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Week Ahead: December 19-25

The week before Christmas builds to rather an exciting fare. Punctuated by the Solstice, Mercury stations to retrograde and Mars enters into Pisces, whilst a cool Venus in Aquarius helps to form a spectacular ‘cradle’ alignment which, on Christmas day, squares the irrepressible Scorpio Moon. An intense combination of personal energies sees our feminine (receptive) struggling to stabilise a largely harmonious combination of disparate social forces as she assumes the full breadth of her now outright independence and liberty. Meanwhile, the masculine struggles with his often too obsessive mind – dealing with ingrained behavioural patterns of an ages-old paternity that don’t necessarily come off without causing a crisis. It is time to get truly responsible, not just succumb to the world of pressure and obligation. Some anguish could arise before matters eventually settle into a structure everyone can appreciate.

In prelude, it is worth noting that this is no ordinary week. It is a time to become ultra mindful of the energetics between us and to know that whatever/whomever we become involved with has the potential to permanently transform our mindset.

Significant transits for this week (all time in UTC)

  Monday Dec 19 10:49 am Mercury 15°08′ till Jan 8

The last of the Earth retrogrades this year. It is a call, in all to come back down to earth with our mental processes and be more practical about how we go about our business. Many people will see this an opportunity to take a good, hard look at their responsibilities and review their formal structures, both at work and domestic. Also a time to examine our duties in roles such as parenting and the paternal element of laying down the law. Not many will resist examining the role of their government and how it serves them, and a New Moon at the end of this month will include this introspective Mercury into our intentions on how we will go about setting up our structure of governance over this next 12 months. A good time to ask yourself how you are contributing to society.

  in Monday Dec 19 09:23 am Mars 00° 00′ Mars ingress Pisces

After an vociferously active couple of months of protest through Aquarius, Mars’ outwards aggression dissipates considerably as it enters this highly emotional constellation, acting mostly from an undisclosed, even unconscious sense of resentment and inability to be direct in how he wants to express himself. In many ways, we will have to deal with those who just cannot let go, hanging onto pain that they could not deal with because they felt weak or somehow incapable of defending themselves. Over the next few weeks, Mars will activate the South Node, Neptune & Chiron here, as well as be joined by Venus on the day the Moon triggers him (Jan 3), this next month promises to be one fraught with a lot of unusual emotions, secretive activity and the masculine receding either into humility or humliation.

  Monday Dec 19 01:31 pm Mercury 15°08′ Semisquare Mars 00° 08′

Stern words from Mercury do not go down well against this hypersensitive Mars, and dictatorial or authoritative situations turn irritating causing withdrawal and resentment. Mars always likes to strike back somehow though, perhaps more like a thief in the night. Much care is necessary that if situations are uncomfortable that they are handled mildly and gracefully.

Wednesday Dec 21 01:56 am Third Quarter Moon 29°38′

Nothing casual or lighthearted about this phase of the Sun’s final breaths in Sagittarius. A blast of criticism from the feminine (receptive element) now meets the overtly open, candid and brimming with authenticity and restive, autonomous and unruly spirit of the masculine. This may bring out vague feelings of inadequacy or despair if we should feel at all unable to handle the backlash from any consummate or aggressive personalities. It is a personal crisis, but one that many are feeling, particularly evident in males this week. With Mars in sextile to Sun, it is vital that we exercise some degree of understanding. Outcome: Blasts of intuitive perception into how much the masculine is actually screaming for help. Let’s support that.

  in Wednesday Dec 21 10:45 am Sun 00°00′ Sun Ingress Capricorn

The Sun’s move into Capricorn marks the Solstice – winter in the northern/summer in the southern hemisphere. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, which means we are at the hard-nosed business end of our affairs, a time of year when things get real and we have to face our responsibilities with a sense of maturity, seriousness and grounding. Certainly, like the wise, paternal influence, we are reminded that we need to pay our dues to the society in which we wish to belong. If we have taken off on a tangent or become too indulgent in some flight of fancy, then this will be a time to reign it all in and make a firm commitment to be real.

The New Moon on Dec 29 at 07°♑59′ aso aligns with a retrograding Mercury, a perfect time to stop, reassess the past 12 month and set some serious intentions on how we are going to move forward – career, structure and parenting are some key themes to work on. The Sun will also conjunct Pluto on Jan 7, squaring Uranus on Jan 10, unleashing some seriously drastic events that may deeply affect and potentially change the way we pursue those goals if they are not aligned with the greater new vision for this planet.

  Wednesday Dec 21 11:45 am Mars 01° 35′ Semisquare Pluto 16°35′

By this stage, our Mars warrior, now feeling repressed and resentful seems to feel either neglected or abandoned by society, taking solace in getting involved in some clandestine or underground activity where he feel that he will get some back by use of subversive force. He needs help. Understanding to address some of his very complex issues around his masculinity and sexuality. Be mindful that anger is an energy that must be now dealt with quite delicately. Any degree of harshness could store up as a pernicious heat, which could uncoil rather violently as early as next week.

