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The Week Ahead – February 6-13

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Yes, it’s exciting times because… (you know it)… it’s eclipse season yet again! Eclipses are not little things. Even though they occur every six months, their effect comes on weeks, even months earlier, and if you are most affected, the way that they change your life can last for ages. It’s pretty good value for an event that in actual duration, lasts only minutes. Sometimes, when we most need it, their awakening impact on our lives can be so profound that it knocks us squarely on our asses.

This first eclipse this year (Saturday, at 00:34 UTC) is the lunar at 22°♌28′. It is only a penumbral (Moon moves through the faint, outer part of Earth’s shadow) and could appear to many as much like any normal Full Moon. Yet, its effects are much more intense and its influence extends well beyond the usual 2-4 week influence of a standard Full Moon. Eclipses are important events, and where they make significant contacts to our chart, resonate loudly with effects that will become remembered as significant markers in our personal development.

I will be covering both the Lunar & Solar eclipses more closely with my ‘Cosmic Tribe’ group, so if you are not yet a subscribed member, I welcome you to join in and follow the events more intensely. As we study their effects, not just in our personal lives (discussion via facebook posts, horoscope analysis), but how they are critical to the evolutionary development of our entire species. If you wish to sign up to the Tribe, click this link and follow the instructions.

These are the key transits for this week (all times in UTC)

  Monday Feb 06 05:55 am Jupiter 23°08′ Jupiter goes Retrograde
  in Tuesday Feb 07 09:36 am Mercury 00°00′  
  Thursday Feb 09 06:04 am Venus 04°09′ Quincunx Node 04°09′
  Thursday Feb 09 09:17 pm Sun 21°19′ Sextile Uranus 21°19′
  Friday Feb 10 03:13 am Mercury 04°06′ Quincunx Node 04°06′
  Friday Feb 10 09:19 pm Mercury 05°15′ Sextile Venus 05°15′
Saturday Feb 11 00:34 am Moon 22°28′ Opposition Sun 22°28′
  Saturday Feb 11 03:26 pm Sun 23°06′ Trine Jupiter 23°06′
  Ch Sunday Feb 12 02:52 pm Mercury 07°55′ Semisquare Chiron 22° 55′

Other major shifts this week are the halting of Jupiter at 23°08′, who is currently locked into an opposition with a recklessly radical Uranus in Aries. Jupiter will be turning retrograde (Feb 6-Jun 10), applying its expansionist force on us to journey inwards in order to gain a more meditative sense of awareness and personal growth. It becomes the perfect opportunity to reassess all our experiences over the last nine months, and especially since August 10, last year, when Jupiter left its retrograde shadow from the previous inner journey (Jan 6 – May 10, 2016).

Have you been true to your beliefs? Have you acted in integrity to these to represent yourself most authentically to your current society? Have you over-arched yourself, overhyped, bluffed or been disingenuous? When Jupiter turns retro, the chickens come home to roost, and as he heads to a second exact opposition with Uranus (Mar 3), anyone playing the phoney could become totally exposed.

In any sense, it is an excellent period to simmer down out there and to do some much needed inner work: focus on stillness through prayer and meditation, quiet reading and study on more spiritual topics, especially ones that will restore balance, harmony and peace (Jupiter is in Libra). Less engagement in politics and levering our personal growth through our relationships with others, and more reflecting on the lessons learnt there, as well as reaping some of the rewards that come with having acted in integrity to our faith. For more guidance on working with Jupiter during this period, see the following material:

Jupiter in Libra – Sept 9, 2016 – Oct 10 2017

Jupiter in Libra – Guidelines for growth through finding balance

Also this week, we see Mercury enter Aquarius, and thoughts and idea patterns shift out of the structured form of Capricorn and into a more progressive, inventive and solution-oriented modality. Solutions are just what we need at the moment – Mercury has been in Capricorn (including its retrograde period) for over 9 weeks now, and the melancholic existentialism of trying to grumble out our reasonings may have somewhat brought us down to earth, but it has made our communications a bit miserable. As Mercury moves into airy Aquarius, contacting Chiron (Feb 12) we may just let go of any desperate attempts to escape from torturous memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and any prevailing dread of some strange impending doom.

The big ticket transit this week is, of course, the Leo Lunar eclipse, which will highlight just how much our need to feel noticed and heard as a unique individual. Our instinctive impulse to express ourselves with pride and self-integrity can often clash against anyone looking for a fair slice of the pie. This is especially so if we fail to merit any due attention, or refuse to compromise our demands upon others.

We are seeing a sad trend since June 2016 (Mutable Grand Cross), with anti-intellectualism slowly unravelling a constant thread out of our political and cultural life, leading more towards the bare-knuckle thuggery of the ‘might makes right’ factions. This is a sign of the desperate times we are experiencing during this dissolution of our 3D-structured world, now nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your wisdom’.

Read more about the Leo/Aquarius polarity and its geo-political implications here: 

Leo-Aquarius Opposition – Autocracy vs Democracy

Eclipse Video MasterClass on Facebook

Certain awakenings are definite this week. These shuttle through into our consciousness as we examine the top seats in any land: its political, legal, corporate and religious elites. As we seek to improve our notions of democracy, the office of its highest representatives is revealed more and more closely. These ‘rulers’ are the inner soul of the people. If we are not careful (and we have clearly not been), the great, glorious day may soon dawn where the plain and common folk of the land will finally reach the object of their heart’s desire, and the highest office in every jurisdiction may soon end up being adorned by a down-right douchebag.

For those learning to apply a non-partisan, 4D approach to their consciousness stream, we are seeing the difference between being enslaved to the world of obligation and an ability to make choices. Knowing to stand away from those who claim elitist positions but are not prepared to work upon themselves is becoming the new second-nature. Those lazy parasites who perch on others just to satisfy their needs are clearly not here to alleviate our burdens. Their mission is to distract, detract and extract, and make us live in abject poverty. Are we learning to distance our engagement from these? Is it not best to just let them to do their own dirty work? After all, we each have our own work to do. Our work is to manifest the dream, for all humanity.

Living according to our clearest vision need no longer feel like a mere illusion. Nor shall it feel like some disease. It is the mind’s ability to penetrate beyond the just three dimensions of this earth. In the fourth dimensional field (ruled by Uranus) there are more ideas available, more choices, more freedom than any ‘genius’ can ever imagine possible. Observe these ideas become more active, stronger, more resistant, more passionate than any mere ‘politician’ can ever manage.

In our capacity to be in present tense, we are blessed with the thrill to witness the birth of ideas, the bursting outward of their force – not in the books and deluge of online data that is carrying them, but in the present-time events that manifest this force, in struggles carried on around ideas, for or against them.

Of course, it is not ideas alone that rule this world. It is because we have the capacity to tap into the amazing dimension of new ideas (and our ability to express them creatively) that can actually liberate the world from being passively or aggressively ruled by those who are its leaders, or anyone who uses their prestige or position to tell us, once and for all, what the rest of us must think.

Time to get off that old carnival ride and back on the cosmic bus.

Blessings, and have an amazing week xx

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