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The Week Ahead: January 23-29

Key transits for this week:

  Monday Jan 23 09:29 pm Mercury 10°22′ Sextile Neptune 10° 22′
  Tuesday Jan 24 06:35 pm Sun 04°58′ Quincunx Node 04°58′
  Ch Wednesday Jan 25 06:49 am Venus 22° 00′ Conjunction Chiron 22° 00′
  Thursday Jan 26 08:02 am Venus 22° 57′ Quincunx Jupiter 22°57′
  Ch Thursday Jan 26 08:15 pm Sun 07°04′ Semisquare Chiron 22° 04′
  Friday Jan 27 05:51 pm Venus 24° 12′ Square Saturn 24°12′
Friday Jan 27 00:08 am Moon 08°15′ Conjunction Sun 08°15′
  in Saturday Jan 28 05:39 am Mars 00°00′ Conjunction Moon
  Sunday Jan 29 01:36 am Sun 09°20′ Semisquare Saturn 24°20′
  Sunday Jan 29 08:18 pm Mercury 17°55′ Conjunction Pluto 17°55′

A hot week coming up as last week’s Mars, now activated by passing over ‘light-bearer’ Chiron in Pisces begins a two-year cycle where we must learn how to engage in conflict in the most constructive way possible. Venus does the same this week (conjunct Chiron Wednesday), bringing a soothing feminine energy into the world to uplift and calm us in this plight. Chiron understands pain like no other – he has the power to see right into the heart of any conflict and inflammation, taking an unprecedented initiative to go deeper than ever, addressing any issue at its root cause. It is a rare event that both the Mars and Venus cycles to Chiron should begin almost concurrently, but these are truly rare times indeed in the stakes of our masculine/feminine evolution. As we are seeing all around us, as we are experiencing within, there is great movement forward in our world. As people act more faithfully to their divine warrior/goddess integrity, there is a need to act based on the guidance of spiritual forces, channeling spiritual love into physical reality.

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The more you release any baggage through this week, the more you will feel your body becoming lighter. Observe this with all the respect that it merits. It will serve you well.

Interpersonally, we discover that the more we directly confront any issues with those whom we come into contact, the more it brings us into a much deeper realisation. We discover that whilst we may share different desires and passions in life, these hold some significant worth to us. The desires of others have the capacity to add some value into our lives, no matter how they often seem to disagree with our own ego desires. Learn to work with those. Use them to enrich your world, not as a point of disagreement.

In any conflict or argument, if seen in its clearest, most objective light, there is always some constructive and valuable outcome that we could take away. The Venus/Chiron squares to Saturn (Friday-Sunday), we will bring up any building frustration, blockages or disagreements due to the way we chose our reality to play out. We must not always expect to take the easy way. In these little frustrations, generally centered around firmly sticking to our principles and tightening the screws upon those who are being evasive, elusive, idealistic or vague with us, we might feel hindered or afraid about actively expressing ourselves with genuine love. Ultimately something may break. Some level of maturity, discipline and perseverance is necessary if we are to effectively heal our ego problems within our relationships. Otherwise, if we have taken too many liberties or slipped too far from reality for the sake of pleasure or comfort, a crisis point will occur in our relationships that can be both severely wounding and harshly sobering.

In order to be able to appreciate the true spiritual purpose behind all things; in order to bring new and deeper meaning to our current and new relationships, we must gradually evolve our consciousness to such a level where we can see in pure light the enduring and purposely meaningful value that lies underneath all passing, temporary and surface attractions.

We live in such a rich universe of endless treasures. It is up to us to see that. The abundance available to us now, through channeling the universal power of attraction, is there to be received. As beings who are becoming ever more blessed with this new ray of cosmic light, we have are given the key to act in our power to make a brighter, more cohesive world together.

Sure, we may feel like there is always some bastard breathing down our backs. That is the element of Saturn in all this. Our collective fears and worries are all playing out around us, tempting us to doubt that any of this love & light business is going to ever get us anywhere. As Mars enters Aries, shortly after the New Moon in Aquarius, tempers may easily flare into irascible outbursts. We become easily impatient in the way that we assert ourselves, wanting to see the world we want to see, not for today, but for tomorrow. This is going to take some temperance to deal with. The next few weeks, as Mars approaches Uranus, have to be handled with some caution.

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The Mercury/Pluto conjunction at 17°55′ (Sunday) will see a new administration of ideas become forcibly imposed into our lives. Society’s objective here, whilst Pluto is in Capricorn (2008 – 2024) is to fiercely break down any limiting ideas and structures, and show us ways of looking at things that are closest to the true nature of reality. The tendency will be to build better walls, both mental and physical. Bigger structures that will not suffer from any attempts to become corrupted or torn down. As such, we begin to wage an intellectual war between keeping our ideas in, stopping them from getting out, whilst at the same time forcing them upon others without giving them a chance to retort or repeal.

Great arguments and debates will begin to rise by the end of this week. The tension could become palpable, and as the Aquarian Sun prepares the world into its true reformist state of expression, the political pomp of an almost stationary Jupiter in Libra is still righteously railing against the revolting impertinence of the self-centred Uranus in Aries. We are still months away from seeing any true release from the current tensions in the political world, and as we head into Eclipse season in February, we have a strange feeling that our world is set to become infinitely more weird and tense than it already seems to be unfolding.

Rule of thumb: As I keep saying here – it is imperative to stay present and mindful about how we engage with it all. We have a raft of internal issues affecting us that we must deal with immediately – stuff that REALLY matters to ourselves. If we prematurely project these onto others, or we become engaged in external matters that really don’t really affect us, we face the danger of becoming embroiled into a scenario that will no doubt create an illusion that we are hopelessly overwhelmed and powerless, especially if we act out of anger. We can avoid this by staying really economical in how we invest or withhold our energies. Our feelings matter a lot. Much more than we account for. Let these be our guide in how we measure whether something is worth going the fight or better just left alone.

You alone have the power to determine how your world plays out for you in any given moment. Do not allow this power to slip away by letting the oppressive forces of nature drag you away from your own unique purpose.

We each have a special part to contribute to the divine whole. I see this firsthand, in my every day client work, and also in my engagement with my tribe. Each one of us is blessed to have exactly what it takes to play an integral role in what the universe ultimately has in store for us. All we need to do is come to a place of stillness… listen carefully, and then act accordingly… with love.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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