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Wednesday, March 29

Wednesday, March 29

✶ A S T R O L O G Y ✶ O F ✶ N O W ✶

To be human is to have access to an inner world. Only humans are able to live from within. Our ability to ‘check in’ with ourselves – to develop a relationship with ourselves – has the power to keep us from feeling totally alienated and being at the mercy of/ dependence on the exterior. It’s what separates us from all other creatures.

It’s true – if you observe animals, you will see that they live in a constant state of fear and hypervigilance, perpetually on guard, having to fend outside themselves for their sustenance and for their protection against danger.

But not us humans… right?

We understand that our outer world is only a mere reflection of how things are going for us on the inside.

It is this innate ability to act on that rich, inner voice (intuition) that helps to steer our ship away from rough waters and troubled waters.

This is a tremendous time to observe this. Powerful cosmic messages are now storming into your innermost being.
What is your intuition telling you right now?
What is the strong message?

~ Is it making sense, or is it going against what your ego desires?
~ Does it sound risky, asking you to leave the safety of your comfort zone and do something unprecedented?
~ Is it screaming for you to exit stagnant or toxic relationships?
~ Are you nervous or apprehensive, sensing that inevitable change is coming but crippled by the fear of having to evolve?

These are critical times.
Something has to change out here (soon).
This must rise out of you
The inner you
Human you

☽/☿/ ♅ #dehumanisation
□ ♇ #innerpeace


[pic: ‘persephone rising’ by zabani]

Tuesday, March 28

VENUS Rx (in alignment to New Moon)

Relationships can become an onerous thing, especially when we bring in lofty expectations that investing ourselves into these will somehow pacify our feelings of loneliness.

Our human fear of isolation and our pursuit of happiness and satisfaction through finding companionship, comforts, affection and pleasure is a natural tendency to reach out and attract. With Venus in retro, it is a time for reappraisal and revaluation of those things/people we have chosen to bring close to us, not just in our most personal dealings, but in the broadest aspect of our chosen lifestyles and cultural leanings.

Have your tastes, desires, spendings, living standards been set to an unreasonable or unaffordable level?
Do you really expect that others have the ability to make you happy?
Are you feeling disappointment and heartache from not being met in these expectations?

If you are left dissatisfied, empty and forlorn, this will be time to reassess your prospects. Perhaps your personal desires have been exorbitantly unsustainable.

Living beyond our means, asking for more than we can provide back, being too self-centered in our cravings is now the symbol of our times and perhaps worthy of some introspection during Venus’ retro period in Aries (ends April 15).

As she slips back into Pisces (Apr 3-28) some sacrifices will need to be made. With MERCURY also in retro during this period, there will be much to reflect on to inform you on the best way to move forward in your choices. JUPITER’s current stint in retro (Feb 4- Jun 9) calls this a time of inner growth and spiritual recalibration. SATURN joining the retro team (Apr 6) brings us face to face with our real-world issues, prompting a lot of soul-searching for the entire world in the next month….

……more about how this affects you here, in my extensive cosmic tribe messages for this New Moon. I do hope you are all subscribed and receiving the greatest benefits of staying connected with our cosmos https://angstoic.com/…/aries-new-moon-messages-intentions-m…/

[pic: laura makabresku]


Monday, March 27


It’s ok, my darling.
I sense your frustration…
I feel it too.
I understand the hurt and anger that’s within you.
That thwarting, awful feeling
is just a symptom of where we have not been impeccable,
both with ourselves,
and with this silly ol’ world,
the one who just insists on poking sticks,
who summons us to play into its dreary dramas,
to tug and plow and mill around its ancient karmic wheel
only to feed its shaky inauthentic fakery with our unwarranted misery.

I know the weight of that frustration, really do…
and it disgusts me, irritates me so much too.
But just know this too my dearest angel, darling heart:
As bleak as things may seem to you right now
they’re only feelings, they will pass.
You know I’m with you, always, each and every way.
Tomorrow brings with it another glorious day
and all this nonsense can just crumble in a heap
and fall away…
for after all, it’s not a part of you, nor part of me that has to stay…
just pointless stories we repeat upon ourselves
we have the power to drop them now,
let’s let them be,
can we just choose now to forgive
all sad and sorry past dismays?
Oh, how I pray that you may see it just as easily as I say…

Come now, release your pain and suffering,
you’ll quickly see
the baggage carried on your weary back just
doesn’t need to be
your wounded scowl is but a smile that’s smitten,
torn, but not forgotten.
A life without the power to choose in joy
will simply leave us rotten.
Those scars on you are but a wounded little child’s lament
make now a conscious-minded choice to be and stay content.