  Saturday Dec 24 00:17 am Saturn 20°34′ Trine Uranus 20°34′
  Sunday Dec 25 01:23 pm Venus 20°25′ Trine Jupiter 20°25′
  Sunday Dec 25 04:36 pm Venus 20°34′ Sextile Uranus 20°34′
  Sunday Dec 25 06:33 pm Venus 20°39′ Sextile Saturn 20°39′

Christmas day sees Venus stepping into the ‘Cradle’ position occupied by Mars earlier this month (Dec 5). The goddess of love combines with Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus, all partaking in the exciting cosmic dance that must become the new industrial revolution – one that aims to be more gentle and kind to the earth by teaching us to be more gentle and kind with one another in real time, not out of force of habit or ‘tradition’. Naturally, since there are many among us who are still clinging to the old ‘live and let suffer’ paradigm – completely disengaged from the cause-and-effect principle of our actions, hellbent on ignoring even the most obvious signposts that humanity, as we have known it, has been a selfish murderer of nature and kindness for the sake of fulfilling our selfish ends.

Since Mars went into Aquarius on November 9, he flipped many into an activist state of social outrage, angry protest and reformist movements. By the time Mars came to occupy the critical position of the ♃/ ♄/ ♅ cradle, the world would become ready to shift into action, inspired by much of the seemingly unsustainable elements of their lives. Of course, much would be projected outwards onto greater issues, themes and ideologies, even against personages of elitist power and influence. On some level we became actively disenfranchised with ourselves in the context of what has been going on. The effect of Mars has been to detach us from becoming too complacent about addressing those things that need our urgent attention. Not merely for the nervous, uncertain state of today’s world, but for the strange, unimaginable future that lies ahead for us on this planet’s confronting new frontier.

Venus in Aquarius, now entering this alignment serves to soften, perhaps inject a new hope to us personally, introducing us to a new sense of love, one that is less sentimental and demonstrates that we respect those we wish to have in our lives by proving that we can survive this world just fine without them.

This special ♀/♃/ ♄/ ♅ 6th harmonic syndrome is a call for us to be patient and persistent with the way we engage into our ‘love’ affairs, to allow them to develop and unfold gradually rather than become all entangled in the toxic tentacles of expectation, possessiveness and flagrant insecurities. Observe how we are more cautious about openly showing our affections to others lest they be misconstrued as signs that we invite attachment. The world is about to enter a relational renaissance, one that aims to reduce selfishness, minimise drama, attenuate complexity and have fewer desires. As the digital world accelerates our capacity to trade feelings at phenomenal rates, the world is now rife with individuals who wish to show their individuality and uniqueness and who refuse to compromise that in any way that they don’t feel they have to.

The harmonious alignment of planets in these outgoing signs helps to highlight and spot more clearly the interpersonal intent of those who reach out to appeal to us. Sure, we may have desires to satisfy pleasures and luxuries, but we feel the importance of holding back from jumping into them without carefully appraising the effect they will have on our lives. By making a conscious choice to proceed on terms that will enhance our experience without imposing on our fundamental right to express our individuality, there can be a warm, generous sharing on more sustainable terms. This planetary alignment imbues a positive attitude towards maintaining a freedom around the limitations that we may encounter with those we love, and in general leads us into a happier, more simple appreciation without necessarily plunging into austerity. The desire to expand the depth in our relationships through this new level of responsible detachment now paves the way to embracing spiritual love as the only true path to personal freedom and to help us discover our unique individuality around others.

Chiron’s inclusion here, that psychic surgeon who through his ability to cut into the heart of our condition by engaging in constructive storytelling or energy healing, serves to intuitively guide us to access the love which is there, all around us, and always ready to be taken in. By communicating subtle feelings, we uncover that, after all the pain and wounding, the abundance of love and compassion is present everywhere, and by overcoming our tendency to slip into victimhood, or woundedness, we are able to have an expansive and enriching experience in our relationships.

The key trigger here will be the Scorpio Moon, which will intensify the emotional environment on this day. It creates all the mood necessary to propel us into episodes where we will be challenged to deal with our emotions in the present moment, learning not to hang on to past emotions, dragging them into our current affairs. Any emotion – be it love for another, grief for a loved one, or personal sensations of fear and pain from an existing wound/illness – if held back from true, immediate expression will simply not allow us to process.

One can never come to truly detach themselves from toxic feelings if they are too busy being afraid to show them truthfully. Let us not be afraid to show our fears or insecurities. By being vulnerable with our true feelings in this moment, by throwing ourselves fully into these emotions, by allowing ourselves to deeply dive in, all the way, even over our head, we can experience them fully and completely.

We are all familiar with pain. We know what love feels like. We also know what grief and heartache looks like. We know these too well. If we can come to the present, experience these feelings with immediacy, then we not only recognise our emotions, but we can exercise our ability to choose whether to hold or to detach ourselves from these.

Remaining cool and present with ourselves means that we need to become freer and freer of the attachment to our own incessant ego needs. By pondering on ideas that are greater than ourselves, ones which remind us of the vast scale of this infinite universe, we can free ourselves from the cravings of acquisitiveness and competitiveness and from the world of likes and dislikes.

If we just learn to sit with an increasing stillness in our body, align our composure, and attune our mind to the skies or to the sea or to the canopy of stars above at night, or any other indicators of vastness, our mind will gradually still itself in a neutral place, allowing the heart to open and become filled with quiet joy. By gently recalling experiences where we have acted kindly and with compassion to others, simply for the pure delight of it without expectation of any gain or profit, we can develop a greater sense of our over place in the greater scheme. As such, we have the opprotunity to step up and do our best, a position from which we may, from time to time deviate.

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