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Thursday, June 1

Thursday, June 1

☉ ∠ ☌ ♅ ∠ ♆ – A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

Over this next few days
picture your mind’s eye having ventured
so far out of its depths
that it has become engulfed by subtle,
mysterious forces
taking hold over all your senses
and strangely affecting your overall vitality.

Logic becomes fuzzy,
enveloped by a creepish, inexplicable psychic sensitivity;
you feel your basic life-force become drained
and weakened… possibly run down completely;
only uncertainty and confusion abound;
you start to lose items,
forget vital stuff,
miss out and misunderstand the most mundane details in your basic everyday routine…

What on earth is happening?
Are you losing your grip?

Something weird is going on.
Over the next few days,
whatever you thought you were about;
whoever on earth you thought you were,
is about to undergo a very subtle
yet significant shift in terms.

The way that you have been in relation to others
takes on a whole new meaning –
matters that once seemed so important
now seem so trivial and undeserving of your attention.
Whilst things you once took as inconsequential
ignored as nonsense or erratic or bizarre
begin take on a whole new level of meaning for you.

– A whole new wave of information,
– a whole new level of experience:
Some natural,
some supernatural –
new frequencies of light
and sound
profound new experiences
begin to enter your consciousness.

In all this,
you may not possibly be equipped
with words or ways with which you can describe
what your rational mind vows you are experiencing,
or what your tender heart swears that you are feeling.
But what you do see and feel
has without question all the power to open up your senses to a new level or observing
a higher octave of emotional receptivity
in your ability to perceive the Spirit Light’s meaning
and true purpose in greater and greater depth,
to the point where you come to realise
with absolute clarity and certainty
the infinite and infinitely varied
interconnection of all aspects
of all universes.

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[image: Ansty, Salisbury UK, December 2016]


Wednesday, May 31

MARS sextile URANUS sextile NODES

Real life is only for those who truly dare to live it. Those champions amongst men and women who can liberate themselves from any 3D prism by smashing through the glass walls of society’s crystalline veneer, and see beyond all of this… whatever this is.
Lift your eyes off the ground, this pretence and look up, into the skies. Stop acting only as expected; never as the universe intended for you. Question everything you have been told, what is “acceptable” (or not) in every situation. Stop seeking refuge in your taking heed. Cease to tether your capacity to be innovative, original, quirky, brilliant, free… Quit pretending that you are something or someone else for the sake of fitting into something that is not true for you.This is not real living. In the real world, in nature, there is no need to pretend.

There is no need for it.
No place for it.

Break the system using the sheer force of your uniqueness.

….full weekly@https://angstoic.com/2017/05/week-ahead-may-29-june-4/

Tuesday, May 30


Whenever I need soothing, to touch ground, see light, clean air, open space; wherever earth is not bereft of natural beauty and its stunning wildlife – that to me is an ‘unbroken wilderness.’

Being in protected, unscathed nature to me is not a wilderness, but a familiar, hospitable, healing place – not grim & scary but friendly.

My faith has always sought to find peace and harmony, not dominance over my surroundings. For some of us, the world is full of beauty; for many others, it is just a place to be tolerated, endured, suffered, manipulated and held at bay until they finally die and go to ‘heaven’.

I feel so blessed, always, to see an abundance of love, nurturance, beauty and balance in the nature of this amazing planet…

Blessings, from the healing heart of nature xx

— at Organ Pipes National Park

Sunday, May 28

MARS opp SATURN (25°44’℞)

Funny really…those who are most critical of others are usually the ones who take the greatest offense to being criticised.

Similarly, those most insensitive to other’s pain are most likely to squirm and cry “blue murder” should someone slight or hurt them.

If someone has pushed your buttons;
overstepped your firm principles and rights;
taken from you;
something is owed you,
and a debt to debtor relationship
has been established
If you’re banging heads lately;
Can’t seem to make any ground –
then look at how you may have fanned the flames
of any anger and frustration.

Maybe it’s you who’s ‘guilty’ about the ‘guilt’ you lay on others;
‘shameful’ about the ‘shame’ you’ve been projecting;
Maybe it’s you who ‘should’ just do
what you ‘expect’ of others…

I said “maybe”.
Don’t get defensive now.

Mirror mirror
on the wall
who’s unfairest
of them all?



