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Cosmic Bus – Wednesday, May 17

Wednesday, May 17

The opportunity for each of us to choose how we wish to express our creativity in this world has arrived.

This now requires a certain action – no longer just an anticipation or a withdrawal into submission.

In a state of pure observation, you will notice that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, no ‘good ‘ or ‘evil’, no duality as such; no engaging in accusations or blame.

In this state of pure witnessing, the dream that you have held in your heart for many, many years is unfolding before your very eyes.

Can you see it?

What we are strongly discerning is that our world is splitting into two very distinct levels of consciousness. The split into these two very contrasting levels is happening before our very eyes – both levels starkly obvious, yet both, at times seemingly beyond belief in the cartoonish way in which they are playing out.

They unfold in such extreme manifestations of themselves so we do not miss the contrast. Through these extraordinary events which we are witnessing in our world – through the obvious schism that is occurring, we get to make a choice….

We get to choose our tribe.

Thursday, May 11

(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018)

[…..continued] PART 7 – on THE NEW HORIZON
Much will transform for us once our tendency to ‘overpower’ turns into an ability to ‘oversee’ society’s needs.

By learning to take command (not demand) over those areas where there is unfair or inequitable treatment, both towards individuals, groups and communities and our planet’s well-being, we develop a talent for creating greater sustainability, freedom, and happiness to all creatures.

Leo is the King and rules best when making responsible decisions that will ensure the prosperity and well-being of all inside his kingdom. This can only be achieved by putting principles in place that are so unshakable that everyone feels like they are an important contributor towards the co-creation of something that is solid and unilaterally sustainable.

Eventually we will all reach a place where the principle of what has been applied starts to benefit the well-being and happiness of the entire spectrum. We become highly responsive to any activity which promotes inequity and disrespect for any being, whether biological, ecological or geological.

Life on earth becomes directed towards a specific, universal goal: It is about finding balance between greater personal independence without compromising the freedoms of others or the sustainability of our ecosystem’s resources.

If you are a VIRGO/VIRGO RISING, then you totally need to read this…

Special Node Message for VIRGO/VIRGO RISING – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018


Wednesday, May 10

(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018)


Of course socially, there may be difficult, perhaps even dangerous ramifications to all this. Since we are each somehow affected, increasingly wanting to be who we want to be without compromise or regard for the opinions of the collective, the main challenge that societies will face – at least in the initial few months of this transit – is how to control those individuals or groups that most wilfully challenge established order and convention. Without some degree of limitations or discipline, individual energies become directed into contrary, useless, even destructive actions or projects. Force may be necessary to bring those who insist on having things their way, at the expense of others. Counter-force meets counter-force, until the mightiest come out trumps.

On an evolutionary level, it is not until we realise that nobody has the right to lord it over us with an iron will that we begin to really get somewhere. If we build on the lessons gained from history, where we see that dictatorships and rule by totalitarian force have never succeeded in creating a utopia, having only lead to the suppression of the individual spirit, and the freedom and will to be creative, we will learn much. we has a great ability to do something for the human race for we is capable of depersonalising our actions for the good of all mankind.

here now is the reading for SAGITTARIUS/SADGE RISING:

Special Node Message for SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

Sunday, May 7

(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018)



…..during the Nodal Shift into the fixed Leo/Aquarius axis we may initially become not the easiest of people to understand, let alone work with. In fact, we will do anything to maintain, even stress our own sense of individuality upon others.

This phenomenon, which starts local and soon becomes global, quickly develops into a dissociation or detachment – first from those who try to dictate their terms to us: loved ones; family; social circles… then gradually from the majority of the world.

We do whatever it takes for us to feel free to go our own way.

Progressively we start to take greater pride in being unique and different, caring less and less for the traditions of society. The tendency is more and more towards following whatever rules we choose to set up for ourselves…

….continuing in the series until May 10, here is the link to your special message for ARIES/ARIES RISING:

Special Node Message for ARIES/ARIES RISING – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

Saturday, May 6

“….In some ways, this Aquarius/Leo Lunar Node phase marks the full completion of your spiritual journey. Through this period, the full details of why you are here on this earthly plane become revealed to you through the subtle messages that you access from the Akashic planes. You come to unravel how it is…..”

