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The Vertex


There is a point in the horoscope, where the ecliptic crosses the prime vertical (like a second Ascendant) which is very often overlooked, but whose effect (by transit/progression or in synastry) has quite profound and mysterious impact.

It kinda indicates fated incidents or contacts, that although they happen, often make you wonder what life might have been like had they not. Or, in another sense, the vertex brings people or events into our lives that seem fated but in retrospect leaves you wishing that they maybe weren’t so ‘fated’. Wishing that maybe you would have been better off without them.

Of course, in 3D, linear terms, one would never know. But one can only imagine…

For example, in my chart, my progressed Moon had become precisely conjunct to the exact degree of my Vertex on the very month that my parents permanently emigrated from Europe to Australia. They moved to a city where my relocated Ascendant became precisely aligned (to the degree) with my natal Vertex. I often wonder what life might have been like for me had we never moved here, several decades ago. Even though it was fated to be, I often teleport my mind to a life where this Ang had continued to live in Europe. What sort of an Ang Stoic would i have been then? Would I have become this astrologer guy? Would my life have been even remotely similar? Might life have been ‘better off’/ ‘worse off’ for ‘me’, had the intercontinental move never occurred?

Also, key characters in my life – ones who have had profoundly influential effects to my own direction and character development, have either strongly aligned on this degree (+/- 2°) of my Vertex or Antivertex (opposite point). On reflection, I often wonder how my life might have turned out had they never entered my world at all.

In the sense that the Vertex intercepts the vertical, it strikes me as an experiential model – like a vehicle for exploring parallel lives, or the ‘sliding doors’ phenomenon – the infinite array of possible lives accessible to our spirit when it learns how to dance in the 5th & 6th dimensional realms of consciousness. I often wonder if ‘higher Ang’ is dancing in all these infinite permutations simultaneously, in the dimensions of infinity and beyond, lol.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this very interesting point with you: Not to be ignored in your studies. I always use the Vertex in my work, over the years having made some quite delightful discoveries and observations with it, both in my client work as well as my personal studies.

I wonder what kind (if any) experiences you may have with this point…




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