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The Week Ahead: March 20-26

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This is an exceptional week in astrology. The March Equinox (Monday) augurs the start of a brand new astrological year. ‘Equinox’ marks the day when the sun crosses the celestial equator (20 March, 22 September), the moment when the division of night and day are of equal length. These times, like the solstices (3 months apart) pinpoint the critical turning points in the Sol journey and officiate, among many things, the turn of the seasons. Since these are entries of the Sun into Cardinal (initiating) signs, they also significantly change the direction of our lives for the 13 weeks to follow.

As our revered Sun, our most significant source of star power, completes his travels through the constellations, he reaches his annual ‘reset point’ at 00°00′ on Monday March 20, at 10:29 UTC. At this point, we catch a unique and telling glimpse into which foot our year ahead will kick off, in Mundane terms.

Mundane astrology deals with the analysis and synthesis of energies that affect the ‘fate’ of nations, leaders and worldly entities such as organisations and conglomerates of a business, administration and religious nature. The Aries Ingress chart, as set for the location of a specific entity’s geographic capital, provides important clues on what kind of themes will prevail for the next year and how the drama (and karma) will unfold for those specific entities.


An applying Third Quarter Moon (the public, the common folk, women, loyal subjects) precisely conjuncts Saturn (public sorrow, fear, disappointment, death), and foreshadows a sombre mood and austerity ahead among the subjects of any collective. Squaring the new Aries Sun (ruler, president, prime minister, CEO, aristocracy), we expect to see a year where considerable challenges are posed, particularly where authorities impose their will upon a mostly pessimistic crowd. The Aries Sun’s conjunction to Chiron (mavericks & renegades, those carrying wounds and shames, lightworkers, fringe-dwellers and outcasts) and to Pallas Athena (sophists, strategists and patrons of the arts) suggests that a very unusual, unique approach is adapted in the rolling out of new decisions and directions. Yes, the general population, mostly stuck in a conservative paradigm and established norms (☽/ ♄), is apprehensive about these clever renegade-style leaders. Not only does the Sun square Moon situation show that these will not be supported, but the Moon’s trine to Uranus (rioting and outbreaks of political tension, right-wing political ideas, innovators, revolutionaries) show that the public push towards resistance and disorder will not take much to manifest. Also, Uranus’ final conjunction to Eris (elements of strife and utter discord to any prior arrangement) now shows that we have run out of patience to invoke a complete upheaval to all systems that exclude even the most (seemingly) insignificant integer in the whole social spectrum.

Socio-politically, this promises to be a most exciting year ahead, with many changes already afoot and in their closing phases. As we are have been witnessing, much of the world we left behind in that wild & wooly 2016 – a transitional year that only instigated widespread upheaval and mayhem, now seems set to introduce irrevocable changes that we must, in one way or another,  come to accept as the way forward.

The goose is out of the glass bottle. It has extricated itself in the knowing that the bottle was a mere construct of its own, conditioned mind. It can never go back in.

Here are the main transits for this next week:

  in Monday Mar 20 10:29 am Sun 00°00′
Monday Mar 20 03:59 pm Moon 00°14′ Square Sun 00°14′
  Wednesday Mar 22 10:03 am Sun 01°58′ Quincunx Node 01°58′
  sqq Wednesday Mar 22 05:37 pm Mercury 16°57′ Sesquiquadrate Node 01°57′
  Friday Mar 24 00:43 am Mercury 19°12′ Square Pluto 19°12′
  Ch Friday Mar 24 07:45 am Mars 10°15′ Semisquare Chiron 25° 15′
  Friday Mar 24 12:46 pm Mercury 20°03′ Opposition Jupiter 20°03′
  Saturday Mar 25 10:18 am Venus 04°57′ Conjunction Sun 04°57′
  Sunday Mar 26 03:06 pm Mercury 23°24′ Conjunction Uranus 23°24′

This week then becomes a crucial stepping stone into setting a most important new intention:

How’s it going to be for you?
How do you wish to take the phenomena played out in this crazy, wonderful new world?
What will you make of it? Will you embark into it with an instinctive reluctance and fear about the road that lies ahead, worrying and making yourself sick that things will never be the same? Or will you throw a little caution to the wind and adopt the more radical approach at hand, go down the path that seems less obvious, make the most of what this exciting new world throws your way?