Special Node Message for PISCES/PISCES RISING – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018) […..continued]


Ultimately, when the mind is made up, there’s not much that’s going to sway it from playing out its chosen destiny. However, we must learn that any detachment or isolation that we are about to experience is just a self-imposed prerequisite for gathering strength.

If we are at all capable of showing any leadership in our lives, we must first learn to get over any doubts we carry within ourselves. Our constant incessant urge to connect to friends and social networks begins to significantly weaken us during this Leo North Node period. We find that ‘friends’ do little through this time to build our individual confidence. The whole thing becomes a cheap and shallow exercise in feeding the false-self with hollow encouragement.

It is time for us to learn how to become more goal-oriented rather than following our accustomed tendency to dissipate our energies into activities that constantly seek the approval from our social crowd. The interesting thing is, that while we continue to think we need others to listen to our problems; show us encouragement; answer our questions… we rarely ever take their advice.

Of course, the friends we do make through this period will start to emerge from all walks of life. In the mundane sense, this enhances our social/cultural range tremendously. On a deeply spiritual level, our friends have the power reawaken our souls to any awarenesses that we may have carried over from former incarnations.

Insights that we re-member through our connection to kindred spirits have indeed been earned by our souls, now rekindled by our more deeply selective social mingling. Once our collective dream becomes reawakened, the road ahead towards success is filled with greater co-operative and co-creative efforts by our chosen circle.

These become the friends and social set we always needed – not ones who lean and siphon upon our energy; but honour and support our greatest potential. Where friends are concerned, we deserve the best and we will not settle for anything less. Much of our energy with friends is invested towards creating a brighter future. We are so caught up in the illusion of living there, that we are scarcely ever in the present tense together. By the end of this 18-month Nodal period many of us snap into the realisation that today is actually yesterday’s tomorrow and that nothing can exist in the future that is not actively being created now.

……continuing in the series until May 10, here is the special message for CANCER/CANCER RISING:


(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018)

These individual ‘readings’ for the Nodal axis shift are offered to you here with an understanding that we have an enormous effort to make in order to extricate ourselves from the karmic responsibilities to connections in our past, in order to move into our future.

These connections, often presented in this lifetime as significant relationships to those whom we ‘owe’ something, release us from any unresolved debts and, through lessons learnt, allow us to move on in ways where our soul has somehow evolved.

Here now is the reading for SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING…. I will continue to publish special readings for each of the signs over the next few days.

Blessings x

Special Node Message for SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018)


During this 18-month Nodal period, there is little sympathy being meted out to those who fail to show up and demonstrate some degree of individual flair and originality. There is no ‘safety in numbers’ here; Leo considers anyone adopting the ‘herd mentality’ as declaring a sort of inherent weakness or inability to stand on one’s own merit.

Either on compassionate grounds, or out of utter disdain, the ferocious Lion won’t spend too much time feeling sorry for those s/he sees as being lame, unoriginal or creatively stunted souls, who band together in attempt to prop and bolster one another’s overall incompetence. Alliances of the weak and ineffectual become particular targets in Leo’s crosshairs to eliminate competition.

Those grazing on the leftovers or surplus at the perimeter of the circle will be easily and systematically picked off by the lion as prime targets, exploited only for their ‘meat’.

Somehow, during this period – and it must be pointed out that there will be times of incredible stress to those groups, societies and cultures that are struggling throughout this – the support & welfare from friends, allies and communities simply won’t be there as once was expected. Nature does not want this now. The universe wants people to learn to carry their own karmic junk, process it bravely and courageously by themselves, even if they have to endure long periods of loneliness and isolation.

