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FULL MOON at 22°27′ Cancer, Thursday January 12, 11:35 am UTC

The Moon rules Cancer, so culminating in her domicile sign, one might expect she would be at her safest, most comfortable position to provide us with the warmest, most tender nurturance that we would need.

Yet something about this particular Full Moon in Cancer tells us that her familiar, dependable, emotionally supportive embrace – the one we come to count upon like the sweet loving tenderness of our own, dear mother is not likely to be there, and in many cases she may not be able to carry us much further.

Not only is she opposed to the stern (but fair) authority of the paternal Capricorn Sun, but at right angles to current opposing planetary forces Jupiter and Uranus this Full Moon forms an intensely resistant Cardinal Grand Cross. In the most personal sense, our lives are more likely to be left in a state of sudden disarray and recalibration over the choices that we make. How much these will progress or disrupt our familiar routine depends largely on how aware we are about these choices.


Yeah. We make choices in our lives constantly. We choose which way to go, how to act and react, how to take and reject, how to smile or frown at everything life throws our way. We, actually, even choose what life throws our way.

The choice is really in whether we see things in subjective or objective terms. Are they happening to us or did we consciously invite them?

In many ways this is a balance. Yes, everything that comes our way has the power to affect us – our comfort zone, our habits and habitats, our domestic routine and familiar sense of security, our customs and our way of life… our entire culture. But if we go on living life as if we are subject to the environment, then this point in time – this Cancer Full Moon – is going to come with some rude awakenings.

The Capricorn Sun, semi-square to Venus all this month, is there to teach us about taking responsibility. We hear so often that love is unconditional, but we often mistake ‘love’ for ‘comfort’ or ‘security’. These are not unconditional, and even if they were, they are not there to be taken for granted. There’s always an expectation attached to conditional, ‘security-based’ love. There is always something needed in return. Those giving you this kind of love want you to be happy or whatever and that makes you automatically responsible for their happiness because they won’t be happy unless you are…

This is a great responsibility. One which we must consciously (or unconsciously) choose to honour, particularly when we stay in situations; roles; relationships that we describe as ‘love’ relationships, but are in some way only there to nourish our sense of security or comfort.

With the Jupiter/Uranus opposition now dissecting this Sun/Moon opposition, there is a chance that there will be much progressive argument around the nature of how much we come to depend on others, especially in the name of love. It may just suddenly dawn upon the human nervous system that we just don’t want that responsibility of ‘conditional happiness’ in our most intimate lives. Many other things are happening in the world – socio-political, religious, ethical, philosophical – all part of the great, cosmic evolutionary progress in our current age. These energies are filtering into our personal lives via this lunation.

Also, the Moon’s inconjunct to Saturn means that we are uncomfortable about taking on the burdens and karmic baggage of others, especially since it promises us nothing but extra, unwanted worries. The trine from Chiron means that whilst we can see their stories of pain and wounding (and they can relate to ours) we are by no means obliged to play into these stories or perpetuate them for one another. Saturn’s squares to Chiron (Dec 28, Apr 30, Nov 2) mean that we will cease to engage into the drama of one another’s wounding, and this becomes a point of great personal revelation during this Full Moon.

Perhaps the most significant aspect, in that it is tightest in orb (00°S04′) is the square from Eris at 22°♈31. This most tempestuous force is quite insidious when scorned, and it must be noted now, that in the course of trying to define our personal boundaries and responsibilities, particularly around those we choose to love, that there will always be someone who feels like they are being snubbed or willfully ignored. As such, in their offensive reaction they will try to hurt you, put you down, gossip about you, belittle your accomplishments and even judge your very soul. It is a fact that we all must face. 

If you are the one who is being ignored in love – if you are the one who feels left out, given less than the utmost attention that you so feel you deserve – if you are the one who feels like love itself has let you down, then it’s time to ask whether you place too many (if any) expectations on those whom you have chosen to ‘love’.

This blessed lunation now shocks our nervous systems with phenomenally awakening bolts of evolutionary awareness around our whole understanding of ‘love’. Real love is simple. We are the ones who make it so damned complicated.

A big part of nonattachment in love is recognizing the difference between being needed and being valued. When someone ‘loves’ you they will never keep you hanging, or give away their attention and affection to others, allow you to continue hurting, or ignore what you have gone through for them. On the other hand, a person that ‘needs’ you can never see your pain – they only see what they can get out of you, promising minimal effort in return. They let you risk everything while they protect their own interests, reaping the rewards of your efforts and the precious feelings you have invested.

We make so many excuses for the people we love (or are in love with), and they make up even more to keep one foot inside the door of our inner sanctum. However, the ultimate truth is that we are not here on this earth to be treated as a convenience or comfort to another, nor to be disrespected repeatedly. On this Full Moon, it’s time to close that door. Those who love us and want to be in our life will step into the choices we have made to honour and to respect ourselves.


Be guided only by your inner light and intuition.
Trust it to show you the way, always
through the fog of uncertainty or confusion;
past all alluring sways of sweet temptation;
beyond complexities of obstacle or the hostility of foe
that life does often throw into your way.
Feel your emotions follow gently, just behind you,
letting you know for certain, should you stray.

Listen to your inner voice.
It is your sacred spirit calling;
your divine built-in GPS,
keeping you always on track,
guiding you, without fail or distraction,
helping you travel, surely
towards your true destiny.

Ang Stoic is a professional astrologer, teacher and writer based in Melbourne, Australia.  If you wish to explore your own chart in greater depth, book a private session with Ang (80-minute). 
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  1. Thank you Ang – love your full moon guide – really needed to read that today…. Heart is a little bit broken ?

  2. This has helped me incredibly. Thank you

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to discern, that inner voice.

  4. The voice is loud and clear, if you cant really hear it, rise above, tune in to the actual frequencies that will help you to make that voice clearer. 🙂 ask your inner observer for support – it will help you to find the true inner voice amogst those millions voices inside of you. One Love <3

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