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The Week Ahead: April 3-9

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By the end of this week, Saturn, then Mercury will have joined Jupiter and Venus in retrograde. Mercury and Venus are terrestrial planets, whose effect we feel very personally as direct transmitters of the Sun’s electromagnetic energy. When they go into retrograde, it’s like there is a switch in the usual way that we perceive and feel things. Time sequences alter, we tend to internalise our usual send & receive processes, and the heart and mind run away from present tense into both future and past situations, trying to process information and sensations that are somewhat stored but not entirely understood and consistent with the now.

Saturn ℞etrograde – Reality Check

Therefore some revision, reflection, regurgitation, re-ingestation is necessary before we can digest and integrate our experiences into some form of logical sense, in order to use in our present tense experiences. If it sounds messy already, then you’re probably half-way towards understanding. As these energies affect us, they do so in a very personal, subjective manner. Internally we are each prone to inspirations and ideas which cause our focus of attention to jump out of sequence in our own, time-warped way of processing thoughts and sentiments. Transmissions from Venus have us magnetically drawn back to past loves, and affectionate contacts that somehow touched our hearts, favourite things that we miss, artefacts and possessions that we relate and want near, etc.  Meanwhile, Mercury’s switch into Rx on Sunday will send the mind (which is actually the electrical information received by our brain) into retrospection and review mode.

Here are the Major transits for the Week:

  in Monday Apr 03 00:26 am Venus 00°00′
Monday Apr 03 06:41 pm Moon 14°12′ Square Sun 14°12′
  Jn Tuesday Apr 04 07:25 pm Sun 15°13′ Square Juno 15°13′
  Wednesday Apr 05 02:54 am Mars 18°37′ Quincunx Jupiter 18°37′
  sqq Wednesday Apr 05 07:41 pm Sun 16°12′ Sesquiquadrate Node 01°12′
  Thursday Apr 06 03:55 am Mars 19°21′ Trine Pluto 19°21′
  Thursday Apr 06 04:29 am Saturn 27°48′ Stations to Retrograde
  Friday Apr 07 09:40 pm Sun 18°15′ Opposition Jupiter 18°15′
  Saturday Apr 08 08:28 pm Venus 27° 47′ Square Saturn 27°47′
  Sunday Apr 09 00:45 am Sun 19°22′ Square Pluto 19°22′
  Sunday Apr 09 11:07 pm Mercury 04°51′ Stations to Retrograde
[pic: peter lindbergh]
Mercury is already in the slow, deliberate, no-nonsense sign of Taurus, so there can be a stubborn adherence to ideas that aren’t really gelling with the times, a somewhat obsessive or even obstinate hold on simple thoughts which actually, when one drills down, comes down to worries over money and basic security concerns.

Venus too, ruler of what we attract into our lives in order to form easy bonds/relationships slips out of fiery Aries into Pisces (Monday). Much passionate exchange, even hostility over the past few weeks has certainly inflamed, even aggravated our personal affairs but also, as we are feeling during the retrograde, it has been time to reflect on past patterns where we tend to become inflammatory (often for no reason, other than we just need space) and start to forgive, relinquish egos and explore healing old wounds.

With Saturn now stationary at 27°♐48’℞, it feels like time stands still and pressure is on everyone to ‘be accountable’ and ‘pay our dues’ in the name of responsibility and repaying karmic and economic debt. As he joins Jupiter in retrograde (Thursday), the big gas giants jolt our linear time reality into a-whole-nother dimension and we can safely predict an immediate glitch in the matrix. I have prepared an extensive treatise on this, which I am currently sharing, along with special messages, with my cosmic tribe group on facebook, so I won’t go into lengthy details here.

However, we are certainly in some interesting times. If you are feeling stuck between the history of all mankind and the inexorable pull of the runaway uncertainty that has become ‘the future of this planet’, then welcome to N.O.W!

Yes, this is what it feels like to be in present tense. At least, for now… (excuse my irredeemable jackassery).

If you are feeling like you are sick of it all, cannot figure out how it all turned out so ridiculously bizarre, like you are living in some parallel universe where nothing feels nice, comfortable, secure and predictable any more; wishing you were living in some past decade (or even century) when things was simple and you knew who the good guys were and who to hate, well hey…welcome to NOW. This awkward feeling in your tummy is exactly how now is supposed to feel.

We are soon coming to terms that for all our sentimentality and our romanticising, both our skewed versions of the past and eloquent visions about the future are fundamentally flawed and prone to all sorts of reasons as to why they never truly were nor ever could be entirely satisfactory.

