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The Week Ahead: February 13-19

The confronting emotional tension built into last Saturday’s Leo Lunar Eclipse was palpable and has now set the scenario for a powerful life-realisation, about to be hosted to us by next fortnight’s accompanying Solar Eclipse at 08°12′ Pisces.

Arguably, the oncoming revelations brought to us by these eclipses have been felt for weeks (even months) before the actual event – themes activating key areas in our lives (expression of our individual integrity vs playing into the group dynamic) and will remain prevalent as we continue to see what it’s really all about, then set out to restore some balance in our lives.

As individuals, we are all awakened to our need to feel special, to have a voice, a say, an expression so unique and outstanding that it must stand to make a difference, if only to our self-esteem and ignite our passionate spirit.

As a collective, we still struggle with the autocrat, the one who mandates more from a place of despotic disregard for the rest of us and with narcissism that is so obtusely obscene that we cannot stand them enough to spend all our time worrying and complaining about them. If you look closely, you will see that this is only a by-product of the ill-conditioned, insecure child mind. But ask yourself this: are we really upset at them, or is it something we see within ourselves with which we sorely connect. We all wish to feel heard. But in today’s evocatively visionary new consciousness, is it coming from a place of trying to satisfy our enormously little egos, or is it emanating from a deep instinct to exude a generous creativity that’s pure and heart-centred?

I will not talk about the Solar eclipse too much here. I will be spending much of the next fortnight preparing my full tribe analysis and dissertation. I will say though, that the complex fusion of very powerful energies  (☉,☽, ☿, ♂, ♃, ♅,♆, ♇, ☊) packs an enormously potent impact.

In short, we can only prepare ourselves for extreme events that will precipitate humanity’s development in the effort to awaken enough to receive the Christed Light’s meaning, to see its purpose in broader and greater depth, and to begin to work with it. It is not until we start to see with absolute clarity all the infinite and infinitely varied connections of all aspects of all universes, that we will begin to manifest true change. It seems that there are many forces of darkness that are riding high to challenge our collective effort here right now. I must take this opportunity to advise all individuals to tend to their immediate physical/psychological health as the Solar Eclipse conjunction to Neptune creates an inordinate sensitivity on all levels, and with Mercury on the South Node – especially the mental health.

Here are the key transits for this week:

  ∗ ♄ Tuesday Feb 14 05:59 am Sun 25°♒44′ Sextile Saturn 25°♐44′
  ∠ ♄ Tuesday Feb 14 10:01 am Mercury 10°♒45′ Semisquare Saturn 25°♐45′
  ⊼ Ch Tuesday Feb 14 02:34 pm Jupiter 23°♎02’℞ Quincunx Chiron 23°♓ 02′
  ∗ ♂ Thursday Feb 16 06:15 pm Mercury 14°♒29′ Sextile Mars 14°♈29′
  in ♓ Saturday Feb 18 11:32 am Sun 00°♓ 00′ Sun Ingress Pisces
☽ □ ☉ Saturday Feb 18 07:34 pm Moon 00°♐20′ Square Sun 00°♓ 20′

In prelude, this week sees Pluto tighten its sesquisquare to the Moon’s Node (exact Feb 20), dragging us all into a 2-3 week period where we will wrestle with powerful, yet invisible shadowy forces, ones that seem to possess us into behaving in ways which seem to compel us into great revulsion and angst. The underlying feeling seems to be that there is one possessed individual who is blindly and willingly ruining it for all of us with their overbearing ways. Could be a troubled friend/family member or a personage of great power, but their influence has the uncomfortable effect of cramping our own personal style so uncomfortably that we feel squeezed into a corner, if only to suffer the burden of their unwieldy pressure.

It is all in the name of precipitating some collective change…

Let us allow the Aquarian Sun, now in his last degrees of this airy constellation, to put things into some perspective for us here. Let us not confuse our personal angst with lower, fear-based feelings of anxiety. Angst is a transcendent, 4D emotion, one that intercepts time and combines our wistful anguish about the future with hopes of transmuting ourselves out of a seemingly impossible situation. In the absence of the element of hope, the emotion would be merely anxiety, not angst. Angst somehow reminds us of the constant struggle we have to endure against the burdens of life. Eventually we will rise above all this suffering, overpower the shadowy forces of Pluto, and as we begin to work with great beams of pure light, salvation will gradually appear.

