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FULL MOON at 22°13′ Virgo, Sunday March 12, 14:55 UTC

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There’s something unique unfolding here upon this Virgo Full Moon. Here, our nurturing Moon Mother seeks to show support, but her earthy, critical Virgo mind finds it difficult to embrace and comfort the vast-minded, all-encompassing, all-envisioning expressions of the dreamy, often escapist Pisces Sun.

He is flanked by the wild maverick, the story-teller Chiron, that wounded healer who has chosen to pursue a unique path that is dictated only by his intuition and unusual experiences. Also, entwined with
the Sun is Pallas Athena, upholder of justice, protector of the innocent and patroness of the arts – especially the psychic healing arts.

The Virgo Moon seeks comfort in the earthy roots of practicality and efficiency, but the wild visions offered by the Pisces Sun/Chiron/Pallas come to intrigue and beckon her and she inevitably must choose to risk safety and security for the wisdom that is offered. Squares from Saturn in Sagittarius create fear and blockages. The conditional world continues to argue for legislature around division, separation and duality. Frustration is rife with how to deal with the system. A quincunx from Uranus shows just how much innovation and change is unsettling our basic home stability. Much adjustment and adaptation is necessary.

The floor-level vibration of the planet has already shifted into a higher octave. Pluto’s bombardment (from Uranus) over the years has activated an alchemical process which has brought many of the darkest forces to light. This Virgo Full Moon launches a full scale clean-up operation by the shamanic practitioners, light-workers and energy healers of this world to defy all structured laws and limitations upon their practices and introduce the subtle energies and spiritual realities that are coming through.

Here, the message is clear that we must adopt a more holistic approach to healing our ills. Through this process we will find keys that can be shared with others for healing and higher understanding.

This tense period in ‘human history’ confronts us to let go of those things of less importance to us and focus on what matters most in spiritual terms. New levels of perception – tools and skills which we have all developed over the past three months (Jupiter/Uranus opposition) now bless us with the ability to clearly distinguish between what is truly important in terms of our personal evolution and what the 3D world/established culture/social milieu deems important.

Watch and mindfully partake in the process of humanistic alchemy that is unfolding on this planet. See how we are collectively ceasing to base our own self worth on outer or superficial criteria and increasingly placing our importance as beings who are here to actively assist in world change and the spiritual process of others.

Allow the higher-octave frequencies, the deeper, more intrinsic meanings of things to emerge, by avoiding the projection of your own ego onto them. You are now blessed with the ability to assist others in the discovery of their life’s meaning and purpose. On this Full Moon, observe how easily people fall into distress over seemingly minor, superficial matters. Help them to see beyond this. Help them to understand that all dis-ease is a mere projection of a story playing out in their own mind.

Identify those who feel a deep frustration in their attempt to understand the meaning of life. See how they are afraid to release their ego problems. Show them that the spiritual path is furthered and enhanced by the development of deep self-confidence based on an alignment with one’s Higher Self.

If you are activated during this special time, this is the moment when you will find the courage to bring into light the sacred ideas and energies necessary to heal those around you. You might even notice that you have been doing this without consciously knowing it. Another activation may be that you discover that you are now able to intercept the relative nature of time.

For those of you seeking a much more defined reading, I have provided a full breakdown of the experience, as viewed from the perspective of each of the zodiac overlays. Please read those which most relate to your experience.

Blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon!

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