NEW MOON at 07°37′ ARIES – Tuesday, March 28th

One thing to note is that the New Moon is about ringing in the new.
Those commitments that we make now are intense, all-or-nothing affairs. Whatever seeds we sow have a real chance of sprouting. Regardless of the conditions.

It’s because the intent is so dynamically focused.
And Aries is about new starts anyway…

So with this New Moon, it is unquestionably a time when an irrepressible urge to shift into entirely new and totally unfamiliar territory becomes a most inspiring option. Heck, if not now… then when??

It is the time for action, to make a move, go NOW. With Aries, we don’t need much imagination, there’s no planning, no apprehensiveness or tension about safety or security, no incentive for glory, fame or prestige, no big brains even…

…all that’s required with Aries is a daringness to JUMP.
To go somewhere that no-one’s been before –
that blind conviction to do something, anything,
inspired by pure impulse,
to act immediately,
move now,
just go…
without fear or consideration for consequences and pain. That comes later…

Why is that with Aries…?

Aries is the side of us where our ego seeks to express itself most distinctly and immediately. It does this by summoning our full, undivided attention to act with such single-pointed urgency and willfulness, with a pure spirit of endeavour, audacity, leadership and passion.

When acting in this cardinal modality of the fire element, we may ourselves be surprised at the burning level of rash impatience, even blind zeal that we exhibit.

Aries is ruled by Mars who is currently debilitated (or slowed to act) in Taurus. His influence on this Moon may cause the usual aggressive/assertive expression seen through Aries to be somewhat controlled and deliberate in fight (or flight) if things aren’t so agreeable.

Understandably, suppressed anger builds as heat in the body and the usual desire to take immediate, storming action may be stifled by stubborn force of attrition or stonewalling.


Always important to consider in cosmobiology are the closest midpoint energies to the Lunation. These provide us with a deeper, richer understanding of the uniqueness of this particular ‘reset’ moment. This particular New Moon pulls in massive transformative energy from PLUTO, as well structured integration from JUPITER, SATURN and CHIRON. Being outer planets (tran-personal), we can see that this may place considerable pressure upon world governments and corporations, international law and world diplomacy operatives to focus on dealing with the rising extremism and the sweeping movements towards nationalism and isolationism.

Isms‘… they come with our inherited cultural baggage.

Logically, we turn to ‘historical’ examples to find premises to argue any ‘present tense’ problems. To this end, our history has arguably provided us few formulas to tackle the rising problems presented by our ‘isms‘. For in spite of itself, any movement that thinks and acts in terms of an ‘ism‘ becomes so involved in reaction against other ‘isms’ that, as we are witnessing, it becomes blindly controlled by them.

The ‘ISM’ then becomes its self-perpetuating PROBLEM… the chronic global malady… the epidemic disease that we are suffering as a planet now. Any movement which forms its principles by reaction against other ‘isms’ rather than conducting a comprehensive, constructive examination of actual needs, shortfalls, and possibilities for improvement is destined to keep perpetuating its own suffering.

Fortunately, this problem (or disease) is flaring so rapidly, like a massive boil growing on the surface of this planet, ready to be popped.

And pop it will go. In a fortnight (Apr 11), a Full Moon in Libra (21°♎33′) will activate the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto points, three planets who are currently locked into a tense T-square.

Midpoint Analysis:

Jupiter/Chiron: A positive, uplifting force which will fuel the impetus to find a more meaningful,  purposeful and holistic approach to improving our well-being, welfare and healing 

Pluto/Chiron: A more intense blend of healing forces, particularly focused on bringing any hidden stories or repressed wounds of the shadow self to the surface in order to be healed transmuted. Enormous cosmic pressure is now applied to forcibly release any agendas and complex dramas around psychological and cultural affliction. As these are immediately addressed through this Aries lunation, they lead to profound healing which can assist all humanity to expedite the force of evolution.

Mars/Node: Here the ruling planet of this New Moon, Mars, presses us to focus on what is important to work together with others. Through constructive interaction (not anger and ill-directed hostility) with those to whom we are connected, we start to get to the real meaning and purpose behind our conflicts. Our new intentions are furthered and supported by taking a direct-line initiative to form more decisive, action-oriented contacts with others.

