NEW MOON at 02°47′ CANCER – Saturday, June 24, 02:32 UTC

How’s your sense of security?

What actually defines that? Is it your lovely home with all its comforts and its spoils, its white picket fence that keeps all the goodness in and all the baddies out; that place where you come to retreat each night from the cold, abrasive unfeelingness of the universal elements without?

Or does your sense of security spawn from a place of emotion, a subconscious assurance that those things that put your mind at ease yesterday will also be there for you tomorrow, just the way you like them?

Your family – your parents, grandparents, children – those people that you grew to love and care about, who are there to nourish and support you, come rain, hail or shine – that loved you anyway, in sickness, health, victory or defeat… is it securing to you knowing that they are there for you?

Or does your security come from your allegiance to your culture, your tribe, your nation state… from the contribution you make with good deeds, thoughtful opinions, taxes? Is it your defensive nature against the threat of external pressures or invasions from hostile and uncaring ‘outsiders’.

What is it that blesses you with a knowing that you and all the things you’ve grown to love and hold will not be taken away from you by nature’s cruel, unfeeling elements?

Perhaps this seeking of ‘home’ or ‘security’ in you is not just driven by an instinctive urge to find some place that is supportive and safe. Perhaps home is not necessarily a place at all, but simply an irrevocable condition of the human heart.


Cancer is a Water sign, so it is operates largely through the world of feelings. It is also a Cardinal sign, so it tends to initiate these feelings. Since feelings are really only accessible from us in the present moment, it is Cancer’s domain to continuously generate a feeling of well-being (or absence of that) to keep us safe and connected to wherever we ‘belong’.

There are two ways in which to achieve this:

  1. By counting on (remembering) those things that have assuredly brought us feelings of comfort and well-being in the past, making sure that they are ever-present and available to us to fall back on, at call. (Dependency or clinging to props/ persons/places in the exterior environment to make us feel warm, fuzzy and supported)
  2. By generating an inner sense of assurance and well-being that is not dependent on anything external. Using our powers of attentiveness to this moment, exercising our sense of inner capability to creatively and lovingly deal with any threat to our joy.
    Chances are we do a little bit of both.

Most likely though, many would cling to the first way. As civilisation also reflects, the rising threat of violation and terror means it is necessary for humans (like you) to subscribe to a system which promises to manage law and order, homeland security and state borders, socio-economic and domestic affairs, social security and infrastructure, services and amenities and general upkeep to the environment that is around you.

We have so intricately engineered a social system that will tend to and protect after its members as defensively as a loving mother treats her own children.

This is not to mention your own individual efforts in all this to secure your own home and family. Now does that make you feel safe?

The first way is highly dependent on things/people/places from the past to be here, as they were for us today (and tomorrow). The more we cling to those things for security, the more we lose touch with how to practice the second, more constructive and responsively co-operative way.

In fact, we may have become so dependent on things functioning a certain way that we have developed some habits of complacency, even ignorance to some basic senses. Many of us have become so conditioned to not worry about exterior threat that we have lost touch with our natural abilities and instincts to create a suitable habitat for ourselves and our ‘kind’.

However, as the resources necessary to maintain a certain standard of emotional well-being and safety are being stretched now (with world pop. >7.2 billion) we observe that resources like space, housing, food supplies, medicine, security and other basic needs are dwindling or being whittled away by climate change, famine, war, terror, disease, lack of education and other socio-economic limitations.

On the whole, today’s world is developing a growing insecurity about these things – even in well-developed nations. We are become more desperate and divisive, tend more towards the insipid survival mechanisms of fear, greed and distrust. Social paranoia, hoarding and building bigger fences (and armies) to defend these values of security is tending to to create massive imbalances in our exterior lives. These are the downsides of Cancer in the first mode.


New Moons are a klaxon call to make a fresh start – a reset point. In Cancer, the focus is to set an intention on how to best secure our personal interests for the year ahead. Whether we do this consciously or instinctively, the Moon being the natural ruler of Cancer will naturally guide our meditation to reach a decision that feel best. 

A close conjunction to Mercury, suggests that our thoughts are influenced by our subjective, very idiosyncratic experiences, memories and sentiments. Mars, also within range, suggest that we are willing to fight to protect our personal boundaries.

Yet it is the Sun’s semi-square to Venus in Taurus all this month – seeking appreciation, validation and surety, which doesn’t come without force which creates much of the drama for us now. As the Moon now aligns with the Sun it only accentuates how easily wounded we can become by the careless words or actions of others. In our sensitivity, we react by staying protective of our own interests. The loosening square from Chiron shows that we are still tender from recent episodes where our key stories met with some feelings of rejection or abandonment.

The aggravation and ensuing fallout from such hurtful wounds caused a hyper-withdrawal into our own sanctified self-pities and remedies. However, too much wallowing in the pits of despair could cause us to completely miss actual opportunities, especially if we stay lost in some unfulfilled love-dream. Also, any indulgences into luxuries and spoils must be observed as symptoms of an inner discontentment or unfulfilled yearning. Fresh air and a brand new outlook is necessary with this intention

Much is happening in the world right now that is simply impossible to reconcile into terms of safety, predictability and security. The ♄/ /☊ grand fire trine is creating irreconcilable tensions in every community as we shift away from a trust that any establishment can ever comfort us that everything is going to be ok. The Leo North Node only accentuates that there is no relying on the group to gain any sense of individual certainty. Whatever gains we make, we may have to either learn to work together, or make them alone.

[image: chase stone]
As for our security? For now and at least the near future – it behooves us as it becomes the human race’s most persistent and comforting delusion to trust that whatever is going on “over there” can never happen to us “over here”; that our own precious time and place must be beyond tragedy, crime and cataclysm. We are living in increasingly turbulent and insecure times. This is a condition that can and must be changed.

This planet is in serious transition.

We will sense a more secure life again when (finally, one day): 
feeling alive means more than merely feeling safe;
when love and compassion for all creatures means more than money;
when creative freedom becomes valued more than social status and acclaim;
when the smell of blossoms in the breeze affects the moods of our entire life;
when our mind and spirit is in harmony – no longer in conflict – with our feelings;
when we allow ourselves to become guided by the teachings of the great masters and the mystics

not by the criminal, malevolent intent of street brawlers and their clever demagogues;
when we start to pay the men and women who tend to our dispirited and wounded,
who guide & teach our children better than we pay our politicians;
when we align to truths and symbols that inspire us
and we dispel all empty formulaic thinking;
when we can reach out and communicate with our fellow humans
all across the globe, immediately 
without the middling interference of state securities and diplomats…

Let it be…
Blessings, and an amazing Full Moon to you xx

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