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The Week Ahead: January 16-22

Significant transits this week:

  Ch Tuesday Jan 17 02:13 am Mars 21° 39′ Conjunction Chiron 21° 39′
  Vs Wednesday Jan 18 00:37 am Sun 28°06′ Opposition Vesta 28°06′
  Wednesday Jan 18 07:52 am Mars 22° 35′ Quincunx Jupiter 22°35′
  Thursday Jan 19 06:12 am Mercury 05°16′ Trine Node 05°16′
  Thursday Jan 19 09:16 am Mars 23° 22′ Square Saturn 23°22′
  in Thursday Jan 19 09:24 pm Sun 00°00′ Conjunction Node
Thursday Jan 19 10:15 pm Moon 00°02′ Square Sun 00°02′
  Friday Jan 20 01:53 pm Venus 17° 37′ Sextile Pluto 17°37′

This week’s Mars/Chiron conjunction brings to the fore issues around the wounded masculine – the perpetual stories that play out in our lives around our more aggressive, assertive selves and the key figures upon whom we may project this archetypal force. We see ourselves reaching out to better understand the more dynamic elements of our behaviour, what motivates us to defend ourselves as separate entities and how best to maintain our complete autonomy as individuals who are often enmeshed in the drama of our relationship world. Tuesday marks the beginning of a whole new (two-year) cycle of understanding the masculine archetype. During this period we seek to gradually move away from the stereotypically shallow, beer-swilling, womanising, jock-type male, taking some time to assess the world that men live in and sending love and healing intentions to support the reestablishment of a truly divine masculinity.

As Saturn and Chiron are currently in a separating square (exact Dec 28, Apr 30, Nov 2) we continue to see the long, slow process of society’s disengagement from any involvements that limit or frustrate our personal understanding around these themes throughout this year. Learning to understand the problems that are inhibiting the masculine more deeply, we begin now to see how we can assist in the process of letting go of them. Old superstitions and limiting paradigms will begin to fall away significantly. Through disciplined efforts, applied pressure on sore points and wilful perseverance, we can start to heal fears by drawing on the inspiration and guidance from beings who work with energies beyond the physical plane.

As Mars (23° 22′) passes over Chiron and squares Saturn (23°22′) on Thursday, we see subtle action being carefully applied, focused in such an exact and profound way that those who are in need of help and healing can rise to the fore and be seen. This may not be an easy time for many, especially males whose repressed ability to assert themselves with sensitivity and compassion has been deeply shamed by society’s programming. Yes, we are working to build a new world order, one that allows all humans to freely express both their divine masculine and feminine energies without feeling compromised or judged. As we rise out of the lower, three-dimensional prism defined by the world of fear and physical limitation, and resonate stronger with the spirit light, we develop greater ability to transform old destructive paradigms into more constructive ones.

Yet, with Mars also in quincunx to Jupiter (Wednesday), we may see those whose passionate nature somehow insists on pushing against even the most constructive choices put to them. Whilst it may seem strange that some individuals continue to act in paradoxical ways, the trick will be to find ways, or develop skills to find a common meeting ground. It is here that we will expend considerable energy trying to find a solution that is workable, getting to the heart of our conflicts and resolving it (or directing it) along positive lines, rather than arguing in circles. This week asks us to find the confidence to not hold back when it is necessary to confront the issues that must be dealt with, and to act on impulse without it being necessary to have any logical justification to do so. Sometimes, it may be necessary to apply force, or destructive energies where they are most needed to clear the way for something higher.

A warning: When Mars crosses the Mercury/Neptune point (Thursday) we must avoid any actions that seem futile or ineffective. These could amount to nothing more than a waste of energy due to dodgy tactics being employed, lack of focus, or confused efforts. If you must act, do it with subtlety and gentleness, with the lightest of touches, or not at all. If you can, try to help others to become more open and free from their closeted thinking. Here is an opportunity, if we ourselves are clear and open to the wisdom and knowledge that is everywhere around us, to help others overcome any mental confusion by transmuting it into clear, intuitive action.

This is a clarion call by the amazing universal forces gifted to us all, to act under the pure auspices of the ever-present Christed-light.

As the Sun leaves earthy and staid, status-oriented Capricorn into airy, freedom minded Aquarius on Thursday, it immediately meets with the Scorpio Moon in its last quarter (00°02). This closing square has the power to thrust us into a new kind of drama. The mood darkens very suddenly, intensifying everything and we are called to dance in the realms of resistance to being told what to do or how to handle our lives. Those who desire to engage from a place of obstinate pride will meet with fundamental clashes, even ruin as extreme views, innate prejudices and entrenched beliefs, lead many into impassioned demonstrations over “rights” and “wrongs”, “good” and “evil”, and other such temptations of the three-dimensional world of fear, separation and judgment. All kinds of demonstrations spawn as the two luminaries go head to head in what promises to be a spectacular build-up to the weekend. In a world already engulfed in a severe charge of revolutionary fervour (courtesy of the sustained Jupiter/Uranus opposition), those who are keen observers of the now will see (objectively) how the rest of the world becomes embroiled in a protracted struggle to transcend the darkness of its own humanity and move closer towards working with the light.

If it feels mucky and unclear, either bring light into it or simply stay out of it.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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  1. Thank you very, very much.

    This makes perfect sense.

  2. ????❤ I am warned… thank you! you seem to be so very right in so many things… I’m going to hide.

  3. ShaunaBostock-Smith

    Thank you Ang. You are right. I’ve completely exacerbated situations in the recent past by reacting without care or caution. I too will lay low!

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