ANNULAR SOLAR ECLIPSE at 08°12′ Pisces, Feb 26, 14:59 UTC

It is Solar Eclipse time.

As with every New Moon, this lunation augurs a time of new beginning. Yet with eclipses there is something far more profound and wide-reaching about the new terrain in which we are about to enter. The great intensity of this lunation’s effect can usually be seen/felt building in our lives for weeks (some might argue months) in the anticipation of the event.

In a Solar Eclipse, an exciting, yet unnerving new life direction can often come our way. To the unaware, unsuspecting pundit, this is often experienced as an unexpected tap on the shoulder (courtesy of the universal forces). The effect is generally aimed at blasting us out of a blind, blissful ignorance, shedding an inordinate amount of light intensity upon some specific area of our life. In one big hit, she tells us that some aspect of our life is now redundant and that our life is now about to go this-a-way.

A New Way of Seeing, a New Way of Being

Like the birth of a baby, when a major new arrival enters our lives we soon acknowledge that this will not just be another fleeting matter. It is here to stay. An overwhelming sensation of awareness dawns upon us, often arresting us in the course of our usual routine, usually accompanied by a chance incident with an authority figure, or someone who see us as the authority in their life. After some profound event, we come to realise that whatever is happening now is going to be so monumentally life-altering that is has the power to somehow eclipse our former sense of self; to shift our personal experience in such an irrevocable way that, even if we tried, we could never quite go back to how things once used to be.

However an Eclipse manifests its energies into your world, its underlying effect will be to bring something evocative enough into your consciousness to somehow shift your perception of everything around you onto the next level experience. It can be exciting, but also a little daunting.

In the aftermath, much akin to beginning a fresh school year, we feel like we are thrusted into a whole new class of individuals; a higher-grade of experiences; a new level of people to make friends with; a whole new set of challenges to meet. In such an event, we are somehow propelled to receive the pure, blessed light of our creator god – the Sun and do our best to work with it in ways that will be most constructive. Also, regardless of how hard we may try to obscure or deny this superior jolt to our consciousness (try holding your hands over our eyes), ultimately a new level of maturity is set to emerge in us and we must step up and face it, one way or another.

Letting go of the Old

Not only this, but with every Solar eclipse the accompanying Lunar Eclipse (in this case, two weeks earlier in Leo) assists by serving us a with a grim reminder that we are transitioning out of a lower-egoic habitual state and into a higher way of seeing ourselves, and being seen by others. Often they provide hidden clues that must be unravelled through the course of significantly impacting relationships. When these come, make special note of what they’re trying to tell you, particularly if they are touching off a critical planet in your chart (Sun, Moon, chart ruler etc) or point (Asc, MC). Not all eclipses will affect us as intensely as others.

In this vein, eclipses can be strong indicators of how well we can cope with the prevailing transits (especially from outer planets), particularly if they are uniquely infused into the mix of the lunation. Remembering that an eclipse can only occur when it is in proximity to the Moon’s Nodes (+/-18.5°). As such, there is a fated feeling of connectedness with others, and those in our lives (new and old) appear to us now, shedding some karmic significance in the lessons that we are receiving.

Annular Eclipse at 08°12′ Pisces

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This Solar eclipse at 08°12′ Pisces is unique because its ruler, Neptune, is also in close proximity (conjunction, 03°A22′). This precise degree along the ecliptic has recently been transited by Neptune in March/Sep 2015 & Jan 2016. Think of this position as an activation point where, in these instances, the subtle forces of Neptune has limbered us into opening our imaginative senses to the forces of wild deception, disillusionment, lies, flights of fancy and chaotic levels of confusion. Similarly, those more mindful, centered and least willing to engage in the drama, propaganda and delusory spin of the exterior world, it has been a time of increasing opening to the subtle realms of supreme spiritual truth. Those most sensitive will have attuned themselves to frequencies of perception which can ultimately connect them to higher dimensions and alternative states of being.

Here is a great opportunity for humanity to awaken from a bogus dream and align to the great dream of the cosmos.

If we are able to overcome our intellectual illusions and truly tune into the cosmic messages we can begin to ponder the questions posed by our own religion and spirituality. In this, we begin to see how prone we have become to every possible kind of insincerity and intellectual misdemeanour in our quest to be united with the great spirit. This eclipse marks the dawn of realisation that we have all (on some level) been implicit in the great disenchantment and spiritual unrest that now unfolds upon this planet. It goes without saying that a civilization which has left such a great mass of its participants so unhappy and dissatisfied,  and drives them into wild revolt, neither has nor deserves the prospect of any lasting existence.

