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The Week Ahead: May 1-7

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The main theme this week hits us late Tuesday, when the First Quarter Moon in Leo triggers the second of three Saturn Chiron squares this year, as well as activating enormous energy from Uranus/Nodes. This not only forces us into an instinctual awareness of the spiritual reasons behind all our recent frustrations and limitations, but driving home the message of how important it is that we connect to others in a way that is free and open, with as few restrictions and limitations as possible. Understanding this… really getting it… is going to be a challenging little exercise. Of course, there may be a specific conflict that precipitates such an awareness, which promises not only much healing, but also opens us up to finding more sustainable ways to how we can experience smoother, much more uninhibited relations in our personal interactions.

More chiefly, we need to address the occasional tendency we have to storming off and running away from our problems, especially when we’re feeling vulnerable to situations where we feel our personal integrity has been compromised.

This Fixed Quarter Moon (Wednesday) could bring up a heated argument with someone in your space, possibly over something that has been the crisis point for the tenth time this month. The temptation to charge out, slam doors and run away in order to either avoid conflict or out of pure exasperation is inevitable. Yes, finding ways to cool off can be helpful, but exiting any fight as a statement in itself is not constructive and it sends out all sorts of messages to your partner that, whether you are aware of it or not, can be extremely hurtful. Perhaps you have seen this kind of energy building slowly in your affairs over the past weeks with the recent transits. This week it is all coming to a head. If you’re part of such a dynamic, you should know that you are causing tremendous damage by railing out and shutting off whenever the pressure becomes too insufferable for you to handle.

Here are the main transits for this week:

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  Ch Sunday Apr 30 08:41 pm Saturn 27°19′ Square Chiron 27° 19′
  sqq Tuesday May 02 11:20 am Sun 12°15′ Sesquiquadrate Saturn 27°15′
  Ch Tuesday May 02 02:56 pm Sun 12°23′ Semisquare Chiron 27° 23′
Vs  in Tuesday May 02 11:58 pm Vesta 00°00′
Wednesday May 03 02:47 am Moon 12°52′ Square Sun 12°52′
  SD Wednesday May 03 04:29 pm Mercury 24°16′ Stations to turn Direct
  Thursday May 04 00:51 am Sun 13°46′ Sextile Neptune 13° 46′
  Thursday May 04 00:10 am Mercury 24°20′ Semisquare Mars 09°20′
  Friday May 05 08:00 am Sun 15°01′ Quincunx Jupiter 15°01′
  Sunday May 07 01:54 am Mars 10°45′ Semisquare Uranus 25°45′

Both Taurus (Sun) and Leo (Moon) have tremendously fixed egos, which in their strong willfulness tend to dramatically shut down and refuse to give an inch whenever they are not getting their way. By putting up a figurative wall between you and the other person, you are effectively stonewalling, an act often born of frustration and fear as a mechanism to try to decrease tension in an otherwise emotionally tense situation.

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Though it may serve to soothe you, stonewalling actually escalates the argument because in the act of disconnection, the other partner feels abandoned. This then has the unfortunate effect of triggering any possible abandonment issues in the partner, which then sets off issues of distrust and nervousness about your overall reliability to stay supportive. Just know that stonewalling, or the old ‘silent treatment’ does not resolve anything. It only frustrates any present-tense chances of dealing with the problem by just postponing it. The longer we leave it to come back – and there is a danger here that egos might try to sweep the issue under the rug – the greater the chances that any harm done will compound further until it becomes a major drama again, especially in a week’s time under the Scorpio Full Moon. This, could spell curtains, particularly for those 3D relationships that refuse to budge due to their stubbornness to see eye to eye, in real time.

Mercury ceases to go retrograde mid week, finally stationing at 24°16′ Aries, not far from Uranus. If an argument is escalating, and it may do so very unexpectedly and in a snap, you both need to calm down, discuss it before you just storm out in a fit of anger.

Set a time limit, promise to return after you have had a chance to cool it, then follow through on this intention. Have the presence of mind to say “This is getting too heated to deal with. I need to go into the other room for 10 minutes before we both say something we’re going to regret.” This will at least inform the other person that a) you are committed to reaching a resolution and b) you’re not just abandoning the issue (or them).