Saturday, May 27

☽/ ☍ ♄ △ ♅ □ Ch

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Thursday, May 25

☉∠ □ ♇ (with New Moon applying)

Someone who only gives you portions of their true self in order to keep you interested is NOT your lover. That person is merely a craftsman of toxicity and a catalyst towards your ultimate destruction.

Secrecy and clever manipulation in any affair is not to be judged as either ‘bad’ nor ‘good’. It’s either present or it isn’t. It’s like choosing to play in a game of musical chairs – you never know when the tune will stop, and you always have to scramble to stay in the game. Yet your seat is never secure.

If something in you seriously desires to be moved or wiped-out then let it be either your conscious decision or under the hypnotic spell of some controlling authority. Do you consent to dance along to someone else’s fiddle?

…..read more@ https://angstoic.com/2017/05/week-ahead-may-22-29/

[art: catrin welz-stein]

Monday, May 22

Sun enters Gemini 

SUN = To express oneself (authority)
MUTABLE = By adapting (changeable)
AIR = Intellectually (mental)
RULER = Mercury
’To express oneself by adapting intellectually’ almost immediately implies that we quickly get our wits about us because there’s going to be some important information for us to take in, process and repeat, if necessary.
And that’s exactly what we’re dealing with here. With Gemini, the entire process is cerebral. After spending the last 30 days becoming stabilised in Taurus, the spirited Sun now looks around and senses there are things beyond it own, very defined physical boundaries. In Gemini, the Sun is aware of its environment and so therefore clicks into a state of intellectual cognisance, one where the mind’s versatility scans for new information, breezing over the surface of everything, scanning for anything that may be of interest.
Read the Full Sun enters Gemini Post here;  Sun Enters Gemini – 22 May 2018

Friday, May 19


It’s a bit of a turning point here.

Am I happy with my choices?
How’s things working out for me?
Did they bring me the happiness,
joy & prosperity they promised?
Or has what I’ve attracted in my life
left me in a state of procrastination;
a slothful self-indulgence;
a decadent decline?

Sometimes it’s funny,
we go a bit overboard.

We want it all,
give it up fully and beyond to unrestraintfulness,
our sinful, rakish and lascivious side
takes hold and pulls us down,
and we just pay it over –
all the way into the land of dissolute pleasures,
dissipate our desires in louche and profligate depravities,
abandon all fine taste and all god’s morality
thrust ourselves headlong into the bordello of hell’s indulgences
romping about licentiously in the voluptuary, epicurean, hedonistic cesspit of our own, shameless, steaming desire…

And then,
at times like this,
we look at our situation & ask:
“is this all a bit rich for me…
a tad extravagant perhaps…
too lush,

….and how in hell did my ass get so fat?’


[art: polly nor]

Thursday, May 18

△♂ △♃℞


I will take this moment
turn it inside out
defy all its gravity
rant and scream and shout
I care for myself
solitary being,
friendless, unsustained,
strong in my wellbeing.At the end I stand,
my defiance bold,
all that will redeem me
from a world so cold…
. . from a world that judges,
. . . scolds & bruises, and accuses…
. . . . . castigates, incarcerates, ruses, lies & sex-abuses..
. . . . . . . hangs me out to dry like one of life’s poor losers, yet no matter what it throws at me,
I will not ever let this…
nor you…
nor anyone who has a little bone they wanna pick with me (or two) ever make my tremendous spirit give what my mind says you can not ever, ever have…..#ComeGetMe#EvolutionNow…..triberslink: https://angstoic.com/2017/05/north-node-leosouth-node-aquarius-may-10-2017-nov-6-2018/[artist: polly nor]

Sunday, May 14


Ok, so… le’me get this straight:

That whole ‘macrame’ talk wasn’t real?
And those sweet nothings were just…. nothing???
Just a ploy to get into my system?

Aww… [sigh]

You really had me there…
I guess some clarity of purpose might have been handy,
instead i got lost in a moment of dreamy abandon.
I told you everything, opened right up.
and you took my weaknesses
then held me to ransom…

So, your whole snarl and gnarly exit afterwards –
was that just some stealthy bit of underhandedness,
trumped up to gain yourself a little ground?

I did not see that.
Did not see it.
At all…



Saturday, May 13

MOON conjunct SATURN △ ☿/♅ △ ☊

I got it…

First you entice me over with your interestingness,
then proceed to send me round the bend,
down the swirling sewer of conflicting emotions,
only to hang me out to dry
and just leave…

Well, just leave then!

