (or more) contradictory ideas in your mind at the same time, yet still retain some ability to function?

For instance, are you able to see where things are hopeless, yet at once feel determined to make them otherwise? This is the blessing (or curse) of NEPTUNE’s retrograde effect, where in the face of the improbable, the implausible, the inconceivable, often the impossible comes true.

In the prelude to the spectacular eclipse season in August, two very different forces, both ‘not-of-this-world’ are about to lock horns in the skies.

Ruler of alternative realms Neptune becomes locked into a tightly protracted semi-square with Uranus. Due to the timing of their Rx stations, this first episode (of 5, over the next 4 years) will be the longest and, thanks to Jupiter’s involvement (Sep 28), the most mind-melting.

Needless to say, believe none of what they say
hold steady and you will not feel betrayed
and most of all, don’t drink the cool-aid…

Neptune Retrograde – The Impossible Dream

Friday, June 16

[art: “FINAL ENCORE”, johann kopf]
“It just takes enormous guts to let go of our woundstory. Easier said than done, and Saturn and Chiron are not done with their square-dance yet.

This week’s THIRD QUARTER MOON @ 26°28′ (Saturday) is going to set us off again, like salt upon the sores, pushing up hurtful stuff that needs to play out again, just to make it obvious what we have to forgive and to forget about our past, leave it all behind us and let it all be. To do this we need to feel so lonely that all we have left is to be honest with ourselves…”

In the process of division, and sometimes it can be long division, we finally come out with the smallest divisible part (the quotient) and some remainder.

Let the ‘quotient’ be you – in your sovereignty. What remains eventually becomes the lessons you have to take away.

……excerpt from last Sunday’s ‘WEEK AHEAD’ – read it again here@https://angstoic.com/2017/06/week-ahead-june-12-18/

Thursday, June 15

☉ ☍ ♄

Yeah, this is real.
And the bane & frustration is real too.

It isn’t new.
But it is different.
It feels different.
Yet, somehow you know, it’s not just you this time.
Somehow you know this dreadful feeling of despair and isolation;
this desolate sense of distance;
this gulf of separation between you and the exterior world;
this awful guilt that you now carry in your bones;
this shame and unremitting sorrow about your miserable lot
must not become allowed to overwhelm you
for try as you may
sometimes it’s just not possible to connect to others…
…to anyone.
The lines are down,
the story is set
– someone is all the way over there
and you are here
left all alone
under the weight of the entire world
and you just have to bear it
smothered, unfulfilled, all dry and empty
knowing full-well there’s just no point.
That road ahead is closed
it’s a dead end
and even if you chose to go that way again
there is no way that you may gain
it’s nothing no one can sustain
no one’s to blame
it’s just the way it isn’t
and to pursue
even you know
that it is simply just an act of stupid

ahh fuck it.
I know.
I know, and yet…
I am just no help at all
(am i now?)
just have to ride this out alone, my sorry friend.
This is about coming to grips
that sometimes in our lives
the time does come,
and we must go our separate ways.
Such is the indelible beauty of life,
it likes to leave its scarring mark
just so you don’t forget
that this – what happened here
actually happened
and you were actually a part of it.

And now it is a part of you.


[pic: jimmy marble]

Yes, whilst some relationships that go through difficulty can be salvaged from the brink with some counselling and mature communication, sometimes it is necessary to accept that a struggling relationship may have run its course. Through its often painful, scarring episodes, every significant relationship has the potential to teach us some valued lessons about ourselves. Our shortcomings and characteristic pitfalls soon come out to be tested and dealt with. These episodes, marked by distinct events, are what constitutes our ‘fate’ or ‘karma’.

If a relationship is not working; if it becomes more of an unpleasant chore rather than a sheer delight to sustain; if it is taking all your energy just to keep it from falling apart; making both partners miserable and weary of trying, then the relationship has to end. That’s the harsh reality.

If in doing our best and still getting mediocre or unsatisfactory outcomes, we must come to a definite point of acceptance that the most compassionate thing to do is to let each other go.

Little niggling annoyances which surmount and eventually grate on us; elements which suddenly or gradually emerge that were not there to begin with; imbalances in contribution; inability to maintain the illusion; external pressures; horrendous power struggles; disingenuity and superficial values; boredom; flatlining into mind-numbing robotic patterns; abusive or escapist behaviours; confusion and gross miscommunication are all elements which, when manifest to the point of crisis, are perfect red flags. If not maturely addressed, processed and consciously evolved out of become ‘death cards’ upon the relationship.

