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The Week Ahead: May 29 -June 4

Greetings fellow travellers, lovers and warriors of the light.

We don’t need to make too much bombastic fanfare about the fact that the forces of nature have completely hijacked this planet and are playing the diabolically disruptive tune of “I’m damaged and reckless – fix me if you can” as rock’n’roll loudly and as frequently as possible.

In the lead-up to the Leo TOTAL Solar Eclipse (August 21), where in true form to this spectacular lunation on the Anaretic degree, is begging for a divine intervention, we see the end-of-the-run, old-school masculine puts on one fine last performance to impose using his own personal forces. Like an ant railing against God, the futile action seems impressive only in the sense that it creates a compelling, yet foreboding sense of drama. But we can see that a great lesson is also due to come out of this, and so, from an observatory position here, on our ‘Cosmic Bus’, we remained glued to our seats.

Here are the main transits for this week:

  ☍ ♄ Mon May 29 06:56 am GMT Mars 25°♊44′ Opposition Saturn 25°♐44’℞
  ∗ ♅ Wed May 31 02:40 am GMT Mars 26°♊57′ Sextile Uranus 26°♈57′
☿ △ ♇ Wed May 31 12:00 pm GMT Mercury 19°♉01′ Trine Pluto 19°♑01’℞
  ∗ ☊ Wed May 31 08:18 pm GMT Mars 27°♊27′ Sextile Node 27°♌27′
☽ □ ☉ Thu Jun 01 12:43 pm GMT Moon 11°♍13′ Square Sun 11°♊13′
♀ △ ♄ Thu Jun 01 03:24 pm GMT Venus 25°♈30′ Trine Saturn 25°♐30’℞
☉ ∠ ♅ Fri Jun 02 09:55 am GMT Sun 12°♊04′ Semisquare Uranus 27°♈04′
  □ Ch Fri Jun 02 10:14 am GMT Mars 28°♊30′ Square Chiron 28°♓30′
♀ ☌ ♅ Sat Jun 03 07:32 am GMT Venus 27°♈06′ Conjunction Uranus 27°♈06′
☉ △ ♃ Sat Jun 03 04:13 pm GMT Sun 13°♊16′ Trine Jupiter 13°♎16’℞
♀ △ ☊ Sat Jun 03 05:28 pm GMT Venus 27°♈30′ Trine Node 27°♌30′
☿ ⊼ ♄ Sun Jun 04 07:25 am GMT Mercury 25°♉19′ Quincunx Saturn 25°♐19’℞
☉ □ ♆ Sun Jun 04 04:14 pm GMT Sun 14°♊14′ Square Neptune 14°♓14′
  enters ♋ Sun Jun 04 04:17 pm GMT Mars 00°♋00′

As Mars in Gemini opposes Saturn (Monday). Here we see our very personal, assertively ideocratic masculine pit his forces against all convention, traditional views, beliefs and expectations, only to collide head first into tremendous conflict with the entire establishment.

Does he even know that what he’s doing carries grave and severe consequences?

Maybe… but Mars is also sextile Uranus (Wednesday), and so our restless, rash, loft-minded warrior is charged with the sense that he has had enough of the establishment.

He now willfully sets out to champion every miserable defeat, not just of his own but of struggling underdog (ever) with his eloquent ideas for independence, freedom from ‘the system’, fighting to ‘right’ every ‘wrong’ ever inflicted; reclaim every ‘debt’ owed to him; call every ‘oppressive’ spade by its ‘rightful’ pejorative; sledge and heckle every stodgy old stick in the muddy swamp; judge everything that has passed judgment upon him, and just for good measure, rouse up a good old-fashioned scrap in the yards of folks whose cultures and ethics he has rarely any idea about (♐).

In short – this Mars now wants out of this Saturnian 3D nonsense.

Maybe he sees something very few others can see. Maybe he sees nothing – he’s just intent to break the mold. Maybe he feels that he should smash it all down and then see what there is to see.

To be totally clear, very few can predict exactly how this is going to turn out for the unyielding masculine. Uranus has this unnerving quality of not ever letting us know what comes next. Why? because that’s his whole essence. Uranus is only ever interested in disrupting linear time; busting expectations; shorting our circuits; zapping us out of complacency with whatever electrical force necessary to bring us into the present where we must act with impulse, ingenuity and innovative verve in order to survive.

Uranus wants us to come to the present. To BE the present.

This heavenly force wants us to see how terrestrial ruler Saturn’s preoccupation with structure and linear, circular time is easily breached by one single unforeseen force – the power of CHOOSING NOT TO PLAY ALONG like anything that came before (or is expected). To this end, Uranus has been at work for months now, not only trining Saturn (December), but if you remember, there was a three month period (Jan-Apr) where Uranus sustained a tight opposition to Jupiter. During this period, and climaxing again around September, humanity is becoming diabolically rewired for a new level of consciousness. One way or another, we are looking to connect to a different level of consciousness.

