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The Week Ahead: February 20-26

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This week shapes up to be seriously one of the most intense weeks of the year, no less because it is emphatically punctuated by the Pisces Annular Eclipse on Sunday, an event which promises to throw curveballs everywhere, just to add to the pressure and its obligatory release valves.

For years now, the mysterious outer forces of Uranus and Pluto have been fiercely duelling in the heavens. Their seven (7) exact squares (between 2012-15) have pitched the entire planet into a colossal and gruelling battle in the attempt to overthrow deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations, both in the personal and social spheres.

Whilst slow and long-ranging, these have been far from subtle or invisible. Their protracted series of extreme eruptions have set the stage where, by now, it has become daily fare to witness flagrant insurgency against anyone trying to conspicuously wield conservative power. By now it seems like everyone has been somewhat affected by this long-standing, enervating desire to express freedom and change on all levels. To observe the world in such a complete and drastic state of utter disdain and revolt against any sign of corruption or oppression would have been unimaginable only a few years earlier. There are no sacred structures left, in any establishment, and those at the forefront of these wars have not been afraid to burn every bridge behind them.

This week, leading into the final close of this epochal square (March), the lone warrior Mars’ conjunction to Uranus at 22°00′ sees us taking drastic and unexpected actions in order to unleash much of this pent-up energy. In the lead up, a tense, 8th harmonic syndrome between power-planets (♂,♃, ♅, ♇) is forming against the Sun, who is closing into the Pisces South Node. By Sunday the Sun will be joined by the Moon, forming the first Solar Eclipse of 2017.

Critical transits this week:

  sqq Monday Feb 20 09:55 am Pluto 18°33′ Sesquiquadrate Node 03°33′
  Tuesday Feb 21 04:02 am Mercury 21°45′ Sextile Uranus 21°45′
  Tuesday Feb 21 05:25 am Sun 02° 46′ Semisquare Mars 17°46′
  Tuesday Feb 21 06:28 pm Mercury 22°46′ Trine Jupiter 22°46′
  Tuesday Feb 21 10:18 pm Sun 03° 29′ Opposition Node 03°29′
  Wednesday Feb 22 01:15 am Sun 03° 36′ Semisquare Pluto 18°36′
  sqq Wednesday Feb 22 04:12 am Mars 18°28′ Sesquiquadrate Node 03°28′
  Wednesday Feb 22 08:57 am Mars 18°37′ Square Pluto 18°37′
  Thursday Feb 23 09:46 pm Mercury 26°25′ Sextile Saturn 26°25′
  Friday Feb 24 03:38 am Mercury 26°50′ Semisquare Venus 11°50′
  Vs Friday Feb 24 00:09 am Mars 20°32′ Square Vesta 20°32′
  Saturday Feb 25 08:37 am Sun 06° 56′ Semisquare Uranus 21°56′
  sqq Saturday Feb 25 11:05 pm Sun 07° 32′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 22°32′
  in Saturday Feb 25 11:08 pm Mercury 00° 00′ Conjunction Midheaven
Sunday Feb 26 02:59 pm Moon 08° 12′ Conjunction Sun 08° 12′
  Sunday Feb 26 00:19 am Mars 22°00′ Conjunction Uranus 22°00′

In the backdrop, Pluto’s ssq to the Nodes has been creating a daunting feeling that we are all somehow collectively embroiled (some might say possessed) by the horrid feeling of being pressed up against the wall. Yet, the true source of this is still being unaddressed. It seems almost obvious that we are each somehow feeling cramped by dark, unconscious forces. These go so far as manifesting as oppressive, even violently abusive displays of compulsiveness within our relationships. There is a widespread frustration around this. Although abuse of power will not be tolerated, there is also an inability to know exactly how to deal with the abusers.

At the root of it all, we are all responsible for the violation that continues to play out among us. We all carry the genes of our predecessors – particularly those who have historically perpetrated some unspeakable atrocities upon each other, for whatever reasons. Similarly, we also carry the DNA of their victims. The unresolved, unabsolved spirits of the dead still hover around us, at times possessing us without our consent. They come into scenarios where we feel weak, invade our own spirits and seize control, making us behave in maniacal and abhorrent ways towards others. Dark, or invisible matter is still trying desperately to control things like cultural/sexual/religious identity, leaving a horrifying effect between us. The psychological damage is difficult to contain, let alone repair or heal.

As the Pisces Sun hits Mars (semi-square, Tuesday) it kicks off the process of actively dismantling the negative ego traits that possess us; characteristics that the spiritual self is actively engaging in trying to fend off. As it attempts to completely and perfectly reflect the spiritual light, we begin to see an instinctive effort to sort out our daily experiences in terms of their relative importance so that we can realign ourselves to our true purpose.