When SATURN, for all his worth, reminds us that all relationships are somewhat conditional, subject to the limitations and inevitable consequences of time.

TIME is not always going to “heal all wounds”. Sometimes, TIME comes only to accentuate the impossibility of continuing on, heralding the importance of separation/death. It is a sacred process that, through excruciating pain and frustration, forces an event that brings awareness. SomeTIMES we need to pick ourselves up, pack our things and go our seperate ways in hope of somehow restoring joy and purpose into our lives again.

When a relationship loses trust, faithfulness, cohesion in values, dreams or aspirations; if it is no longer interesting or fun; become estranged; violent; if your heart is no longer in it, perhaps pining for something else…. then it’s time to be real about its value to you.

If a relationship has to end, it has to end…
Fear of anything (loneliness, grief, loss)
is not going to help you avoid the inevitable.
Responsibility is necessary here,
for the sake of evolution and healing.
Come to terms with TIME,
intercept its apparent cruelty of ‘fate’
by stepping into the PRESENT TENSE,
come to this place,
make a firm decision,
take appropriate action,
reach a desired result.

Ultimately, things are going to turn out for the best (you’ll see)

Blessings x

Wednesday, June 14

MERCURY (14°16′) square NEPTUNE (14°16′)


[art: daliah L. ammar]
Don’t even bother trying to make any sense of it.
It’s too late now to try to reconcile.
Why hurt your precious little heart crying over him, it’s really pitiful to see you so low down…

Truth is, you’re not crying over him at all; he’s just not worthy of your bitter tears.
You’re crying because all the sweet fantasies of who you thought he was; and all you could have been together,
came crashing down by the reality of who he truly is.

Don’t cry in bitter pain, or find someone that you could blame,
or even hide yourself away in dreadful shame,
just get creative with those juices:
paint me a picture…
stick it in a frame.

….read more@https://angstoic.com/2017/06/week-ahead-june-12-18/

[art: daliah L. ammar]

Wednesday, June 6

MERCURY in GEMINI (June 6 – 21)

Don’t start me talking…
I’ll tell everything I know.

It’s like that with Mercury in his domicile. So much intelligence just waiting to be told. And in Gemini, the most direct, unfiltered, unimpeded pathway is the fastest.
With Mercury’s first ‘speaking appointment’ being the twin-side sesquisquare to the Jupiter/Pluto square, lots of information will come out around the mechanics of ‘great power’ and how we choose to go about obtaining it.Naturally, with Pluto, handling power has its shadowy, secretive elements, and Jupiter does tend to lean towards excessive or ‘bragadocious’ pomp to get the ‘big-picture’ themes across.Interestingly, after 4 months in retrograde, Jupiter (ruler of law) is now stationary (13°13′), about to go direct. The two-week proceedings of Mercury through his jurisdiction will come to a head on June 18 when it opposes Saturn (judgement).Time to watch our word.
Know that every syllable uttered has the capacity to reveal our truest or our most corrupted intentions. Like an open book.Know yourself.
Know that everything you say reveals something about you.
Know too that there are no shortcuts to truth. Truth, in itself, is the shortest distance between two points.Let it be said…#OpenBook #MercuryInGemini….more on this @https://angstoic.com/2017/06/week-ahead-june-5-11/

Tuesday, June 6


The SUN’s conjunction to asteroid CERES (the great mother) at 15°30′ highlights themes for the next 12 months around who is the natural nurturer, nourisher, supportive and caring parent among us.

In Gemini, the nurturing purpose and identity becomes defined by those who express capableness and authority to intellectually nourish us with their ideas, or are in some way mentallymanipulative or influential.

This is not only to be taken literally, but also laterally.
Who influences your thoughts and ideas on child care, family values, food and nutrition; how you tend to the gardens, forests and streams, the earth that nourishes and sustains you?

Are we being genuine just paying lip service (Gemini) in how we care for those we need and who need us? Are we prepared to talk things through; listen; commit with our hearts; comprehend deeply issues we carry around separation and attachment most prevalent within our own experience as children as well as with our children?

The trine aspect to JUPITER, currently stationing near 13°13′, means the above themes will receive wider public attention and discourse as we try to integrate their impact and relevant importance into our world.

….read more@https://angstoic.com/2017/06/week-ahead-june-5-11/

— with Rebecca Stewart.

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