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The Week Ahead: May 8-14

The Lunar Nodes Shifting into Leo/Aquarius this week is quite an epic event. Fanfared by the third and final Mercury/Uranus conjunction in Aries, which in itself has been rewiring our whole mode of communication to points where the only thing allowed to express any emotion these days is a string of emoticons from a 14 year old, and you can pretty safely say we are entering the depersonalisation zone.

In the coming months… years… we will start to understand much about emotions. In particular, we will learn how to localise them, focus them closer and closer to our present time and place. We will learn how some emotions – particularly those that are invested into things that do not matter to us in the here/now actually belong to a lower, less friendly dimension – one that fills our heads with worry, doubt and anxiety rather than restore certainty and trust, enough so we may ‘feel’ we have the freedom to move and go as we please.

Sure, these might sound like complex concepts to some people. Yet I’m sure that even in my more intensive writings I am not the only one endeavouring to explain to you, my beloved tribe, about the great shift that we are about to experience on this earth, now with these Lunar Nodes about to recede into the previous constellation (more on these during the week).

Not only has our electro-magnetic equipment been undergoing some decent upgrades recently with both Mercury (mind/electrical) and Venus (heart/magnetic) recently retrograding near Uranus Aries, but since Saturn himself is about to trine Uranus for the second time (May 19), we are really being tuned for some transdimensional music of the spheres.

This socially significant  ♅ aspect first became exact at the end of 2016, highlighting the enormous release from both our own personal and social expectations, introduced nicely by tremendously disruptive changes in our mundane world. Whilst they happened gradually, I’m sure you didn’t miss them. Since November 2016 there has been a growing awareness around the radical essence of freedom and independence, forcing an understanding that our mental/emotional connection to certain events in time either allows us to make the choices we feel are best for us based on what our intuition is saying, or our choices feel limited and blocked by our pre-conditioned fears.

As said, these may be concepts that may be a little hefty to cover in this cute little weekly forecast. although, I get the sense that many of you, especially those following these writings are somehow on board with the very sophisticated changes that are about to occur.

Anyway, much is happening… here are the sexy transits for this week:

enters Tue May 09 11:48 am GMT Node Enters Leo    
Tue May 09 06:20 pm GMT Sun 19°18′ Trine Pluto 19°18′
Wed May 10 05:20 am GMT Mercury 25°55′ Conjunction Uranus 25°55′
Pa Wed May 10 03:48 pm GMT Jupiter 14°32′ Opposition Pallas 14°32′
Wed May 10 09:44 pm GMT Moon 20°25′ Opposition Sun 20°25′
  Thu May 11 05:53 pm GMT Mars 13°55′ Square Neptune 13°55′
Thu May 11 08:15 pm GMT Mercury 26°48′ Trine Saturn 26°48′
  Fri May 12 10:20 am GMT Mars 14°23′ Trine Jupiter 14°23′
Sun May 14 05:24 pm GMT Jupiter 14°12′ Semisquare Node 29°12′
Sun May 14 08:10 pm GMT Mercury 28°54′ Trine Node 28°54′
Sun May 14 10:37 pm GMT Mercury 28°59′ Semisquare Neptune 13°59′

Just to make things ultra dramatic, perhaps more to illustrate just how toxic some of our emotions actually are, we have our annual Hades Full Moon, exact midweek. Usually, around Full Moons, we become exceptionally emotional. With this one, being in that intensely emotional sign of Scorpio, ’emotional’ might be a gross underassessment. Being a fixed sign, Scorpio tends to hold on to feelings like no other. It likes to relish in them; keep them buried deep beneath the surface; brood over them secretly where nobody else can see; stew in them, the way an oven-roast sizzles in its own zesty juices. When the moon’s opposition activates the earthy simpleness of the Taurus Sun on Wednesday, feelings of unfathomable depth with enormously powerful magnitude are brought to the surface. These may be either manageable, in which case they serve to bring about much sorely-needed transformation to some area of our lives, or we can try to keep them in, hoping they don’t become negatively triggered and uncontrollably erupt in the most inappropriate way. Overwhelming feelings, especially around jealousy and possession, tend to have the effect of leaving quite catastrophic outcomes, even against the stubborn earthy nature of the Taurus Sun.

If things aren’t getting along, something must give. Fixed signs don’t bend – if they give at all, they crack, irreparably.

The accompanying sextile from Pluto does turn up the heat even further, and Pluto’s conjunction to Juno means themes of marriage are deeply intermeshed with issues of power. The underlying struggle for control within relationships will be something that leans towards the extreme of being obsessive, possessive or intense during this month. It’s no secret that many interdynamic holds are going to change between us soon. Where there are imbalances and massive control dramas brewing, the struggle for self-empowerment will be profound and any conflict that arises (thanks to this Hades Moon) throws down gauntlet for growth and exploration into our deepest psychological hangups.

With the Nodes Shift on Tuesday, the human race is about to enter into a whole new phase of evolutionary development. Progressively we start to take greater pride in being unique and different, caring less and less for the traditions of society. The tendency is towards more and more following whatever rules we choose to set up for ourselves. This is going to have its little hiccups, but it’s all for the best. (More on this in a midweek article)

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The ideal is equality and personal empowerment; if you can achieve this your commitment and depth of intimacy will be legendary. Here, watch your relationships, especially those most intimate step beyond the boundaries of social taboos.

Just as NASA has managed to get its kamikaze probe (Cassini) deep into the rings of Saturn this week, so does the Mercury/Uranus conjunction /trine Saturn all week expose the truth about our old notions of fear and duality. The are only limiting and real if the mind says so.

And we are already so beyond that. We have the tools, the intelligence, the skills to go far beyond that.
Watch out, we’re about to embark on the next leg…

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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