[image: logan-zillmer]
Also, since 2011-12 Uranus has been at square with Pluto. Our entire human pathology has been under much rejigging through a series of deep, neuro-cellular upgrades to both the nervous system and our DNA as we struggle to build new bridges or pathways into the higher mind.

Meanwhile, to many old-school fogies, still stuck along the one-track mindset of Saturn’s linear time, are either coming to terms that they are on a non negotiable journey towards derailment, chaos, bedlam and confusion or are heading into a long, dark tunnel, in which there seems no light at the other end.

Luckily, as an astrologer, I am privy and blessed to see that all this seemingly interminable drama is all going to end very ‘favourably’ – at least for us cosmic travellers who are able to accept that the old framework of ‘civilisation’ was nothing more than just a hoax. (don’t worry – this is not just a bit of occupational arrogance here – I’m human too, prone to all the same anxieties as everyone).

If we observe carefully though, as we are seeing on our TV networks everyday (the NEWS), the great ‘reality show’ is coming undone, and it is ironically being lampooned by reality TV’s greatest champion – someone who has resoundingly and undeniably come to exemplify and EMBODY this full force of URANEAN nature that will deliver its ultimate demolition upon those who wish to hold the planet into fear-based alliances. It may not look like it, but this is because our experience tends to wants to judge and disown rather than embrace and compassionately understand that what is happening is entirely of our making and coming to be true for us in our phenomenal times.

Today’s poster-boy for current ♂/♄ /♅/ ☊ kite dynamic

I also understand that my interpretation of ‘favourable ending’ would seem very disconcerting, even distressing to many, many people – especially those who are still in the state of frustration, anger, denial, arguments about what is ‘right and wrong’ and wondering with much dismay what the hell is happening to their safe little world and when it’s all going to end. Sure, those may ask “Who the hell are all these hijackers, hackers, irritants and noxious weeds that are sprouting up everywhere and raising our insecurity levels to critical?” And of course, many may be wondering, “are things ever going to return to ‘normal’ again?”

What do you think? Can you see where this is going?
How does it make you feel?
If anxious and queazy, then probably you should quit reading…

In the past, it has been a truth, universally acknowledged that to pursue such an obstinately radical and contrary attitude towards Saturnian authority would work against Mars‘ own best interests. This is the common law of Mars/Saturn oppositions – that it behooves us to choose our battles wisely, for there’s just no way that we can take them all on and stay buoyant, let alone win…

However, in this ‘end-times’ ,’wtf’, ‘I’m-in-present-tense-and-I-feel-alive-again’ universe that we are now dancing in, it seems the worm has turned. If you observe the way you are asserting yourself now, you may see that you too are trending more towards engaging in recalcitrant, hot-headed reactions – reactions that you might formerly have been considered detrimental to your standing within society and its long-term constraints. Reactions that would once be deemed as foolhardy, shocking, embarrassing or totally reputation-ruining are now being totally sanctioned by the universal forces engulfing the planet.

Why are things being allowed to get so obtuse?

For decades now, the divine masculine archetype’s basic development has been left neglected and shunned in the corner. It has been consistently falling further and further behind the rest of the evolutionary ‘class’. I know I am being a tad melodramatic here, as I do see some progress going on around me on this front, however it has been truly a very little-addressed topic (especially by the new-age movement) and any progress made has been extremely disproportionate to the evolutionary progress being made elsewhere. That’s because the standard model for the new-age warrior has not yet arrived.

MARS/CHIRON: Messages for Healing the Wounded Masculine

One can’t argue with that. The masculine has fallen far behind the work done in others areas. In fact, the feminine has had such a free run, it has literally had all the library resources for spiritual development to itself. Of course – we are NOT talking about women vs men here. Gender is such a 3D thing. And of course there are so many still stuck in the 3D prism, where the stereotypically shallow, beer-swilling, belligerent, womanising, jock-type dicks are still placating their submissive but inwardly incensed, beaten and abused ‘ladies’. Sadly, these are still fighting it out in the trenches.

When talking about the divine masculine and feminine – we are not talking about gender… nor sexuality for that matter… Being a boy/girl, gay, straight, bi, trans is not the issue here. When talking our divine masculine/feminine, we are speaking about our inner, spiritual or divine archetypes. (Read more on this here). This is what is at the crux of all the conflict in the world at the moment, seeking realignment and parity in its own evolutionary stakes. The masculine has fallen behind. And it must catch up.

To do this it must be received.

As Mercury trines Juno/Pluto (Monday-Wednesday) we begin probing and analysing certain themes around power and control, not only in our inter-relationships and partnerships, but in our broader more social liaisons too. We go down to our inner basements and begin scrounging around our subconscious, or vulnerable psychological areas, for answers; solutions about what is going on with our masculine – our stagnated or frustrated ability to act in ways which are divinely guided and more co-operative with those around us. We need to challenge the stereotypical behaviour

Our ability to hone in on the essential themes, now causing all the conflict between us, is simply remarkable. So much light is flooding in from Chiron the shamanic story-teller, whose T-square to this Mars/Saturn opposition brings up much hidden, deeply personal material to the table.