Spare me your caustic words of ‘truth’.
If that’s all you got for me, you’d best just go.

[art: polly nor]


What emerges as very subtle,
insidious infiltrations into our psychic space
has the power to affect us
both constructively and destructively.

If you’re feeling invaded
or your boundaries crossed;
infected when you least expected;
unwittingly allowed your system
to catch some gnarly, funky ghost that would not let you sleep,
and in your waking state you find yourself reacting
in most confused,
bizarre or ineffectual ways,
look at how vulnerable you left yourself… wide open.
Look at how vulnerable you’ve really always been.
How could you leave your psychic space so undefended?

Oh, you’re a tragic junkie for the deluge of those Twitterfeeds®

#DigitalBoundaries #MarsInGemini

….read up on how to stay grounded@https://angstoic.com/2016/09/astrology-spiritual-protection-staying-grounding/

Friday, May 12

Either these Scorpio Full Moons have lost their bite, or I’ve totally changed…

Did NOT lose my shit once.
Did NOT unload on some poor random over “seemingly” nothing…
NO bitching, snarling, jealous/covetous/sarcastic snipes or turns…
NO indulgences in my favourite poisons…
Even kept my cool when the beloved insisted that I was “losing my cool” during that argument.

.Well… that’s my version, anyways.

#WhoMyKidding #VoidOfCourse

(Moon now at very last degree of Scorpio).
…..read more about this FULLMOON@https://angstoic.com/…/full-moon-2024-scorpio-may-10-2017-9…/

Wednesday, May 10

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

The fearlessly provocative and frenetic pace of the lower mind can become activated to go into places which can seem emotionally disruptive right now (☿☌ ♅ ∠ ♂)

As MARS squares NEPTUNE, there can be a strange distaste for any vagueness or actions which seem to sully or confuse those things we wish to keep clear, simple and practical.

Let’s not romanticise our situation, but also let us also not get cranky in situations where there appears to be any evasiveness or indecisiveness. The profound stream of mental activity may not necessarily align with our dreams and ideals. It can create a drama which feels like it is aggressively trying to silence or ignore our deepest, most mystical yearnings to apply phenomenal new insights to reach a deeper understanding. Here, it poses a challenge not to elusively act out of pure egotistical self-interest and to show some compassion for things that are not necessarily immediately clear to us.

Patience. Gentleness. Openness to the ‘what ifs’ of the situation at hand.

As MARS trines JUPITER, there is considerable opportunity, especially in mild, neutral-place discussions to mediate by applying excellent judgment. We are blessed, in our capacity to seek clarity, in integrating our actions to reach workable solutions that benefit all.

Work with the tremendous forces available to cut through any problems caused by fixed-mind or established thought processes. Meanwhile, bear in mind to remain sensitively aware that any abrupt application of provocative new ideas has the power to make or break precious alliances.

With the looming FULL MOON, relationships that are hanging on tender threads – the heart-strings built upon powerful emotional investments, need to be respected at a kindly and holistic level.

So, to sum up: Mind the heart and spirit before charging forward with incisive new ideas. Your goals are easily accomplished now if you go into THIS (whatever THIS is for you) with a compassionate understanding of how this may disrupt the EMOTIONAL well-being of your tender situation.

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Saturday, May 6

MARS, final dispositor…

Looking for a bit of action A bit of excitement?
Stir up some strife; be provocative; profound; controversial…?

Do it.
Hell yeah… go stick your head right down that dragon’s throat – find out where the fire’s coming from.

Do it, do it, do it!!
Just please, don’t come back spouting out another accusation, or rebuke, or some admonishment about how you think our country is so divided, our politics is so polarized, our culture so damned degraded…

We know already.
You helped make it happen, remember?

Wanna be controversial, show us just what you’re going to do about it…

#StartShitUp #YouHaveNoIdea #HowWillEnd#Strouble

…..check in here@ The Week Ahead May 1-7

Friday, May 5

MARS in GEMINI hitting MERCURY/URANUS (semi-square)

Just a gentle warning for next 24 hours….

A degree of mental stress is now likely to turn into quick irritation, especially where a forthright or dictatorial attitude emerges through our communications.

Those holding positions of authority could suddenly be exposed for any involvement in controversial matters. No issue is too small or insignificant if it is in any way hinting at exposing scandal or undoing.

