NEW MOON at 06°27′ Taurus – April 26, 2017, 12:17 UT

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The Grounding Nature of the Fixed/Earth Moon

For each of us, Νew Moons augur a time to launch into a brand new facet of understanding and expression.  It is effectively the beginning of the lunar-month; a ‘reset point’ that initiates interest into some spectrum of our human experience. It is a time when the primal expressive force of the masculine Sun merges with the receptive embrace of the feminine Moon, uniting as one as if to say to one another “I have your back on this, let’s do it together, whole-heartedly”.

Of course, not everyone feels lunations in quite the same way, or in the same intensity. In this instance, those who have planets/points around the early degrees of a fixed sign (♉♌♏♒) are more likely to experience the effects of this lunation more intensely.

The fixed/earth Taurus New Moon wishes only one thing for us: to become firmly grounded in a venture that will promise greater physical security, comfort and a dependable, economically sustainable form of expression. It seeks to do this by helping us identify with practical, physical matters; to set out, both consciously and instinctively, a solid intention to form steady, firm foundations upon which we will be self-reliant and self-reliant in the long term.

Since money and financial security are a big deal,  we look around at the things that occupy our lives and begin to question their tradeable value in terms that will steadily add value, appreciate in interest, strength and physical well-being.

“Steady as the earth beneath my feet”, we say.

In fact, the Taurean desire to seek and secure some firm and steady ground is what gives the bull its most defining characteristic. That world-famous stubbornness – to not budge; to define matter in clear, physically measurable terms; to not be persuaded to trade off/sell out/compromise any of its values; to be conservative and to honour the simplicity and natural beauty of what this earth has to offer. This is the core factor that seeks to appreciate and preserve those things that are precious and really matter beyond mere words, feelings and inspirations. Those things are important, but during this time they will become evaluated into terms that can be somehow quantified by their substance and their commitment to staying real.

“Show me something i can depend on”
“Show me what you’re made of”.
“Show me the money…”

… Taurus’ way of putting all this.

Are you feeling like this about something? Are you feeling that you’ve made your mind up about something that is going to bring you the peace and ongoing security that you so rightfully deserve? Are you ready to invest your energy/resources into constructing a new, more definite, more sustainable, gainful sense of stability? Or are you in fact a bit nervous, or uneasy that the situation that you are in is going to short-change or deny you of what you feel is rightfully yours or your sovereignty?

Your specific horoscope will provide us with more details.

Grounding Intentions

In any case, a new intention is now being formulating within you. Once you have set this intention, the next step is to patiently hold your ground without sway, pledging to see it through the way that feels most grounded. You can do this, not by exerting any great effort as such, just by committing to the fixed position you have determined is best for you, and just to hold it there, invest yourself into it, stay persistent.

Are you sensing such an intention coming on?

VENUS at 29° Pisces:

An important point to note on this Taurus New Moon is that its ruler Venus is now at the final, critical degree of Pisces. Here Venus is exalted to her highest ideal. Yet she has given us all an interesting experience lately, since she has been retrograding and forming tight aspects to Saturn/Chiron over most of April. The emphasis has been to help us (and those we love) heal our fears and overcome some of the limitations and conditions we place upon our definition of ‘love’. In bringing up some of the more frustrating, painful elements around our heart matters, we have also come to discern whether our current romance was real, and therefore worthy of building on, or whether it was stuck in juvenile, wound-based patterns of insecurity, guilt, shame, fears of abandonment or dependency.

By overcoming our lofty expectations or delusional insecurities around relationships, we can become more connected to the wonderful joys of love, beauty and fulfillment more completely.

Venus rules over our own personal power of attraction – the magnetic force that brings us things that we desire. As she finally separates from her sustained conjunction to Chiron/square Saturn, she leaves us with this parting message:

[art: catrin welz-stein]

You got exactly what you wanted.
Exactly what you asked for.
The happiness,
the joys and grievances
that reside in your heart
have unfolded for you in your affairs.
Just as you have desired it to be.

Everything you want also wants you.
Everything you don’t want, has also come to be.
As you set your heart’s intention,
So too, it comes to be.
The universe is abundant with gifts and lessons,
tailor made to suit your heart’s desire.
Keep your heart intentions positive
and you shall be rewarded accordingly.

Praise be to the universe, who loves you infinitely.

One way or another, our conscious intention on this New Moon is to sit and to observe where our inner sense of validation actually sources itself. From where on this earth do draw a secure, worthwhile position in our world – a place that reinforces our physical wellness and creates a currency that best reinforces our physical reserves.

Identify where you place your feelings of self worth; what feeds and nourishes your physical well-being, self-esteem and pride. Observe too how there is little value in investing your emotional energy/time/money on anything or anyone that does not come to value it.

Similarly, when we place too much importance on just the exterior value; identifying ourselves solely by our material possessions, public success, fame, luxury, we lose harmony with our inner nature. The simplest, most unassuming qualities of life, such as a robust self-dependence and the fundamental freedom to choose who and what we love, are the empirical building blocks of any healthy body, mind and spirit.

and glorious New Moon to you xx.


  1. Thank you Ang, for this beautiful New Moon report. Filled with great honesty and genuine heart values, we often forget in these times. Being a May first baby, these words were soothing to my soul. You hit us right on of the most important values in our lives. For if these things are met you couldn’t have a better friend, spouse, lover, parent or child. Who is loyal I must admit to a fault and does have to learn when to let go…
    Blessings to you and Thank you for your Beautiful expression!

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