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Thursday, February 22

Thursday, February 22

MOON trips PLUTO and Cardinal Grand Cross

If you must give in to something, then give in to your deepest urges to change.

It’s time to finally acknowledge that unless we can overcome our demons, we may never transmute away from this harsh, 3-Dimensional plane. Until we learn to conquer our blind, insatiable addictions for power and physical attachments, our souls are doomed to remain trapped between the earth and the moon.

…excerpt from this week’s “The Week Ahead” @https://angstoic.com/2017/02/week-ahead-february-20-26/

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The Sol Journey: Sun in Pisces


Tuesday, February 14

Moon opposite Venus/Mars

Yes, Valentine’s Day – the one day (out of 365) we choose to celebrate ‘how much’ we love$ one another. No mean feat in this increasingly hyper-detached and electronically self-centred age.

Yet, many of us are a bit reticent to dive in and champion love because we fear the massive transformation that it threatens to bring into our lives.

True though, love does have a mighty way of taking over and altering the course of the little schemes and high-minded ambitions contrived by our egos. However you try to fight it, this inner fire that we call ‘love’ is far too strong for the human mind to manage, and once it ignites a spark in the human heart, it becomes the perfect medicine for the human soul.

Consider love’s fire like an amber waterfall, one which you allow to burn through you each (and every) day of the year.
When you kiss your lover, eat their mouth like a mystical rose whose petals possess both powers of healing and damnation to your ego.
Embrace their body like it is the only civilization you wish to experience.

May your true beloved complete a sacred assurity of unbroken unity, one that will serve to change your selfish ways. A union sewn by an invisible thread that sees you transcend above the distraction of all other images, thoughts, smells, and sounds.

As you go, cherish the sacred power of love; every moment; every day.

Blessings <3

Monday, February 13


The effects of eclipses are felt for weeks, even months, before the event (in the case of most sensitive of people). It is important to note that since November 2016, that the earth is locked into a cardinal opposition between Jupiter and Uranus, which will temporarily release in April. Then, these two planets will again powerfully oppose each other in late September, this time involving Neptune.

In the awkward period between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar, it is as if the world is experiencing a kind of depersonalisation disorder which makes us feel somewhat removed from reality. It’s not like the “wow, this LSD trip is awesome” sort of thing. It’s more akin to “I wonder what my heart is doing right now” and “I would love to be able to feel emotions again”.

Dissociation, a form of hypnotic trance, is what helps victims survive the trauma of shock or abuse. The experience of any sudden jolt to the emotional & nervous system takes on a dream-like, surreal quality. Our increasingly numbed-out feelings and altered perceptions, not helped by our hapless engagement in the news from electronic media, only add to the strangeness of our experience. When what we are seeing around us ceases to fit into our concept of ‘reality’, it is easier to just detach, to forget, to make out as if nothing happened.

We go on living our lives, but underneath, there is a weird sense of emotional detachment, a depersonalisation which occurs in order for us to deal with adjustments in our usual relationship to the exterior world.

All throughout human history, the psycho-spiritual harm inflicted on the human spirit by individual violence for selfish motives are prevalent. However, these are insignificant when compared to the devastation upon the human race that results from self-transcending devotion to collectively shared belief-systems.

Right now, thanks to social media, it seems that these are more derived from primitive identification rather than of mature social integration; it implies a partial surrender of personal responsibility, producing the quasi-hypnotic phenomena of group-psychology that is slowly building throughout this year.

It is important to stay centered and mindful that your own experience is altering in such a way that no amount of debate and public discourse will ever help to align or appease you. Everything is changing. Except… it’s not out there, in the world around you, as you may be lead to believe. It is happening within. On a deep, neural, cellular level.

Meditation (not medication or mediation) is the only way to assist your beloved human body to do this special preparatory work.

….more on this, including ‘Cosmic Tribe’ links to Eclipse Masterclasses here 

Saturday, February 3

VENUS at the ARIES POINT: The ephemeral quality of love

The stage is now set,
the scene is primed to consecrate the object of your desire.
The constellation of elements,
tensely poised around you,
yet harmoniously aligned so that you may encompass the experience of your amorous subject.