Saturn/Pluto: Perhaps significant too is the method with which we deal with the very rigid ego-structures that threaten to destroy our best intentions. This combination of very harsh energies presses the relentless urge to get to the bottom of any deep, subconscious drives – the very compulsions that sabotage our finest interests and helps to tear this down. True alchemical is now available to overcome any fears, and threats of terror by disintegrate these so that we may reflect more of the Spiritual Light without distortions and corruption.

Jupiter/Saturn: Whilst this ‘business’ combination of energies offers a real chance to work at one’s goals steadily and with discipline, there is a tendency to blow moral issues out of proportion, applying needless guilt which can be counterproductive and wasteful with our intent.

VENUS and the inferior conjunction at 04°♈57’℞

Interestingly, it is only Venus who makes an aspect to this New Moon. Her retrograde pass in front of the Sun (Mar 25) formed an inferior conjunction, thrusting us into a 7-day period of deep psychological introspection. We are now forced to confront our true feelings and inner motives on why it is we seek material comforts – the joys and pleasures we like to have in life as well as the lovers and admirers that we choose.

Are these nourishing our soul with the love and appreciation it so desires? If not, here is an opportunity delve deeper into our shadow selves to better evaluate whether we are truly expressing gratitude and respect to these. Similarly, we need to question how sincerely we are receiving these.

Venus’ conjunction to this Aries Lunation (04°S21′) will bring whole-hearted awareness here. The immediate, storming nature of Aries activates us on two distinct levels.

  1. The lower (ego-enslaved) individual will flare up, taking things personally, behaving defensively (or offensively) especially if put on the spot. If you’re sensing stormy weather in your relations, this is an excellent opportunity to observe carefully how you are going to react.
  2. The higher (intuitive driven) individual will endeavour to take greater initiative in their relationships, leading into a whole new direction which will in some way stimulate and inspire all those with whom s/he engages.

Generally, with Venus℞ in Aries on this New Moon, the ego will instinctively respond to any negative evaluations by immediately shunting off into a sidelined activity in order to avoid direct confrontation. This is no less aggressive, just taking a more passive approach. Therefore, it’s probably wise to not to prematurely jump to conclusions about our feelings during this time. The mature approach would be to hold off, not react angrily or hastily. It is important to avoid making assumptions or forming preconceptions about how we are perceived, get offended and fly off the handle should we feel that things are not going along the way we might prefer them.

Remember, everyone is sucking it up over their recent choices right now. It only takes one spark to ignite the flame that could torch the entire neighbourhood.

Lunations in Aries mean that we are all prone to experiencing ‘trigger-happy’ energies, in some respect, whether within or without. The radius of Aries attention is short and fiery, focused on its own, immediate interests. So is its fuse to explode. Any discomfort or challenge to these interests can easily become an excuse for an upset. If you’re observing that either your own or others’ need for expression rapidly escalates into ‘fight or flight’ mode, then take it as a sign that perhaps someone is intrinsically not valuing themselves enough and is demanding respect and affirmation from their environment.

In some way, those most affected by this New Moon* will make decisions/instigate actions which stem form any self-worth deficiencies they may be feeling. There is an important lesson here, and we can learn it from those who seem most upset during this period. It’s not until we learn to love ourselves first, that our love for and from others can change. [*check contacts around 07°37′, or other cardinals]

The objective here is to learn to overcome our past hurts. If you are finding that your own feelings are cut off from the collective feelings of others due to you carrying the pain of rejection or refusal, then it’s time to drop that baggage and reconnect to the source. See that this subtle self-alienation is essentially what keeps you fighting with others, or running away from yourself.

Settle down.
Stop fighting. It’s a give-away sign that you are mad at yourself.

If you are caught up in any sort of aggressive drama, this New Moon will help you realise that essentially it’s all in your mind. Your entire construction of attitudes towards yourself and the world around you is what’s causing you to feel so isolated or cut off. If things persist to be dramatic for you, then it’s no wonder why you should feel a strong impulse to take a new road altogether.

In this action, you are not running from yourself. You are simply choosing to come closer to the true core of your creative centre and from this place find a way to move forward. Knowing this, from the innermost core of your certainty, any conflict or confrontation is understood to be for the fight for progress and evolution of every being.

Blessings, and have an amazing New Moon xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

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