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Tuesday, April 18

Wednesday, April 19

VENUS (27° 36′) square SATURN (27°36’℞)… – Friday

And then they realised… this could never have worked!
On the most fundamental level, they were too culturally different.
He was stuck in his wild-man ways, his dictatorial beliefs.
She was lost in some alternative fantasy, a deluded notion that if she just grinned and suffered him anyway, this might just have redeemed her own sorrow for not ever feeling quite understood herself.

Of course it can’t fully work that way…

True love doesn’t come through mere tolerance alone.
It’s not enough just to tolerate people from other cultural backgrounds, beliefs or norms.
We need to start loving them.
Sure, a mere tolerance of those different to us might make us a half-decent person, partner, friend, neighbour…
However, it is only our unconditional (spiritual) love that makes us a truly authentic human being.

Where does your ‘love’ come unstuck here?
How does it triumph during this challenging transit?
……full week ahead@https://angstoic.com/2017/04/week-ahead-april-17-23/

[pictured: peter freuchen & wife – danish explorer, author, journalist and anthropologist]

Tuesday, April 18

on PLUTO stationary at 19°24′, (℞ Thursday)

Intensified intensity,
you steal into my dreams,
invade into my every thought
and notion, so it seems

you steal into my shamefulness,
you rob me of my sleep,
creepishly stealing every shiver
scrutinise each word I deliver
you’re just a taker never giver
crawl down my spine, you make me quiver…
violate every single spasm of my soul,
steal through my wretched feelings and seize absolute control,
mercilessly play into my most sickening repulses,
penetrate through into my most absurd, irrational impulses

Sure, you don’t mean to be so mean
or such an awful pest
callously stealing day and night
my longed-for blessed rest
your whole devotion, it’s so blind
why do i feel so undermined
if you should leave me i should find
gasps in my lungs, feel unconfined
abandon me now let me be
stolen my peace
please set me free
oh please, no please
return to be
deceased for all

Pluto & the Search for an antidote to Temptation

Friday, April 14

VENUS Stationary on SATURN/CHIRON midpoint (26° 55′)

Relax…. it’s going to be ok.
It all began years ago, as a religious “holy” day.
Now seems more like a cruel, apocalyptic April Fool’s prank by the whole of society.
Do NOT adjust your ‘reality’.
Adjust your egregiously greedy lifestyle.

~ If it ain’t worth sacrificing, it ain’t worth having.

#ForOneGoodDay #JesusWept

….read fully here@ https://angstoic.com/2017/01/venuschiron-healing-wounded-feminine/

[image: mitch griffiths]

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

☉♅ Anyone intuitively arriving at a place today where they suspect that they may NOT EVER wish to be a part of any conditional relationship again… then welcome to glimpses of a 4-Dimensional reality. #NOW

This will take a lot of work though. It means being more mindful of any prejudices, expectations and insecurities/fears. It means letting go of relationships where you want something in return, or someone wants something from you that you can not intuitively sense is already there.

We may aspire to operate at such a level, but how many of us have the courage or freedom to coast in and out of affairs without any need to show or see any account or accountability?

We all want something… right? And going by our survival instinct, it’s really only a matter of TIME whether we get it (or not). We are prepared to go through the motions to get it though.

The 3D (conditional) relationship requires us to meet the following conditions in order to work – each measured by LINEAR TIME periods:
1. Qualification
2. Investment
3. Return on the investment

If even one of these 3 dimensions is missing, over time, we turn into nasty, 2-dimensional creatures. And you won’t need to wait to long to see the ugly side of a one-dimensional relationship, but one can only imagine.

The 4D relationship takes all of the above 3D conditions, intercepts the “linear time” element, and holds them to account only to one reference point: #PresentTense

in the now,
you get a moment-to-moment CHOICE
in whether to stay’n’play,
or choose-to lose.
Either way,
It’s your choice.
How do you manage your affairs?


Wednesday, April 12

MARS sextile CHIRON (exact Sunday)

Some things hurt.
What can you do?

No matter how hard I search to find a remedy,
seems like some old wounds never truly go away,
they linger,
and they aggravate
and bleed again so easily…
at the slightest word
and I am cursed to suffer the pain
over and over again…
Pain has got to be the most challenging part of being a man,
cuts into me like a knife-stabbing straight through my heart,
something I sense may never go away,
something I wish we could do without in our lives here on this beautiful planet.

How does one escape pain?
I guess one doesn’t.
I guess it’s a necessary part of the experience,
for without it we may never feel the splendor,
the tenderness,
the passion
and the freedom of healing.