For months now, those who have been embracing the notion that many elements of the old status-quo are on their way out have already begun their dreamy intent to help relinquish elements of lesser importance and focus their efforts on what is most crucial, especially in spiritual terms. These ‘rebel-rousers’ of the outer fringe have gradually become the quiet activists for bringing in alternatives methods to healing the issues in our physical universe. By learning to address their own wounds, they have struggled to introduce ways that have at least allowed them to arrive at a more energetic approach.

[image: ryan mcginley]
From this simple, yet deepening ‘paradigm shift’, they have stood to clearly differentiate between what is truly important in their own personal evolution and what the exterior world/culture keeps pitching at them. This brings matters to a level where they not only question everything, but often come to an outright rejection of whatever seems rigidly contrived or superficial. Those resonating strongly with the Chiron in Pisces arm of this square are much more readily keen to observe that many of the negative, outward phenomena that are connected with emotional disease and anxiety – matters that perpetuate psychical and mental pain and suffering are merely only the manifestation pressed by the harsh projections of someone’s ego. As such, they have gradually developed an innate gift to look straight into the heart of what others are trying to achieve by their negative projections, and skillfully challenge anything that is not in alignment with life’s greater meaning and purpose.

Many of us here are affected personally. Astrology is the language of Chiron. By refusing to culpably play along with the stories and the pain-dramas presented before us, we choose instead to cast clear light only to those ideas or ‘energies’ necessary to better understand how to heal and amend our situation. This is the premise behind doing our own ‘shadow work’ – the parts of ourselves that we may try to hide or deny. By transforming parts of our character that we’d like to change with compassion and understanding, we have made inroads to finding an effective means to balance these very diverse, but often hidden parts of ourselves. In many ways, we may have already been doing this without consciously knowing it, but as these next few months roll on we make a more overt effort to act more mindfully in this, mostly because our methods will be scrutinised and intensely challenged by the established sector of the community. Those willing to open up their souls in order to delve deeper and explore the vast possibilities of the true purpose of everything will encounter terrific trials, as they may have already noticed.

Of course there will be fear in the community. Many humans are still acting under the morbid auspices of ‘fate’, unwilling to confront the truly important elements of nature. These go beyond just personal trauma and pain. They extend to politics, law, religion, academia, public media – anything Sagittarius. Skating along the crusty surface of ‘society’s’ survival mechanisms, the more conservative proponents who resonate strongly with the Saturn in Sadge will continue to find a way to denounce and vilify whatever attempts are made to bring new light upon the old ways. These will try hard to besmirch and discredit any radical new ways as being ‘too strange’ and ‘uncomfortably close to the bone’, messing with their preferred version of ‘reality’. Sadly this approach will only exacerbate the level of  discomfort, uneasiness and insecurity that many will feel when they come face to face with not following their true spiritual purpose. Anyway, we are not to fear or worry about those who are inextricably wrapped up into the dense fabric of a fast defunct structure here. With Saturn also being trined by Uranus this year, it gradually becomes nobody’s place to judge those who cannot see the great alternatives, but merely to observe how they choose to perpetuate their own suffering. Eventually everyone will come to see…

Much of the world lacks empathy.
To quote John Lennon – “our big brains have gone straight to our heads”.

‘Time’ to reconnect with the heart.

As Mercury conjuncts Uranus, then tangos with the fast approaching Jupiter/Pluto square (Fri/Sat), we see that something about the old approach to doing things, solving the inexplicable problems, healing our most impossibly wounded souls has failed us miserably here. Traditional analysis and psychotherapy, for all its new techniques and innovations and all its glorified ‘over-accredited practitioners’ is still missing the mark here. On the main, established methods of healing fail to acknowledge that all humanity is now becoming endowed with universal access to amazing new waves of light, available to all those who dare to make leaps of faith into seeing everything rather as a holistically unified energy system, not just an isolated symptom of a mere part. This approach is not so easily quantifiable by ordinary ‘scientific’ means. True healing goes beyond the physical and ‘psychological’ realms of study. In our new understanding, it now extends into communicating and working with the angelic, mysterious realms of the spiritual and supernatural dimensions.

[image- ryan mcginley]
The greatest healers in the world are those who, in their time, were castigated and ridiculed as ‘hearing voices’, or ‘working with the devil’, or being somehow too ‘weird’ or ‘creepy’ in their approach and practices. Sure, there are many who somehow romanticise with the glory of proclaiming themselves as sacred ‘healers’, ‘gurus’ and ‘spiritual masters’. Especially lately. Seems like everyone has been donning the ‘shamanic’ cap somehow. Whilst many have, in essence, been dabbling close to being nothing more than self-promoting tricksters and charlatans, they are in some ways the lower vibrational versions of what they  aspire to become. Being a shaman in the western world is unfortunately not a university-class career option. Many have had to stumble their way through it, often through exploring the many facets of their own pain, and the pain-bodies around them (wounded friends, family, lovers, unsuspecting victims).