It is important to keep in mind that, since November 2016, our earth has been locked into a cardinal opposition between the high-minded Jupiter and revolutionary-spirited Uranus (exact Dec 26, Mar3). These two opposing forces are largely responsible for the ‘angsty’ energy at the core all the obstinate philosophical, political and religious arguments between us. Arguments that surface constantly as extreme differences of opinion and belief.

Alas, Venus (currently in early Aries), will not come to assuage the anguish we feel with any peaceable resolution until May (opp Jupiter). Instead of easing this ♃/♅ dynamic, she will slow to retrograde in early March, going all the way back into Pisces (April).

Meanwhile, Mars (also in Aries) will march on to join Uranus, just in time for the Solar Eclipse on February 26. The insurgency and revolt that we are experiencing between each other will continue to persist until it has gone too far. In this, we must stay mindful of our self-righteous urge to smash down any existing systems of belief with our own fundamentalist views and opinions.

By the weekend, the Sun slips out of cool, detached Aquarius and submerges into dreamy and surreal Pisces.

In the awkward period between this Lunar Eclipse and the Solar, it is as if the world slips into a kind of depersonalisation disorder which makes us feel increasingly removed from any reality. It’s not like the “wow, this LSD trip is awesome” sort of experience. It’s more akin to “I wonder what my heart is doing right now” and “I would love to be able to access my emotions again”.

Dissociation, a form of hypnotic trance, is what helps victims survive the trauma of shock or abuse. The experience of any sudden jolt to the emotional & nervous system takes on a dream-like, surreal quality. Our increasingly numbed-out feelings and altered perceptions, not helped by our hapless and addictive engagement with the incessantly grim news from electronic media, only add to the strangeness of our experience. When what we are seeing around us ceases to fit into our concept of ‘reality’, it becomes easier to just detach, to forget, and to make out as if nothing happened, just to cope with everyday life.

The danger is that we may dissociate so far that we enter the world of complete delusion or escapism. We go on living our lives, but underneath, there is a weird sense of spiritual disengagement, an emotional depersonalisation which occurs in order for us to better deal with the pressing adjustments to our usual relationship with the exterior world.

All throughout human history, examples of psycho-spiritual harm inflicted on the human spirit by individual violence for selfish motives are prevalent. However, these episodes become insignificant when compared to the devastation upon the human race that can result from any self-transcending devotion to collectively shared belief-systems.

Asteroid Vesta, temple priestess of devotion, sits at the T-square midpoint of the Jupiter/Uranus opposition. If we must commit to making drastic changes to our beliefs, let us focus on creating constructive and healing opportunities to move out of our old, established ways. Vesta points the way to our judicial and religious systems as a sacred hearth around which to build functional new structures (opposite Pluto in Capricorn).

Right now, thanks to social media, it seems that these are more derived from primitive identification rather than of mature social integration; this entails a partial surrender of personal responsibility, producing the quasi-hypnotic phenomena of group-psychology that is slowly building towards sudden and impulsive deconstruction of all laws and beliefs throughout this year. In this sense, strife and discord seems inevitable (Mars/Uranus/Eris conjunction).

It is important to stay centered and mindful that your own experience is altering in such a way that no amount of debate and public discourse will ever help to align or appease you. Everything is changing. And you are growing. Except, with Jupiter in retrograde, your growth is not out there, in the world around you, as you may be mislead to believe.
It is happening within.
On a deep, neural, cellular level.

Meditation (not medication or mediation) is the only way to realign, and assist your beloved human body to do this special preparatory work. Practice this. Practice mindfulness at every moment. Learn to listen, but remain skeptical.
By diving into this present moment – mind, body and spirit – you create a space for your self and others to dance.

Dance gracefully to the cosmic rhythm,
And have an amazing week…

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