We cannot speak about love at first glance in the past tense.
Its inception is so perfectly fitting for this temporal phenomenon,
yet it has all the magnificence of an accident:
it is distinct, abrupt, impossibly composed,
a legacy just waiting to happen.

Let’s not be burdened with the misconception
that it’s first sight though.
Through grace and circumstance
and that brilliant illusion of choice,
where one entrancing glance sets love alight
is actually two pairs of eyes,
connecting through the rich dimensions of time,
lifetimes of stolen glances
longing for consummation with one another…

And then it happens….

In the ignition of desire,
everything is suspended:
time, law, logic, reason: all else is lost,
nothing else wanted:
desire becomes abolished
and destiny is finally fulfilled…

Or so it feels…

Love at first sight is a moment of affirmation;
like a collision through time,
albeit a finite one.
In one deranged interval
something has been successful.
In its reunion of souls, two hearts become fulfilled
by the fleeting abundance
of satisfaction in the now.


[art: Sophie Black]

Friday, February 2


The interpersonal Masculine (♂) and Feminine (♀) are soon about to travel through Aries. They will remain close until mid-February, when Venus will appear to slow down, then turn retrograde (Mar 4). Except for a short period where she returns to Pisces through April, Venus will return is Aries until June 7. Mars leaves Aries on March 11.

In their 6-week dance through this most impetuous, highly spirited and volatile constellation, we begin to experience some heat in our relationship to others.

The masculine (assertive) element will appear to spear away anything that tries to stand in its way, whilst the feminine (receptive) will not accept anything that does not immediately satisfy her desires.

We are drawn into an energetic in which we respond to those around us with much more immediacy. Through a series of conflicts with those closest to us, we begin to tap into a burning need to fiercely pursue our own interests, making a stand on what we are most passionate about and, if necessary, assume to go our own way… alone.

Note that this is all part of our evolution. Those acting in consciousness will take this period as one which reinforces the importance of focusing on those things that truly only matter to us. Those who are least in contact with their passion, or are going through life with a lack of inspiration may either become ignited to find something within themselves that truly excites them, or otherwise, become aligned to either serve or veto the single-pointed appetites of others.

What’s your passion?

…….read more @https://angstoic.com/2017/01/venusmars-the-point-of-passion/


[image: Vadim Stein]

Sunday January 29 – MARS ON THE ARIES POINT:

If you must fight, then go the brave way.
A trail that no one’s ever dared to blaze before.

Waste zero time, for there is no time left at all now.
Choose only the most direct way forward.
Proceed with utmost clarity of vision.
Impress with definiteness of purpose and intention.
Lead others with the steadiness of your faith.
Enslave them only by your depth of gratitude and kindness.
Win only ever with yourself, never against a single living soul.

Just fight with spirit.
Soar high.

Saturday, January 28



Let’s make this New Moon Intention not just our personal vision for the future, but one that we can share with others. Find ideas that we can agree upon, persuading others to become your friend and ally in the hope you have about tomorrow.

…..read your New Moon Horoscopes & Special Intentions (by Sun/Rising sign)



Monday, January 23


In about 24 hours from now the MOON will pass in front of SATURN, and all this frenzied, nose-bleeding excitement of the past month is finally gonna hit its first, harsh, sobering wall of reality.

“The truth hurts”… (whoever said that).

Whilst many would just rather reject a cold hard fact than face it, there’s just no escaping that some weird new reality is starting to crystallise itself into the bedrock of our collective consciousness.

Our world HAS changed.
It’s happened already.
It’s only hitting home now.
Best just accept it and begin to work on taking a whole different approach to how to deal with it.

Why not dare to take the first step and move towards a whole new direction? Even if it is totally down a road that seems bewilderingly foreign to you. What do you think you have to lose?
Be brave enough to follow your own heart.
It’s nicer there.
Less noise.
More truth.

After all… no use or comfort trying to live among those still trapped in the United State of Denial.

#FeelingGravitysPull #YoureGrounded

….full week ahead@https://angstoic.com/2017/01/week-ahead-january-23-29-2/

[pic: Mahmoud Al-Kurd]

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