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The Week Ahead: May 15-21

[pic: Robert Cornelius]
This week our Sun comes to the completion of his slow, trudging journey through Taurus, bringing an end to a brief period of earthy stability in among what is arguably one of the most frenetically unstable periods in our modern times. Meanwhile Mercury enters Taurus, really pragmatically bringing our thoughts and ideas into chunky pieces that we can really get our hands on.

As we are seeing with these Saturn/Uranus trines, the hardware upon which our whole conception of ‘true reality’ is built not only becoming completely rewired, but our operating systems are also being upgraded. Every shift, quake and jolt in the old system ricochettes through our nervous systems, and a part of us that was formerly stuck on old programming becomes dislodged, defragmented or simply erased clean. This allows room to upload new, more current data, or as you choose, only to process what you need.

It’s highly ironic then, that last week – as Mars in Gemini was squaring Neptune – those businesses still running with old operating systems (Windows XP) were struck and held to ransom by a horrid virus, worming its way across the globe through the cyber-communication networks. Ironic, but not new. We have been undergoing this cosmic reboot for a while, and for those skeptics, the rigid-minded, the flag-waving traditionalists and the hardnose non-believers, this week starts to demand a solid down-payment for the widespread systemic changes about to sweep the fabric of our clunky & antiquated intellectual framework. It also gives us a terrific glimpse into how more surreal and supernatural kinds of forces, now hovering over our planet, working steadily to jolt us out of our morbid fascination with the past and shift our consciousness into the present.

Whatever it takes…. they’ll do it.

Here are the main transits for this week:

☿ enters ♉ Tue May 16 04:07 am GMT Mercury 00°♉00′ Conjunction Sun
☉ ⊼ ♄ Wed May 17 05:30 am GMT Sun 26°♉31′ Quincunx Saturn 26°♐31’℞
♃ ⊼ ♆ Wed May 17 08:39 am GMT Jupiter 14°♎01’℞ Quincunx Neptune 14°♓01′
☉ ∗ Ch Thu May 18 08:06 pm GMT Sun 28°♉03′ Sextile Chiron 28°♓03′
Fri May 19 00:34 am GMT Moon 28°14′ Square Sun 28°14′
♄ △ ♅ Fri May 19 06:20 am GMT Saturn 26°♐23’℞ Trine Uranus 26°♈23′
♀ Sqq ☊ Fri May 19 10:33 am GMT Venus 13°♈45′ Sesquiquadrate Node 28°♌45′
  ⊼ ♇ Fri May 19 01:00 pm GMT Mars 19°♊12′ Quincunx Pluto 19°♑12’℞
☉ □ ☊ Fri May 19 01:18 pm GMT Sun 28°♉45′ Square Node 28°♌45′
♀ ☍ ♃ Fri May 19 02:12 pm GMT Venus 13°♈52′ Opposition Jupiter 13°♎52’℞
☉ Sqq ♃ Fri May 19 04:20 pm GMT Sun 28°♉52′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 13°♎52’℞
♀ ∠ ☉ Sat May 20 06:37 am GMT Venus 14°♈27′ Semisquare Sun 29°♉27′
☉ enters ♊ Sat May 20 08:31 pm GMT Sun 00°♊00′
☿ ∠ ♂ Sun May 21 07:33 pm GMT Mercury 05°♉44′ Semisquare Mars 20°♊44′

The Sun now becomes tightly aspected by Venus. The two hold a sustained semisquare (45°) betwen them – the only possible hard aspect they are capable of (since Venus can never be more than 48° away). This tense angle can only be described as a muscle trigger, or an influence upon the mind/body akin to how caffeine, sugar or chemicals create a friction or increased nervous tension to our systems. This aspect’s extremely tight, prolonged effect upon our mind/body (due to last till the end of June) is similar to feeling subjected to disharmonious sound or discordant light frequencies which eventually tend to irritate us.

Any emotional stress between Sun & Venus soon manifests as situations where there has been a lack of appreciation. Any disrespect towards someone’s values immediately creates disdain, indifference and ignorance, soon expressed through curt, less-than-gracious manners. Seen as being dismissive and less loving, this is effectively the feminine (♀)  grating upon the authority figure (☉) and visa-versa. Someone is not happy about the way they are being appreciated. We can observe this happening in our lives – whether we project it onto others through our relationships dealings or are mindful enough just to watch as a tension rising within ourselves.

How do you value yourself?

Are you being received in this?

Are others respectful of your worthiness?


With the Sun quincunx Saturn (midweek) our relationship towards authority and how we make decisions now comes under question, like there is some mystery or riddle to be solved. The Taurus Sun, refusing to budge from his established position and fixed attachment to physical matter/money/substance needs to see that something requires work or some adjustment in his life. Perhaps now’s a great time to curtail the intake of those stimulants and influences which are having a negative or disharmonious buzz on our nervous systems and our physical health. Placing disciplines diet, exercise and better rest regimes is in order, if our lives are to stay on the healthy path.

With the Sun going into Gemini (Saturday), nervous matters will rise to the fore in the next month, so best keep the mind as clear and ‘mindful’ as possible. Greater discernment and balance of where we spend out mental focus is necessary if we are to put profound new ideas into practice in an organised and purposeful way ( ♅). Through disciplined application of any new ideas, we will start to see how profound new discoveries can improve existing conditions and solve old problems, then exercise our ability to speed and expedite matters in ways that help put them into effect.

As Jupiter quincunx Neptune finally comes exact (Thursday) complicates our goal to reconcile or integrate our spiritual beliefs into what appears ‘proper’ and ‘correct’ to others. Confounded by the mixed messages and subtle innuendo that seems to constantly flow through the media of our social sphere, it is yet another reminder of how traditional options to try to achieve the kind of social or political balance in our society increasingly leave us feeling empty and unsatisfied.