If pain feels like the most savage cut upon the soul,
then healing has to be the most divine triumph of human strength over the forces of darkness and disease.
Healing is possibly the closest man comes to experiencing some victory over his own mortality,
for in this he comes closer to understanding the true angelic nature of his spirit… 

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A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W








Observe the child who seems placed under any threat,
how fast it rouses the innately deeply-rooted instinct
found in the heart of its most caring guardian or parent,
to act out with the swiftest pride and fury for protection
– a sudden action which, most fierce and stubbornly applied
shall shield the fragile and defenceless creature
from even slightest hint of menace or assault.

Once the protective line of custody is crossed
into the innocence and chastity of the child’s pen
a taut-jawed, clenched-fist fury becomes all-aroused
and hell then hath no tempest like the bull that’s been contained,
and angered to spit fire & rage as if from another realm,
and no relationship no matter what its worth stands to survive
this seething rampage of the scorned defender of its young.
Collective threads of seething madness
explode all at once from from underneath the earth,
for an immortal place never once meant to be disturbed.
has been affronted and aggressed, even this once…
See now wild demons rise
and angels tremble.


[this composition brought to you by today’s blend of energies:] MARS/CERES conjunction opposite SCORPIO MOON


[pic: eduardo bodner]


Saturday, April 8

A S T R O L O G Y . O F . N O W

This total defragmentation of ‘limited reality’ – now occurring on every perceivable level since the Aries Equinox – is catapulting human consciousness into a forced understanding of its fears at the most deepest, intimate level.

How else to let go of something that causes you dread or anxiety other than to face it head on, learn to understand it, embrace it?
We are not far.
Not far at all…

In fact, we are so close now. Just Look:
As you look at your greatest fear closely; stare deep into its essence, you come to realise that it is NOT actually you who is the inadequate one. What you do come to learn is that the one thing you fear at all actually draws its power; its reinforcement; its strength, from dependending on your ONLY true weakness – your fear that you are actually ok as you are. Yes, the true you is powerful beyond measure.

It is your inner strength, your inner light – NOT your darkness that scares you most. You are afraid to shine, frightened to express your full brilliance, your beauty, your gifted, talented, lovingly wise, exceptionally warm inner glow.
And it’s not just in you.
This loving light exists in everyone.

The divine (not mundane) feminine Venusian℞ force (now stationing) fuses with Chiron the light-worker. This is a rare healing event, given that Chiron and Saturn℞ (both also stationed) are locked into a tense square. All three forces will sustain an intense dynamic over this planet for an entire two weeks. Through subtle ‘assistance’ from ‘angelic beings’ beyond this ‘physical’ realm, we will be helped to help others face and overcome their fears and limitations so they may experience love, beauty and fulfillment more completely.

Stepping up in presence,
Showing up to shine your own inner light,
you intuitively bless others with permission,
sanction and liberty to do the same.
Just as you become liberated from your own fear,
by your mere presence alone
you inspire the liberation from fear in others.

(crisis points) ♀/Ch □ ♄ ℞ ……..☉☌ ♅☍ ♃ □ ♇

article, w/links@https://angstoic.com/2017/04/saturn-℞etrograde-reality-check/

[pic: peter lindbergh]


Friday, April 6

VENUS @27° 47’℞ Square SATURN @27°47’℞ –
Exact Saturday April 08, 08:28 pm

For all that goes on
in that beautiful, caring heart,
the delicate nuances of its tender loving ways
its sensitivity to matters that may never meet the eye,
the physical world can be so harsh sometimes.
So cold and mean and exacting…

Of course it doesn’t mean to be so mean,
just that the exterior universe measures things in ways
that cannot possibly take into account
the gentle, subtle qualities hidden inside,
the dainty, fragile hints and shades
held in abundance by the sacred, human heart.

The physical world will always judge things
by the economy of thought, motion and matter
how rationally everything can stack up
and neatly fit into its 3D box,
and though it senses that there may be more to life than this
it argues strongly to curtail, to limit and to scold
cravingly banishing anything
that it may fail to quantify
to appreciate in tangible forms
and to understand in ways
that don’t comply by the strict standards
that it holds over
like a ransom, waiting to be paid.

Sometimes it is necessary
to behave indifferently towards those
who openly proclaim their love to us,
yet are ready to impose conditions upon how we must love.
For on the strict terms of what they may expect from us
they sometimes kill the most valuable aspects of our love
and our self-worth begins to die,
with their every appraisal,
until it’s evidently clear that
any such action erroneously implies
that our blessed heart, and all its worth
can ever be quantified….

More valuable lessons to be learned in love today x
…. read full story on Saturn in retro@https://angstoic.com/2017/04/saturn-℞etrograde-reality-check/


Wednesday, April 5

MARS trine PLUTO, quincunx JUPITER

There’s no question that when the obstinately resolute Taurus Mars finally puts his first foot forward, he’s not going to stop marching for anything or anyone.

