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The Week Ahead: April 17-23

In the Sun’s final fiery days in Aries before he shifts into earthy Taurus, individual expression remains blessed with intent to be direct and assertive in our engagements. Since Aries is rather competitive to be the ‘one’, either triumph and victory or some degree of deference of our own will to others will mark our distinct intention to stay separate and pure unto who we are. Essentially, by the end of the Sun run in Aries, we will have determined our direction and identified its leader for the year-long cycle that is to follow.

Who is the top brass in your universe, and which direction are you headed?

trine to Saturn (Monday) to the Aries Sun sees him doing this with firm, decisive determination to posture and decry his outright leadership over others, though the semi-square to Neptune suggests that there may be a little elusiveness or deceptiveness employed to fudge over any niggling doubts and insecurities behind his motives to be outstanding.

Retrograde Mercury, currently in Taurus passes near in front of the Sun (declination +1°38′) on Thursday. The speedy winged messenger’s orbit sees him pass between the Sun and Earth in an inferior conjunction (00°♉21′), marking the end of Mercury’s brief apparition in the evening sky. In his transition to become a morning object, Mercury will slip back into the irascible Aries constellation, remaining invisible to us as he becomes lost in the Sun’s glare until the end of the month. Then, as he slows to go direct (May 03), he will become stationed in a sustained, 2-week near-conjunction to Uranus (Apr 28-May 11), shuttling in all forms of forceful, exciting, yet unsettling news to shift us out of of complacency and into urgent attention.

Meanwhile Mars also trudges out of the slow and sluggish Taurus to enter zippy Gemini, creating a mutual reception with Mercury. As these two planets rule each other’s signs, they lend much supportive impetus and agility to each others’ basic operation. Energy planet Mars, entering in Gemini (Apr 21-Jun 4), will expedite much mobilisation and a readiness to take a stand by fueling fast, biting intellectually criticism, mental contentiousness and some degree of belligerence. A flurry of facts begin to stockpile into the arsenals of ammunition for both warriors and scientists alike. Yet the breezy, superficial nature of Gemini, supported by the practical, sturdy expressions of the Taurus Sun, flanked by these two fast-talking, gun-toting wiseguys will see the next few weeks escalate into a volley of rapid-fire, verbally threatening exchanges as we try to secure our earthy ground and all the material comforts that go with that.

Here are the key transit for this week:

  Monday Apr 17 01:27 am Venus 26° 58′ Sextile Mars 26°58′
  Monday Apr 17 12:44 pm Sun 27°41′ Trine Saturn 27°41′
  Tuesday Apr 18 02:14 am Mars 27°41′ Quincunx Saturn 27°41′
  Tuesday Apr 18 04:59 am Sun 28°21′ Semisquare Neptune 13° 21′
Wednesday Apr 19 09:58 am Moon 29°32′ Square Sun 29°32′
  in Wednesday Apr 19 09:28 pm Sun 00°00′  
  Thursday Apr 20 02:17 am Mercury 00°27′ Trine Node 00°27′
  Thursday Apr 20 05:55 am Mercury 00°21′ Conjunction Sun 00°21′
  Thursday Apr 20 07:52 am Pluto 19°24′    
  Thursday Apr 20 08:11 am Sun 00°26′ Trine Node 00°26′
  in Thursday Apr 20 05:38 pm Mercury 00°00′  
  in Friday Apr 21 10:32 am Mars 00°00′
  Friday Apr 21 11:10 am Venus 27° 36′ Square Saturn 27°36′
  Friday Apr 21 10:44 pm Mars 00°21′ Square Node 00°21′
  Saturday Apr 22 09:39 pm Mercury 28°29′ Semisquare Neptune 13° 29′
  sqq Sunday Apr 23 08:23 am Mars 01°19′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 16°19′

Pluto, now stationing to turn retrograde (Thursday) will remain at 19°♑24′ for an entire fortnight, creating a tense planetary picture with Jupiter/Uranus as he continues to T-square their loosening opposition. Needless to say, our discontent with the legal, religious, philosophical and political matters of our day are reaching crisis levels now as pressure mounts all around us to deal with some of the bigger issues. It is evident now that the world is ready to vent this slow-ripening anger in a collective shift that could see the extreme right return to power in many lands for the first time since the 1930s, and Europe especially reverting to a turbulence not seen since that epoch.

With Pluto in Capricorn, we continue to witness the collapse of structures, such as the gradual deconstruction of western democracies. The collective response to the sweep of modernity by the ‘old guard’ to the lost grandeur of ‘glory days’ ushers in an age of grumbling and discomfort among the masses towards globalisation of power and a growing shift towards nationalism, patriotism and separatism in every respect.

This is the instrument of a knee-jerk Saturnian fear – a structural by-product of Saturn’s negative gearing during his 4-month stint in retrograde in righteous-minded Sagittarius. Bearing in mind that in the next few years Saturn will be scaling all the way to the top of the Capricorn ladder of supreme success who, at some point (Jan 2020) finally conjuncts Pluto (totalitarian regimes, cruel elimination, disintegration of forms), the auspices for the sustainability of our familiar and dependable fixtures don’t look so chirpy.

Of course we predict this, not with the intent of creating a dark, foreboding future. On the contrary, none of you that are following these posts will deny that we are actually leaving the world of separatism and duality behind, this time for good. Yet much must be spelled out to those less conscious in ways so extremely black and white that they cannot be ignored or denied. The lower world will go through its issues with attachment to things it cannot carry on its path to greater peace and understanding.

