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Horoscopes and Intentions for the NEW MOON in CANCER (June 24- Aug 7)

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New Moons are a klaxon call for a fresh start – a reset point. In Cancer, the Sun/Moon conjunction at 02°♋47′, Saturday June 24th, sets our focus upon setting an intention in how we will best ascertain our personal security and comfortable home base for the year ahead.

Whether we do this consciously or it is something that naturally emerges out of our unconscious, our instinct or our dreams, we observe that we are making efforts to bolster up safeguards and domestic boundaries, or perhaps even start looking at finding new, more sustainable ways to feel safe and secure, especially among the people closest to us.

Formulating your Intention

Witness the intent of your will to become aligned with your instincts. Observe how your efforts naturally align to generate a renewed sense of what security and comfort looks like for you, attending to all the factors necessary to effect this.

By becoming aware of each and every emotion as it arises, accepting it as yours, see its value and thus allow it to become integrated into your conscious reality.

This is about your instinctive sense of trust that you (and your kind) will be OK in the face of all that is acting upon you now.

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How will you fare through this?

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© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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