No way.
Mainly because it takes this Mars quite a lot to be fired up to move in the first place. Taurus Mars is a heavyweight fighter, a real prime mover with plenty of grunt to haul even the heaviest load across any cross-country distance. WARNING: Don’t get in his way once the momentum kicks in.

As he trines Pluto in Capricorn, MOMENTUM is exactly what’s behind Mars now. There is enough atomic force and furied motivation to shift entire mountains, if necessary. And obstacles? Woe and pity to those fools who try to stop the raging bull…

Only one concern.
This effort cannot be stopped for any reason. Like an avalanche, its intent is to transform in a big way, so hopefully you’re on the favourable end and any persistent, unyielding effort is a deliberate and wise one.


[art: Damon Hellandbrand]

Sunday, April 2

MERCURY slips into TAURUS (Mar 31-Apr 20)

Before our winged messenger-god turns around to go retrograde on April 9, he will deliver the goods, on time and in full.

Mercury in Taurus becomes the purveyor of substance. The message is formal; the deal makes firm, practical sense, even if it seems a little weighted to one side more than the other. That’s the trade off in this case. It’s hard to argue with solids.

No time for nonsense now, my dear… we are on the business end of our discussions.

What is said now is deliberate and means to be lasting. Sure, there may be reviews and revisions in times to come, but think twice about spouting out something now that you think may be easy to retract later. Whilst it’s not impossible to take things back, what you put out there now, once put, speaks volumes about what you value.

Before you speak, write, sign, send anything ask:
Is this about me (ego) or about truth.

#BeLoving #BeStill #BeCertain #BeTrue


Friday, March 31

[pic: peter-lindbergh]

Crying again.
Eyes swollen so badly I can hardly see.
So… no, things have not changed out there.
Nothing has changed one bit for all my crying.
But I feel better.

And I am not ashamed to have been crying.
Thanks for pretending like you didn’t notice, too.
So kind of you.
Yeah, guess you might say I let my heart rain pretty hard…
I brought down a deluge of tears on this cold, dry,
unfeeling earth.

Couldn’t help it…
couldn’t hold it back any more.
For all the world.
For all I tried,
there was nothing out there to stop me,
to comfort or appease my aching soul,
whose ravages and scars run deeper and
longer than this life and everything i’ve known.

I let it all out though, let it show,
wasn’t afraid.
I let her see my sadness,
she felt my pain,
a river of tears spilled mercilessly out of me
upon her stolid, stony ground
she, who in her toughness taught me to be ever more sorry,
more mindful of my thoughtlessnesses,
more gentle,
and grateful…

Nothing out there has changed at all.
Mother earth is still the same, still turning.
It’s all happening inside, the change…
it’s made me feel again,
i feel much better for having cried (thank you)…
it has made a world of difference
for all at once now I feel connected to my humanness again
and so, I’m sure
my tender heart will help me to decide
what best I am to do about all this….



Pallas Athena is the goddess of wisdom, strategy and defence. Born from the head of Zeus, she is all brains and possesses a cool intellect. Her totem is the owl, symbol of wisdom and night vision. Patron and master-ess of the arts, she could create anything out of fabric, needle and thread.

Carrying the sword of justice, she never once used it in attack, only in defence, to shield herself (and kind) and to teach scoundrels a lesson. In fact, she loved to teach. Greeks prayed to her so much, they built an entire capital (Athens) around her temple (the Parthenon, which means ‘for the virgin’). She was fierce, but philosophical. Just and fair, her actions came from an integrated need to restore law and order.

In the horoscope, you will find Pallas Athena in the house where you are most tactful, creatively clever and resourceful in the arts. Also, check out where she lies in your opponent’s chart (w/aspects to your’n) for important intelligence on how to handle them.

Now in Aries, Athena is at her most fierce and direct. One would say that she could accomplish anything she puts her head to. I wouldn’t mess with her.

Her asteroid will spend the next 5 years going through the constellations until she returns to this point again in Feb 2022.

Pallas has been very active lately, her transit through Pisces has been triggered in several major transits (including the last Full Moon in Virgo), meaning that there has been a lot of subtle strategic positioning going on in places and ways that we cannot normally see.

In just two days she will conjunct Venus℞@ 00°48′, giving us all important tips on how to handle that hostile or self-centred lover head-on.

Blessings to the goddesses x.

[pic: monica mcCarty]

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  1. Sent your Mars/Chiron aspect prose (12Apr) to my daughter. It hit HARD. She’s terribly wounded right now and I can’t stop it (nor would I, if given the opportunity). Pain is her (and my) universal law in this life.
    Then, I read the Mama Bear post.
    Dear gods, man!!
    I may or may not carry a deep appreciation and (oddly creepy) fondness for your articulate ninja skills. ?

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