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FULL MOON at 18°53′ SAGITTARIUS – Friday, June 09, 13:11 UTC

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It’s Full Moon time again, marking the culmination of a flow of vital energies and the fulfilment point of information streaming from our subconscious (lunar) to our conscious (solar), and the sacred process of finding meaning and order in it.

So let us prepare to dance to the ritual of this sacred Full Moon moment.

This lunation we seek to find balance between the active (Sun) and receptive (Moon); between the busy (Sun) and the easy (Moon); the objective (Sun) and the subjective (Moon).  This high-tide phase in our lunar calendar  accentuates how critical it is for us to reach alignment, compromise, and harmonious arrangement, or face conflict in which we must ultimately bring certain matters to a close.

Yes, it is a conditional moment, in which we are drawn out of ourselves, our centre, our balance and asked to have a look at seeming disparate themes in our lives; themes that polarise us and tend to create drama – if we let them.

Sometimes it has to be. A decision has to be made. If things have not been working for us, we must cease to invest our energies and pull ourselves together (back to centre). Similarly, we may discover what a fine job we have done in keeping it all together, how we have found a perfect compromise.

To assess this critical moment, we must look to our general vitality levels at this time – ask ourselves whether we are feeling healthy, energetically sound, certain and secure within ourselves. Where there are any obvious upsets, anxieties and ill-feelings, we must take these as indicators that some things are not entirely in balance.  In this case we must attempt to restore well-being and harmony back into our lives by maturely addressing any of the factors that seem to instinctively keep nagging at us.

The opposition between the Gemini Sun (conscious expression of thoughts, ideas, words, papers, contracts) versus our the Sagittarius Moon (instinctive notions, cherished beliefs, laws, religious rites) becomes the crux of this week’s story.

There’s a lot going down in the world of thoughts and ideas – communications flowing, ever so ‘freely’ thanks to the constant, streaming deluge of digital information and then, all the public forums and world-wide twittersphere inviting our interaction to discuss and share what’s in our brain. There’s lots of movement and mobility, we’re free to speak up, express our voice, share a valid opinion, relay an idea.

A single idea can be like a virus. It can exist in its own right, floating around in the ethers but when implanted into certain minds it can be highly infectious. An idea can seed and germinate and grow inside its host’s mind until it has completely seized the organism’s control centre – it’s entire belief system.

Since our beliefs about our world ultimately shape our reality, it is quite likely that a single idea implanted into a vulnerable mind can come to either totally define or destroy the individual who becomes possessed by it.

On this Full Moon, we sit in the middle between the world that streams our minds with ideas (Gemini), and how our inner guidance chooses to emotionally/personally invest in these (Sagittarius). We must question whether the ideas that we espouse – even a single one – is helping to bring balance, well-being, and harmony into our lives, and to the lives of all those to whom we come to affect. An idea can spread pretty quickly these days. Are we conscious of its power?

Does it sit well, provide peace, radiate love, understanding and acceptance? Or, are our thoughts filled with the poisons and corrupt designs which, rather than help us understand and integrate our reality, only cause schisms, divisions that spawn arguments, dissent, intolerance and hatred?

The Sagittarian Moon is a receptacle, a vessel, a bowl which emotionally, instinctively seeks to receive ideas, turn them into concepts that sit well with the intuitive faculties; concepts  that feel true; worthy of belief; trustworthy; inspiring us with faith.

This Moon is conjunct Saturn, who in retrograde is backtracking over past instances, seriously reviewing past behaviours, seeing that they accord with entrenched patterns and align and accord with the legal and mandated procedural structures.

In some respect, we’re all feeling like there is some sort of internal audit going on.

Have the ideas that we have been exposed to; that we have taken on board; come to accept and believe as true; have these ideas been worthy of our trust and faith? Have these ideas been generous and kind toward the reality we wish to identify with and create, or have they served to corrupt and destroy our entire sense of faith in our respective reality structure?

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The Full Moon also activates the Saturn/Neptune midpoint, a point which triggers suffering and disillusionment, emotional depression and pessimism, sensitivity to abrasive truths with surfacing evidence of deception and calumny upon our gentle, open and sometimes gullible need to trust.

We see this as a very common problem in our world today, especially in the minds of the ignorant, the desperate, the spoilt, those lacking any broader education or experience in life – those whose vulnerable minds are easily hijacked by the surface-level influx of short, twitter-sized sound-bites, designed to transmit an ideology or opinion in 140 characters (or less). Each idea that we choose to perceive has the power to stir our emotions enough that they become imbued into our dharmic or karmic blood flow.

At highly tense times like these, a single idea can either brings us peace or jettison our lives into complete chaos and disarray.

The Sagittarian Moon also makes a precise semi-sextile (30°) to Pluto in Capricorn, whose probing into the emotional realms is relentless, unafraid to question even the highest authority for correct answers, regardless of its professional expertise, social status, public esteem. The opposing Sun’s quincunx to Pluto sees that we cut through the cover story and get to the essence of things. Until we can penetrate surface ideas, often toxic in their intent – those diminishing words we often carelessly and flippantly project into our world, using deep, honest discussion we will never get to the core of their effect.

Harmful words; wicked, corrupt, shaming and derogatory ideas continue to cause untold damage, abuse and harm between us. Are we even aware of the damage we cause when we choose to project or accept ideas that are loaded with vicious or corrupt intent? Are we aware that violation of the boundaries of truth actually tarnishes the integrity of our subject?

The Moon/Saturn conjunction has the power to abstain and withhold from playing victim/martyr kinds of dramas and is imbued with a sense of resilience and self-reliance to reach the truth that rings truest for itself, almost to spite the ideas of others.

This moment then becomes one of universal enquiry, one which assesses how ideas expressed as words can become powerful psychological triggers, incendiary missiles to the brain. The emphasis here ties back to our paternal disconnection, abuse and abandonment issues (♇ 18°50′) – especially significant during times where there is a growing need to balance the feminine/masculine energies on this planet (♂). These deeply ingrained emotional trigger-points, endemic in our cultures, religions, social hierarchies are possibly the source of any continued self-sabotaging behaviours, not only in the individual, but in his relationships to others and society at large.

If you are feeling activated during this special time, just remain mindful that it is only with a generous, trusting heart – one that is always open, always ready to receive our going and coming without prejudice that we can restore our faith in love again.

In the midst of such love, we need never fear becoming poisoned by the lies, denials, cover-ups, abuses and manipulation of truth. This is the most precious gift that true love can offer – the experience of knowing that whatever tries to corrupt us, we always come to have faith in our heart.

In any case, the call for discernment of ideas – the ability to listen and speak without bias bestows us with tremendous power. How you choose to react is entirely up to you.

Blessings, and have a wonderful Full Moon xx

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— For those seeking a much more defined reading, I have provided a full breakdown of the experience, as viewed from the perspective of each of the zodiac overlays. (link below)


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