The Week Ahead: Jan 30 – Feb 5

The human mind is is still struggling to comprehend higher dimensional concepts like compassion, acceptance, joy, peace, love, infinity and eternity. These are neither economically or politically viable quantities. The struggle we face to overcome the dark matter that lies between what the pure mind perceives and humankind’s insistence for distortions of truth and infatuations with power continues to be a great problem for us. With another planet (Venus) joining into the firesign planets (Mars, Saturn & Uranus), things turn increasingly spirited and tempers flare further this week.

Here are the major transits for this next week (all times in UTC)

  Sunday Jan 29 08:18 pm Mercury 17°55′ Conjunction Pluto 17°55′
  sqq Tuesday Jan 31 02:50 am Mercury 19°38′ Sesquiquadrate Node 04°38′
  Wednesday Feb 01 03:32 am Mercury 21°03′ Square Uranus 21°03′
  Ch Thursday Feb 02 02:30 am Mercury 22°22′ Sextile Chiron 22° 22′
  Thursday Feb 02 03:16 pm Mercury 23°07′ Square Jupiter 23°07′
  Friday Feb 03 05:26 am Mars 04°28′ Quincunx Node 04°28′
Jn  in Friday Feb 03 06:49 am Juno 00°00′
  Friday Feb 03 02:35 pm Venus 29° 57′ Semisquare Sun 14°57′
  in Friday Feb 03 03:52 pm Venus 00°00′ Conjunction Moon
Saturday Feb 04 04:19 am Moon 15°32′ Square Sun 15°32′
  Saturday Feb 04 11:49 am Mercury 25°46′ Semisquare Neptune 10° 46′
  Monday Feb 06 05:55 am Jupiter 23°08′ Jupiter goes Retrograde

It would seem that humanity is not yet ready for the greatness that this earth is capable of experiencing. There are still many hurdles and blockages among us. Many walls and limitations still exist between us, and as Mercury conjuncts Pluto at 17°55′ we continue to see a tensely compulsive force take over and attempt to possess our minds. We experience such clever and desperate attempts to convince one another that we must listen and follow our respective views, that in the end there seems no other answer than to create and enforce boundaries between us. In this way, our cunning minds continue to perpetuate suffering and separation, crippling this planet from its ability to support and nurture us all with all the love and light that it holds.

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As Mercury moves to form a critical cardinal T-square to the Jupiter and Uranus opposition, he becomes the slick, shrewd-talking reporter for how, on one end, the politically correct forces of liberalism and diplomacy (♃) are still seriously at odds with those who advocate hasty reformist action and reckless revolt (♅). If the world is torn into two – then it seems that this is not immediately obvious to all. One side’s tendency to generate overblown publicity about its righteous beliefs, only forces the other to recoil, ever so tensely, building to the climactic ‘pow’ moment when it will all suddenly erupt.

Much tension and irritability as the Moon conjuncts Uranus on Thursday

Jupiter is now stationing to go retrograde at 23°♎08′ (Feb 6), and soon all the self-righteous pomp and hype must turn inwards.

Meanwhile, Uranus is electrically pulsing forward to collide (for a second time) against Jupiter (exact opp March 6) – only a week after the ominous Pisces Solar Eclipse. This looming opposition will eventually reveal how the prefects of law, politics, publishing, religion and philosophy are still struggling to hold back the unstoppable thunder roll of progress and innovation. Yet, great change is the only result of these two forces. This rare, sustained opposition promises a completely forced conversion.

Uranus is an unpredictable force of nature that does not wait around to be respected. Like lightning, it strikes to show us how we can turn light into matter. Like an earthquake, it rumbles the soundest foundations of our oldest, most enduring structures. Like a tornado, it blows the roof off any lofty penthouse.

Through all its shocks and devastation, Uranus brings crowds into the street to deal with the ongoing aftermath. It is in this state of chaos and anarchy that people come together to unite. It is these shocking, jolting pulses that provide the beat of a new music playing in the ethers.