Take your time out, chill, take a few deep ones, still your mind (refrain from coming up with a comeback strategy), and once you’re back in your body return into the room with a calmer demeanor. This assures your partner that when you say you’ll be back that you will. Hopefully through taking some mindful steps to diffuse your anger, create some interim space, you can return to the relationship in order to deal with any unresolved issues with a much more mature approach. If the relationship really matters to you, and it’s likely that it does, then this technique is the perfect key to overcoming any severe wounding.

Over the next few weeks, as the Nodes shift sign and gradually trine Uranus, we will explore (and smash through) all sorts of clunky limitations still endemic in our existing connections. Ultimately these promise to bring much greater freedom and openness in our affairs. Remarkable new insights come shuttling through into our collective consciousness about what is going on between us and how to keep our space and stay in tune at the same time. Naturally, we may discover that some people around us are obstinately resistant to evolving at our desired pace, and in this we can expect that it will be much easier (less painful) to form and dissolve connections at will, or as required in order to jog our personal evolution forward. There is no ‘time’ in Uranean development. Everything happens in the ‘Now’.

[art: catrin welz-stein]
By the end of the week, as a slow Mercury, Mars & Uranus start to tangle together by hard aspect, the currently heated rhetoric can easily turn to abrupt action that can either bring about huge breakthroughs or massive breakdowns in any otherwise peaceable discussions. The mutually receptive Mercury/Mars combination can turn into a blessing for those who are capable at facing facts and skilled at doing the math in order to balance accounts and to keep accountable. For those arrogant enough to ride roughshod with negative behaviour; those who prefer to fudge over, exaggerate or avoid the truth; this week may dish out some ‘unfortunate’ form of undoing as the Sun forms a quincunx to Jupiter at the end of the week.

With the Sun in the middle degrees of Taurus, any bull-headedness must be converted to earthy, stable and practically workable expressions. Stubbornness, stonewalling or passive aggressive “silent treatments” are counter-effective in our ‘present tense’ dealings. These dramas become exposed only as duly expired, infantile tactics that only fail in their attempt to control, punish, test limits and avoid issues and responsibilities between us. Learn to stand firm only in your certainty and maturity here. All other recourse is just fear-driven 3D crap.

Taurus’ ruler Venus, now slowly moving direct in the early degrees of Aries, will leave her retrograde shadow on May 18. This means that we have a couple of weeks left to fully complete our appraisals in any relationship matters that may have become critically important since Jan 30. Observe any matters around values and boundary violations around these which may have come to a frightfully painful climax over the past 2-3 weeks (♀- ♄ □ Ch).

You may notice that we (as a species) are being blessed with remarkable new tools in our capacity to perceive, deal with and then process recurring behavioural themes that only surface, mostly in unwitting ways, to sabotage our overall peace and happiness with ourselves and one another.

During this week, on the ‘Cosmic Bus’ I will be discussing the Node shift into Leo/Aquarius (May 9, 2017 – Nov 6, 2018), putting out extensive messages for each sign to all my faithful members of the Tribe. Also i will be covering the Great American Eclipse (Aug 21, 2017) at 28°53′,
and parts of American President Donald Trump’s chart (Asc 29°57′, ♂26°46′, ♇10°02′). I welcome you to join the private discussions, both here and then follow my private ‘Cosmic Bus’ posts on facebook. You will receive specific instructions on how to do this via email on sign-up.

As a parting message this week, I wish to re-iterate this: that admission of your own human frailties and flaws has the power to endear you to your loved ones and to your entire tribe. They will respect you immeasurably, back you with all the confidence in the world, follow you much more willingly as somebody who stands courageously in their full seniority. By stubbornly refusing to repent or admit where you are wrong, you stand only to lose the love and confidence of others and your authority and leadership will eventually diminish.

We are about to enter an exciting, yet challenging time ahead. In this, humanity has much to learn about the difference between humility and humiliation.

Blessings to you, and have an amazing week xx

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