The only real, authentic security will come from learning how to tap into the self, find the impetus for their uniqueness and put one’s greatest talents to work. It’s time to generate one’s own power and prestige without the support network of the group to applaud them. The inspiration will be there. The emotional pity and rallying assistance will not. Aquarius has the qualities of becoming aloof and detached when not feeling received or under threat, veering off into inconsiderate, cold or loner type behaviour…..[to be continued….] [More special messages to come with this story over the next few days. Here is TAURUS]

Special Node Message for TAURUS/TAURUS RISING – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

Wednesday, May 3

(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018)

External events in connection to those around us begin to ‘force’ every individual forward, either to learn how best to operate from one’s inner strength for the purposes of improvement, or to become hopelessly left behind. Those who lag in the evolutionary stakes become lost, like insignificant particles in the sea of indifference among the crowd, where they will struggle to stay latched on to a crumbling collective identity; a soon-to-be defunct ‘society’ that eventually fails to acknowledge, honour and celebrate the individual’s uniqueness.

For all its utopian idealism, Aquarius is cold and cruel to those who cannot keep up with progress and diversity. Society, and its ‘democratic’ or ‘communal’ ways are being revealed now as concepts that are largely dysfunctional. The more social systems try for equity and equality, the more they have only served to marginalise and exclude the individual based on exterior conditions based on creed, colour, gender, religion, or socio-economic status. No wonder the world is gearing back to isolationism and sentimental nationalism.

This is not a time for slouching or taking a free ride upon the welfares, charities and tributes supported on the backs of the collective. Through NN in Leo, those who assume that they can just go with the flow; band together like sheep simply risk being lead to the slaughter by those who rise to the top of their game with the determination to dominate and prevail in their own right.

Leo is king of the jungle. Whilst he respects all others who stand in their own sense of sovereignty, s/he is conversely intent on feeding off those who straggle along the perimeters – the complacent, sluggish and hapless followers of the herd simply become the fodder that they ‘mighty’ will prey upon. Such is the evolutionary law of survival. ‘Survival of the fittest’ means that the more creative, authoritative and dynamic – those who stand closest to the centre of their circle – shall remain and most certainly rule in an increasingly tighter race. Those on the outer become collateral or fuel…..[to be continued….] [More special messages to come with this story over the next few days. Here is AQUARIUS]


Tuesday, May 2

(May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018)


Greetings Cosmic travellers, and welcome to you who have recently joined us on our wonderful journey here on the Cosmic Bus. Of course, this is already shaping up to be quite phenomenal year, and since the Aries Equinox (March) the shift in frequency that we are now resonating at, both within and without, is starting to reflect upon our dear mother earth. Like the climate itself, events between us are starting to heat up. Spiritually, we are about to experience a definite shift too.

As the North Node shifts into Leo on May 10, 2017, the evolution of human consciousness enters a period where it faces a formidable struggle to connect and align to its individual wills and collective willpower. The Nodes (North and South) recede progressively through the zodiac, showing us how we connect to one another on a karmic level in order to expedite our own inner, spiritual journey, as well as that of the collective. Their extraordinary capacity to pull/push us towards greater self-understanding and to embrace pressing themes in our evolutionary development as humans, also assists the greater unfoldment in the evolution of the universal Soul.

In this Leo/Aquarius part of our journey we become destined to explore the virtues of developing our individual INNER STRENGTH and building an AUTONOMOUS. Conditions between us conspire in such ways, that throughout these next 18-months we are continuously met with challenges and lessons on how to walk this path alone, without the crutch of society to prop us up. By the end of this period we will finally learn that if our world is ever going to improve, it has to stand upon the merits and the inner strength of the individual. [to be continued….]

I am composing an individual message for each sign of the constellations. These will be rolled out gradually here, along with the main story. Enjoy, this is an exciting thing for all of us, and ever more exciting that we are all here to share it together.

Blissfully yours xx

Special Node Message for LEO/LEO RISING – May 10, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018

Friday, March 9


It’s not enough just to ‘be in your centre’, or to ‘stay present’…

Being a creative entity all unto yourself is only the starting point of your cosmic experience.

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Friday, March 9


It’s not enough just to ‘be in your centre’, or to ‘stay present’…

Being a creative entity all unto yourself is only the starting point of your cosmic experience.

Look around. Observe that there are others also resonating from their heart centre. Witness how they too are present in their own integrity. Honour the resonance of their unique creative force in your world.

See how somewhere between you is a middle ground; a common place where your heart-centres can meet.

This ‘middle ground’ is the sacred point where you can mindfully engage with others.

