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The Week Ahead: March 6-12

[Due to this week’s exceptionally extensive dynamic, this post is offered in 4 instalments]

Phew… what a crazy ride!

For the past three months, our earth has been caught in the crossfire of a dramatic duel between the politically expansive efforts of Jupiter and the irksomely disruptive forces of Uranus. Spanning from December 26, when the two clashed together in what would be the first of three exact conflicts, to their second exact hit on March 3, these two explosive planets remained in tight opposition for over 10 weeks. This was due to Jupiter’s slowing to retrograde on Feb 6, so to say we have not felt the effects of this transit would almost be laughable in itself….

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PART 2: JUPITER Rx at URANUS/PLUTO midpoint (March 15)



Here are the main transits this week…

  Tuesday Mar 07 00:29 am Mercury 16° 37′ Conjunction Sun 16° 37′
  Wednesday Mar 08 05:23 am Mercury 18° 56′ Sextile Pluto 18°56′
  Thursday Mar 09 08:29 am Sun 18° 57′ Sextile Pluto 18°57′
  Thursday Mar 09 02:58 pm Mercury 21° 39′ Quincunx Jupiter 21°39′
  in Friday Mar 10 00:35 am Mars 00°00′
  Vs Friday Mar 10 01:17 pm Sun 20° 09′ Trine Vesta 20°09′
  Ch Saturday Mar 11 01:35 am Mercury 24° 28′ Conjunction Chiron 24° 28′
  Saturday Mar 11 08:01 pm Sun 21° 26′ Quincunx Jupiter 21°26′
  Sunday Mar 12 12:11 pm Mercury 27° 18′ Square Saturn 27°18′
Sunday Mar 12 02:55 pm Moon 22°13′ Opposition Sun 22° 13′
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