It’s pretty easy, open up your heart and feel
allow your Spirit to perform its great reveal
and pretty soon you’ll see, your worries will not stand a chance
your inner child will join us down here
in this cosmic dance.
Those sullen and depressing thoughts you choose to see
will all just vanish in an instant, follow me

I’ll introduce you to your true immortal self
in fact, why don’t you come with me, we’ll make a little pact:
When this dark moonless night shall end it’s time to act
come meet me out here, near the springs,
under that big old tree
– bring with you only your intentions to be free.

Blessings for the New Moon xx


#ForgivenessHeals #NewStarts #AriesNewMoon


MERCURY passes in front of URANUS and in ℞ pre-shadow

Communications can turn wild and erratic now, scattering mental energies blindly in all directions with a snarling bite that can create shock, upset and offense if ‘ideas’ are taken personally (and they may).

Mercury will stay in his pre-shadow phase until his retrograde on April 9, meaning that what is said, signed, agreed upon (often rashly) will have to be revisited (Apr 9-May 3), and then re-negotiated (May 3-21).

How to deal with this period?
1. Start to write the story.
2. Go back and edit it
3. Write it again or scrap it altogether.

…. more updates here@https://angstoic.com/2017/03/monday-february-27th/

Saturday, March 25

PISCES MOON/SOUTH NODE on ☿/♃/♇ T-square (and the rest of this weekend)

If you are feeling to get involved in deep discussions, this is probably not the best of times. You may not enjoy how things might suddenly work out. The outcome is going to shock or upset you so much that it could really hurt.

We are all caught up in stagnant thought patterns, where our ideas are a bit caught up with trying to be right or wrong, to judge what’s morally good and bad, to justify ourselves and to condemn the other.

This is perhaps a time to repose, take some time out, sit in your centre and reflect on everything going on around you without taking sides. Either see yourself implicit in everything that is occurring, or perhaps unattach yourself from it all.

Trust me on this… this is a perfect moment to stay out of any drama. Put down that phone, Hold back on posting that letter, defer that meeting and be offline. Find a nice, quiet place for yourself and gently step into communion with your higher self.

(if that’s at all possible).

Blessings to you xx

Friday, March 24

MERCURY (19°12′) square PLUTO (19°12′)

You can pretty much count
on someone saying something that will
stir you up at your core,
challenge your way of thinking,
disturb your peace,
mess with your boundaries,
rubbish your religion,
denigrate your constitution,
piss all over your public esteem,
get into your brain so bad, it
makes you lose sleep at night…

How dare they?
How dare those fucks?!?
Speak to you that way!!

If it cuts that deep.
You probably had it coming.

[touchy ego?….read this (again)https://angstoic.com/2017/03/week-ahead-march-20-26/] [art: aykut aydoğdu]

Wednesday, March 22

SUN at ♀/ ♄ point
MOON at ♃ / ♅ / ♇ point

OK, it’s important now to be sincere in what is of true value in your relationships – if you are looking to experience a deeper, more meaningful and enduring sense of love, that is.

What’s ‘enduring’ mean anyway..?

Sure, nice to have fancy visions about how you might like to see yourselves (together) in the future. But then, a great deal of it may just be unrealistic or simply unattainable. In truth, it’s not so much about that other person and how much you think you have in common with them.

This is more about you, and you alone… actually.

Chances are that what you’d like to think of yourself and how you’re being perceived by others has very little in common.

For what it’s worth, dare to be ‘yourself’, anyway.

….more for Cosmic Tribe @https://angstoic.com/2015/03/cosmic-update-sun-in-aries-and-the-moons-hairtrigger-activity/

Sunday, March 5

MERCURY conjunct NEPTUNE at 11° 48′

Confusion abounds.

In the midst, we are left pondering what to think.