The call here is to act with inspired cleverness. Wherever the situation challenges us to fit in with the hasty plans or wilful agendas of others, or to forcefully or abruptly do as they say, we must be prepared to make a swift assessment of a situation and take quick, appropriate action. Reacting angrily, or wilfully resisting will not only have the power to bring on sudden downfalls but can also severely upset our nervous systems.

Learn to cope gracefully with uncomfortable situations.
Avoid getting defensive at all costs, especially when the evidence is all there in front of you. Use it – don’t refuse it.
Be luminously activated with unprecedented levels of intelligence.
Turn this into a phenomenally constructive moment.

….read it again…https://angstoic.com/2017/04/week-ahead-may-1-7/

Sunday, April 30

The Moon swiping past our heart’s recent sore points, illustrated by VENUS/CHIRON/SATURN picture raises emotional issues in our need for spiritual love and deep romantic satisfaction. It tends to overstate or magnify any disparities that may still arise in quest of our most cherished relationships.

There has been wounding, we cannot deny this.

If one bases all their emotional security on theirspiritual and profound relationships with others, then there may be a disconnect in reaching that much needed underlying yearning for peace and fulfillment in others, especially whenever any new difficulty arises.

This will pass.
It is important to discuss things maturely.
At the root of it all is the heart-hurt faced recently, and efforts to repair this may take some skill and patience. Venus is not ready to open her heart yet. She will exit her retrograde shadow on May 18th a zone she entered on Jan 30

Until then we must try hard to reconstitute our own hearts with our minds. Efforts of kindness, forgiveness and reconciliation are worth making, even if the parting has to come sooner or later.

…..recap here@ https://angstoic.com/2017/04/week-ahead-april-23-30-2/

[art: catrin welz-stein]

Ang’s GEMINI MOON T-square SATURN/CHIRON rant…..

I have long ceased to surrender my hopes and dreams to the fateful limitations that society has tried to put over on me. Not meaning I have rebelled as such, although until I knew exactly what I was doing I did plenty of that too, which created some degree of disruption, but brought mostly more frustration and consternation back upon me.

I’m talking about being able to cut through that wet ‘fear & judgement’ blanket that society’s prized goons keep noxiously casting about on well-meaning folks who just see things differently. Seeing through the blinkered outlook of the naysayers and the doom prophets, even among the circle of family elders and learned academics, was just the bolt of insight needed for me to know for certain that the vision of my true destiny did NOT reside within the limitations of anyone else’s system.

I’m so glad I went with this; saw this really early in my life and decided (by their terms) to go rogue because… lol, look at the fucking world now.

None of those stodgy curmudgeons and bookish upkeepers of the old guard can tell us anything any more, and if they do, they risk making proper fools of themselves, and they know this.

Hey, I always said that if I’m going to accept advice, I’m going to source it from where there’s evidence of actual results. And let me tell you: lately, I’m falling a bit short on getting any real traction on consistency of ‘results’ from ANYONE. Even among those in the luminous pantheon my own socially-disrespected fraternity. Frankly I’ve been grossly disappointed in many soothsayers and ‘mystics’ since well before Nov 8, 2016 there.

Nothing ever surprises me. Much of the world has lost its ability to call a result, and the reasons for this are obvious to me. The pure mathematical approach, even in astrology, has been dismally failing to produce any results that go beyond the no-brainer, and even those are surprisingly missed. It’s not enough to go with the textbook, mathematical approach any more. Never was actually. There is seriously a complete absence of anything mystical or miraculous in the manifested reality of those who are so eager to advise us via a mere formulaic approach. What I am seeing is a critical deficit of courage to use one’s intuition to provide the world any wisdom here. Not just among friends and family, but among ‘professionals’ and supposed ‘leaders’ too.

Let’s just call it. Individuals who visibly suffer a lack of ‘abundance’, joy, love, fulfillment and prosperity in their own lives really have no business imposing their self-limiting beliefs on anyone’s reality experience, especially not mine.

Nor yours either.
Just believe in your infinite potential. Know that limitations are only something that only you can set upon yourself.
Believe in yourself, your limitless abilities and your own infinite potential. Never let walls others have built become the self-doubt that holds you back from manifesting the dream.

You are worthy of all that you dream of and all that you hope for. And just to be sure, go and check out what this word ‘abundance’ actually means. You won’t find it in any textbook/bible. It is written only in hearts.