It is wise to proceed with caution and sensitivity now, since much of what is surfacing is very tender and can be distressing. Hasty or forceful probing into big, defensive egos may cause upsets & deep resentment. Taking a gentle, non-judgmental approach is critical when doing shadow work.

The Mars sextile North Node (Wednesday) forms a Grand Kite – a divine pattern which promises that, whilst on the surface there appears to be much belligerent activity, our ability to intervene our madness as a species will help us find ways that can soon balance openness & freedom with caution and structure ( ♅) – ways that take individuality and uniqueness more seriously. The ability to act at the right time to improve our connections is there, just needs some degree of patience, innovation, and appropriate action.

The First Quarter Moon in Virgo (Thursday) is the big ticket event. Mercury, still in earthy, practical Taurus, rules both signs (Gemini/Virgo) in this first crisis of last week’s Gemini lunationMercury in Taurus, whilst not exactly brilliant and a bit stubborn-minded, at least operates in a sensible, practical way to process the conflicts he is ruling over. After his brush with Pluto, Mercury raises deep concerns and hidden agendas which need to be communicated in ways that are going to work for everyone. However, as we will see with this Virgo quarter moon, agitation and moodiness could result if this practical outcomes are being prevented from happening. There is high propensity for situations to become highly strung by mid-week, and as the Moon completes the missing arm of the ♂/ ♄/Ch T-square, it could create enormous tension in all affairs. Despite any polished, sophisticated approaches to problem solving, the complexity of the issues raised can be met with most simplistic, primitive reactions, stirring up much pain as they come to the surface. It is wise to guard our emotions from falling into the despairs of pessimism, anxiousness and confusion if we sense ourselves becoming divinely dissatisfied with how things are playing out.

The divine feminine

Venus’ trine to Saturn (Friday) is a reminder to value what is practical and useful. As much as the Sun’s semi-square Uranus (Fri) calls for courageousness, Venus – an irresistibly magnetic force -reminds us that wilful courage is not always practical. Besides, its impulsiveness and rebellious behaviour at a time when Mars square Chiron, is coming more from a triggered reaction than out of any sensibility or willingness to work with his woundings. Facing some very painful themes in past episodes, where his perceived self-interests have stifled and scarred our masculine from following his unique path to happiness could be difficult. To see that his preoccupation, or addiction to busy-ness was simply an avoidance of self-awareness will be a challenging epiphany for us as humans.

There is no nobility or grace in the drama of hiding behind constant activity. Learning to let go of self-direction and control and following Spirit on an uncharted journey need not become an either-or dilemma. We must find a creative way to incorporate both needs into your life, and your resolution will become a key for others.

[pic: alex stoddard]
Venus’ conjunction to Uranus (Saturday) heralds the emergence of a new approach for the feminine. She comes to the understanding that she cannot expect, nor pressure the masculine to play on any terms that are not entirely his own. In an instant she sees that any actions that are not in sync with the planetary requirements for a more progressive approach to healing and repair are not for her to support. Whilst she will not comply with the masculine, she will no less allow him to have his independence by stepping fully into her own. She will allow him to make his own mind, without expectations or judgment. Cherishing a vision of a better world, she seeks only to create a space where like-minded people can take courage and become inspired to stoutly uphold the right of each to live as they see fit.

By the end of this week, the Gemini Sun’s trine Jupiter (Saturday) brings in an easy, assuring sense that we have what it takes in how to approach and unravel even the most difficult of life’s problems. On some level, we see that even if our communication has seemed to be a disconnected or incompatible with traditional beliefs (Mercury quincunx Saturn), we intuitively know how to approach a problem from just the right angle by going with our intuition. The Sun’s square to Neptune (Sunday) is a dire warning that unless we tune into our inner guidance system, that we will still be prone to disillusionment and sorrow about who we are, what we are worth and where we are heading in this confusing old world. We may question whether our spiritual idealism is only interfering with our attainment for success and recognition we feel we deserve here. Conversely, we may wonder whether our big efforts to become respected and successful have come at the expense of finding some inner contentment and experiencing love and compassion towards others.

[pic: alex stoddard]
As Mars shifts into watery Cancer, challenging choices lie ahead. Fighting for those things about which we each feel strongly (home security, family, cultural identity, matters closest to our heart) needs to accord with the greater needs of this planet. We must accept that great, evolutionary forces are powerfully at work to both disrupt and reintegrate our spiritual intent here on this planet (♆). Our masculine is still a bit tender and too underdeveloped to deal with these. As we will see in the next couple of months, our feminine needs to create a space for healing to occur, giving the masculine the freedom to settle and eventually find the courage to step up and address his wounds without falling into habits of defensively retreating into his shell.

Let us all be vigilantly attuned to our highest sense this week. There is no retreat from the treatment we are receiving from the heavens. Let us work with utmost mindfulness to solve and dissolve our pains and bridge communication pathways with presence. Nothing more, nor less but presence.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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