Saturn  reminds us that all structures are impermanent, Jupiter  is teaching us that even the most righteous are prone to be wrong, Venus ℞ is underscoring that love starts and ends with oneself and Mercury ℞ is a fine re-minder to start listening to the simple messages coming from within. In all of this, we are expected to make good decisions that somewhat align to what others want so that we can steer the activities of our lives better.

While this may make good psychological sense, let’s look at it another way. Let’s look at everything in retrograde (subjectively). When we make poor decisions that somehow lead us into difficulty, we are following the guidance of the lower, personality-based mind. You don’t have to look far past your nose to find someone who is a product of making poor/bad/wrong decision after wrong decision. For many it’s a tradition. Others call it culture, religion, politics, bad luck or Karma…

We try to educate people, even our own kids to use better judgment, and whilst this tends to work for the most part, what we don’t see is that we tend to make better decisions and use good judgment in our lives when we are more aligned with the Spirit Light and working less from what the ego desires.

When we become absorbed in the vision “building a better future again”, what are we actually saying? Are just asking to recapture a long lost idea, a love, a belief system, an administration that appeared to work in its time? We will do a lot of rejigging around this.

As the Sun opposes Jupiter , this week (Friday) and Venus , squares Saturn, (Saturday), we will reflect on all that’s gone on in the past and pass judgment. Did we make the right decisions, or are we heading the wrong way?

Much depends on who is judging whether our decisions are good or not. Sometimes good judgment is considered to be marrying into a better position, making good investments or getting a high-paying job. Sometimes decisions that are aligned with the Spirit Light (or guided by intuition) seem to be bad ones, because they don’t comply with our culture, our conventions, or they do not please others or lead to success in the material world. So, the whole idea of using good judgment is a flawed one in the sense that it is not possible for everyone to agree on what good judgment means in the present tense. And if we are waiting for time to determine whether a decision we make is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, then we are also prone to become history in the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ sense.

[pic: peter lindbergh]
There is only one ‘good’ solution to all this – but it may sound mad to you. The solution in this retrograde period may be to just turn every detail of your life over to the intuition – your ‘higher self’, as it were and quit worrying about what you think you ought to do all the time. Granted, this is pretty advanced work, and it might sound contrary to common sense expectations, but if you want to really accelerate into the present tense, then this is what you must do in order to make the ‘right’ decision for yourself, every time.

It takes a fair degree of courage and confidence (not obstinacy and contrariness) to be tuned into your higher self. It is not shirking your responsibility to give everything to your blessed inner guidance system to solve. Sure, you ego may have some problem-solving skills, and you may have developed lots of experiences in the past that furnish you with enough formulas to get out of trouble. But we are seeing more and more that the kind of problems we are facing today need an extraordinary amount of education and intelligence to solve methodically. And it’s obvious, watching the world news that even that is not helping. In fact, as our global economy is edging closer to a melt down thanks to the disastrous decisions of politicians, and people are swinging more and more towards right-wing extremism, we are almost certain that those with the biggest brains are patently incapable of solving our obvious environmental and economic issues.

Indeed, the world has now become so complex, and its problems enmeshed with so many variables, that even the smartest, most well-educated, most highly resourced leader would be overwhelmed by any unexpected challenge or crisis.

We are about to find another way of doing things, but it’s going to have to take a whole new approach. We have the tools and technology already, we just have to learn to use it wisely. We need to learn to seek the advice of those with greater experience, who are consistent in coming up with excellent solutions. It’s not being lazy… it just needs to be better policy. As humans, we already have the greatest network of creating contacts ever available. We just need to make better choices on who to engage with.

Make it less about pleasing the ego – the wallet, the stomach, the sex, the prestige and the glamour and more about finding the right person for the task to work with. There are constantly those around us who will work with you too, as long as you continue to do your utmost on your own. The best approach then is to pool all the talents that we have at our disposal while at the same time delegating any problem to the one who is vastly superior at solving everything. In other words, we learn to work together.

Of course, this all starts with a little inner consultation. To overcome our outer hang-ups, our differences and our ego-conflicts, we must have the strength to make communion and trust our inner source.  It takes courage to make amends, especially with those people who are exceptionally brilliant at solving most sophisticated problems (such as emotional ones). See if we make friends and begin to work together with them.

By the end of this week, as the Sun squares Pluto, about to meet Uranus, the world will be in a state of utmost exasperation and despair. Don’t get caught up in any of it. Do not engage in the mania, the pitiful control dramas and the grimness that goes on because people are craving what people cannot have.

Sit with yourself and start working on an innovative new solution. Trust your inner guide – the true genius in your world.

And have an amazing week xx



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