The MIDPOINT between any two centres becomes the point of cooperation, compassion, co-creation and joy.

Come to engage with others, centre to centre,
without judgment, separation or any duality.
Create unity not division through peaceful co-existence.
Without this, nothing can truly become whole.
The middle is not just the space between us,
it’s also what holds everything together….

#ComeTogether #RightNow #OverWe

….read more @https://angstoic.com/…/03/part-3-mercury-pisces-higher-mess…/

[pic: mark hunter

To stay updated and join in on discussions, please sign up to the Cosmic Bus on Facebook.
1. Please send me a message @https://www.facebook.com/ang.stoic  citing the email address used in your registration and top secret code, ‘Cosmic Bus’.

COSMIC BUS: Eclipse prelude.

Just checking in. More Eclipse messages for you,
Will continue to check in with the ‘psychic weather’, leading into this weirdass eclipse.

Read your Sun/Risng Sign Eclipse message here

Full article coming and all the scopes coming soon.


Tuesday, February 22

☉ – ♂/♇

Ok, next 24 hours is going to be super-intense planetary mo-fo action.

I like this because I get can get a lot of seriously impossible work done. Penetrate some seriously impenetrable fortresses. Smash all sorts of records…

If I can channel these energies to go my way, put them into line and make them march to the the beat of my own drum, first up the hill… then all the way down again, I can achieve the unachievable. We can march all through the night, never missing a single beat, eyes on the prize (to complete the mission at all costs).

I like it.
Good for marching.

But often, with this transit, things get out of control down there in 3D mode….
And it’s not cool to lose our cool.
And this one… you don’t wanna lose it here… (trust me).
You wanna be daddy cool – super-mindful, and though you might end up with lots of sweat and exhaustion, it will be worthwhile if you just keep your cool.

The Pisces Sun, stepping in between the Mars vs Pluto’s thermo-nuclear wargames can shed enormous light on what actually happens (when we lose our cool). What triggers us? What possesses us to act like maniacs? The Sun can show tremendous skill in dealing with even the most tense of crises.
[see… “How to dismantle an atomic bomb”].

If a crisis should go down, have a drama-debrief plan ready, deploy it quickly, execute it smartly.
Learn to find a reset point and just go there. Fast. Muster up. Chill, and wait.
Be in command of your soldier(s).


[pic: Jam Sutton]

Saturday, February 18

Prelude to Eclipse

The SOLAR Eclipse’s (08°12′) alignment to the South Node (04°A48′) itself suggests that many things are ending. Estrangements, separations and dissociations are rife as we begin to discover how some of our connections (including family ties) have left us feeling largely neglected, particularly through evasive, dishonest, or underhanded actions.

Its midpoint alignment to ☿/♆ (also in Pisces) highlights how prone we have been to exorbitant falsities and untruths about our grounded reality, how vulnerable and gullible we remain prey to the pervasive media, and how confused and convoluted our situation has become in our selective (often erroneous) interpretations of the word.

This eclipse marks the dawning that we have all (on some level) been implicit in the great disenchantment and spiritual unrest that now plagues this planet. It then goes without saying that a civilization which leaves such a great mass of its participants unsatisfied and drives them into revolt neither has nor deserves the prospect of a lasting existence.

Yes there is a sadness. Scientific knowledge has taught humanity much since the fabled fall of consciousness, and it will increase our power still further. Yet, as we continue to be tied to the auspices of Fate and Karma, against which there seems no salvation, we are forced to endure them with grim resignation. It does not have to be.

Intercepting all that is known, or largely assumed thanks to what science tells us (through our written word and media), we are able to make way for the pure, unfiltered light. This cosmic, ‘christed’ light which permeates our senses has the power to cut through the nonsense and the rigid distinctions imposed upon us by the world of density, conditional limitations and rigid, inflexible boundaries.

Center yourself for a moment, breathe deeply and with intent, and see that all of this around you only leaves you empowered with choice.

You choose.
How much baggage do you wish to carry into the next moment?

Blessings x


Friday, February 17

(This stop) JUPITER in LIBRA

With Jupiter now retrograde at 22°58’℞, the big dilemma is not which decision to make, but the fact that you need to make a decision.

