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The Week Ahead: January 9-16

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Ain’t love grand? It is a superb thing, and when we’re giving and receiving it can be a vitalizing and most meaningful experience. We feel alive, creative, we appreciate the good things like art; aesthetics; we love ourselves and we love others, and in return we are loved by others. However… when the Sun travels locked in a sustained semi-square to Venus – as is the case all throughout all January – the desire for love expression can be strong, but can  be easily turned off or into a less-than-gracious conduct if one is not receiving the appreciation, gifts and lavish affection they feel they deserve, or so desire. If you find yourself feeling unappreciated, watch how you may become curt or unhappy with close friends or lovers, even family.

The preponderance of planets in Pisces turns January into a dreamy swirlpool of otherworldly events, and this next week promises to suck us into that superstream of idealism and fantasy in love, affectations and all things precious (at least to us, personally). Value systems in general may come to be tested as Thursday’s Cancer Full Moon packs a massive, Cardinal Grand Cross-style punch, and any hang-ups we may still be carrying unnecessarily may well be weighed up and discarded by the universe’s cosmic baggage handlers.

Know this: This is a critical week where any unrealistic notions about love, money, personal tastes, predilections and accoutrements is concerned. To those most affected, let us not act too surprised if some unforeseen ‘act of God’ should come along, flip your entire value system into disarray and push you over the edge of your precious comfort zone. Learn to stay light.

Also, for those in love: That ‘soulmate’ wasn’t meant to be perfect, out of the box. Do not let your love-goggles blind you to the reality that both of you have your little flaws. Look through the cracks of each other’s soul and fill those cracks with what you have for one another. Do this lovingly, and there will be no confusion or misunderstandings on how you two can become complete together.

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Key Transits this week:

  Jn Monday Jan 09 10:24 am Jupiter 21°57′ Sextile Juno 21°57′

Benefits through marriage, growing adept at finding and keeping the balance of power so that both partners in the marriage can benefit from the relationship, especially through their joint faith and beliefs system strengthened by your marriage, and vice versa. The journey together would benefit through travelling together, joint efforts in higher education or shared mystical experiences.

  sqq Monday Jan 09 10:35 pm Venus 06° 59′ Sesquiquadrate Jupiter 21°59′

Kindness and charitable acts need to be coming from a place of sincerity if they are to be truly helpful. Use discretion where offering assistance or expressing generosity. Self-respect and dignity must be maintained by all, otherwise could lead to resentment.

  Tuesday Jan 10 04:22 pm Sun 20°37′ Square Uranus 20°37′

Things could cool considerably, or otherwise there may be breaks with convention if one is not getting their own way. Any threats to independence and freedom could erupt into sudden turns of fate. Allow for the switch effect: where things may go from being very conventional one moment into sudden rebellious lapses where nonconformity and refusal to go along may just mess up any the realisation of any prior arrangements, making it difficult, if not impossible to get ahead. And one can never go back.

  Jn Wednesday Jan 11 01:41 am Saturn 22°30′ Conjunction Juno 22°30′

In some shape or form the feminine (in each of us) plays out the High Priestess role of authority or leadership, applied here in the context of any matters most sacred for us, particularly within the connubial partnership. Traditional beliefs not only become questioned, but since this pair of planets is squaring Chiron, there are serious questions as to whether two people can remain very committed unless they can attain a level of mastery within the marriage to heal or overcome some of the most integral requirements necessary to maintain faithfulness to one another. In extreme cases, those most affected (22°30) may be commit to a life of celibacy or set strict limits on sexual activity or expression.

  Wednesday Jan 11 07:10 am Mars 17° 18′ Sextile Pluto 17°18′

Courage, intense personal power and charisma, and immense energy are necessary to tackle the most dreadful of situations. Pluto blesses Mars with a knack for getting to the heart of any matter, and his intuitive edge makes him adept at exposing secrets and uncovering all things hidden. A stealthy, skulking kind of fierceness and fearlessness, could see an insidious warrior at work who cannot be deterred once he is on the trail of a clue. The world of politics and power might see some interesting entries.

  Ch Wednesday Jan 11 11:34 am Sun 21°26′ Sextile Chiron 21° 26′

Enter the maverick, healer, teacher, guide who holds the keys to healing and understanding of anything that others may have to share. Here is the facility, afforded to someone in authority, to allow our humanness to become open to deeper, more expanded realisations of the meaning and purpose of our conventional encounters.

  Thursday Jan 12 04:43 am Sun 22°10′ Square Jupiter 22°10′

Watch now for tendencies to become stubborn, arrogant or get carried away in directions contrary to the highest of virtues. Judgment may be poor, sending us off on wasteful or wild-goose pursuits. Possible difficulties with law and order, authorities and those in the wiser counsels. Avoid becoming your own worst enemy. If you are losing it, try to listen more.

Thursday Jan 12 11:35 am Moon 22°27′ Opposition Sun 22°27′

This watery, sentiment-laden Cancer Full Moon is set to pack a real punch. Being in a Cardinal sign, there is a call to take the an initiative and form a lead. Cancer is about all things familiar and personal – those things to which we commonly develop an emotional attachment, hold closest to our hearts, find hard to let go. Yet, this Full Moon creates a phenomenal Grand Cross with the opposing  Capricorn Sun, against the prevailing Jupiter/Uranus opposition. Far outer goddess of strife and mayhem, Eris, is also involved tightly here. So watch all that we knew and trusted now erupt into complete discord when, under highly distorted and subjectified impressions we see sudden displays of extreme emotion and madness. Much will break apart here – it simply cannot stand under such earth-quaking pressure. The bottom line here is: whatever has to go – must go, under any circumstances, and the world may once again be thrust into a state of disbelief and denial if it is clinging too tightly to its little blue security blanket.

  in Thursday Jan 12 02:04 pm Mercury 00°00′

Mercury in Capricorn is usually when the word is made official – the public hears the formal press release on whatever it is we have got cooking in that hot little oven…

  Thursday Jan 12 09:54 pm Venus 10° 02′ Conjunction Neptune 10° 02′

Love and all matters of affection become idealised, heightened and refined, as well as most confused and immersed into a sea of impracticality and loss where there are lower, more selfish desires at play. Ultimately, this transit commences a cycle of purification and refinement into our ability to give and receive love and a renewed capacity to see through our illusions.

What do we hold to be of true, eternal value and beauty.
What is the true worth underlying of everything?
What are we prepared to sacrifice within ourselves to experience deep, true, unconditional love with others?

  Sunday Jan 15 01:53 am Sun 25°06′ Semisquare Neptune 10° 06′
It’s possible that any minor misconception, even a little white lie to assert authority or status could undermine the great wave of success at times like these, reducing social importance down to plain unworthiness.
Spiritual idealism may become so misplaced that those using their ‘spirituality’ to advance their position to ‘the top’ could get seriously dunked under through this.
In this, it’s not so much that we’re upset by the lies and deception. It’s the ensuing loss of faith that ruins it.
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