Meanwhile, a new breed of practitioners is emerging through the ranks now. These are your former ‘misfits’ and your life-lost ‘jack-of-trades’ (‘Chironians’ – new word), who have themselves suffered so much and wrestled somberly with their own flaky egos, their self-medications and sabotaging ways, who are now (thanks to the disciplining forces of Saturn) beginning to rise above the confusion and cheap chicanery of their own immature mind. These are the blessed souls who have done much work upon themselves, wrestled with their demons, earnestly conquered their own infantile addictions and their noxious predilections for pain and escapisms by experimenting through use of  the strangest rituals. They now step up (as mature adults) to do something that truly is responsible to this planet – not just for themselves or for others, but in service to the divine order of nature herself.

As Saturn’s second (Apr 30) and third (Nov 1) squares to Chiron occur this year, the weary, bruised and withered spirit traveller (like you and me) can choose to mindfully disengage, to free ourselves from any of the old-road pedestrian entanglements, those that seek only to inhibit and obstruct our personal growth. We can choose to sit out this circular, never-ending square-dance with our own (and others’) pain-bodies.

This gruelling process is happening large, and though it may seem like a tedious, arduous effort, fraught with many jagged barbs and lame (but ever more futile) attempts by structured society to admonish and denigrate anyone willing to step outside the square. We might just come to see that any attacks against those mavericks and renegades is contradictory to our pursuit to gain a deeper understanding of the higher methods healing our whole, rather than the parts that express the most pain.

It comes back to believing in angels. Our winged messengers that connect us to Spirit. By trusting more in our interrelation to beings beyond this physical plane, welcoming their heavenly assistance we learn to usher in these new cosmic light-rays, raise our consciousness, and develop a clearer perception of the kinds of ridiculous blockages that people place in front of themselves for the purpose of retarding their spiritual growth. It is this awareness itself that brings us closer to a deeper understanding of why people do this; why people insist on sabotaging the manifestation of the collective dream of our fair planet.

Let us now enter fearlessly into the stillness and silence of pure observation. Let’s walk intrepidly into that holy place of balance and neutrality, where in our own centredness and clarity we can make contact with the higher beings, ascended masters and other spirit guides. Let us know too, and with much certainty, how not to play into the negativity and drama that others will use to scoff at you for taking an unorthodox approach. Let’s become adept at avoiding the bitter ‘karma’ of any boxed-in situation – a condition posed only when we doubt our capacity to channel direct access to the divine lights.

[image- ryan mcginley]
It is not enough to see the pure, unfiltered light. One must proceed to work with it by being the very essence of that light. Over this next year this magical transit dares us to become the light-bearers for others.

It is a challenging journey for now. Mostly because much of what we see and choose to work with – as bright and clear as it may seem to us – currently defies  any traditional job description. Much of the language necessary to express our sacred mission to work with the light is not yet furnished with adequate enough words to describe what we are doing. Yet, at its core, an awareness of the truth, in all its iridescent glow, and all its wonderful new frequencies and portals into higher dimensions is everyday proof that every problem posed is merely an opportunity to further our spiritual evolution. Unless we find profound new ways to articulate and convey this work to society, the same problems or permutations of these are likely to keep recurring.

Humanity is developing a whole new level of therapy – one that is largely energetic, and speaks more to the ‘psyche’ (spirit) than the ‘mind’. In the most holistic sense, we, as ‘light-humans’ are brazenly opening up our heart-centers. As we employ alternative new ways to generate the power necessary to therapeutically transform age-old patterns of toxic psychic wounding, we lay the foundation that will eventually expedite the process of spiritual evolution for the entire planet.

For now, it’s easy. We just need to be strong enough to filter out the crap the rolls out in front of us, in real time. True transformation, true alchemy, true healing can only occur when we can help others to experience the clarity and the simplicity of life.

Start with your own little radius of light. Practice on your own luminous egg.

…and have an amazing New Astrological Year.

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  1. I love Chironian…I have a name now 🙂

  2. Hi Ang,

    Been a long gone time since we’ve connected. May 2015 I do recall. This article really spoke to me big time. Chiron at 17 Sag in my 1st, trine to Pluto in Leo in the 8th. Major goosebumps all around, and especially around the angelics. Blessings Bro’

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