And the decision is not over something minor. This shit is over something serious, right?

And… you’re not sure whether what you’re up against is completely bonkers or whether it’s just you…

Maybe it’s both.
Is it possible the entire world has lost the plot… gone mad… including you?

One might easily suspect as much at this juncture.

Whatever it is, you can’t decide for sure.
In the extreme, if, in your full-blown madness, you become possessed with a thought to cast yourself off the edge, then there’s also too a strong chance that some morsel of sanity still remains in you which might force you to seek out the wise counsel of those who would save you from your own decision.

Or maybe still, you might not be convinced.
At least not sure…

This is NOT the easiest the time to be making those drastic decisions.
But… damn it… decisions must be made.
And… it’s worse when there’s the whole ‘right & wrong’ feeling about which way to go.

You could be up all night, weighing up the pros and cons, but the only thing that’s certain by dawn is that you have surrendered, gratefully, to the old inertia – the result of always seeing both sides of every question.

So sit with it some more….

Sit, as you would at the foot of an apple tree, starving to death, just trying to make up your mind which of those fat,juicy apples you might choose. You know you want each and every one, but then, choosing one might mean losing all the rest…

And… whilst you sit there, unable to decide, notice how those apples start to shrivel and go black, then, one by one, they plop to the ground around your feet….

One thing is for certain, you would have not made a decision in haste.

Don’t worry.
Remain mindful of your options.
Just refrain from making harsh, condemnatory judgements.
Either of others, or yourself.
Everything is worthy of kind consideration, no matter how ‘bad’, ‘mad’ or ‘evil’ it looks.

MARS (in Aries) will soon join Uranus and the deliverance you would have been looking for will be there, right before your very eyes.
[just mind that it doesn’t kick your f@&#ing arse, lol]

MARK THESE DATES (both within hours of this Solar Eclipse)
Sunday, Feb 26: ♂ ☌ ♅ @22°00′
Monday, Feb 27: ♂ @22°26′ ☍ ♃ @22°26’℞

…oh, and if this link doesn’t help, then it’s time to book a session with me https://angstoic.com/2016/09/jupiter-libra-guidelines-growth-finding-balance/

Blessings to you, and remain centred at this next juncture (thank you) xx


Monday, February 12th

Mid-Eclipse 4D Spot Check

Living without spontaneity?
Feeling like going through the motions?
Doing what you think people expect you to do?
Glad that you’re just able to at least appear normal throughout the day and maintain a job?
Did you not once have a dream that pitched you as the creative, prolific, artistic kind; dreams of finding yourself inspired by someone truly beautiful, someone whose whole entire world revolved around just loving you, and sharing all the abundant joy that simply poured out of your heart?Do you recall just when an emerging self-consciousness about what others think of you eventually rob you of your ability to ACT naturally?If you’re feeling as if all of your life is an ACT – just an attempt to maintain the status quo, then look at it this way:You are in the interim phase of a dawning awareness that you have been living life being largely unaware. Becoming conscious that you have fallen into being unconscious.Makes me recall Albert Camus’s literary character Meursault, from his book “The Stranger” – a gormless, dispassionate character who plods through life in a meaningless universe with complete apathy and indifference. Although he’s tired of living this way, he’s also terrified of dying.We cannot live our lives dictated by fear of not ‘fitting in’ to the ‘box’.It’s actually, more like the other way around.
We should call it “fitting out”.
Trying to fit into the out-er world only just pushes us outer and outer… from our true selves.We live our entire lives according to some script that ‘they’ concocted for us, then left wondering why we feel to marginalised, ostracised and empty inside.”Fitting in” must become looked at as our brave attempt to re-associate our outer image to the inner beauty that lurks inside.Choose wisely when and how to presently engage with ‘out there’, in Shakespeare’s grand old drama. Choose wisely when to ACT, with integrity and intent to drive your self back to those dreams where you are connected to your love and boundless creativity.Come now. Don’t be afraid, just mindful of the drama along the road.REmember: Hands inside the bus……..https://angstoic.com/2017/02/week-ahead-february-13-19/[image: Igor Burba]


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