THE YOD (or ‘finger of god’):

As far as planetary aspect patterns go, this one is rare in that three planets form into a delicious, pizza-slice shaped configuration, where two planets in sextile (60°) both quincunx (150°) a third, which becomes the focal bit, or “the finger of god” for the whole midpoint energy.

As the name suggests, some pretty ‘divinely sent’, or portentous experiences occur for those who have a yod in their chart. The experience is largely esoteric – at least in its developing phase, meaning that very few (if any) outsiders feel its effects other that the native. Certainly, a most unique and complex stress pattern occurs in the behaviour, often missed or ignored entirely by outsiders who only seem to add to the tension and anxiety for the native (let’s call him/her ‘yoda’).

Soon the young ‘yoda’ learns that through silent suffering, hard work, service and sacrifice, problems are at least alleviated. At some point this very unique and often isolating condition, its internal symptoms and associated toil in order to alleviate the pain develop into some very extraordinary practices (or skills/abilities), which the yoda later learns to apply into some craft, particularly since at some point in life s/he often receives a special, ‘divinely ordained’ vocational calling.

Both in my extensive research and client work, I have observed that for this planetary picture to produce any truly significant traits in the native, that the midpoint orb on the apex planet must be super-tight (<1°).

Also with yods, I have found that when the double-quincunxed (pointer) planet is the slowest of the three – particularly an outer (♅, ♆, ♇) – the ‘yoda’s’ early life is severely challenged due to the perverse weirdness of the child’s energy, leading to odd persecutions and exposure to abuse. Funnily, in later life these extremely difficult soul-challenges eventually develop into some extremely rare and unique (even supernatural) skills and at times, finely honed gifts and virtuosities. I guess one fine example i can offer here is the late pop star Prince – ♆⊼☿ (he of sexy mf), whose inner life was perhaps much more vivid than any of us might imagine.

Anyway, we have a yod forming in the skies in less than 24 hours from now:
…..JUPITER (13°28’℞) spearheads an almost precise (+0°01′) MERCURY/NEPTUNE sextile.
Mercury is not only ruler, but final dispositor to yesterday’s Gemini New Moon so holds significant pull, especially since it is in earthy Taurus.

To all those still following this, for whom the above sounds like pure tarradiddle, let me dumb down the lingo for you into plain English (how I like it too):

This moment offers us all a profound opportunity to integrate some fairly abstract ideas about supernatural concepts by putting them into terms that are tangible, graspable and workable into practical ways.

So much has been developing around us lately, so many whacky, crazy, sad and angst-ridden but also ridiculous and sublime instances which have served to stimulate our previously dormant, yet abundant and varied imaginations.

If nothing else these experiences have shifted our perception outside the normal, everyday realms of usual expectation. As such, they have opened up a special portal in our minds, accessible to all of us – a two-way stream of light communication where great opportunities exist to help us simply understand some very abstract, non-scientific concepts as well as profound new insights about the etheric world and higher dimensions. A feminine (receptive) force is helping us to integrate our eternal, akashic wisdom through offering guidance from spiritual forces or spirit guides who present themselves to us here in mysterious, yet very earthy ways.

If I told you to look out for these, then I’m not sure you’d get it. This post is not for the completely uninitiated. With yods, it’s one of those things that you experience on the inside (esoteric) if you have been doing the work in lead up. It’s most unlikely that ‘weird shit just happens’ to you at the precise moment of this yod and everything seems different and ‘magical’. I mean, yes, but chances are that you have been working up this moment for weeks/months now. Mercury has been retrograding in Aries/Taurus and doing some funny tricks with Uranus and Saturn (now in trine) since late March. The winged messenger’s very expedient role this month is to open up some critical pathways within our minds.

It’s time we felt ready to say goodbye to the sad, very cruel and wicked world of duality and separation. By merely seeing that there are other, infinitely alternative options for living and integrating the universal dream for peace and harmony rather than perpetuating blame, lies, cover-up, denials, delusions and allusion to fear, inadequacy and exclusion, we can help everyone feel like they are special. Everyone wants to be included.

For those who get the concept of balance, the integration is now easy and they may have already found at least one other being who gets it with them. At least one other to help stay accountable, and the maybe many, many there. Nurture these relationships – these become the grounded affirmation that you are on the path to creating a divine currency to trade with – a realm of experience where you are always empowered with the freedom to choose how you will invest your energy and resources…

So use that power, fearlessly.
(for the love of Yod)

…erm. So I guess I’ll be talking to you again soon then?

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  1. I have a Yod in my natal chart—Saturn 22 AQ/ Uranus 28 Ares/ Mars @ 22 Virgo right at the Midheaven (conj Neptune @15 Virgo-9th house)(sextile Jupiter 10 Scorpio/conj Mercury 15 Sorpio–11th house). Always thought it meant there was something important I was supposed to do. Am now 84 yrs old– did I do it? Did I miss something? Is there still something for me to do???????

    Love your site and work….love the art work you use. On SS–soc. sec so rather poor ( but ok) these days or I would subscribe

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