NEW MOON at 08°15′ AQUARIUS – Friday Jan 27, 00:08 UTC

It does not take an astrologer to see that we are living in extremely tense, yet exciting times today. Change is occurring on every possible level, from the widest reaches of society’s cultural and political structure right down to the molecular level in each and every individual. Has the world gone crazy? Have all the misfits, troubled souls and rebel-rousers become activated? What is happening to our safe and organised little world? Why are we suddenly seeing things differently? What happened to following the laws, the customs, the religions, our age-old traditions? Where is the respect for keeping the status quo?

Suddenly the world has become activated to change things. Somehow, somewhere, deep inside of each of us there has entered a slither of light which is making us see things differently. Of course the crazies are out first – some have been campaigning for change for a while now. But are they crazy? Or are they simply brilliantly ahead of the times?

After all, are not the rest of us just embroiled into this growing revolution too?

This Aquarius New Moon is really a time, if ever, where we will see humanity make pathways to push forward. And With rulers Saturn and Uranus currently in trine, there can be no denying the future-oriented, innovative, humanitarian, networking Aquarius is firing finely towards creating a flying leap forward. Whilst masses are beginning to rally in the streets, it will no doubt be a small group of clever, passionate, visionary citizens who will ultimately change the world.

These are the spokespersons for the new dream. These are the ones who can get their vision across to the masses. These are the ones most strongly resonating with the energies of today.

The New Moon

Every New Moon is in some sense the perfect moment to launch a new idea, venture or enterprise which may enhance our lives in some way. Being the start of the lunar cycle, which area of our lives the New Moon affects our own horoscope provides a clear direction into where we might focus our intention to generate a new beginning. The combined effect of the conjunct Sun (active) and Moon (receptive) means that our conscious desire is supported by an instinctive urge to make a whole-hearted effort towards initiating something completely new and wonderful.

At New Moon time we really want to make something happen for ourselves. So in many ways, New Moon becomes the most exciting time of the month. Since the Sun and Moon are both in the same constellation, it is the signature moment for that zodiac sign. If it fall on or very near your birthday, it promises to be a very important year for you.

This month the New Moon falls at 08°♒15′ Aquarius. It is through this cool, detached, forward-thinking constellation that planets and luminaries become inspired with their wide-eyed humanitarian visions for a brighter, more cohesively utopian tomorrow.

Much more about Aquarius here, but in general, the winds of change brewing on the horizon with this New Moon is that this is indisputably one of the most exciting times in our own history, and that the course we are each about to embark upon now has all the visionary and futuristic trimmings of the dawn of a new age. So, either we will collectively accelerate our world into a much-needed progressive state of affairs, or simply turn our entire planet upside-down completely, leaving it in a haywire state of reformist, revolutionary, anarchic disarray.

It’s hard to tell at this point exactly which way it’s going to go – much depends on the level of awareness of the collective culture, but the way it’s looking at the moment, it seems like we have a long way to to go until everyone is on board.

Aspects and midpoints to the New Moon

This last week, we have been discussing the influence of the Venus/Chiron conjunction in Pisces – an aspect which activates the divine feminine archetype in each of us to seek and administer healing. Its combined energy blesses us with the the individual ability to see how any situation – even those we may consider to be worst-case scenarios – can be turned around to be looked upon as something that can advance our spiritual growth.

Many aspects are active at the moment, however, the strongest energies around this lunation show themes that humanity as a whole is fast learning the lesson to disengage from any involvements which serve only to judge, hinder or frustrate personal growth. The perfect recipe for revolt, as people are finally realising that the strings that held the marionette under control are no longer of any effect. Like a teenage girl discovering it’s her body, humanity is awakening to a new state of resistance from being told anything by anyone who seems to have an agenda.

However, we are far from a full disengagement. The Saturn/Chiron Square (Dec 28, Apr 30, Nov 2) shows that this process may take a long time and be a long, arduous process. We have much work to do first, much suffering to endure before we can see any true healing take effect. Both Saturn and Chiron impact this lunation equally, forming a semi-square from either side. Until we come to understand our fears more deeply, walk around in them, learn that it is our own choice whether we wish to suffer from them, we can never quite let go of them. Of course, with Chiron involved, we may need to draw upon the powers of beings or entities from beyond this physical plane in order to heal completely – but that is another story for another time.

For this lunation, it’s best to try and get a clearer picture of the blocks and hindrances which we egotistically place in front of us. Walls and barriers that usually tend to stunt or sabotage our spiritual growth. For instance, do you notice how often some things, all stemming from fear really, tend to ruin the moment, day, relationship, job for you? Well, right now… this month, you may be given a potential lesson which brings you to a deep understanding of why you do this.

Ironically, notice too where you fail to apply adequate boundaries and let negative energies take over and possess your mind, body and spirit.

The combination of the Saturn/Chiron on this New Moon augurs such deep and profound awareness of these spiritual reasons for why all of the limitations around us are present, instinctively allowing us to feel and hopefully find the power to therapeutically change any crippling life-patterns, so as to expedite the process of our evolution. By healing ourselves, we can also hope to assist others to experience the clarity and simplicity of life.

Humanity is at a huge reset point. Hope becomes the key to our positivity through this next few months. But we must not get too ahead of ourselves. We are selectively entering into the Meditative Stillness. In this space, those journeying most consciously are able to contact angels, ascended masters and other spirit guides to assist them to see humanity’s course most clearly. They are also learning how to choose not to react to negativity, and in this they practicing their ability to avoid the dreadful karma that comes from blindly acting in negative ways. Are you one of these?

The Aquarian Sun/Moon convergence resonates with an awareness that all problems encountered by humans today are actually here for the purpose of furthering humanity’s spiritual evolution. We must either take any adversity, blockage or frustration, whether personal or public, as an opportunity to grow out of our negativity and dismay. Unless we take a proactive approach to what we experience as negative, divisive, crazy, unenlightened, etc., the same problems, or variations of them are likely to repeat, possibly with much more devastating outcomes. It’s no good trying to shut the problem off, or running away from it. Karma, like the proverbial bad smell, has a way of stalking us and catching up.

The Venus/Chiron combination’s exact semi-square to the New Moon creates events (both personal and global) where we are somehow able to see the true, underlying value of all things that come to our attention.

Look at what’s happening in your life.
Look deeply into it.
See the people around you.
Look into their core, can you see their soul?
Perhaps you should try this. Inside each person lives a light of consciousness.
If you can connect with that, you have a better chance, not only of creating a better, more positive connection, but together aim to reach a more harmonious, co-creative moment.
Check it out…

At this amazing moment, it serves our intention for this Aquarius New Moon to channel our ability to see and transmit love everywhere and in everything. We must maintain a strength and purpose to stay and work from a place of acceptance and forgiveness, and try to find the positive lesson in even the most challenging of experiences. Through a vigilant presence we form ‘friends’, with whom we will slowly co-create a soothing, calming effect upon the planet. The humanitarian, more altruistic elements of Aquarius, when combined with the forgiving, compassionate elements of Pisces can assist in the healing of selfishness upon this planet.

In the end all things must change. After all, life is simply a series of cyclical and spontaneous progressions. We must learn to overcome our resistance to these, otherwise we are destined to be stuck in the grief and sorrow of a past moment. By coming to a deeper understanding that the root cause of all our suffering is our fear of letting go of the past, we can allow our future to flow naturally in the direction it must go.

Blessings, and may you have and amazing New Moon xx

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