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If you are activated during this special time, this is the moment when you will find the courage to bring into light the sacred ideas and energies necessary to heal yourself and those around you. You might even notice that you have been doing this without consciously knowing it. Another, higher activation yet again, may be that you are suddenly able to intercept the relative nature of linear time… [for the Full Moon Story, click here]

— For those seeking a much more defined reading, I have provided a full breakdown of the experience, as viewed from the perspective of each of the zodiac overlays. 

(this week’s sample)…..GEMINI/GEMINI RISING

Seems like all the heat’s on you lately, but do you care to listen? When you talk, do you dare to tell it straight, or are you caught up in some notion of devotion about elegant promotion, or is it really some emotion destined straight into the ocean??

[pic: aykut aydoğdu]

Be for real now, ‘cuz we ain’t got time to tango…

The world is watching you big time. Watching and passing their ‘expert’ critique on your ability to stay true; state truth; be clear; know your intent; deliver the goods: intact; in fullest integrity and preferably dry (not saturated with soggy overintellectualised, meaningless codswallop).

Oh, you thought it was the other way round right? You thought it was you who had to keep the bastards honest…

Hard to tell isn’t it?
Hard to say in any real equation who is pulling their weight and who is just acting heavy just to bum you out. However, this is a time to really weigh up whether the journey you’ve chosen to take is worth pursuing or you’re simply kidding yourself and desperately trying to tow others along just for the ride.

In any case, you might have to choose whether to go it alone or stick it out with someone who is just dragging you down, keeping progress or general operations difficult, essentially acting as dead weight.  Anyway, since in your case you are mostly heading into wild, unchartered waters, those doubters and skeptics might just amount to being nothing but sinkers or stinkers (not free-thinkers).

On the other hand, anyone whom you can convince, inspire and excite now (as impossible as that may seem) will probably turn out to be your greatest ally in the end.

Tough choice. (Go with your intuition on this one!)

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