This is this process now, pressed by Pluto to such a point where it will get awfully squishy and unkind. Matters from this point will become so insufferably uncomfortable, particularly now with the growing swarms of displaced and discontented human populations now flooding in and intermingling with the entrenched cultures of western Europe. The tension there appears to be building towards an economic and political rupture so violent that even Donald Trump’s victory or Britain’s vote to leave the union would pale in comparison.

Pluto’s applied hand in this ♃/♅ T-square stays applied for months – until July actually. I don’t usually discuss politics here, since I choose to stay out of it in my writings, just to remain objective. However, we cannot avoid the giant ‘elephants in the room’ now, since in many seats of government we have the seeds of totalitarians brewing on just about every corner of the globe. Not sure whether to laugh or cry about the tactics played out daily on the world arena, but the objective here is to tie these phenomena in with our desired emphasis on self-awareness and actualisation. What we are experiencing is the increasingly stark absurdity that trying to rule our world by assigning (or deferring) our own, precious individual authority to external ‘leaders’ has the power to get us all upset, and in a total state of discord…

…if we allow that.

We can choose to either stand free, in our own sovereignty, or forcibly become part of a structure that will soon disintegrate under enormous exterior force.

The proponents of the 3D system, the demagogues of fear, separation and duality are clearly abusing the system, and we are now at a point where (to use a Sagittarian adage) the horse has bolted. Never mind. It is arguable whether the the world of today really cares all that much about its collective fate as the one where Kennedy, Castro and Khrushchev held us all in constant suspense about the survival of our species with the use of nuclear force (Plutonian themes), even though on paper, there seems much more at stake now, since (technologically, at least) we are almost at the next level of building a better, more sustainable world for our children to inherit.

You may argue that a lot of what is happening is playing out externally, right? Far from your own neck of the woods. If we are going to be absolute individualists, we need may argue that very little of the drama that is now being played out on such a gargantuan scale by these glorified superbrats actually concerns us personally anyway…

In truth, this is actually it’s kind of not so. In a roundabout sense, everything that comes into our stream of consciousness now, no matter how disturbing, becomes a matter for us to attend to. In a more enlightened sense, not many are willing to be oppressed by forces that limit our individual freedoms and rights to express our own will. Still, the reason why these ‘stories’, or ‘news reports’ from ‘over there’ are getting louder and increasingly more gruesome and abhorrent, as well as uncomfortably closer to home and impossibly difficult to ignore, is because at some point we must awaken to the reality that we are all somehow responsible; to the mess that we live in; and to make changes to this.

Maybe this is not so obvious yet. Pluto rules the situation here because much of the world is still clinging to its old, sleepy ways. Soon we are all to be summoned to wake up. Going by the way Pluto operates, these pressures will pervade the very essence of our constitution and start to mess with us internally. Whilst many of us may still be in a state of reasonable comfort and well-being, the objective of Plutonian energy is to transform and transmute absolutely.

Such ‘end-days’ gloom has, in fact, a silver lining but we cannot just jump immediately into the 5th dimensional realm of ‘spiritual ascension’ without literally enduring the hard yards of coming into the 4th (present tense awareness). Until we get here and now with it, and this involves stripping down to bare-ass nakedness – carrying nothing but our consciousness of what is going on without holding fixed views or physical attachments, we’re gonna keep hurting. Both ourselves and others.

Enter the Sun in Taurus.
Here, for a full month, we learn a lot about values. More than last year. More than ever before. This evolutionary journey of the Sun’s transit through this fixed/earth constellation brings us down to earth. Yet it is a new earth that starts to emerge now. We start to realise not only how depleted and limited our physical resources are… that a lot of the super-inflated currency that we are using to trade with is not actually backed by any physical sovereignty at all, but in the good faith of a digital monetary system controlled by powers which are totally invisible to us. We have become so heavily invested in the insipid values of such a ‘conceptual’ level of trade that we have neglected to cherish our natural wonders, to treasure the natural resources of this planet, respect the history and romance of our world as a sacred heritage, not just for our children but for our children’s children.

This week, as you finally come to slow down a little; stop your competing for top position, observe the earth you are standing on. The condition of our planet, both ecologically and geo-politically is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. This earth provides enough to satisfy everyone’s needs, but really what are those? Are we biting of more than we can personally consume for the sake of ensuring our security? Are we mistaking our needs for our greeds?

The final square of a now direct Venus to Saturn (Friday) calls that we begrudgingly appraise our desires and fancies in our relationships. Did we get a little unrealistic about what we want from those around us? Are others really authentically capable of fulfilling our expectations? Are we able to fall in to their conditional demands of us? By the end of this week, regardless of our desire to find a satisfactory solution, we have to come to terms with the physical limitations of the exterior world, and if things are not working – economically, ergonomically and in a responsibly sustainable way – we must decide to let them go. Either this, or suffer the reality that they must let us go. Such is the ultimatum of ‘realistic’ Saturn to Venus.

[image: chase stone]
In all this, let us be mindful that we have not inherited any of this world’s physically comforts from our parents to use and squander as we please. Not at all. We have actually borrowed it from our children and it is our responsibility to invest our time and energy as wisely as possible to present it to them in (at least) as beautiful a state as it was presented to us.

Blessings, and have and amazing week xx

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