If you sit with your thoughts for a moment, you may just question how many of those thoughts are actually your own.
Since thoughts are what you use to formulate opinions
and opinions constitute your beliefs,
and what you believe forms the basis of your reality,
then how much of your ‘reality’ is actually yours anyway?

Time out…

I look around and see that many people are not actually themselves.
They are merely a fabrication of other peoples’ opinions – largely uninformed and erroneous.
Who takes accountability for what they say any more?
Who truly understands what they are talking about?
Are we becoming a society of impersonators, mimics, sharers of inaccurate information?
Is our perceived reality just a sham?

Our world is changing in spectacular ways.

Much of what we are lead to believe is getting murkier and murkier.
We form our opinions on sweeping assumptions that, when we share them, only betray our ignorance or laziness to think for ourselves.

This anger and separation we sense from our world is largely felt because others are not willing to be who we want them to be.
In fact, the only clear idea we seem to have is about how everybody is letting down our concept of reality.

This is a good time to take respite from the linear, exterior world.
Not to tune out, escape into our fantasies,
but to observe the fantasy that we have created around us.

Sit with your thoughts for a moment. See if you can wipe out all those opinions that are based on prejudices, assumptions, misinformation and lies.

Sometimes it’s necessary to wipe our inner hard-drive clean.
So many errors in the script, distortions, filters, refracting lenses and mirrors are detrimental to our clarity of mind and emotional neutrality.

Focus on the one thing that you know is true:
Observe your breath.
In every complete breathing cycle is an intention to stay clear.
Work with that, especially if you’re feeling a little inundated with uncertainty and confusion about what you see around you.

This transit will pass,
and you will see,
more clearly.
– It’s not the world around you that is fuzzy.
Just how your mind has lead you into believing it to be.

Blessings x

[art: sara zaher]

Saturday, March 4

Your pain is never truly of this moment. This moment only carries either triggers or healing to the suffering you carry deep within.

How you identify with pain, how you react to unpleasantness or grief is a mark of your maturity.

I look to my father (☉☍♆), whose lifetime was filled with unspeakable atrocity, who lived a life subjected to all kinds of demeaning and demoralising inflictions of shame, persecution, suffering and projections of guilt (☽☍♃/♄/♅). This came from those who knew much better, but found it too easy to pass on their frustration with their lives upon each other. And to my mother (☉/Ch), a creature capable beyond means of sheltering her man, and to stand in her humble beauty and grace to hold a dignity, attributable only to a goddess.

Of course they had their flaws, as humans. I do not glorify them. I just take example in how they held their integrity, managing to overcome their woes and rise, always, to hold their dignity as mature humans. I observed how they took every adversity as an opportunity to shine and bring light upon others through their creativity, flair and inner resourcefulness. They raised us to be modest, to be aware of our uniquenesses, and fostered our abilities to turn lemons into sparkling lemonade.

They never passed on their grief. They learned to transmute any pain into a certain kindness and compassion for the suffering of others. In their kind and charitable actions they demonstrated to us that the world is a place filled with golden opportunities to overcome any challenge, no matter how constricting and unkind. By focusing only on those things that really mattered they managed to create a life that was always guided by their ingenuity of spirit, and step forward with courage and maturity, never with hubris or with blame.

We each carry the light within us to make changes. I learned this by example.

The moment you realise that your pain resides only in your body; that deep beyond your cunning mind, you hold the essence to overcome this pain by silently witnessing your healing power, you get to step into your maturity and take actions to alleviate any wounding.

Sit with your pain, your grief, your discontent. Bless it for being the only barrier between your personality and your inner light. Step into your centre, your sense of authority and seniority and show the world that you can exercise some maturity about how you handle yourself.

The most beautiful people in our lives are those who have known defeat, suffering, struggle, loss, and somehow found a way out of the pits of despair and adversity. These are the true heroes, for they demonstrate gratitude, forgiveness, and understanding that life is full of opportunities to show compassion, kindness, and a deep loving interest for all that concerns them.

Beautiful people do not just happen. They become beautiful by stepping fully into their maturity.


A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

If you can’t forgive then forget about experiencing love. Get used to more bitterness, resentment, animosity and strife– just more pain and suffering.