As Neptune edges closer to semi-squaring Uranus (Aug-Oct) we start to catch a glimpse of profound experiences that will eventually impact us deeply, albeit subtly, arousing our more mystical nature. These are currently very difficult for us to see, let alone understand and integrate into our conventional religious and political beliefs. Forces are acting which are beyond the usual spectrum of perception, and the closer they come to combining, the more we become introduced to a whole new spectrum of colours and sound frequencies.

Meanwhile, our approach towards what’s going on socially sees us still making some effort to bring things into some semblance; some pretense of a workable, compatible, conventionally operational order – just enough to get us through the vagaries and all the inexplicable confusions ( ♆). However, whatever efforts made to understand things in current terms, whatever progress we make based on our current symbol systems will only be a temporary measure. Of course, understanding this shift is part of the process, and i imagine I’m making little sense to those who are trying to catch a linear understanding of what’s going on here – but that too is essentially the main issue in the world at the moment. It’s like trying to understand what life is like on another planet using human terms and earth images. It’s important to note that whatever we come to believe is only temporary; subject to change. Taking this approach is all you need for now in order to function in a much more creative way, accepting way.

When we come to learn that we cannot trust anything or anyone to stay static or predictable, we also learn to become more responsive and inventive. When the Sun sextiles Chiron (Thursday) our practical sense of purpose becomes easily shaped by profound experiences with higher levels of reality. Look to your spiritual connections to guide you and create opportunities for spiritual growth.

Who are the mavericks, healers, storytellers and teachers in your world?

How do they guide you to discover keys that unlock healing and greater understanding of those things that bind you into shame, guilt, blame and self-reproach?

How do you share your insights with others, help to release them from the world of contempt, suspicion and distrust?


It is the Last Quarter Moon (Friday May 19) which creates quite a spectacular finale to this Taurean Solar month, since any square to Taurus form progressive, reformist and group-minded Aquarian Moon calls for us to let go of any stubborn, unyielding ways, release any attachments that do not help us serve the greater good and continue to hurt one another and move on. A decision must be made – a kind of last chance to let go of the old, to shed our prejudices and negative habits, thoughts and ideas so we can focus on building a higher, more responsible, purely creative freedom that will feed into our next New Moon intentions.

This particular Last Quarter Moon packs quite a punch though. Aligned with the Aquarian South Node, it creates circumstances where there are obvious difficulties in trying to synchronise these lofty, utopian ideals with society’s current trends.

Also significant is how the Venus/Jupiter opposition axis seems to intersect this deeply personal moment. Where Venus opposes Jupiter conflict arise where our greed-driven appetites inhibit proper judgment, giving rise to procrastination, laziness and self-indulgent behaviour. The world of privilege and liberal-minded views, comes up against those desperately needing to express their individuality and uniqueness, creating a serious crisis. However, the desire of many to hang on to their privileges and entitlements, stemming from emotional insecurities, plants the fuse to a bomb that’s set to explode in the coming months.

This quarter Moon:

  • falls precisely in conjunct alignment to the national placement of the USA’s Aquarius Moon (27° ♒12′)
  • precisely opposite the point where on August 21st this year, America will experience a Total Solar Eclipse(28° ♌52′).
  • activates US president Trump’s chart (Asc, MC, Mars) as well as several other key natal positions now about to be activated – mainly transiting Mars in♊ going over his ☉/☽/ /☊ axis.

What does all this mean? Incredible tension is rising in America™ between the old and the new. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, better or worse. Neither way is best. Something different and unique must be embraced altogether. And the great Donald™ seems not only to be at the centre of all irritation, but he is certainly about to leave his revolutionary trademark on the entire planet. I am following this discussion in much more depth during this week with my Cosmic Tribe, building up to the weekend. Please feel welcome to sign up and follow the discussion, as well as get full, exclusive access to other special messages.

Thanks to the many friends who have now joined the journey, I am able to spending more of my energies writing quality material for the Tribe. It is so wonderful to see the appreciation and support for this work, and it’s great to hear such positive feedback from you all about the tremendous benefit the material has for you, especially with providing some perspective in all the apparent chaos. We come to see that all that happens is all somehow divinely timed and perfectly orchestrated to expedite our evolutionary journey forward.

I welcome all those who are not yet Tribe Members to join us immediately, and explore the tremendous benefits from in-depth narration and detailed delineation of the phenomenal energetic influences that are upon us.

Also, please note that my currently very humble rates for private sessions will go up to meet international standards at the end of June. As a professional astrologer who has devoted 30 years of intense experience and study to this craft, I am taking the reading service to a whole new level. With respect to the uniqueness, effectiveness and inimitability of my style, it is time to re-evaluate its worth to clients.

I ask you all to do the same. What is your energy worth? How much of it do you give away, compromise, sell short, sacrifice to those who simply become complacent, lazy, dependent, eager to just take but unwilling to do the work, are disrespectful of your efforts, expecting more of something they can neither afford nor make any/much contribution towards…

As early as this weekend, but by the end of this June, we will really start to see how what we give is often taken for granted, exploited and abused wherever we lay ourselves open. The forces of our loving universe are here to assist; to simply show us how – on some level – we have encouraged and promoted this to happen. If we keep allowing this to go on, we not only risk depleting our personal energies, but also encouraging the denigration and deterioration of our entire value system, as indexed collectively by the state of our economy.

See you on the Cosmic Bus, blessings, and may you all have an amazing week xx

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