As the Sun/Mars point contacts Pluto (Wednesday), we adopt a do-or-die attitude in accomplishing our warrior mission. An egotistical desire starts to pervade those most affected (see your chart) to accomplish something significant and meaningful in our lives, either because we want to positively transform our world, or simply as a means of acquiring personal power. Needless to say, the efforts will stop at nothing.

By midweek, asteroid VESTA creates a cardinal grand cross with JUPTER/URANUS/PLUTO. Mars and the Sun are also implicit here, and the alignment to the NODES brings a fated quality to the intense dynamic playing out among us.

Astrologically, Vesta is the goddess of devotion to the hearth (sacred altar where Spirit flame is held), and of loyal servitude to men – particularly those fractured warriors suffering from the traumatic effects of battle. Vesta’s primal commitment is to ‘keep the homefires burning’, as well as to offering her feminine sexual powers to carnally nourish and regenerate men back into everyday society. The cross gets us all fired up to commit to something that we will not give up easily. Can you see what and where it may grab you tightly?

**I will be covering this dynamic in more detail through the week, along with regular updates and analysis with the ‘Cosmic Tribe’ group. If you wish to follow these, and up-to-the-minute coverage on the SOLAR ECLIPSE, you may sign up to the ‘tribe’ here:

By Thu/Fri, the Sun/Mars combination hits Uranus. Whilst it appears like the activity is taking on a wild, erratic form, there are often true moments of inspiration intermeshed with seemingly outrageous actions. Taken philosophically, we must see that it is imperative for things to get crazy before anything fresh and insightful can be introduced. There are moments where true genius emerges out of all the madness.

Friday sees the tension start to play out, and with Mars now approaching the Uranus/Pluto midpoint, revolutionary actions are seen as rough and ready (if unsteady and real heady). Forces play out wherever there is a need to be assertive in any uninhibited fashion. Those willfully engaging in the drama around them also stage an extreme rebellion that is potentially highly destructive.

Meanwhile, Mercury, in the reformist-minded Aquarius forms trines to retrograde Jupiter in Libra (Tuesday). Much political reflection is going on, efforts towards mediation are best done with a sense of introspection and meditation as we try to synthesise ideas to improve our current situations. The impetus is there to put ideas into work. Yet, as we will see the following week, when Mercury hits the early degrees of Pisces (01°♓09′), a conjunction to the South Node (02°A14′) will reveal how much the lower, unsociable elements of the calculating mind have been employed to coerce or deceive others for personal benefit.

I will cover the Solar Eclipse in a separate article but the effects are profound, as we see community life becoming interrupted, with a growing sense of disappointment pervading our lives via every means of communication and the media wars that will ensue.

This Eclipse’s alignment to the South Node itself suggests that many things are ending. Estrangements, separations and dissociations seem rife as we come to terms with the fact that our connections (both family & social ties) have the soul -effect of leaving us largely let down, particularly through evasive, dishonest, or underhanded actions. If this Eclipse does nothing, it at least delivers a massive wake-up call to just how easily we have allowed vague, or incomplete information to ‘pull the wool over our sheepish eyes’.

Is it too late?

Ultimately, now is a call now to find our own, independent and unique way of doing things. In that, we must admire (or at least tolerate) those who dare to do the same. It appears rapidly all that the nonsense has gone far enough. When all else in our structured notion of the universe seems to have failed; when nothing seems to add up any more, then people start to realise they have less and less to lose but to try something different. The spirit of active experimentation takes hold. As we will see, this activity will burst out in wilful disregard, almost as if there are no consequences.

It is not because you feel like you have no choice but to look outside the square for a solution;
It is because you realise that you have a choice. You always had (at least) one.
Only your fears held you back from executing them.

In the epochal ending to the Uranus/Pluto squares, this next week commences a new, 2-year epoch where our active engagement to break out of old forms and patterns gives rise to a new, person-centred movement to create a new order. It is one which promises to offer greater individual freedom to choose, then act in ways that most clearly reflect the intentions of the true self.

So, with the augury of this Eclipse and its influencing transits comes the dawn of a time when many will seek to fight against the tyranny of oppression. A revolution against the exterior foster the interior growth and evolution of one’s own unique gifts, talents, and abilities.

If you must give in to something, then give in to your deepest urges to change. It’s time to finally acknowledge that unless we can overcome our demons, we may never transmute away from this harsh, 3-Dimensional plane. Until we truly learn to conquer our blind, insatiable addictions for power and physical attachments, our souls are doomed to remain trapped between the here (earth) and the moon

Join me now by subscribing to the Cosmic Tribe, as we continue to work intensively with the energies of the NOW.

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