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The Week Ahead – December 12-19


When there is a string of planetary alignments in the sky, as is the case for all this month, then be assured that much activity will also become mirrored in our lives down here on earth. It is no secret that we are accelerating towards major change now, with Jupiter fast approaching his first opposition with Uranus (Dec 26). In Libra, Jupiter – lord of growth, reminds us that we are either in balance or need to learn fast how to meet others on the level. His opposition to Uranus, who is merciless in inflicting resistance and change will appear as nothing less than a spectacular fireworks display if we are still adhering to beliefs or ideologies that are not ready to accommodate the most progressive or innovative approach to our current reality.

This Jupiter, simultaneously sextile Saturn, opp Uranus, square Pluto and quincunx Chiron, all within the same hemispheric bowl, only amps up the enthusiasm this month, expressed with a near-total lack of inhibition. Actions and events come upon us so suddenly and so erratically frequent as the weeks roll on that all exuberance and shock-factor become virtually par-for-the-course into the new year.

This is how we must treat things now. As if nothing is fixed or possibly tied down. Like anything we remember to be stable and secure may break down completely. Of course, a breakdown can be the beginning of a  massive breakthrough, a way of jogging into fast forward, sometimes through shock or a trauma which has the effect of preparing us for a future of radical transformation. Of course, those of you riding upon the cosmic bus are already primed to undergo the changes up ahead due to our pact to let go of any baggage, dramas and toxic emotional ties to things that no longer serve us.


Something much more personal is happening this week with the Gemini Full Moon, where we are most likely to be putting an end to thoughts and ideas that have ruled over our world, particularly if they have failed to make any real sense or providing any meaning for us now. To many, our minds are overcome by too much information, much of it just not welcome or no longer applies to us. We learn to taper off the flow or simply switch off.  With Saturn/Chiron tightly in the mix, it is a clarion call that a horrendous war is starting to form between those who righteously espouse conservative or traditional belief systems versus those whose philosophies or concepts are more inclined towards the mystic channeling of purely spiritual or ‘christed-light’.

In such respects, our rational, fact-loving minds are most inclined to simply take a walk.

Since many of the other planets are aspecting this moon, the whole thing is best summarised as a conflict of interests and a case of irreconcilable horseshit. Understandable then that most of us would just ask to be excused and exit the dinner party early. Just know, wherever you may go, the effluence of information will continue to spew out. In fact… much of what happens by the end of the month comes out of a desperate need to just break free from everything, and if you can imagine the whole world in a state of “shut-the-fuck-up” mode, you may get a picture of what we are building towards here.

Main transits this week:

  Monday Dec 12 06:56 am Sun 20°41′ Trine Uranus 20°41′

Ready to allow the new, the unique and the unusual to influence you in such a way that it reveals some unforeseen, surprisingly insightful meaningfulness into your life. In this current climate of outer planetary influences, this may go on to inspire a profound change of philosophy or purposeful direction with how you choose to live. The shift moves us into the higher principles seeing ourselves and others for what they are worth rather than relying on informed or popular opinion.

  Ch Monday Dec 12 07:58 am Sun 20°44′ Square Chiron 20° 44′

The calling is here to cease prizing our self-worth on exterior or superficial criteria and to recognise our importance as spiritual beings who are here to assist this world to change. We are essentially here to facilitate the spiritual progress of others around us. How much we struggle to this end is entirely a matter of choice.

Just know, the moment of true change has already arrived.

Let us insist now that the deepest meaning of all things emerges only when we learn to listen with intent and with love – not by imposing our own ego projections upon them. It is in this way that true healing occurs, when we leave all our righteous claims or pitiful tales of martyrdom behind and step into this present moment as the warriors of the now.

♀ – ☉/Ch Tuesday Dec 13 08:22 pm Venus 07°11′ midpoint

Sun/ Chiron

See how exercising self-love not only has the power to heal you, but to help you to appreciate the true spiritual purpose behind all things around you. Learning to embrace yourself as someone at least worthy of your own love has the capacity to bring new and deeper meaning to all relationships around you. This may take some detachment to experience.

  Pa Wednesday Dec 14 00:20 am Mars 26°42′ Conjunction Pallas 26°42′

Finally, Mars makes a big burst in his final degrees in freedom-activist Aquarius, merging with Pallas/Athene to show us a highly creative, dramatic and passionate championing of social and political causes. The fight for justice and equality is certain to play out in some arena or another. Look again to gender issues to play an important role here, smashing through old stereotypes and antiquated gender models.

Summary of weekly energies:

The crucial struggle between those who espouse conventional/traditional belief systems and those whose philosophies or concepts are more progressively inclined towards the mystic channeling of pure spiritual light will subtly, but officially commence this week.

During the next few months (Dec-May) we will either become witness or be absorbed into a long, protracted disengagement from any involvement with any institutions (media/church/education/state) that inhibit or frustrate personal growth. Out of this emerges a greater fraternity of ‘healers’ – expert ‘safecrackers’ who possess the keys to help humanity become unlocked from the chastity of dread, anxiety, guilt, blame and shame.

Over these past 4-5 years (Chiron in Pisces), those whose inner calling resonates strongest with the ‘healing’ mission have gently aligned themselves to do the great work that awaits ahead. They have slowly and subtly grasped a superlative understanding of how to combat fear and repression by not playing into it. They are now ready to assist humanity in the process of letting go of these ills, doing this by drawing mystical power and insight from beings beyond the physical dimension (let’s call them ‘divine messengers’).

However, their work will not be carried out without fierce adversity. The square to Chiron from Saturn indicates that the old system will oppose and try to suppress or ridicule all unconventional efforts to bring insights into the mainstream. This may develop into a full-scale war between the angels of light and demons of darkness (energy vampires) who wish to maintain power over the ailing/wounded/unconscious masses using drugs, superstition, magic or false stories/advertising.

These ‘healers’ each possess extraordinary ability to clearly perceive emotional obstructions and spiritual impediments that people carry that to some degree cripples or retards their spiritual growth. Through listening and telling of true stories, they usher into consciousness a deeper understanding of why these broken or wounded souls tend to stay wounded.

For us now, it’s time to detach from all those things that hold lesser importance and to start focusing specifically upon what is most significant to us on spiritual terms. Let us become disciplined in defining our ability to see clearly, stand firmly, serve to differentiate between what is truly important to all humans in aid of our personal and collective evolution.

It’s really time to gear up onto the next level now. Do not concern yourself too much with what others think of you or what they believe to be as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Just do the work, first on yourself, then gradually practice on others.

The work?

Know thyself,
Love thyself,
Heal thyself.

And have and amazing week…

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