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SUN in TAURUS (April 21- May 20)

SUN = Expression (authority)
EARTH = Physical (practical)
FIXED = Holds (organiser, manager)
RULER = Venus (attraction, magnetic)
 Ok… so, the Taurus Sun illuminates our affairs by inspiring us to express ourselves by physically holding, using the power of attraction.

Physically holding: taking physical things, nice things, things of substance that have some appeal to us, drawing them in, preserving them, loving them, watching them grow. Adding value.

There you have it.
That’s pretty much it,
in a nutshell.
Like the squirrel.
Gathering nuts.
For the ‘winter’…

Following on from the Aries spark of inspiration, where the Sun’s spiritual ignition into that which spawns the germinating seed, our inception takes form into the physical this month, becoming embodied, fortified, materialised and conserved by that which is Taurus.

Through consistent, patient adherence, steady investment of our resources, loving appreciation, perseverance to stick with something, to build it up slowly and diligently, brick upon brick, penny upon penny, the meritorious Bull consolidates its physical worth in the world.

In Aries, was borne the spirit of any enterprise or entity. Now, in Taurus the spirit takes physical form, substance; brought to down to earth; made physically real. Through love and appreciation, any matter will be worth something, at least to us who see its value.

Does this sound like something you can grasp? Something that physically appeals to you so much that you are willing to own?

The Bull himself is the most inert, stable, most innocuous character of them all. It’s simple, he looks and feels as reliable as he seems – there’s no tricks or apparitions, what you see is what you get, and you can always bank on his sense of sovereignty.

Taureans pride themselves on being what they are (consistently the same) every time, all the time, always. Sure, that may not be terribly exotic, or exciting, but then, who needs excitement and risky ventures when something you know and trust for being dependable keeps showing up, without fail, day in day out.

Things strive to become totally predictable during Sun Taurus, and you can really build/bank on that. If they do not seem that way, then watch out. They will be challenged to show their worth.

Therefore, the modus operandi for the Sun through Taurus this month is real easy.

1. Find something attractive, reliable, nice, creamy, sturdy.
2. Get a hold of it/invest into it.
3. Sit on it.
4. Be with it.
5. Keep being with it.
6. Own it like it is an extension of you
7. Become known for owning it.
8. Treat it with appreciation. Put a value/price on it.
9. Keep holding it.
10. Out of curiosity, float it on the stock exchange
11. Observe that as it grows in value, it comes to attract a world of interest from others.
12. Keep holding it, perhaps sharing or loaning it (or parts of it) to others (with interest), never selling out of it completely.
13. Continue to build on it, growing from it until you run out of space
14. Look at what the others are doing with it. Outlast them.
15. Re-acquire or purchase it from those who can no longer afford to hold it.
16. Acquire the world with it
17. Call it all ‘Mine’

That’s it… that’s Taurus.

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