Plant seeds of joy, hope, certainly, well-being, and love and see it all come back to you in abundance. This is the fundamental law of the cosmos.

Blessings x


— in Daylesford, Victoria.


Friday, April 28

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

Due to being in their retrograde peaks, ‘personal’ planets, Mercury and Venus appear to be moving so slowly lately that they are behaving more like outer planets. This means that instead of their transits lasting their usual day or two, their effect is intensely focused within 1-2° for up to two weeks.

These very important bodies, which orbit between us and the Sun, are the transmitters of the Sun’s electromagnetic force. In the last two weeks Venus has been messing with our personal magnetic force, stationing at 26°55′ to square Saturn, really made it hard to enjoy those things our heart usually desires. We have learned that, due to our prejudices, how the fear of loss and expectation often limit our chances to experience true peace and joy in our relationships.

It is MERCURY who now slows to station at 24°16′, forming a rare 2-week conjunction to URANUS – a phenomenon which is vital to the evolutionary awareness of our new human experience. Shuttling important, unprecedented ideas in the form of exciting, ‘electrical’ energy, we each begin to open our mental aperture to receive the higher dimensions of light/sound frequencies into our nervous systems. We start to see and hear things, ideas that were perhaps always there to be made conscious, just never before visible to our ‘naked eye’ or conscious minds until now.

Do you see how differently you are responding to the ‘usual’ things? More rapidly, with greater comprehension and ability to process into other coherent forms. Observe this accelerate in the coming days.

Information comes through in strange, progressive ways. We start to see the bits that always sat outside the 3D box – beyond our limiting views and biases that have impeded our ability to cut through fears and apprehensions.

Watch how everything changes now.

See how your eyes and ears are ready to tune in to new thought forms – visions, colours, sounds, sensations. Observe how you are suddenly capable of perceiving your world in formerly inexplicable ways, experiencing and comprehending rays of insight that you would have never before imagined possible. It is like you are able to understand a whole new language. This phenomenon becomes the liberating force from the 3D box that I have been telling you about.

MERCURY stations to go direct on May 3, meantime forming close conjunction to URANUS starting now till May 11.

Stay “tuned”….

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Thursday, April 27

I always used to think, never try to outstubborn a Leo. Maybe it’s because they’re at the top of the food chain, but they seldom feel they have to apologise or to admit failure. Perhaps it’s their pride – the god-like way they feel about their achievements.

Yet, I have found that achievements don’t count for much if their residual effect is to create shame, hatred, cruelty, silence, ignorance, discrimination, low self-esteem or depravity.

To hell with those achievements, I say.

The world is full of cats who just want to be right all the time, when actually the most admirable trait is the human ability to admit fault when they have failed and just say “sorry”.

I wonder whether Leo feels that to humble himself before others – to just say “sure…I fucked up, I was wrong.” will diminish his lustre and shine.

Does he not know that admission of one’s frailties and flaws has the power to endear him to his tribe, back him with all the confidence in the world, have others much more willingly follow him? By stubbornly refusing to repent or admit he was wrong, he loses the love and confidence in others and his leadership wears out.

Humanity is about to learn much about the difference between humility and humiliation.

Talking NORTH NODE in LEO (May 9, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018),
the Great American Eclipse (Aug 21, 2017) at 28°53′,
and American President Donald Trump (Asc 29°57′, ♂26°46′, ♇10°02′). Tickets here @https://angstoic.com/subscriptions/

Tuesday, April 25


You got exactly what you wanted.
Exactly what asked for.
The happiness,
the joys and grievances
that reside in your heart
have unfolded for you in your affairs.
Just as you have wished.

Everything you want also wants you.
Everything you don’t want, has also come to be.
As you set your intention,
So it comes to be.
The universe is abundant with gifts and lessons
tailor made to suit your heart’s desire.
Keep your heart intentions positive
and you shall be rewarded accordingly.

Praise be to the universe, who loves you infinitely.

……New Moon Intentions @https://angstoic.com/2017/04/horoscopes-taurus-new-moon-apr-26-may-10/

[art: catrin welz-stein]


A Moment of Weakness

The softest plea from a tear-stained eye holds a lot of power. It can sway you to do a lot of things you wouldn’t normally do. Worst of all, perhaps most undermining, is the power a good sob-story has to make you go back upon your word.

If you said no, then have the courage to mean it.