The dissolution of ‘truth’ as a convenient backstory

Much is melting away. Like the sugar-coating on a bitter pill now dissolving, allowing the medicine, however unpleasant to taste, do its necessary work. This Eclipse’s alignment to the South Node suggests that many things are ending. Estrangements, separations and dissociations seem ominous as we come to suspect that our connections (including family ties) have left us feeling largely neglected, largely due to their evasive, dishonest, or perhaps not as clear levels of expression.

In the early degrees of Pisces, we see Mercury (01°♓09′) forming a conjunction to the South Node (02°A14′). Here we observe some of the lower, less sociable elements of the cleverly deceptive mind being employed for personal benefit. Community life becomes confused by blurry thinking, and a growing sense of disappointment and distrust pervades our senses via every means. Considering that this Pisces Eclipse is flanked by Neptune, it is important to stay skeptical of all communications, stories and appearances. It is a good time to suspend all our beliefs. Just watch and reflect, without making up your mind. 

The usual effects of a Piscean eclipse seem gentle and subdued, shrouding the consciousness of many uninitiated folks with a hazy, fuzzy state of chaotic aimlessness and feeling of drifting. Since 2015,  the series of Pisces Solar eclipses, has seen many slipping into a world where the usual order and structure seemed less possible to gain a hold – a universe where, through dreams, fantasies, psychic or spiritual exploration many had begun to explore wonderful new alternatives and higher means of perception. Many too, however, have been mislead into strange constructs and delusions about their world, aided mostly by the increasing distortions that become infiltrated in our personal stories and are presented in the free media. This final Pisces eclipse, fused with Neptune, seeks to dissolve away the judgmental mind altogether and just allow it all to be, however it wants to be.

Whether we will entertain in the drama by choosing to become engaged with what we see is another matter. We know, in any case, that getting involved in someone else’s fantasy will not only mislead us; it will ultimately be very draining upon our own energies.

Planetary Tension

A phenomenally tense, 8th harmonic syndrome between power-planets (♂,♃, ♅, ♇) is forming against this Eclipse, meaning that the personal impact of this lunation is somehow influenced by greater social influences, which themselves are impacted by mysterious outer pressures. This year is the closing of the Uranus/Pluto square period (2012-15) – a slow, drawn out process which saw all humanity battle in the attempt to overthrow deeply entrenched restrictions and limitations, both in our personal and social world.

Mars’ conjunction to Uranus at 22°♈00′ sees us taking drastic and unexpected actions in order to unleash much of this pent-up energy. One can sense the wild, unbridled enthusiasm that the Jupiter/Uranus opposition brings to this event. Sudden displays of extreme emotion are prone to blow things totally out of proportion, encouraging greater need for freedom through escapist means. Our usual radically wild reactions to everything, particularly those inspired by distorted impressions and nonsensical propaganda from today’s media spurs the collective into a rebelliousness of spirit.

However, this eclipse brings a sense of resignation and apathy towards all the hype. We choose to see right through any attempts to persuade and influence us into taking part in someone else’s fantasy. Any attempt to pervert or distort the light becomes obvious and silly. In the greatest Piscean sense of humility and kindness, we allow others to indulge themselves by engaging only with forgiveness and acceptance. We do not have to be judgmental and fight or argue or dispute. But we also reserve the right not to feed into their delusions.

The emergence of the ‘christed-light’

Underneath it all now emerges a more subtle, subliminally intuitive link that we begin to hold with one another. On some level, as we begin to eclipse the lies, the untruths, the denials and the cover-ups of the exterior world, we begin to heighten our ability to transmit messages of pure, untainted light to one another through a new kind of telepathic empathy.

This ‘christed-light’ is the true warrior of today. The speed at which it travels is phenomenal. However, as we are finding, no matter how fast this light travels, it seems that darkness has arrived there first. In the times ahead, we will experience a fierce war between the darkness and its insistence to distort the light. As we are seeing in our media, there is massive confusion due to the contradictory messages being transmitted along superficial and sensationalist channels.

Our hyper-sensitivity to what is being communicated makes it increasingly difficult to not be offended (or offensive) in some way, with someone. However, it is also evident that those who dare never to offend also cannot be entirely honest. Such a conundrum. Owning our story can be hard, but not nearly as hard as spending our whole lives running from it. This Eclipse only highlights how intent we often are to masking our sensitivity to hearing definite truths. In this age of rampant political correctness the truth is skating on the thin ice of lies and deception. Yet, embracing our vulnerabilities to the effects of the pure light is risky, but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on truth, love, acceptance, belonging and joy – the very things that see us at our most vulnerable.

If we are happy to nestle into jolly euphemisms and niceties in order to get through another day, we just risk sinking deeper and deeper into a dangerously draining and debilitating swamps of an alternative universe. Ultimately this serves no-one. Only when we are brave enough to explore the distorting powers of darkness will we also discover the infinite power of our own christed-light.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing Solar Eclipse experience.

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