At the precipice of humanity’s coming to understand itself better, Mercury emerges to intercept this tense point in our geopolitical history, delivering the sound of a most cantankerous rancour in the ranks. Sudden bouts of argument and heated disputes about everything and anything erupts into the fold of our everyday communications. The person you once least expected to utter a word of protest, now voices their views most insouciantly, showing us all that he/she has many opinions about it all. Speculation, pontification, discourse and debate run rife this week.

In all this Chiron lends a beacon of light with his own sextile to Mercury (Thursday) reminding us all to let go of ideas and opinions that only hold us in a rut. Chiron represents the archetypal shaman and lightworker of our world – those who are in direct communication with the great spirit and its heavenly messengers, holding a space for humanity’s evolutionary process to take place. This is a very subtle, humble task that is being performed by these individuals. These are the healers who are earnestly working to decondition the human mind from its fear-based programming. Whether we acknowledge them or not, the work is being done.

Unfortunately, these are the people living on the fringe of ‘reality’. The seem different from the mainstream. We are being asked to listen out for them. They have a very poignant message for us, despite their often unlikely and unassuming presence in our society. Strangely, it is these individuals whose healing energy is so important now that are most likely to experience much suffering, ridicule, even persecution from the rest of society thanks to Saturn’s close squares to Chiron all through this year. If conservative society seeks for scapegoats to lash, it will always find those who most stand out as being different, or are somewhat reluctant to play any conventional role within the status quo.

On a more personal front, Venus and Mars will both be in the early degrees of Aries by Friday. However, they will not exactly ‘kiss’ until October, when they meet in Virgo. *Venus slows to turn retrograde at 13°♈09′ on March 4, while Mars just marches on through the constellations.

However, whilst in the fiery sign of Aries, our passions could ignite as Venus and Mars create storms of rage and fury between us, especially among the ones whom we desire the most. The Aquarian Sun will continue to guide us towards a better, brighter solution, but with the weekend’s first-quarter Moon in Taurus there may be some tough customers to convince about the value of any promise.

By the end of the week we may be tussling with one another just to get along. It’s probably a clue. If we can only come to understand that we just need some space and time away just to get grounded,
to take a deep breath in silence
and tune back in to listen
to the only voice
that’s truly true for us…
…that inner voice.

Only this voice is powerful enough to break through the nonsense that is currently filling up our airwaves with its toxic and darkly manipulative ways. Only your inner voice is wise enough to blow the whistle on the great cacophony that your ears are becoming deafened by. If you listen closely, you will hear that voice telling you that this great media circus is just a jam. A maelstrom in hailstorm in the pretext of a system that’s designed to to get you signed up to a war that only ends with you just losing with a bruising. So do not get involved. Choose to fight another way.

Apply your spiritual ear.

Attune your higher awareness to the mission that must be accomplished now. We are still only in the early days of battle for the true the spirit warrior. So let us not be falsely modest now. Know yourself. Just as an oak tree knows it is an oak, and the bamboo knows fully well it is bamboo, do not compare yourself or your special mission to that of those who fight alongside you. They are here to cooperate with you, not to compete against you. Learn to acknowledge and honour this.

The great alchemy that is occurring now requires us to be in tune with our inner guidance for all the vital signs for opportunities to transmute. Spiritual energies within our relationships are summoning us to dance to the new laws and concepts of infinity and oneness, laws whose quantum particles are what keep the universe in harmony, and all life in eternity.


If you must fight, then go the brave way.
A trail that no one’s ever dared to blaze before.

Waste zero time, for there is no time left at all now.
Choose only the most direct way forward.
Proceed with utmost clarity of vision.
Impress with definiteness of purpose and intention.
Lead others with the steadiness of your faith.
Enslave them only by your depth of gratitude and kindness.
Win only ever with yourself, never against a single living soul.

Just fight with spirit.
Soar high.

Blessings, and may you have an amazing week xx

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