Forgiveness lets you reach a level of love that is deep, both toward yourself and then to others. Only through unconditional forgiveness can you dissolve away the pain and emptiness that you hold deep inside you.


[art: jiwoon pak]

Wednesday, March 1


Nothing’s ever quite as it seems on the surface. To many, the pure light is so intense they cannot stand to look at it directly. They need to water it down, add filters, shades, distort and variegate the veneer to break down its intensity upon their sensitive spirit.

In these distortions and diffractions, they stand to miss entirely the true meaning and purpose of the Spirit Light, which only shines to inform us of our infinite and infinitely varied connection to every aspect of any possible universe.
Yes, there are those who may consider fooling themselves (or others) necessary for the sake of their survival, be it in their miserable job, flimsy reputation, desperate romance, even their ability to withstand their vacuous, hollow-centred selves.
Just remember, it is our own acquiescence to the fickle world of distortions and blatant lies that hypocrites and demagogues exploit to ruthlessly accomplish their own selfish ends.BEWARE. All that glitters can often just be self-glorifying bullshit. Look much deeper for your truth.#StaySceptical#AssumeNothing……….https://angstoic.com/2017/02/annular-solar-eclipse-0812-pisces-feb-26-1459-utc/[photo: Nicole Skinner]



MOON just enters ARIES, soon passing VENUS, then joining URANUS/ERIS/MARS

No way to downplay the propensity for strife and conflict this week. Take stock. It all starts with poor or fuzzy communication between you and the world (as you sees it). Something is not aligning.

It’s a thing, some days can be ill-omened from the offset; one of those unlucky days when every little detail seems to go wrong, and you find yourself easily engaging in a perpetual and infuriating strife, even with inanimate objects.

How truly diabolical can the physical world get for us on such occasions… ?

Seems like every minute atom, every cell, every molecule, seems to be allied in a maddening conspiracy against the unfortunate sot who has somehow incurred its shadowy annoyance.

Eris and the Judgement of Paris


Monday, February 27th – Meanwhile on planet earth….

MARS conjunct URANUS/ERIS opposition JUPITER

This is not just your ordinary show of force brewing here, waiting to go KAPOW! at any given moment.

MARS in Aries is irascibly untempered by any challenge as it stands. Incited to action, he shoots directly from the hip, no questions asked (now, or ever). His only impetus is his intuitive urge. Period. No reason necessary. And he’ll keep shooting, like a rapid-fire tommy gun, until his instantly inflamed temper becomes quenched.

Mix this energy with the abruptly accelerant forces of an electrifying URANUS, as well as those epically scornful and controversially hostile energies of ERIS, and you can pretty much guarantee that somewhere in your spectrum of experience is a torrential firestorm being concocted, ready to unpack, like a case of molotov cocktails.

Being the beginning of a two-year Mars cycle, this is an important moment in time to consider, especially since it coincides (and aligns by 45°) to this ever-dizzying Pisces SOLAR ECLIPSE. More importantly, these heavenly-provoked, epochally-aggressed MARTIAL energies are in opposition to JUPITER. In the airy sign of Libra, Jupiter seeks to teach us about integration through BALANCE and invite us back to some semblance of LAW & ORDER.


In the tense exchange that spawns to take seed this week, any endorsement of an intuitively applied force seems to be mixed with higher, much more cosmic intent. There are greater collective forces behind your personal feelings of ire and revolt. Your anger does not stand alone, just in the personal. Any personal act of resistance now commits to the cycle for a whole medley of commands and regulations towards a cosmically-ordained Martial Law.

This means that the sanction of our consent to either rule or resist comes from standing behind or against the hierarchy of our laws as a people. In one sense, our entire community is regimented into acquiescence. In another, our collective tribe-consciousness voluntarily establishes a contract with its ruling Parliament. For this reason, one is called a regime and the other, a government.

The unfoldment of this new MARS/URANUS cycle now sets the scenario for a very radically aggressive two-year period, where an erratically progressive Martial law becomes the new rule for those still engaging in the 3D world of separation, judgment, anger and limitation. As expected, Martial rule rests only on the arbitrary sanction of force – not on the sanction of law.

A perfect moment then for you to sit, reflect, then choose how much you want to engage in all the anguish that (apparently) has to go on out there..

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