Stick to your word.
Do not ignore the details of why you came to make your very difficult decision. It was essentially about you learning not to lean on others. It was ultimately about knowing that they will eventually lean on you. And we can’t have that on this journey.

It is a whole new road that meets us up ahead. Help others in this by helping yourself to stay pure and true to your Self.

We are each walking ourselves back to our centredness.
No passengers, no baggage.
Just the pure you.


NODE enters LEO on May 9th

[art: catrin welz-stein]

Saturday, April 22

♂ in mutual to ☿ 28°29’℞

Mind: The angst you are currently experiencing in your communications is the purgatory between what you have to say and what you want to but can’t.

Friday, April 21

Yes, whilst some relationships that go through difficulty can be salvaged from the brink with some counselling and mature communication, sometimes it is necessary to accept that a struggling relationship may have run its course. Through its often painful, scarring episodes, every significant relationship has the potential to teach us some valued lessons about ourselves. Our shortcomings and characteristic pitfalls soon come out to be tested and dealt with. These episodes, marked by distinct events, are what constitutes our ‘fate’ or ‘karma’.

If a relationship is not working; if it becomes more of an unpleasant chore rather than a sheer delight to sustain; if it is taking all your energy just to keep it from falling apart; making both partners miserable and weary of trying, then the relationship has to end. That’s the harsh reality.

If in doing our best and still getting mediocre or unsatisfactory outcomes, we must come to a definite point of acceptance that the most compassionate thing to do is to let each other go.

Little niggling annoyances which surmount and eventually grate on us; elements which suddenly or gradually emerge that were not there to begin with; imbalances in contribution; inability to maintain the illusion; external pressures; horrendous power struggles; disingenuity and superficial values; boredom; flatlining into mind-numbing robotic patterns; abusive or escapist behaviours; confusion and gross miscommunication are all elements which, when manifest to the point of crisis, are perfect red flags. If not maturely addressed, processed and consciously evolved out of become ‘death cards’ upon the relationship.

SATURN, for all his worth, is now here (by square aspect) to strike a crisis upon VENUS, whose heart-wounds are now being triggered and brought up to the light by CHIRON.

TIME is not always going to “heal all wounds”. Sometimes, TIME comes only to accentuate the impossibility of continuing on, heralding the importance of separation/death. It is a sacred process that, through excruciating pain and frustration, forces an event that brings awareness. SomeTIMES we need to pick ourselves up, pack our things and go our seperate ways in hope of somehow restoring joy and purpose into our lives again.

If a relationship has lost trust, faithfulness, cohesion in values, dreams or aspirations; if it is no longer interesting or fun; become estranged; violent; if your heart is no longer in it, perhaps pining for something else…. then it’s time to get real with it.

If a relationship has to end, it has to end…
Fear of anything (loneliness, grief, loss)
is not going to help you avoid the inevitable.
Responsibility is necessary here,
for the sake of evolution and healing.
Come to terms with TIME,
intercept its apparent cruelty of ‘fate’
by stepping into the PRESENT TENSE,
come to this place,
make a firm decision,
take appropriate action,
reach a desired result.

Ultimately, things are going to turn out for the best (you’ll see)

Blessings x

[for those seeking astrologically-guided assistance with reaching a decision in relationship, please arrange a private synastry/composite session, only through https://angstoic.com/appointments/ ] [pic: giacchi dell erba]

Thursday, April 20

PLUTO is now retrograding from 19°24’℞ back to 16°51′ (Sep 28). Having entered that zone on Dec 29, 2016 and will not leave his shadow until Jan 19, 2018.

Pluto, who rules over the dark, unknown recesses of our consciousness – areas we must access and address in order to reach purification and connect to the Spirit Light – ensures that we drop any past behaviours that are holding us back, sabotaging our individual growth…. or die.

It is now time to revisit those things that we have outwardly struggled to control but through our most unconscious behaviours, embroiled us into intense struggles. Through our addictions, obsessions and power struggles in our relationships they have taken our control away.

Start to review where, over the past 4 months, you have become possessed by shadowy entities; how you have blindly projected these into the world around you; how they have consequently reacted upon you; playing an important role in trying to force you out of your own darkness and into the light.

This is usually a slow, alchemical process, forcing you to eliminate any factors from your life that are impeding the progress of your Soul, corrupting true, crystal-clear expression of your Spirit.

Have fun…

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